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Learning how to crochet a round blanket can be a fun and challenging way to hone your crocheting abilities. You need to be very patient and mindful when creating your patterns. It will take a long time to knit a blanket large enough to wrap around your body, so be patient.

Many different patterns exist for a circular blanket. However, if you’re a first-timer, this post will show you a straightforward method that works great. If you want to learn how to crochet a round blanket, read on!

What You Will Need

1. Crochet hook

Different crochet hooks are used for specific stitches and projects. But the thickness of the yarn you plan to use will determine the size or kind of hook you’ll need. When working with thicker yarn, a larger hook is required.

Ravelry: Blandala Circular Blanket pattern by Crafternoon Treats

2. Yarn

Using more than one color of yarn makes the process of crocheting a round blanket more interesting. There is no doubt that we have our own personal tastes. However, if you push yourself beyond of your safety zone, you’ll see a marked improvement in your abilities.

3. Lots of patience

Know ahead of time that this is not something you can whip up in a jiffy if you have an hour to spare. One careless stitch will undo all your hard work, so you’ll need to stay focused.

How To Crochet A Circle Blanket: The Easier Way

Step #1. Begin with a slip knot

Put in a slip knot before you make your first chain of stitches. Next, make a loop at the very end of the string you’re dealing with. Don’t forget to hide the yarn’s tail at the back of the work loop.

Pull the free end through the loop created by inserting your crochet hook there. Keep in mind that it ought to be secure enough to prevent disintegration. It must also be slack enough to allow your hook some freedom of movement.

Step #2. Make your first circle

Create the foundation round by doing six single crochets. Knit eight half double crochets or ten double crochets instead of single crochets if you want. Feel free to use whatever one best suits your needs.

However, for the sake of simplicity, let’s pretend that you choose single crochets. Making a slip knot at the end will facilitate the following step.

Step #3. Knit two single crochet stitches

Create a circle by working a single crochet into each of the stitches in the foundation chain. This kind of stitching is one of the most simple and basic stitches in crocheting. In order to make a new stitch, you will need to skip one.

The thread should be wrapped clockwise around the chains, then the ends drawn in between them. When you’re done, your crochet hook will have two loops. Slide the thread in between the two loops after a second backward-to-forward wrapping.

How to crochet a round/ circle afghan.....free pattern

Step #4. Alternate one and two single crochet stitches

If you want to continue crocheting your blanket, you can do so by working two single crochets to begin the next round. One single crochet into the next stitch follows this. If you want to crochet a circle, simply alternate between these two stitches.

Slip one stitch into the first stitch knitwise. Insert your hook into the first stitch, and then wrap your working thread around the hook. To complete your slip stitch, draw your yarn through the remaining loops.

Step #5. Do single crochet and two single crochet stitching

For the initial stitch of the next circle, perform two single crochets. After that, you’ll want to knit the following single crochet together.

Repeat the two single crochets to the next available stitch beside the single crochet. You can make another round of your blanket by alternating between these two activities.

For every circle you produce, increase the number of single crochets before completing the double single crochet stitch. When the blanket is as big as you need it to be, stop.

Step #6. Create a beautiful bordering pattern

You’ve come so close to finishing your blanket; please accept my congratulations. But you’re not through yet; an edge pattern can help you add a polished look to your work. If you want your craft to stand out more, make the border a contrasting color from the main focus.

A wide variety of borders are available to you. Edging in the shape of a pumpkin patch adds a festive touch to round blankets.

Why Crochet Is Good For You

Did you know that crocheting has cognitive benefits in addition to being a lot of fun? The brain releases serotonin, the hormone responsible for maintaining a stable mood and emotional state, in response to the repetitive motion produced by the patterns of stitches.

Finishing your crocheting project can also boost your confidence. Finishing a project you’ve been working on for a long time must feel amazing. This will boost the crocheter’s confidence and sense of competence.

Crochet Pattern: Granny Style Circle Afghan! – Crochet Me Lovely


We simply gave you the simplest method for crocheting a circular blanket, but there are plenty of other options out there. Maintain a relaxed tension between stitches and don’t forget your patterns. A perfect spherical blanket can be made if the maker is relaxed and focused on the task at hand.