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Do you long for a workplace that combines form and function with freedom of movement? If that’s the case, this article will show you how to construct a desk that can swing open and closed.
This piece was written so that readers could learn how to build a Swivel desk. It gives detailed instructions on building one, as well as additional suggestions for embellishing it.

How to Build a Swivel Desk

This project requires the following materials: A single sheet of plywood measuring no less than 60 by 30 inches A pair of 24-inch screws-and-hinge sets, plus four wheels for casters (or whatever else you need) Pads and rubber that extend eight feet in length. Pine boards are recommended due to their strength, though any kind of wood will do.


The First Step, Cutting the Plywood To begin, divide the plywood into two pieces measuring 60 30 inches. This can be done with either an electric or hand saw. The next step is to cut and mark the parts so that an arc is formed along the back of each individual piece.

Two, put it together. The next step is to join the two boards you cut into a single desk with four legs and an angled top that can be moved to the right or left as needed. Hinge each corner of the desk’s side to make it possible to lock it in place at any position.

Third, add the finishing touches. As soon as you finish constructing your deck, you should sand down the edges and corners to make sure they fit together smoothly and securely. This is optional, but it may save you from getting hurt by sharp objects or splinters. In addition, a desktop can be fastened to the desk.

What is Swivel Desk?

When space is at a premium, a swivel desk is a practical and adaptable option. This desk can be rotated to face a wall or the opposite side of the room, giving you the option of adjusting your working environment to suit your current need for privacy.

They’re usually small enough to fit in a regular home without feeling claustrophobic, but roomy enough to hold a printer and other office equipment.

What’s the advantage of a Swivel Desk?

The flexibility of this desk’s configuration allows you to create an environment with the exact amount of personal space you need at any given time. In addition, they offer plenty of desk space without taking up too much room.

How to Repair a Faulty Swivel Chair:

This problem can be fixed in a variety of ways, each appropriate for a different style of swivel chair.

The first step is to take a close look at everything and identify the broken piece.

The second is to get new chains and bearings if the old ones are worn out or broken. Any home improvement store should carry them.

If the arm of your swivel chair breaks, you can fix it by gluing or epoxying it back together. Wire may also be required if straightening the bent arm is not possible.

How to Clean Swivel Desk Chair

Those who are limited in their mobility but would still like to do their work from home may find a swivel chair to be the most convenient option. How do you keep your swivel desk neat and tidy? Here are some easy ways to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of your office’s furnishings.

You should remove all the junk from your desk and give yourself time to clean it.

The second step is to wipe down all surfaces that can be cleaned with a damp sponge or paper towel. If you have kids or pets at home, you should know that keeping our offices tidy will require some extra work on your part.

Third, there are a number of options for cleaning the desk, even if there are stubborn stains. Mr. Clean, or another nontoxic kitchen cleaner, is ideal for tougher messes but won’t leave behind any residue that could be harmful to your furniture.

Tip #4: Use a protective coating on the surfaces and avoid putting too much pressure on them if the item can’t be cleaned easily or if you have more fragile furniture, such as wood.

How to Prevent Damage on Swivel Desk

Keeping your desk in pristine condition is a difficult task. It can be difficult to keep a swivel desk clean of the dust, grime, spills, and other debris that accumulates on it over time. These are just a few of the things you should think about:

Second, make sure there is plenty of room on the swivel of your desk so that any spills have somewhere to go and don’t cause major damage.

Always use a barrier, such as plastic or glass, to prevent damage to the surface below. As a result, you can protect your furniture from scratches and other forms of damage caused by liquid spills.

For #4, you shouldn’t use excessive pressure when rubbing on soft materials like wood because it could damage the material.

17 DIY Corner Desk Ideas to Build for Your Office

An effective and motivating work environment is the bedrock of any fruitful workday. That’s why it’s crucial to design an office space that makes efficient use of your available square footage. If you’re looking to maximize square footage in your office while also improving your productivity and workspace, consider having a desk tucked into a room’s corner.

If you’ve looked around but haven’t found the right desk, we can help you design and create a desk that’s made just for you.

It’s not as difficult as you might think to construct your own desk out of Kee Klamp pipe fittings, and we even offer a few desk frame kits to make things even simpler. And you can construct any kind of workstation you can imagine. You can build a desk that suits your needs, whether you prefer to sit or stand, whether your workspace is large or small, whether it is wide or narrow.

Here are 17 do-it-yourself desk designs to use as models for your own creation or as inspiration for creating something entirely new.

Wall Mounted L-Shaped Desk

Christopher crafted this workstation in his North Carolina hometown of Asheville. The desk is the perfect size for the corner and can accommodate several workers when necessary.

Once Christopher saw some of our projects for desks that could be mounted on the wall, he made up his mind to construct one himself. He envisioned being able to easily slide his desk into different positions without having to worry about the legs getting in the way.

The Kee Lite Swivel Flange is used to attach the desk’s table top to the wall. The 160-degree rotational range of this fitting allows for infinite angle customization. On either end of the table top are two file cabinets for added support.

L-Shaped Corner Desk

Janet S. crafted a practical and aesthetically pleasing L-shaped corner desk. Steel pipes not only provide a sturdy base, but also lend an industrial aesthetic to the tabletop.

The only problem with Janet’s plan was that she ordered the fixtures from a different store than she had originally planned.

Wall Mounted Desk

Similar to Christopher’s above workstation, this one was built by Douglas of Charles Town, West Virginia. The Kee Lite Swivel Flange is used once again to attach the desk’s pipe supports to the floor and the wall. This creates the illusion that the desk is simply floating in the room. Douglas uses the desk as a workbench in his spare bedroom workshop.

Craft Room Desk

“If the wife is content, then so is the husband.” Bruce had this in mind when he built a desk for his wife’s hobby room. In order to accommodate all of his wife’s shelving and storage needs, a custom design was created with sections that are evenly spaced and at the ideal height.

In addition to the custom, edge-finished countertop, the desk also has a custom-made drawer front. In reference to Bruce’s wife working at the desk, Bruce remarked, “It does not move or give.” The construction of Bruce’s desk is described in detail here.

U-Shaped Wrap Around Desk

Extend your corner desk into a full workstation by adding leaves in opposite directions, as Robbie did. Robbie wanted a unique addition to his office, so he built a massive U-shaped desk that takes up most of the space.

Robbie’s office is unusually shaped, so instead of a standard U-shaped desk, he has a custom desk made to fit his space exactly. The desk offers a lot of extra work space while keeping the room neat and uncluttered.

Robbie’s use of pine dowels for the pipe section of the frame is an interesting design choice. Robbie opted for 1 1/4″ pipe dowels instead of steel tubing to keep the frame’s price down. Pine dowels cost only a quarter as much as standard steel tubing.

Ergonomic Desk

Instead of the standard 90-degree angle found in most corner desks, this one takes advantage of a special fitting called an Adjustable Side Outlet Tee to feature a slant that conforms beautifully to the angular shift in the wall to its side. Chris is very pleased with the desk, especially with how well the top’s darker wood tone complements the room’s warmer hues.

DIY Ergonomic Computer Desk – Revisited

Explore Chris’s process of constructing a DIY ergonomic desk for his study at home. He installed a shelf for his modem, organized the clutter of wires with cable wraps, and commissioned a beautiful custom desk from a carpenter.

Multiple Monitor Desk

As sitting at a regular desk caused Jacob back pain, he constructed this standing desk. Jacob began sketching ideas after looking at the other standing desks we offer on our site.

He planned for his new invention to be as spacious as possible so that he would have plenty of room to work in. As a multi-monitor user, Jacob required a solution that would work with his desktop computer.

Since Jacob ‘dry fitted’ the frame multiple times while designing his new desk, he greatly appreciated how easily it could be altered. Kee Klamp won out in the end because of its low price, simplicity of design, and portability.

Standing or Sitting Desk

This DIY corner desk is ideal if you need a desk but don’t have a dedicated office and instead have a small alcove. The frame of the table was assembled using Kee Klamp fittings, and the top was crafted from salvaged wood.

The iron pipes’ industrial aesthetic goes wonderfully with the rustic charm of the aged wood. Read further into this undertaking here. The desk itself doesn’t take up too much room in the corner, so it helps keep the room looking uncluttered. The section below will allow you to personalize a desk just like this one.

Ikea Top Desk

The Sims company of Greenville, North Carolina made this desk. The desk isn’t in a corner in the picture above, but its “L” shape makes it a good candidate for such a placement.

There are currently eight desks in Sims’ office, and another twelve will be constructed in the same style. The desks start at standing height but can be adjusted to sitting height or anywhere in between thanks to our adjustable table kit.

Our desk sets come in a variety of length, width, and height options. Any kind of table top can be used in conjunction with the kit. A Gerton table top from Ikea was selected for use in Sims’s office.

Pipe Corner Desk

In contrast to the adjustable height table kits we sell, this do-it-yourself desk offers a novel approach to the adjustable work surface. To make height adjustments, simply remove the set screw from the Single Socket Tee that fastens the horizontal support to the desk. The height of the pipe can be adjusted by moving the leg, which is attached to the fitting, higher or lower. The leg is then secured by retightening the set screw on the Single Socket Tee.

This allows for a one-of-a-kind desk frame that can also be adjusted for height.

Corner Desk with Three Monitors

Michael fabricated this workstation in Dyer, Indiana, after looking into alternate options to using pipe fittings. Instead of using a threaded connection, like in standard pipe fittings, Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings simply slide over the pipe and are locked in place with a set screw. As a result, they are less complicated to work with and more adaptable (since they can be used in nonstandard ways) than threaded pipe fittings.

Michael opted to use Kee Klamp to construct his personal workstation. The length of the desk is a substantial eight feet on one side and ten on the other. Michael has written extensively about his workstation over at his personal blog, which you can access here.

Standing Height Corner Desk

Jonas was able to utilize the corner of his home office by placing two individual pipe desks there instead of constructing a custom corner desk. Since the desks are mobile, Jonas can easily rearrange the room’s layout by placing them next to one another, at opposite ends of the room, etc., should the need arise.

Jonas’s workstations are all at unique heights. On the other hand, a flush table top can be achieved by joining two desks of the same height. Since there aren’t any drawers under the desk, this arrangement still maintains a neat appearance while giving you more room to move around.

Custom Top Desk

Henderson, Nevada’s Justin built his own corner desk. The laminate flooring Justin had lying around served as the table top’s primary material. As opposed to the Swivel Flange used by some of the other wall-mounted desks on this list, Justin used the Angle Base Flange to attach his desk to the wall from underneath.

To make an angle between 45 and 60 degrees, use the Angle Base Flange, which is a permanent fixture. A pair of mounting holes are located in the flange.

Dual Height Desk

Having two levels, this desk can be adjusted for both sitting and standing work. The lower surface can be used with a traditional desk computer, while the higher surface can accommodate a laptop computer used while standing. The top shelf is secured to the desk’s structure. The Swivel Flange attachment allows it to be attached to the surface of the desk in a variety of positions.

The Swivel Flange fitting is designed to be used for mounting purposes and features a socket for connecting pipes and a flange with two mounting holes. The fixture can be rotated through 160 degrees and is fully adjustable. As a result, it can be bent into virtually any shape.

Butcher Block Desk

Corey crafted this workstation in his hometown of Montgomery, Texas. The desk is not in a corner, but its “L” shape makes it a good candidate for one. The black spray paint on the pipe emphasizes the desk’s industrial style. Grizzly Industrial’s solid Maple tabletop is used for the desk’s top.

The full tutorial and materials list for this desk can be found here if you’re interested in constructing one yourself.

Corner Treadmill Desk

Have you heard the expression, “sitting is the new poison?” Standing desks, once the domain of oddballs, are quickly gaining popularity among workers everywhere. Using a standing desk has many advantages, including the prevention of weight problems, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. One of our clients, Lee W., constructed the one shown above.

Lee was looking for a treadmill desk so he could work out without having to leave his desk. The ensuing height-adjustable standing desk spans from 31.5 inches to 52.5 inches, giving Lee ample room to find his ideal working position. It’s a novel approach to multitasking that enables one to walk on a treadmill while working.

Live Edge Corner Desk

Randy of Auberry, California made this desk for you. The natural live edge wood slab that the desk’s top is fashioned from measures 3-3/4 inches in thickness. The desk’s heavy top is supported without a problem by the sturdy pipe base. Learn everything there is to know about this undertaking right here.

Simple Table™ Kits

  • Minimalist, contemporary style
  • Assembles quickly and easily
  • Change the proportions to fit your needs.
  • Heavy-duty construction

With Kee Klamp, you will find that building almost anything is possible. The fittings give you the versatility to build any desk you want. If you’re thinking of building you’re own corner desk, make sure to browse our list of fittings and desk frame kits to find a solution that works for you.

Lastly, if you need any design help or assistance picking out the right fittings to use for your desk, our staff would be happy to help. Our trained experts will help you with any kind of project assistance you need. We look forward to hearing about your next DIY success story!

List of 20 Best Swivel Desk Chairs

There are several ergonomic swivel chairs on the market that you can consider. Do your research on what you need in a swivel desk chair and how long it can serve you. Below are some of the swivel office chairs for your consideration.

1. ErgoChair Pro+

This seat is a high-back desk chair inspired by movement. Meaning, the chair’s engineering resulted from people who want to move more in the office. The chair is frameless to grant unhindered movement supported by its swivel. With its high-back backrest, your body gets sufficient support. It supports your head, shoulders, and neck comfortably. Breathe easily as the chair does not trap heat. It has thermoplastic elastomer strands that ensure heat passes through.

ErgoChair Pro+ encourages natural movement with its adaptive spinal support. The seat’s breathable mesh back offers a cooling system to your back. This eco-friendly swivel chair for desk can support a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is very wide and higher than normal office chairs. With its several practical adjustment options, your support and comfort are guaranteed. If you are tall, your best bet in a seat is ErgoChair Pro+.

2. AvoChair

This is a very sleek ergonomic swivel chair made from recycled materials. It is very environmentally friendly. The seat is curvy and comfortable for a personalized positioning experience in the office. With its clean and minimal flowing lines, the seat’s construction had its users’ health in mind. This eco-friendly swivel office chair seat is a solution for promoting modern healthy sitting posture. You have your spine supported with the seat’s airy elastomeric mesh back.

The seat has no hard edges that could limit tilting or moving about in the office. This mesh office chair has a sturdy base that locks in your preferred reclining tension. The seat’s swivel enhances movement in all directions. You can comfortably adjust the seat’s height and arm position.

3. ErgoChair Recline

This is one of the most outstanding ergonomic swivel chairs for a desk. The seat’s plastic frame is made from durable nylon. The seating area is all polyester fabric with a molded foam in its interior. Body support and comfort are provided by the seat’s adjustable armrest and height.

The swivel of this swivel office chair ensures the seat tilts in any direction you want. You don’t have to worry about your leg and headrest. The seat of this ergonomic computer chair covers them through its adjustable head and leg rest options. Adjust your body position using the chair’s lumbar support. Reclining has support from the seat’s mesh back.

4. ErgoChair Pro

Let’s buy an ergonomic chair that supports your comfort, anh ErgoChair Pro is your move. This is a high back swivel chair for desk that offers comfort and relaxation at work. The chair has key features that support your sitting posture and spinal alignment. An ErgoChair Pro is adjustable and supports your lower back. The chair has an element of mobility. It also enhances blood circulation through its wrist, leg, and neck rests. This chair is covered with a breathable mesh that enhances your sitting posture. ErgoChair Pro has five key lockable positions that bring support to your lumbar.

5. Tempur-Pedic TP9000

This executive mesh chair is designed with lasting memory foam for added comfort. The foam provides a good back resting position, eliminating the possibility of back pain. An ergonomic swivel chair with a cooling mesh back that supports you to sit for long. Its simple controls enable width, height, and tilt tension adjustments. These controls help in configuring the right seat frame.

The chair’s contoured armrests support your upper body. A curved seat back helps in relieving your sores and tired muscles. This is a swivel office chair seat for everyone; its sturdy base makes it carry up to 250 pounds. The chair’s swivel supports movement in all directions.

6. Zipcode Mesh Chair

A Zipcode Mesh Chair is an optimized chair that offers maximum back support. This swivel desk chair is well equipped to support your lumbar and lower back. The chair is well designed, has a backrest, and follows the curve of your spine. The Zipcode Mesh chair is cost-effective and easy to use.

7. Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair

This ergonomic swivel chair has appealing customization. The seat is ideal for employees who wish to take their activities to another level. The Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair has many ergonomic features that provide back support and motion. This chair’s seat swivel permits movement in all directions and body relaxation.

8. OHAHO Gaming Chair

This is a swivel office chair that is ideal for gaming and computer users. The ergonomic seat is designed to offer support to your body and enhance good posture. The OHAHO Gaming Chair is among the best desk chairs for back pain and lumbar support. The seat’s adjustable lumbar support helps to cradle bodies of all sizes and shapes. You don’t have to worry about standing to pick things up or move to a colleague. All you need is sideways swirling on the seat, and you are home and dry.

9. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

This swivel chair for desk is luxurious and flexible. The seat is created with a modern design and leather bind. To provide comfort and support, this ergonomic computer chair offers maximum lower back support. The Serta Ergonomic Executive chair gives versatility and ample mobility through the swivel design. This chair has impressive features such as an adjustable armrest and actuated levers. The chair’s base guarantees full body support, weight, or height notwithstanding.

10. Humanscale Ergonomic Chair

When you go shopping, buy an ergonomic chair that can support your body. In Humanscale, you have an ergonomic office chair that supports your movement. You can swing in any direction you wish to and keep your body refreshed. This is one of the best swivel desk chairs for back pain due to its available comfort.

The seat’s multiple adjustable features help in supporting your body. The armrest not only supports your arms but keeps your body balanced when sitting. Head and neck rest massages your body to enhance blood circulation.

11. Capisco Puls

If you like saddle chairs with backrests, then you have it all in the Capisco Puls by HAG. The seat has cushions for comfort and a plastic back for support. With a swivel controlled by two levers, you can sit in any direction on this seat.

The choice is yours however you want to sit; forward, backward, stretch, sideways, or even lean on the seat. You can adjust the chair’s depth and height using its pneumatic lift. It is possible to tilt the seat’s back to find your best sitting posture.

12. SOHO Soft Pad Drafting Chair

This swivel office chair is one of the most used drafting office chairs. It is ideal for adjustable standing desks as its features work well with standing. With its sturdy aluminum base and frame, the seat can carry up to 400 pounds. Dangle your feet at will using the steel foot ring.

The seat’s swivels and tilts support moving sideways at will. Adjusting the height is possible through an easy-to-operate gas lift lever. Your back support is guaranteed by the three supportive pads; two back and one seat cushion. You can either use the chair’s adjustable armrest or not. Either way, the seat still functions without them.

13. HON Volt Leather Drafting Chair

This seat stands out from the rest when looking at swivel desk chairs. With a foot ring, you can suspend your feet to enhance blood circulation. The chair’s cushioned back is a soft landing for your lower back and good for controlling back pains.

You’ll need a chair like this if you plan on getting up and about quite a bit. It can be swiveled in any direction, and the height can be adjusted using the lever under the seat. There are no armrests on the HON Volt, but the seat base is designed to keep you in place.

14. LexMod Edge Drafting Chair

The height of this leather desk chair can be changed to suit your needs. It is suitable for use on either a high or low desk in the office. You can change the height of the chair to suit your needs with the help of the lever. This chair’s breathable mesh back will allow you to sit for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

You can relax your body by reclining backward and forward in this swivel desk chair thanks to the adjustable tilt tension. If you want to improve your blood flow, you can suspend your feet using a circular chrome ring. The seat also swivels 360 degrees for maximum convenience.

15. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Chair

The mesh back and mesh headrest make this an ergonomic choice for an office chair. Long workdays won’t get you down because the mesh allows for easier body and head ventilation. Having a headrest that can be adjusted allows you to sit more reclined. Armrests that can be adjusted for padding are a great way to rest your arms and prevent soreness.

Smooth maneuvering is ensured by the PU wheels installed in the chair. The chair can be reclined to a comfortable angle using a tilt mechanism. This swivel desk chair offers complete freedom of movement. When working, the whole body is supported by the strong lumbar system. The chair’s base can be moved up or down so that it is at a comfortable working height for you. Astoundingly, the armrest can be tucked back to create extra space when you need it.

16. Tivoca Ergonomic Chair

This mesh chair is highly adaptable, so you can find the perfect fit for your body and your office. The backrest, armrests, and height of the headrest on this chair are all adjustable. The Tivoca Ergonomic Chair has a swivel function to make it easier to get around, and its curved design makes it more comfortable to sit in.

17. Black Modway Attainment Drafting Chair

This swivel chair is perfect for the office, waiting room, or studio because of its ergonomic design. Comfortable and flexible seating options are provided. The Black Modway Attainment Drafting Chair is a swivel chair that allows for more freedom of movement at your desk. The ergonomic mesh back of this chair is great for providing back and abdominal support.

18. Alvin 90DH Leather Drafting Chair

Executives and professionals will find the Alvin 90DH Leather Drafting Chair to be an indispensable tool. This premium leather drafting chair is an ergonomically designed model. The chair’s beauty comes from the thick and comfortable cushion on its seat. This stylish and practical swivel chair is perfect for the office.

19. Hylone Standing Desk Chair

Comfort-wise, this swivel chair ranks high among those available for use in professional settings. The chair’s back and lumbar are supported by a breathable mesh. To modify the height of the seat, a lever is located on the side of this Hylone swivel chair. Stability and portability are both afforded by the nylon-dual wheels on the base of this ergonomic chair. The seat’s backrest, as well as its alignment with the middle of the user’s back, are both adjustable. The lumbar region of your body will feel supported thanks to the chair’s built-in spine support.

20. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Chair

You can count on the comfort and durability of this swivel desk chair. The chair’s breathable mesh back provides comfort and support for the lower back. When it comes to ergonomics, this seat hits all the marks for a productive and relaxing ride. The chair’s seat height and armrests can be adjusted using separate levers. This chair is equipped with casters, or wheels, for simple mobility. Mobility around the workplace is greatly improved by the five-wheel design.


Can you make a swivel chair stationary?

Put a thin rubber wedge between the chair’s base and the pole that pivots it. Tap the wedge in gently until it forms a seal between the chair’s base and the pole it rests on. If you pound on the chair too hard, you might crack it. Because of the friction caused by the wedge, the chair will be restricted in its motion.

Can you add a swivel to a recliner?

One can add swivel and rocking mechanisms to a recliner. Having a swivel and rocking chair is helpful, but it’s especially useful when there’s a new baby in the house. Relax in complete ease with a swiveling and rocking chair that can be customized to look like a Lane recliner.

How do you make a swivel recliner stationary?

The chair’s back will tilt upwards until it’s perpendicular to the floor. To get to what’s under the left armrest of the chair, reach all the way down to the base. To prevent the chair from swiveling, turn the lever’s knob clockwise. Forward rotation of the knob activates the swivel function of the chair.

Can I add a swivel to my Lazy Boy recliner?

When did you first try a swivel chair? Enjoyable to an extreme degree A swivel base is an optional upgrade that provides full recline and 360 degrees of swivel motion. It’s an extra $100, but you can get a swivel base on any of our La-Z-Boy recliners if you’d like.

How does a rotating chair work?

Some swivel chairs feature wheels at the base, allowing the user to easily relocate the chair in their workspace without having to stand up. Unlike large (e.g. recliner) swiveling armchairs, office swivel chairs (like computer chairs) typically do not include a gas lift to adjust the height of the seat.