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Having the ability to add your own unique touch to a fleece blanket is a great skill to have because of the emotional significance blankets hold for their owners.

This is so you can add special touches to the blanket you share with your child or yourself. There are various approaches to this, some of which are detailed here.

Personalizing A Fleece Blanket Without Sewing

Step #1. Prepare your materials

You’ll need a fleece blanket, permanent fabric adhesive, appliques, and embroidered initials for your kid.

It’s best to use this technique for customizing thinner blankets. The embroidered letters risk of not lying flat on the surface of the fabric if you use thick blankets.

Horse Floral Mandala Pattern Personalized Fleece Blanket

It could be buried under too much information. Embroidered letters may not adhere properly to soft blankets.

Step #2. Directly glue your embroidered letters

Make room at the table for your blanket customization project. Prepare your cloth by laying out the letters and marking their placement.

Then, on the reverse side of the first stitched letter, glue a piece of fabric. Do not use an excessive amount of glue.

To ensure the letter is properly attached to the blanket, press down forcefully on it. Keep going until all the embroidered letters are in place.

Step #3. Add the appliques

After you’ve glued the letters onto the blanket, you can add the applique next to your name or initials. This will improve the overall aesthetic.

Playful Name For Her Personalized Fleece Blanket | Bed Bath & Beyond

How To Monogram A Fleece Blanket

You can try to monogram your fleece blanket if you’re not into glueing embroidered letters. The time investment is greater than with the no-sew option, but well worth it.

Step #1. Prepare the materials

The blanket has to be washed and dried. The next step is to gather your materials, including the hoop, monogram design, and washable or water-soluble stabilizers. You’ll also be using a vanishing ink pen for your markings. Finally, get the embroidery machine set up.

When exposed to water, wash-away and water-soluble stabilizers break down completely. Fabric is hooped with a plastic-like film or soluble paper to facilitate machine embroidery.

You should check to see if the stabilizers you plan to use will blend in with the blanket’s fabric before you commit to using them.

Step #2. Mark you blanket

In order to identify the corner fold of your blanket, fold it in half lengthwise and make a notation. Re-stain a section of your blanket beginning at the fold line ten inches from a corner.

The next step is to open it up and join the two ends. This will serve as your reference for where in the hoop to put your foot.

Step #3. Cut and place

Make sure the stabilizer is a couple inches longer than the hoop. Finally, place the washable stabilizer over the outer ring.

The blanket should then be placed over the hoop and stabilizer. You have marked the top center of the hoop with an arrow, and there is a notch in the bottom center to assist you align it.

Step #4. Water-soluble stabilizer

Spread the fabric with the water-soluble stabilizer. Next, place the inner hoop into the outer one. That’s the way it ought to be. The blanket can now be prepared for sewing.

Step #5. Sew the monogram

Use an embroidery machine to permanently affix the monogram to the fabric. The intricate design requires careful attention to detail, making this a time-consuming project.

Step #6. Remove the hoop and stabilizers

The hoop should be taken out of the sewing machine once each stitch is complete. Tear off the water-soluble stabilizer and unhook the blanket.

Remove any surplus threads before proceeding. Remove any excess wash-away stabilizer from the back that is covering the initials.

The remaining stabilizer and the pen marks can be washed off the blanket in the washing machine. Just let the fabric air dry, and you’re done with it.

Is it possible to embroider a fleece blanket by hand?

To answer your question, you may embroider a fleece blanket by hand. When you don’t have access to an embroidery machine, this is a viable option.

Blanket transfer is required for this. Except for stabilizers and an embroidery machine, you’ll need the same supplies.

Proceed to stitch the monogram into the fabric after you have transferred the pattern. It’s up to you whether or not you sew the design by filling the letters with cross stitches. Having the design contained in a hoop also helps you concentrate on your stitching, thus it is essential.

Sister I Can Always Count On You Personalized Fleece Blanket - Vista Stars

After you are done with the pattern, you need to make sure the stitches are properly closed. They must be strong enough to retain their tangles despite many washings.

Washing the fabric will remove any trace of the design ink. Let the blanket dry completely before putting it away.


Now that you know how to customize a fleece blanket, you can do a wonderful job of imbuing each blanket with special meaning.

You now know how to sew by hand, how to make do without a sewing machine, and a number of other options. At this point, you can move on with your plan of action. Use what you’ve learned to create a one-of-a-kind fleece blanket for your kid.