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Moving into dorms can be a stressful experience, but it’s also an exciting one. It’s a new experience for many of you to be living apart from your loved ones for the first time. Many of you are wary about the prospect of living in close quarters with strangers. We recognize that making a dorm feel like a home and adapting to dorm life takes time. Make your dorm room feel more permanent and homey by adding a headboard. Let’s talk about how to install a headboard to a dorm bed so that you may enjoy your college experience a little more. Make sure to check out our favorite dorm headboards while you’re learning how to install a headboard to a dorm bed!

So, how do you Attach a Headboard to a Dorm Bed?

Dorms have their own set of rules, and it’s important to follow them. The most typical one is that you are unable to drill or pin anything into the walls. The dorms are a little more difficult because of this regulation. It prevents you from doing a lot of things with that drab gray room. We’ll go through how you can add a headboard to your dorm bed in this section.

Using command hook strips in places where drilling holes or other hook attachments are prohibited is a lifesaver. Hooks and strips with a strong peelable sticker on the back are called “command” products. There is no need to do anything more complicated than peeling and arranging the hook or strip. They can be taken out and washed. They don’t leave a trace, making them ideal for dorm rooms. Almost anything within their capability can be hung using these command hooks.

Velcro is another option. To hang a tapestry or other clothing-like material, you’ll need Velcro that’s specifically designed for that purpose. Industrial-strength Velcro, on the other hand, can be used to attach just about anything. These dorm room decorating ideas are do-it-yourself and low-cost. You can also hire a professional if you have a little more money to spare. These days, everyone wants a headboard with feet. They may be more expensive, but if you plan to live in your dorm for the long term, they are a wise choice. The designs can also be adapted to provide more storage space in a student’s cramped dorm room.

Your dorm headboard can be attached to the wall using command strips or velcro. You can then position your bed so that it is flat with the headboard and against the wall of your dorm room. It’s kind of like installing a headboard to a dorm bed by attaching it to the wall!

10 Best Dorm Room Headboard Ideas - College Dorm Headboards

In addition to saving time and money, a pre-made headboard is a terrific way to decorate:

Our List of The Best Dorm Headboards to Buy

Now that you know how to attach a headboard to a college dorm bed, here are some types of headboards and do-it-yourself headboard designs for inspiration.

DIY Headboard Ideas

We’re sure you’ve been inspired by the gorgeous dorm room inspiration you’ve been seeing on Pinterest and want to replicate it in your own space. However, as a college student, I find it difficult to come up with such large sums of money. And, let’s face it, the majority of these headboards are quite pricey. So, we think it’s high time you put your creative skills to good use. I’ve put together a list of inexpensive headboards you can create yourself.

Flower Headboard

Do you recall those lovely flower walls from your Pinterest feed? We are implying that you can have one in your dorm room for yourself.

Styrofoam slabs cut to your desired size, artificial flowers, and craft glue are all you’ll need for this project. If possible, we recommend purchasing the flowers in a variety of colors and sizes. Make holes in the Styrofoam using a knife. Begin by laying out the larger flowers.

Play with the dimensions and colors. Fill in the gaps with tiny blooms after that… The leaves can also be included. Add adhesive to each flower’s stem prior to final placement. Allow to air dry for at least one night. Velcro straps can then be used to hang it up. Your Instagram-worthy flower wall is complete.

Faux Leather Headboard

A timber frame and faux leather are required for this faux leather headboard. That’s all there is to it. Faux leather can be found at any craft store. A junkyard might even have the frame for free, if your luck holds.

Remove the faux leather from the frame and cut it into long strips horizontally. Fold the trips and attach them to the frame on one of the horizontal and one of the vertical sides. The next step is to weave the strips over and under each other in tight, clean rows. Tuck everything in and secure it with glue when you get to the end. Use command hooks to hang the frame.

This faux leather may be used to create different designs, such as the herringbone pattern, using the same technique. You may alternatively acquire three smaller frames and use a different color of faux leather to make the patterns on each frame. This will give your room a distinctive pattern appearance while also enhancing the vibrancy of the space.

Cushioned Headboard

Plywood, stuffing, and fabric are all you’ll need to make the more opulent cushioned headboard. Only scissors and a staple gun are required in terms of equipment for this task.

You may buy plywood at your local home improvement store. The cardboard from your moving boxes can also be used to replace the plywood. Attaching a dorm room bed’s headboard isn’t easy. Regardless of which option you choose, take a measurement.

To finish off, fold the rear hem and staple it to the board before adding stuffing to the top layer. You can pile on as many layers of stuffing as you like. Add the top cloth in a similar fashion. Add velvet or silk for a plusher, satin-smooth finish. The only thing left to do is to decorate it.

You can adorn it with rhinestones or tufts. For a backlit headboard, you can place a strip of LED lights on the back of the headboard. After that, all you have to do is attach the thin framework using Velcro or command hooks. Velcro is a good choice for this particular do-it-yourself project.

DIY Fabric Headboards

According to the size of your bed, you may buy either sixteen or twenty-five dollar frames from Dollar Tree. Some cheap velvet fabric from your neighborhood craft store is also recommended.

Cut the cloth to the frame sizes after removing the frames from the frames. Location a piece of fabric in the place where the image was supposed to be placed, and then glue it in place. Do this with all of your frames, and then arrange them over your bed in any design you like. For this task, we recommend that you use command hooks. For the DIY, you can choose from a variety of fabric colors and frame sizes. However, make sure the layout is accurate before you proceed.

Alternatively, you can use an old bedcover from your local thrift store for this. Grab a set of paints next. Using a combination of twisting and folding, tie knots in the fabric at random locations. If the fabric was colored originally, bleach it or dye it. Let it sit overnight and dry the next day. You may see a wonderful pattern when you untangle the knots. And there you have it, your very own piece of art.

Simply gather up all of your old camp t-shirts for this project. Cut the front logo off of the t-shirts in a 16×16 square. Sew them all sideways and downward when you’ve finished. You can also use fabric glue to attach them. With this, you’ll have a headboard filled of memories whenever you glance up.

Command hooks can be used to hang either type of fabric.

Pallet Headboard

Paints are all you need for this do-it-yourself project. If you look hard enough, you should be able to find free pallets.

Gather at least four to six pallets. Make sure they’re well cleaned and dried out in the sun. Now comes the sanding stage. It’s fine to skip this step if you just want a few textures. The next step is to apply a stain or paint in a solid hue over the stain. The pallets should be dried out. As a last step, hang them on command hooks on the wall in a horizontal position. With a little creativity, you can turn the headboard into a pinboard.

Alternative Types of Headboards

Headboard Pillow

A headboard pillow appears to be a straightforward piece of furniture. This is a hefty and strong mattress. These pillows are built to last since they are wired from the inside out. This aids in their uprightness. Despite their fluffy appearance, they aren’t quite soft. In contrast, they don’t require any sort of instalment process. Put the headboard on top of your bed’s frame and you’re done. After that, proceed with arranging your bedding the way you normally would. After that, you’ll have a headboard that’s ready to use!

With this headboard, you get the full headboard experience. It has the right look and sound for the job. The stricter dorms that don’t allow any wall attachments may prefer this alternative.

Overbed Shelves

Take advantage of what you learned in the woodshop in high school. DIY or store-bought, this headboard idea is versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. We’ll talk about both of those things. An overbed shelf consists of a few free-standing wooden shelves placed over the bed’s headboard. This means that no wall plugs or even glue will be needed.

10 Best Dorm Room Headboard Ideas - College Dorm Headboards

There is no limit to the number of shelves you can add. You have complete control over the design. A few MDF boards and a few nuts are readily available at your neighborhood hardware store. Make a plan, then measure and cut out the components. Nuts can be used to secure the pieces in place. Make sure to use a leveler to achieve the best results possible. All you have to do is put it over your bed and you’ve got some extra storage space there. The shelves can also be stained to match your room’s decor.

It’s also possible to purchase overbed shelving from retailers like Overstock.com and Ikea. Assembly and use are ready for these devices. You can also purchase them directly from this site.

Bed Canopy

It is a hoopla hoop with net cloth draped over it. An alternative to a headboard, a bed canopy is simple to install. Changing your bed canopy is as simple as hanging a command hook from the ceiling. Keep in mind that if the canopy isn’t centered, it will look uninteresting. Once this is done, let the netting hang over the bed like a drape. That’s all there is to it. Bed Canopy Headboard Completes ethereal aspect of your room with canopy.


Traditionally, tapestry was created by hand or on a loom. Weaving with a weft-faced pattern is a common method. There is enough room on the wall for the tapestry to cover. The cost of a tapestry varies greatly. This is increasingly a frequent addition to home decor. You might also ask your grandmother to help you out and weave a scarf around your neck. The use of dorm flags is widespread among college students.

The object should be in keeping with your personal style. After that, all you have to do is hang it up. Command hooks are available on both the top and bottom sides. Adding a command hook in the middle of a larger tapestry is a good idea. Instead of Velcro, you may use duct tape. Add a Velcro strip across the top and up to mid-length vertically to ensure a strong connection. As long as it’s used sparingly, it will suffice. That makes it easier to achieve a boho-chic look in a short period of time.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

The average dorm room is about the size of a closet. A student’s books and other necessities may not fit in a student’s cramped living quarters. A mirror in your dorm room might make it appear more spacious.

How can I use a mirror as a headboard on a dorm bed? We recommend going with a simple, framed design. Bring precise measurements with you. Use command hooks to hang the mirror once you’ve returned to your room. Having a place for your self-care regimen and a headboard in the same room is a win-win situation.

Panel Headboards

A few of you have a technical skill level as low as a dime, and we’re here to help. However, this does not rule out the possibility of having a cozy and enjoyable dorm room.

In fact, the panel headboard is designed with people like you in mind. Linen covers the panel headboard, which is made of a stiff piece of modified wood and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The panel headboard rests on the ground. Between your bed and the wall, it’s tucked away. There are no installments to this headboard, so it’s a time saver. There are many options when it comes to the shape of this if you have it made by a local hardware technician.

Custom Headboard

Custom headboards reign supreme as the ultimate expression of individuality. It’s tailored to fit your bed perfectly.

On a stand, these headboards are created. Without the need for any additional hardware, these stands may be placed directly on top of your existing bed frame. It’s completely up to you how it’s designed. Etsy and other similar sites sell them. Because they are more sturdy, these headboards will last longer. And if you’d want to share a twin with your roommate, you can get a discount on multiple purchases.

Backrest Wedged Pillow

In some dorms, a bed is made out of stainless steel or iron. Only a mattress is included in the package. An expanded frame is common in these beds. Having a headboard for these beds can be a challenge.

For a headboard feel, you don’t need to put anything on top of the headrest. A backrest wedge pillow is the finest solution for those of you who are unable to get out of these beds. The shape of these cushions resembles a wedge. To give them a rich feel, they are mainly composed of velvet cloth.

Other materials, on the other hand, are available. To use the pillow, all you have to do is place it behind your regular pillows. This pillow’s tufted design lends an air of coziness and refinement to the dorm room. Warmth can be added to the frigid winter days by using it. In addition to being decorative, pillows have a practical purpose.

Pillows can be washed and reused. When properly cared for, this will last you much past your college days.

Headboard Cushion

Every college student’s best friend are command hooks. Even if we repeat them a thousand times, these are the terms that must be emphasized throughout this article.

All of you can benefit from this solution. It is common for headboard pillows to be lengthy and light. These have paneled walls, which adds a nice touch. Strong Velcro straps are included in the package. You can attach the Velcro hooks to your wall and wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before you can use the Velcro strips.

The second part of the pillow is already attached to it. You don’t need to do anything else. As you can see, your headboard is now complete and ready to hang on the wall. Your arrangement is complete if you place your bed in front of it.

10 Genius Dorm Room Headboard Ideas to Upgrade That Boring School-Issued Bed

Dorm rooms have one major drawback: Style and school-issued furniture don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly. You get a bed, some drawers, and a desk and chair in the most basic setups. So, when you move to a new place for the first time, you have to figure out how to make it feel like a normal bedroom as much as possible, and that involves decorating it as much as you can. An easy way to improve the look and feel of your room is to add a headboard, especially if your bed has a basic wooden frame. However, since most headboards are either wall-mounted (impossible in those cinderblock rooms!) or bed-frame-mounted (you can’t exactly drill into your provided dorm bed), this can be a challenge.

Because they attach to the wall using adhesive strips and hooks, rest on the bed, or are specifically intended to fit between the bed frame and the wall on dorm beds, these headboard designs are perfect for college dorm rooms. Some of the possibilities are actually creative wall artwork that creates the impression of a headboard, rather than a headboard or a headboard cushion. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a wide variety of designs, colors, and embellishments to pick from.

Powered Studded Dorm Headboard

At DORMIFY, the price is $169.

This wall-mounted headboard with extra-sturdy velcro strips is the ultimate dorm-friendly solution. It features a built-in outlet and two USB ports, so you can effortlessly charge your phone, laptop, and other devices while it looks like the genuine thing.

Headboard Backrest Wedge Pillow


There’s little doubt that this backrest pillow (which comes in 11 different colors!) will add a dash of style and comfort to your school-issued bed.

Velvet Channeled Dorm Headboard Cushion

It costs $70 to use DORMIFY

In order to meet dorm regulation, this cushion looks like a conventional headboard, but it is attached to the wall using Command Hooks (and those sad cinderblock walls.)

Gold Metallic Headboard- Dorm Headboards | Dorm Decor

Valor Chenille Headboard Pillow

At Target, the price is $42

To create the illusion of a headboard without the effort of putting one on the wall or connecting it to your bed, use this ingenious pillow behind your standard bed pillows and blankets.

Over-Bed Shelving Unit



With this over-the-bed shelving unit, you’ll be able to display your favorite photos and accessories while keeping your room neat and tidy.

Faux Headboard Tapestry

This is the pottery barn.


For those who merely want the look of a headboard, this clever tapestry is the perfect solution. Hang it behind your bed for the quickest and easiest dorm improvement.

Headboard Wall Decal



With this wall decal you can fool everyone into thinking you have an actual headboard, at least at first glance. To fit your bedding and decor, you may also purchase them in a variety of colors and styles.

Merrigan DIY Panel Headboard

Grace Oaks


There’s no need to mount this headboard in a dorm room because it just wedges between the wall and your bed. Also, it’s created so that you may either leave it basic and white, or cover it with your own fabric in order to match your bedding and have a truly personalized style.

Custom Dorm Headboard



If you’re looking for a custom headboard for your dorm room, this Etsy business offers a deal for two or more headboards if you want to match your new roommates’ decors.

Patterned Dorm Room Twin Headboard


It costs $183 on Etsy.

This Etsy company has a wide variety of prints and patterns to select from, and you can purchase them in either arched or beveled shapes.


Are dorm headboards worth it?

Adding a headboard instantly improves the look and feel of your room by making it more coherent. Your dorm room’s headboard is an easy method to make a big impact in a small amount of time. It can give the room a more refined, sophisticated, and up-to-date appearance.

Can a headboard stand alone?

Headboards can be attached to a wall, a bed frame, or stand alone.

Can you attach any headboard to a bed frame?

If a headboard may be connected to any bed frame, is it possible to do so? The answer to both questions is yes, which may come as a shock to some. With a conventional bed frame, any form of headboard may be attached.

Are headboard fittings universal?

If the dimensions of your new bed and the distance between the fixing points of your old headboard are the same, you should be able to use your old headboard with your new bed. Remember that your new headboard may look different on your new bed depending to the thickness of your mattress and the height of your foundation.

Can a headboard be attached to a platform bed frame?

It’s possible to either directly attach the headboard to the platform bed frame or to the wall before assembling the headboard. Adding a horizontal piece of wood across the bed frame may also be necessary.

Can you put a headboard on a lofted bed?

Your dorm headboard can be attached to the wall using command strips or velcro. You can then position your bed so that it is flat with the headboard and against the wall of your dorm room. How do you fasten your headboard to your dorm bed? By attaching it to the wall, of course!

What are dorm beds called?

Having a loft bed separates your living areas. Your room will be transformed into a Living Room, complete with a sleeping loft on the second floor. There will be no interruption in your sleep because of the separate living and sleeping areas provided by loft beds.

What is the point of headboards?

In addition to supporting your bed, a headboard protects your wall from being scuffed. In addition to its utilitarian benefits, a headboard can provide a personal touch to your bedroom.

Summing it All Up

As a result, we reviewed all of the available options for a headboard, including buying one from a store and doing it yourself. You’re aware of the rules, but you shouldn’t have to give up your personal comfort in order to adhere to them. For more information on attaching a headboard to a dorm bed, try one of these approaches and give your space a personal touch. Regardless of what you do, be sure to verify your dorm’s policies to avoid any confusion.