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How an adjustable bed frame works is the topic of this essay.

I’m a rookie when it comes to furnishing my home, so I’m always wondering about how certain pieces work.

Especially if you have an adjustable bed and a bed frame with it.

Using this style of bed frame, you can modify the mattress to your liking.

That’s how the bed got its name.

I’m sure you’re getting impatient just thinking about it.

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How Does Your Adjustable Bed Frame Work?

What is the mechanism of an adjustable bed’s frame?

Keep reading if you’re interested.

At your local furniture store, you’ll find a wide variety of beds.

The first step is to figure out exactly what you want.

When it comes to positioning and alignment of your bed, you have complete control with an adjustable mattress.

Sleeping better at night is the primary benefit of this function.

Typically, these beds are used by elderly people who are unable to move on their own.

Bed frames that offer energy and comprehensive benefits in their technology are now used by everyone.

Individuals with pre-existing medical issues should use these bed frames.

It raises the upper torso of the wearer to a more comfortable position.

It may also raise the lower parts of the body with ease, too.

Your head and neck are protected from pain and weariness thanks to the adjustable feature.

The bed provides a high level of comfort.

Some adjustable beds allow you to modify the bed with the press of a button, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

These beds, in fact, will work for anyone.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work? | Best Mattress Brand

Adjustable beds are necessary for those who need both comfort and health benefits while they sleep.

Advantages Of Adjustable Beds Compared To Regular Ones

I’m sure you’re curious about the benefits and features of an adjustable bed.

Here, you will find the answer to your question.

Adjustable beds let you maintain a more upright posture across your entire body.

For example, because it conforms to your body’s curves, the bed is very beneficial to the lower back.

It’s a great way to keep your back straight.

You may rest easy knowing that your spine is protected from any kind of injury that may occur while you sleep.

Regular beds do not have these advantages.

Furthermore, adjustable beds allow you to sleep in a more luxurious and convenient position.

Unlike normal beds, the customizable characteristics of this mattress protect every region of your body.

Furthermore, if you have difficulty shifting your body, this type of bed is ideal for you.

Snoring and respiratory problems can be avoided at night thanks to adjustable bed frames.

The bed’s adjustable feature is to blame for this benefit.

Snoring is prevented here because it relaxes your airways, allowing you to sleep soundly.

Adjustable beds are healthier for your intestinal health than traditional ones.

In order for this feature to work, the bed needs to be elevated, which helps to ease the digestive system.

As a bonus, adjustable beds help you sleep better by increasing your blood flow.

Your veins will be able to function more freely as a result of this benefit.

Aside from that, the bed may be modified to alleviate discomfort in various places of your body, as well.

Adjustable beds are great for those with lower limb injuries because they can raise your lower limbs.

It keeps the damaged area from swelling up any more.

The most crucial benefit of an adjustable bed is that it gives you more control over how and where you want to lie down at night.

Using its adjustable function, you may make any necessary alterations to certain parts of your body that ordinary beds cannot, allowing you to get a more personalized fit.

There is a price to pay, though, for these benefits.

Due to the numerous moving parts, adjustable beds can be quite pricey.

The adjusting function is performed by these components.

Adjustable beds are also weighty.

It is common for them to be heavier than normal beds.

This is due to the fact that adjustable beds have additional elements that increase their overall weight.

If you’re interested in learning more about bed weights, go here.

Do not be apprehensive; they have a wealth of information available to answer your questions.

All things considered, adjustable beds provide a slew of perks.

It has a significant positive impact on your physical and mental well-being.

These rewards, on the other hand, have drawbacks.

They are more expensive and heavier than standard beds.

What Is The Secret Behind Adjustable Beds?

Now that you know what adjustable beds are, you can make an informed decision.

In addition, you’ve read about the features and benefits that come with a hefty price tag.

The adjustable base of adjustable beds is what makes them work.

This section of the bed gives the user complete freedom to choose their preferred posture.

With the adjustable bed, you’ll have more mobility while you sleep thanks to its moving joints.

They can also be flexed to a certain degree.

It raises or lowers a section of the bed for the sleeper.

Because these features may be controlled remotely, you are already considered the “master” of the device because of this.

The Many Positions of an Adjustable Bed

You may question if there are any other positions you may apply for. Because each one is unique, there isn’t a simple response. In most standard adjustable bases, you can raise and lower two distinct areas.

Adjustable beds with power bases can raise your head and legs while maintaining a horizontal pelvic area. This function aids in the simultaneous support of your lower back and upper body.

Standard sizes for adjustable frames include king, California king, queen, full, and twin xl. You can even opt for a split king or queen if you prefer to control your own portion of the bed. A zero-gravity function, massage, and USB ports are also included in many of these beds.

Choosing a Mattress for an Adjustable Bed

When it comes to picking a mattress for an adjustable foundation, there’s a lot of information available. Consider the mattress’s flexibility and durability while making a purchase.

You don’t have to buy a mattress with an adjustable base if you don’t need it. You can pick the mattress of your choice, but it must be compatible with an adjustable base in order for you to use it.

Essentially, you need a mattress that can bend with the base while remaining flat on top of it while the base is bent. You need to get the correct mattress for the job because this isn’t a simple one.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattresses made of memory foam are the best choice for an adjustable base. Since your body is unique, you need make sure that the mattress can fit your body’s contours while yet conforming to the mattress base.

Mattresses may not return to their original shape if they are left in a certain position for an extended period of time. A memory foam mattress has the best possibility of retaining its shape for a longer period of time.

Latex Mattresses

A latex mattress is our runner-up pick. In addition, they keep their shape well and conform to the contours of your body rather than trying to conform to the base. In order to prevent the mattress from floating above the base when there is no weight on it, you’ll want to go with a thinner latex mattress.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

Innerspring Mattresses

Because of this, many people ask whether they can simply put their existing innerspring mattress on the foundation and be ready to sleep. The answer is that there’s a chance you might be able to.

Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades, but they’re excessively stiff. As a result of the coils’ inability to bend and flex, the mattress tends to “float” over the foundation instead of conforming to its natural shape.

An adjustable bed base may have the opposite impact on an innerspring mattress. You may feel more stressed and have a less restful night’s sleep as a result.

The Basics Mechanics of Adjustable Beds

If you don’t have an adjustable foundation to place your mattress on, your adjustable bed isn’t much use. Your mattress should be made of memory foam, latex foam, or another flexible and long-lasting material.

You can elevate the bed’s head (and, in more modern models, its foot) from a flat 0-degree position to a raised height of 40 to 70 degrees using a motorized power base.

The following mechanical components are found in all adjustable bed bases:

  • This is what your mattress rests on as you sleep.
  • Moving joints: These motorized, rotating joints allow for a wide range of positions to suit your personal needs. As a general rule, more complicated models would have many joints where your legs and knees would be, whereas basic ones will have a single moving hinge.
  • When you raise or lower your adjustable bed base, the retainer bar keeps your mattress in place.
  • You can alter the bed’s angle with a plug-in remote control found on some adjustable beds. Wireless technology is available in more modern models, allowing you to modify your bed from your phone or other device.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work: A Breakdown of the N50 Adjustable Base

To support 600 pounds, the N50 Adjustable Base features one motorized joint powered by an internal 1.8 amp motor at the head of the bed.

Plug the power cord into the bed frame’s base once the bed base has been assembled and its six legs have been attached to the frame. At the bottom of the frame, the wired remote controller is also hooked in.

Raising and lowering the bed’s head is as simple as pressing one of the two buttons on the remote. The mattress’s angle can be adjusted from 0 degrees to a maximum of 58 degrees by pressing the motor at the base’s top or bottom.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work: A Breakdown of the E255 Adjustable Bed Base

The E255 Adjustable Bed Base contains two motors (each at 1.5 amps) and several hinges/joints, but the N50 only has one motor and a single movable joint:

  • A head- and upper-body motor and joint at the head of the bed
  • Base of the bed frame has a motor
  • Hip and knee joints with hinges

As with the wired remote control on the N50, each movable hinge on the E255 can be adjusted using wireless technology.

Install two AAA batteries in the remote control after it has been assembled. In addition to the three pre-programmed positions, you may also manually adjust the angle of your head and feet.

There are two ways to raise or lower your mattress: either picking a pre-set choice or pressing one of the bed’s manual adjustment buttons.

Up to 60 degrees can be achieved in the angle of the head, and up to 40 degrees in the angle of the foot. Always maintain a neutral pelvis for best back support.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work: A Breakdown of the M555 Adjustable Bed Base

In terms of functionality and comfort, the M555 Adjustable Bed Base takes things to the next level with a host of new features.

Both the head and foot of the bed have motors that draw 1.5 amps each. But that’s where the E255’s similarities end:

  • It has a weight capacity of 850 pounds.
  • Underneath the bed, a more advanced control box is installed, from which cords lead to the motors and an integrated back and foot massager.
  • On each side of the bed are USB connections for charging your smartphone, tablet, and other electronic devices.
  • Adding a gentle (and optional) twilight illumination for safety and comfort, built-in LED lights are available.

The wireless controller or the optional smartphone app can be used to control your game.

  • A 60-degree head tilt adjustment is possible.
  • A 45-degree foot inclination adjustment is possible.
  • Five pre-set incline/recline settings are available for your convenience.
  • I was able to activate the dual-zone massage choices (with up to 12 different adjustable settings)
  • Adjusting the lights under the bed

Choosing the Best Adjustable Bed For You

When it comes to adjustable beds, you can notice that they all use similar mechanisms. However, the results vary depending on the amount of hinges and motors in the bed foundation.

Consider the following mechanical considerations while investigating adjustable beds:

  • When it comes to sleeping positions, do you prefer a more upright position for your head, or do you also need leg and foot adjustments (e.g. for swelling, circulation, etc.) in order to get a good night’s rest?
  • Is it a concern about weight?
  • So, do you really need a device with a built-in massager?

There are a number of other things to think about besides the mechanics of the adjustable bed and the number of motors it has. For example, think about aesthetics. Adjustable base M555 has a gray-toned linen-inspired metal frame, while the N50 Adjustable Base is sleek and simple in black metal.

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable bed base or a mattress, we’ve got you covered. The above-mentioned models each offer distinct benefits at affordable prices that meet any budget, so contact us today to learn more about how adjustable beds function.

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Setting Up an Adjustable Bed

Both the joints and the sleeping surface of an adjustable bed are essential components regardless of whether the bed is encased in a bed frame or stands alone. The bed’s joints are responsible for raising and lowering it.

The platform on which you place your adjustable bed mattress is known as the sleeping surface. Platform beds, for example, feature slats, whereas sleeping surfaces may be made of a single solid piece. It’s possible that some of these chairs have fabric-covered seats.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Depending on the size of your mattress, these bases will fit perfectly inside your bed frame. Since standard mattress dimensions are the same for adjustable bases, they can be used with nearly any bed frame (bed frames are slightly wider to accommodate box springs and mattress foundations).

Remove any slats or horizontal support rails from your bed frame to make way for the adjustable bed base’s legs, which are a simple procedure.

Because they don’t have legs (or may be removed), some adjustable bases can be placed directly on the support rails of your bed frame. Be careful not to surpass the maximum weight capability of your frame.

Adjustable Bed Frame

There are many adjustable bed frames that can stand on their own if you prefer to have an adjustable bed without a frame. Headboards, footboards, side rails, and other adornments can be added to these four- or six-legged frames.

Split Adjustable Bases

You’ll need a split adjustable bed if you wish to change your bed’s settings without your partner’s help. The split king is the most common type of split bed. The split king utilizes two twin XL mattresses that are placed side by side in the same bed frame to create a king-sized bed that can accommodate guests. For an adjustable split king, of course, you’ll need two separate twin XL adjustable bases.

To buy a split queen or Cal King adjustable bed, you’ll need two separate bases and two separate mattresses that are specifically designed for that purpose. The bases and mattresses for two twin XLs cannot be purchased off the shelf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses?

The greatest mattress for the job, as previously stated, is critical. To understand how adjustable beds operate, you should think of the mattress and the foundation as a unit. You’ll have a bad night’s sleep regardless of how fantastic the other components are.

There shouldn’t be any reason to be concerned about the lifespan of your mattress being shortened if you purchase one that is compatible with an adjustable base.

Can You Put a Headboard on an Adjustable Bed?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. A headboard can be added to most adjustable beds, however it usually necessitates the use of additional hardware. Many adjustable base manufacturers include hardware kits with their frames so that you can attach your headboard to the frame. Some have a headboard and a beautiful base integrated into one unit.

Can I Use a Regular Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

If you have an adjustable bed, a normal mattress can be used. Make sure you get the correct mattress before anything else. The coils of a traditional innerspring mattress or even a hybrid mattress are not recommended by us. Using these coils will create a bad night’s sleep, and they’ll wear down the mattress as well.

It’s always a good idea to check with the adjustable base’s manufacturer before using a mattress that you bought separately from the base. Using an adjustable base with a mattress could void the guarantee in some situations, so be sure to check the fine print.

Is an Adjustable Bed Good for Side Sleepers?

We believe that adjustable beds are ideal for people of all shapes and sizes who want to sleep in various positions. Because you have the ability to find the ideal sleeping posture for you, this is a fact. Those who sleep on their sides will benefit from an adjustable mattress’s ability to regulate blood flow.

Do You Need a Boxspring with an Adjustable Bed?

No, an adjustable-base boxspring is not required. You can’t bend a boxspring.

So, How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

By now, you should have a firm grasp on how and why people use adjustable beds. Keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish when selecting a mattress for your bed frame.

If you suffer from a condition that might benefit from being able to modify your sleeping position, an adjustable bed can be a viable option for you.


How do I put sheets on my adjustable split king?

Under a single king-size flat sheet and comforter/duvet, you’ll typically need separate fitted sheets. Twin XL bedding sets may need to be purchased separately if you and your partner have wildly differing preferences.

Whatever method you choose for your bed, you cannot utilize a single split king fitted sheet. It’s possible that the sheet could be ripped even if you don’t modify the mattress.

Can I put an adjustable base on a platform bed?

For the most part, platform beds don’t have any railing. A platform bed may be causing your adjustable base to move around. If you want to stand the adjustable bed on its own legs, you won’t be able to remove the slats from your platform bed.

Platform beds without slats may disintegrate. You can’t fit a regular platform bed around an adjustable base since platform beds are generally made to be level with the mattress.

What kind of mattress should I use on my adjustable bed?

Any mattress other than an innerspring model cannot be placed on an adjustable base. Mattresses with innersprings are too rigid or heavy to conform to the curve of an adjustable bed. As a result, they may “float” rather than “conform” to the adjustable base. On an adjustable bed, an innerspring mattress might potentially break.

There are several types of mattresses that can bend with the adjustable bed, like memory foam and hybrids. The increased contouring power of memory foam and latex mattresses makes them ideal for adjustable bases.

Do adjustable beds have headboards or other features?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your adjustable bed, don’t be afraid to go overboard with the options. You may be able to attach your adjustable bed’s headboard or footboard to the wall with brackets, while others have an attached headboard and footboard.

It is possible to buy adjustable storage beds that have drawers, shelving, or other storage space beneath or around the bed’s perimeter. Wireless remotes, USB ports, and massage functions are also available on some adjustable beds.

How much should I pay for an adjustable bed?

Depending on the features, brand, construction, and more, the price of an adjustable bed can vary greatly. An adjustable bed can cost anything from $1000 to $3500. Bases that are less than $1,000 may be of inferior quality and less long-lasting construction.


Great! You’re already familiar with adjustable beds and the advantages of purchasing one.

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