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Weak or noisy bed support is the worst possible problem to have while trying to get some shut-eye.

For economic reasons, it is expected that mass-produced bed frames will have minimal aesthetic flourishes.

This forces you to accept the discomfort of sleeping on a shaky bed frame or take steps to remedy the condition.

Instead of spending the money on a brand new bed frame, you can add reinforcements to the one you already have.

Different types of bed frames might benefit from different treatments to make them more silent and sturdy.

Although it may not restore your bed frame to its original condition, it may help you sleep better.

Reinforcing Your Bed Frame

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky, noisy bed frame that moves around and squeaks at the slightest touch. Spending a few hundred dollars on a brand new bed frame is unnecessary if you just reinforce the one you have. Put simply, you are making it quieter, more silent, and more stable by doing so (hallelujah). Some suggestions for making your bed frame look practically as good as new follow.

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The best solution to your problem will vary with the nature of your issue and the style of bed frame you have.

Materials: We recommend using a drill, 1″ screws, and a used bed frame.

First, tighten the screws holding the bed’s frame together and inspect the slats and legs to make sure there are none that are loose. A creaky, unsteady bed is often the result of loose screws or bolts. The good news is that all you need is a screwdriver or a wrench to fix it.

Joints should be reconnected if you sleep on a wooden bed frame that has shifted over time. An unstable bed caused by loose joints. Protect the joint with fabric on both sides, and enlist a helping hand from a friend or family member to steady the frame. You can use a mallet to gently hammer the joint back together, and then repeat the process with the rest.

Glued bed frames can be repaired by applying wood glue to the interior of the joint and wrapping cloth around the outside. After that, you should use something like a clamp to securely hold the joint together while it dries, after which you can gently hammer it together. To reconnect any other joints, simply repeat the procedure.

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You can add slats to your bed to make it more solid and supportive if your bed frame is just the standard fare, consisting of four walls and a central beam. As a result, your bed frame will be able to support a heavier mattress without drooping.

  1. To determine the length of the new slats, you must first measure the inside width of the bed frame.
  2. Mark the desired length on a 14-foot board with a pencil, then trim the board to size using a hand saw.
  3. You can make another slat of wood by repeating steps 1 and 2, or you can take your measurements to a hardware store like Home Depot and have them cut the wood for you.
  4. The boards should be positioned about 2 feet apart on either side of the center beam.
  5. The new hardwood planks should be fastened to the inside lip of the bed frame using a power drill.

Getting Rid Of The Bed’s Central Support Beam If you think the bed’s central support beam is the main problem area, you can get rid of it and replace it with something more sturdy.

  1. Take apart your bed by unscrewing the middle support beam.
  2. Make sure the new center beam is the right length by measuring the width of the inner bed frame from side to side.
  3. The length of the new support leg should be calculated by measuring the distance from the floor to the base of the central beam.
  4. Your new center beam measurement can be written with a pencil on a 14-inch wooden board and then cut with a saw, or you can take your measurements to a hardware store and have someone there do it for you.
  5. With a new 44 block of wood, proceed to Step 4.
  6. To join the new plywood center beam to the cut wood block, position the block beneath the beam’s center and drill two pilot holes through the plywood’s top.
  7. Attach the new center beam’s ends to the bed frame with a power drill.

How To Fix A Broken Bed Frame

Don’t give up if you were a little slow to the “reinforcement” part of this post and now have a damaged bed frame from its lack of support. Perhaps there is still a chance. This issue frequently arises, typically along horizontal grain lines or at frame ends. You can summon your inner handyman and do the task in eight easy stages if that’s the case.

  1. After taking the mattress off the bed, leave the slats in place and use a screwdriver to pry apart the split on the interior of the frame. The splinters and wood chips should be cleaned up when the splitting is done.
  2. Using a flat-bladed knife, such as one would use for putty, apply wood glue along the length of the split and spread it around the crack.
  3. Put the split back together using a bar clamp and tighten it until glue comes out of the split. Dry them overnight on the frame.
  4. Once everything has dried overnight, measure the length of the split from the inside of the frame and add 6 more inches to it. This will help reinforce the frame and ensure the joints are strong.
  5. Take a measurement of your bed’s frame’s breadth.
  6. Cut a strip of half-inch wood, such as plywood, to the dimensions you determined using the saw or a flat surface.
  7. The holes should be staggered and NOT in a straight line, so use a 3/16″ bit and drill to make holes in the scrap wood 2″ apart.
  8. Stick the piece of scrap wood over the crack using wood glue on one side. Let the frame dry out again for a full night before re-assembling your bed with the 1″ screws you piloted.

Buying A New Bed Frame

If it appears that repairing or reinforcing your bed frame is no longer an option, you may want to consider replacing it. Bed frames come in a broad variety of styles and materials, and may be purchased for any budget. Some bed frames (such as adjustable bed frames) might cost more than $1,500, however the typical price of a bed frame is around $250. Before you go out and buy a new bed frame, it’s important to think about your space, budget, and needs.

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What If My Bed Frame Is Broken?

You may find that your bed frame requires more than just strengthening after giving it a thorough inspection.

There are still options for fixing a broken bed frame, so don’t give up.

To remedy the situation, please refer to the procedure outlined below.

Step #1. Remove the mattress and check the split

Take the mattress and sheets from the bed.

Remove the excess wood chips from the interior of the splits bed frame by prying it open with a screwdriver.

Step #2. Apply glue

You should measure how far the crack extends before you start gluing.

Use a flat knife to apply it evenly along the crack.

Step #3. Clamp the split together

After the adhesive has dried, a bar clamp can be used to secure the repaired crack.

After you have tightened the joint to the point where glue begins to seep out of the crack, you should let it cure overnight.

Step #4. Add plywood for reinforcement

Get some plywood that’s the same width as your frame and cut it to size.

Glue one side of the board and then stagger the holes you drill through it.

Hang it up to dry in the morning.

In Conclusion

How can I strengthen my bed frame?

If your bed frame is shaky, you may want to think about reinforcing it.

Even if the damage is extensive, such as a split, it can be easily repaired by following some basic procedures.

It’s time to unleash your inner do-it-yourselfer.