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Make sure you have plenty of ice melt and plenty of firewood on hand before it gets too cold. You’ll need to stock up on firewood and have a location to keep it. What if you don’t already have one? Why don’t you have a look at these DIY firewood storage ideas?


Check out these DIY firewood racks with roofs if you want something smaller but no less secure than a full-blown firewood storage building.


For those who like the idea of a tiny rack, check out this small firewood storage box plan. Even though it’s easy to put together, it does necessitate the use of power tools.

DIY Outdoor Wood Firewood Storage Shed that Looks Nice in the Backyard in 8 Easy Steps - Lehman Lane

You can paint it to match your backyard’s design and it will still securely store your firewood in a compact area. A flat area on top can be used to hold beverages, food, or whatever else you’d like to serve alongside your fire pit.


This large log storage layout is ideal for those who stock up on a lot of logs and need a safe, roofed place to keep them. There is plenty of area to store all of your logs for the winter with a 6-foot height and 6-foot breadth.

A similar product would cost you five times as much as the DIY material’s cost, thus the effort is well worth it. It’s also a beautiful log store that will give your backyard a rustic feel.


I had no idea that firewood racks could be gorgeous, but this curving rack with a roof is unquestionably stunning. ” With a light brown shingled roof and white wooden base, it’s a beautiful contrast.

You may also store seasoned wood and kindling in a separate section of this rack. This is a project for advanced woodworkers who can figure out how to build the rack from the plan’s photos and schematics. Of course, beauty comes at a price.


DIY projects allow you to build high-quality products at a fraction of the cost. To build a cheap firewood storage rack, you may easily find free wooden pallets in your city!


This pallet firewood rack is one of the easiest crafts you’ll find online. Three wooden pallets and four planks of wood are all you’ll need for this incredibly simple and low-cost project.

To assemble, just place two pallets end-to-end, right across from one another, on top of one of the pallets. Then screw the boards of wood to each other as bracing. Wa-lah! You’ve got a grate for wood!


Firewood may be kept safe and secure even in the worst of winter weather by using this sturdy pallet firewood rack with a roof plan. There are only a few materials needed for this project, but it does require some woodworking skills to get the job done.

The video, on the other hand, is quite useful in guiding you through the construction process. Finishing touches, such as roofing felt on top of a wooden rack to protect your firewood and make it seem tidy, are always welcome.


This pallet firewood shed concept is perfect if you like to store a lot of firewood in the winter and require a lot of space to do so. If you’re searching for a small, compact rack, this plan is not for you.

In addition to protecting firewood, this large shed provides ample air circulation to ensure that it dries properly. In order to build it, you’ll need around 16 pallets, which will take a long time and a lot of pallets.


Firewood storage racks can be built out of cinder blocks, which are a useful and inexpensive material. You can keep your firewood safe and sound in these lovely outdoor racks.


Although the V-shape of this small cinderblock firewood rack may look a little out of the ordinary, it actually works quite well. This is an excellent project for those who are new to woodworking, as it necessitates no special tools or knowledge.

Two cinder blocks and four boards are all that are required for this project. Place the two cinder blocks side by side, and then insert a board into each of the four holes in the cinder blocks to form a V-shaped structure. Once your firewood is safely stored in the V, you may use it as a unique garden decorative piece.


This long cinderblock firewood rack appears to be a difficult project due to its size, but it is actually quite simple to build. Cinder blocks, landscaping timbers, and 2×4 boards are all you’ll need. You don’t even need any tools to do this.

Stretched out, it features two-pieces of wood protruding from each cinder block on the end, as well as horizontal lines of wood along the bottom of the rack.


If it’s too cold outside for me to go outside and gather some firewood from my backyard rack, I always keep a few logs in my house just in case. Small and attractive, these indoor firewood racks are a great option for storing wood.


Elegant living spaces with dark wood accents will look stunning with this beautiful indoor raw firewood rack. As a contrast to the actual firewood, the rack is constructed from raw logs.

These instructions are quite detailed, and they lead you through each step of the process from sanding and polishing to assembling this beautiful mantlepiece.


Despite the fact that this vertical log holder may be used both indoors and outdoors, it looks especially good in living rooms decorated with dark, warm tones. It only takes a few minutes to assemble this simple yet stylish firewood rack.

The process of sanding and staining the hardwood frame is more complex than the actual construction of the frame itself. To match the wood in your living room, you have a variety of stain colors to choose from.


I’ve never seen a firewood rack installed on a wall before, but the concept is brilliant. It’s ideal for people who don’t go through a lot of logs because it saves so much space. It’s also a great way to create both a rural and contemporary vibe to a room.

The 30 Minute Firewood Rack - Pallet Style : 6 Steps - Instructables

A few scraps of wood and a couple of brackets are all you’ll need for this quick and simple DIY. It’s ideal for novice DIYers who don’t have a lot of money or time to invest in a firewood rack project.


Black plumbing pipe’s industrial appeal is always welcome at my house, especially in the form of this stylish firewood holder made from plumbing pipe. In addition to its urban-industrial design, this firewood cart features wheels for easy mobility throughout your home.

Because this project is quite simple to put together and will serve you for many years to come, the cost of the materials may be a little higher than in some of the other projects on our list.


These DIY firewood racks are huge, practical, and multipurpose, making them ideal for storing firewood in your garden.


This outdoor lumber stack is ideal for porches or backyards because of its simple design and clean appearance. A saw, drill, steel straps, and 2 x 4 x 8 lumber blocks are all you need to build it. This is an excellent project for novice woodworkers.

Regardless of how much firewood you have, you can easily adjust the rack’s dimensions to accommodate. It can be painted to give it a more polished appearance if desired.


If you have a back patio, this DIY rolling firewood rack is a must-have piece of equipment. Because it’s on wheels, you can quickly move this handy gadget to keep the area behind your woodpile clean and free of furry intruders.

This step-by-step guide includes a lot of helpful images and detailed instructions. If you have the time and patience, anyone can do this DIY project.


To help you figure out what you want to do with your back patio, we’ve put up a few ideas for you. There’s no need to make a decision on whether or not to create this firewood storage bench idea.

Using this multipurpose bench, you may store your firewood in a cubby that is largely shielded from the elements. In addition, it gives you more room for a table or additional seating.

This is not a beginner’s project because the plan is difficult to follow and requires some woodworking experience.

1. The Wooden Square Support Rack Idea

It’s all about the visuals in this DIY plan, with helpful illustrations to guide you along the route.

Using straight columns and curved edges to construct an edgy yet stylish log shelf, be sure to pay attention to the small details in the photos.


2. The Vertical Dolly Rack Combo Plan

If you’re searching for a stylish stand for your living room, this dolly and rack combination is a great choice.

You only need to thoroughly review the instructions to avoid the functional issues that the builder has foreseen with the help of photos and videos.

Instructions for painting the holder are also included.


3. The Simple Outdoor Lumber Stack Project

It’s a big hit on Instructables already, thanks to the enthusiastic endorsements of several builders!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a custom log ledge in your own backyard.

To construct your own lumber rack, all you’ll need is a saw, drill, and steel strap. It’s a wonderful choice for people who want to build a fast but stylish construction.

Porch swing slats are frequently used to make these wood bundles.

4. The Aluminum Over Gravel Blueprint

You can follow the instructions in the blueprint to build your own aluminum frame.

Are you a person who looks for a solid foundation?

All you’ll need for this winner is an aluminum U channel and a L bracket, which you can pick up at any hardware store.

5. The Simple Timber Plan

You’re afraid of metal, perhaps because you assume it’s exclusively used by welders. An all-wood construction is the sole option for this modest layout.

Material that would typically be thrown away like 2 x 4 x 10 block fire garden lumber is all that is needed for this project.

It is supported by cement bricks. Now is the time to act.

Get started creating your own simple firewood frame by downloading the PDF instructions.

6. The Upcycled Trampoline Idea

A used trampoline lying around is just what you need! Using 4″ pipes and 4 x 4″ timber, this detailed blueprint will help you resurrect it.

The detailed blueprint includes instructions on how to make knotted braces and angular welds of your own.

To avoid problems, be careful to strictly adhere to the guidelines provided.

7. The Flat Packed Project

This simple indoor firewood rack is the perfect solution to all of your storage woes. Metal bars are used to construct the folding ledge.

For the meticulous craftsman, there are detailed schematics accompanying each step.

If you are already a DIY pro this project is a solid, small-footprint option.

8. The Compact Indoor Framework Idea

If you are already a DIY pro this project is a solid, small-footprint option.

If you’re already a seasoned DIYer, this is an excellent, low-footprint alternative.

9. The Handsome Country Side Holder Blueprint

You’d like to make your own firewood holder. See how to create a beautiful mantelpiece with this step-by-step guide.

Intricate information on how to transform raw planks into stunning functional design are provided in step-by-step tutorials.

10. The Wrought Metallic Project

You may create a one-of-a-kind piece of wrought-iron art using this plan. It’s a conversation starter for your next winter dinner party, thanks to its refined design.

It’s a great opportunity to put your heavy-duty workshop tools to the test. Using a chop saw, disc sander, and sander, you can customize the length of the metal bars that make up the holder.

11. The No Tools Cinder Block Support Idea

Is there anything I can do for you? If you have 4 x 10 logs lying around, you can fashion your own no-tools firewood stacker.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this design is highly functional and may be used to remove leaves or squirt pests from a distance.

12. The Upcycled Fence Stack Project

Repurpose your old fence and other unused screws to build a durable and convenient wood stack rack.

2 × 2 pine planks and antique fence pickets are all you’ll need for this project. Since this DIY arrangement necessitates vertical assembly, enlist the aid of a few friends before you begin. The usage of antique screws and gate hinges has never been more inventive.

13. The Rustic Outdoor Shelf Blueprint

Logs have an old-world appeal since they’re not only beautiful, but also exceedingly robust. Logs should be laid out like bookends to keep your books in place, according to this pattern. Only a saw, a drill, and logs of any length (both short and long) are required.

14. The 30 Minute Pallet Style Blueprint

There’s no better way to spend the weekend with your family than to get your hands a little muddy with a fun craft project like this DIY snow globe. All you need are a few abandoned pallets to implement this strategy and be up and running quickly. Check Craigslist or a local big-box store for old wood.

15. The Basement Log Stack Idea

Do you have a large unfinished basement? This clever solution for winter fuel storage takes advantage of the extra space. Even a complete newbie could do this simple step-by-step build using only a saw and 2 × 4 pallets. A whole 400 cubic feet of well-seasoned planks can be stored in your stylish new firewood holder.


If you have a fireplace or stove that burns wood, then you probably have a wood supply. With no firewood rack, chances are your back door is littered with piles of unorganized wood.

In order to keep pests and rotting wood at bay, even if your firewood is neatly arranged outside the door, you must ensure that it is not leaning against your house and trapping moisture.

It’s all there is to it? Make your deck, porch, or backyard more visually appealing while saving time by using this innovative firewood rack. A well-built wood rack keeps your porch or front step clean and dry while allowing you to keep your firewood close at hand.

The 30 Minute Firewood Rack - Pallet Style : 6 Steps - Instructables

So, let’s “fire” up the DIY and get to work! Check out these easy DIY outdoor firewood racks:


Are you looking for a chic method to keep your wood? It’s possible to construct an entire “tent” out of two by fours and boards of wood, all of which are used to cover the pallet’s surface.

Single Track World is the source of this concept. For those who want to build a DIY wood storage room or shed, they offer some fantastic ideas. They’re also suitable for those who are new to woodworking.


This firewood rack is a great choice if you’re looking for something simple to make but also functional. This is an easy-to-do project that takes less than an hour to complete. You may get a firewood rack of any size you wish for less than $100. Pick up the following items from GNH Lumber first:


  • Saw
  • Screw the gun.
  • A 1/4′′ hex socket head
  • Measurement using a piece of tape
  • Clamps
  • Creating a square in the middle


  • (3) 2x4s, 8-foot lengths (length can vary as needed)
  • A total of four metal connectors are required.
  • Screws in a single box


You’ll need a cart with wheels if you want to move your firewood rack around. In addition to being simple to build, this DIY is also portable! If you frequently host gatherings on your patio or deck, a portable cart comes in handy.

In a few hours, you’ll be able to make this project. Natural wood grain can be preserved if you prefer it that way. However, if you want to match the siding or trim of your house, you can paint the fence. To get started at GNH, you’ll need the following:


  • Cut to size 2′′ x 4′′ x 10′ lumber
  • Two 8-foot long boards of 2′′ x 3′′ x 2′′
  • Picket Boards for a Fence
  • A miter saw is needed.
  • Drill/Screw Driver
  • Countersink
  • The 3′′ Torx Deck Screws are available here.
  • Clamps
  • 4 wheels
  • Block of Sand
  • Framing Nailer by Porter Cable
  • 8 CC Nails, 2′′
  • The Compressor
  • The Tape Gauge
  • Primer and Patch in One
  • This is a brush for painting
  • 4 Brackets on each Corner
  • Colored Pencil


You may learn how to make a super nice firewood rack with a roof and enclosed sides by watching this video. These guys make it appear so simple, and the finished product is stunning! The following link has step-by-step instructions for building a roofed firewood rack:

What Is Reddit Saying About Firewood Storage?

  • Using a friend’s log splitter, he was able to chop down a lot of trees on his land and start his own firewood delivery business. Who would have ever thought that there would even be a subreddit dedicated solely to firewood?
  • We delved a little deeper and discovered another user who was selling bundled firewood to campers as a side business.
  • There was just one campground in the vicinity that was willing to cooperate with the user, but they had to pay a 50% commission. Due to the lack of interest from campers, he was unable to set up a business-to-business distribution route for firewood.

Another user in the homesteading subreddit asked for feedback on the concept of building a slanted-roof woodshed. When it came to firewood storage, his biggest concern was whether and how to ensure that wet wood would be able to dry out.

In response to a user’s comment, he or she suggested the idea of creating a ‘holzhausen’. A ’round home,’ as the German expression goes, is made up of precisely stacked firewood, which is then covered with a layer of split thatched wood and held together with interior cross poles. According to some, this is a better method of drying out your woodpile. The cylindrical shape, according to one theory, creates a chimney effect that aids in drying. It’s impossible for any part of a circle to be weaker than the rest since circles are intrinsically stable, putting equal pressure on all of their sides.

Stacks of wood may hold a lot of weight and hence save on floor space. Last but not least, guests to a home are immediately drawn to these rooms because of their beauty and coziness, as one writer has described.

An photograph titled ‘how to stack and store firewood’ was submitted to the r/coolguides subreddit from the Art of Manliness. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose a sunny location that’s perpendicular to the typical wind direction, how to lay a foundation, and how to build a massive woodpile that dries naturally.

It’s possible to dry wood in simple solar kilns that may reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as eliminate bugs, according to another user. They were worried about termites and keeping wood too close to their house, so this looked like a good solution for them.

Another user recalls that in Maine, the wood would be left on pallets over the summer, but once the season ended, the wood was moved to the basement and stacked in a dry location where termites and other vermin had little chance of infiltrating the woodpile.

An photograph of firewood set out to look like a fallen tree was submitted to a popular subreddit called photos. Although some users noted it would be a shame to remove the logs from this elegant and novel stacking method, it is surely a discussion starter in the backyard.

15 DIY Firewood Rack and Storage Solutions - Backyard Boss

In the previous post, a woodcutter was tearing through an enormous pile of logs when he came upon an object imbedded in one of the logs. His frustrations with the inconvenience of needing to change chains were shared by other users, who had also encountered the same issue with shotguns embedded in the wood they were cutting.


From a modest interior firewood storage unit to a large backyard pallet firewood storage unit, this list showcases some of the greatest firewood storage solutions that you can build.

I hope you were inspired by these ideas! Share your photos and tell us which DIY firewood rack you’d like to create in the comments below.