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One of Minecraft’s most elusive items is Dragon’s Breath. Going to the End is necessary, and it’s harder than going into the Nether.

In spite of its dangers, the Nether is a place that one can easily leave. Unless the Ender Dragon is vanquished or the player is killed, exiting the End is only possible if both occur.

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Obtaining Dragon’s Breath also necessitates the Ender Dragon’s active presence, therefore defeating it will not suffice. On Bedrock, doing this task is an accomplishment. But it’s not always easy.

Here’s how it’s done in the mobile version of Minecraft.

How To Get Dragon’s Breath In Minecraft?

In Minecraft (Survival), the only source of Dragon’s Breath is the Ender Dragon, therefore you’ll need a long trek to collect it. Our advice is to perform some pre-work before you leave on your adventure.

#1 Preparation

Getting into the End biome requires finding a Stronghold in your Minecraft world. Then, make your way around the complex in search of the End Portal. You’ll be entering the Land of the End from here. In addition, make sure you have at least ten Ender Eyes on you at all times. The Ender Eye will point you in the right direction. This item is also required to operate the End Portal.

In order to collect the Dragon’s Breath, you’ll need several glass bottles. Make as many glass bottles as you can by scavenging sand from surrounding rivers or beaches and melting it into glass.

Take all the time you need to make the glass bottles.

Before you enter the End Portal, you must have the following items: Glass bottles and Ender Eyes.

It’s also a good idea to have some kind of regen item to keep your health up. We recommend the following loadout for dealing with the Ender Dragon:

  • Bow and arrows/Snowballs
  • Armor made of netherite
  • Knife and axe made of Netherite
  • A water jug or jug of water
  • apples and carrots with a golden hue

#2 Enter The End

To revive the End Portal, insert the Ender Eyes into the vacant slots around it. Jump in as soon as the gateway opens. After that, you’ll have to scramble and dig your way out. Do not look the Endermen in the eyes. Because of their shyness, they are unable to bear the thought of someone staring at them directly in the face.

When you’re ready, take a dive into the Void.

#3 Collect The Dragon’s Breath

If you want to get the rare Dragon’s Breath, you must allow the Ender Dragon to attack you and then dodge. To gather the breath, wait until he unleashes his breath attack on you, and then right-click empty glass bottles. Please keep in mind that the end purpose of this quest is not to slay the Ender Dragon. You’re solely interested in his sex.

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Collect Dragon’s Breath by right-clicking on the bottles.

For maximal dragon’s breath, keep the Ender Dragon alive as long as possible. You must slay the Dragon when the rewards you sought are no longer available. Your Dragon’s Breath will be forfeited if you don’t comply.

What Is Dragon’s Breath Used For In Minecraft?

The Lingering Potion is made with the Dragon’s Breath. To put it simply, what does Lingering Potion in Minecraft do? If you want to leave a mist of status effects lingering on the ground, you can use this type of splash potions. Splash potions of all kinds and Dragon’s Breath are required ingredients in the formula for Lingering Potion.

The initial radius of the status effect cloud is three blocks, and it gradually shrinks to zero over the course of 30 seconds. Any player or monster that enters the cloud after the first second is subjected to its respective status impact. The duration of the status effect, on the other hand, is just one-fourth that of the equivalent potion.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Dragon’s Breath:

How To Get Dragon’s Breath After Killing The Ender Dragon?

You’ll need to use the Ender Dragon’s egg to call forth a second Ender Dragon. Alternatively, you can use instructions to generate some Dragon’s Breath. Take as many breaths as you need at once.

How To Farm Dragon’s Breath?

Keep the Ender Dragon alive for as long as possible to maximize the amount of Dragon’s Breath you can obtain. You could, however, create the apparatus depicted in the video below if you have a lot of time on your hands.

How Do You Drink Dragon’s Breath In Minecraft?

The Dragon’s Breath is not available in vanilla Minecraft.

In Minecraft, obtaining Dragon’s Breath is as simple as following these steps. Visit GuruGamer.com for more gaming-related content.

Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft

Inconveniently, Dragon’s Breath has few practical applications for players who want to acquire it. A lingering effect can only be achieved by adding it to potions.

A good amount of time passes after the Ender Dragon has exhaled a few times. Only splash potions with Dragon’s Breath can benefit from this effect.

The only way to get it is to make it to the end. Using the method requires leaving the End first. Minecraft gamers should prepare for the End by stockpiling a wide variety of supplies.

Essentials for this venture include food and golden apples; good enchanted weapons and armor; slow-falling potions; loads of blocks and ender pearls. The Dragon’s Breath will need to be collected in glass bottles as well.

The achievement of finding the End portal requires eyes of ender, so it’s not a simple task. A lot of effort and several visits to the Nether are required to obtain these items. Additionally, they must be made with flame powder and ender pearls.

The gateway will require at least ten players to locate and power. Afterwards, they’ll be able to enter the End freely and begin combat with the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon will soar around and swoop down to the center, breathing on the ground from time to time. It will periodically. Glass bottles can be used to gather a large cloud of purple haze.

Players may simply walk up to it and collect like they normally would, and they’ll get the achievement. First, the Ender Dragon must be defeated in order to return it to the overworld.

Where To Find It

Dragon’s breath can only be found in one place, and getting there won’t be a simple task either. This is the end, and the dragon’s breath is coming from the end dragon, therefore this is a safe bet.

The only method to go to the other side is to find the gateway to the other end, which can only be found in strongholds. To find a stronghold, you’ll need to acquire the eyes of ender, which you can use to guide you to your target. You must keep in mind that ender’s eyes are only formed using a mix of flame powder and ender pearls.

Capturing The Breath

The only way to catch your dragon’s breath is to have numerous empty glass bottles on hand before entering the last area. In order to collect the dragon’s breath attack fragments, you’ll need to wait till the dragon breathes its breath attack on you before bringing some glass bottles into battle.

With your glass bottle, you’ll want to collect these gaseous leftovers. Approach the gaseous beings and use your glass bottle to right-click to obtain your prized object. Keep a large number of glass bottles on hand to ensure a large supply of dragon’s breath when the time comes.

How To Farm Dragon Breath In Minecraft 1.18 And Its Usages

What It Can Be Used For

You may be astonished to learn that dragon’s breath has only one application for such a scarce commodity. A lingering potion is the only purpose for which this ingredient can be put to use. Splash potions can be turned into lingering potions by using this ability in conjunction with other in-game splash potions. A poison splash potion can be turned into a poison linger potion by mixing it with a lingering potion.

When activated, a poisonous gas is released into the air, poisoning anyone who breathes it in. Lingering potion effects will vary depending on what you combine it with, but this is true for all lingering potion variations.

Brewing Potions

Only one type of potion in Minecraft can be made using the Dragon’s Breath: the Lingering Potion. It is possible to throw Lingering Potions, which are a type of splash potion that can leave behind clouds with status effects that last for a long time.

If you combine any Splash Potion with the Dragon’s Breath, you can create this basic potion for any lingering potion effect.


In order to advance in the game, players must gather Dragon’s Breath in a glass bottle.


Obtaining dragon’s breath can be a challenge due to the many enemies you will encounter, but if you want to make potions that have a significant deal of value, the effort is well worth it. In the last confrontation with your adversary, you should not waste this moment.