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It can be challenging to select bedding for toddler beds. Parents’ tolerance can be tested when their toddlers test the limits of what they’re allowed to do. You may want to consider constructing your own bedding for your child if they are unable to chose a bedding set in the store. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a talented relative or friend in your circle, you can enlist their help in making the bedding.

Patterns for Bedding for Toddler Beds

It’s simple to find a pattern for bedding for toddler beds. If your toddler’s bed is the same size as an adult twin bed, you can use a pattern designed for a twin bed instead of a crib. You can also look in the patterns section of the nursery department for toddler beds that are a specific size. These beds are often used as a daybed or a toddler bed after being converted from cribs.

The following patterns can be used to create toddler bedding:

  • In addition to the bedding patterns, Simplicity 1604 also contains a rocking chair seat cover and a window valance for the bedroom.
  • Make a fitted bottom sheet for your toddler’s bed with these easy-to-follow instructions from Jan Andrea’s Fitted Toddler Bed Sheet. There are also instructions on how to make the top sheet.
  • An adorable collection of owls can be found in McCall’s Pattern M6482, which includes instructions for making a quilt and pillows.

The majority of twin bed layouts will fit your toddler bed. As a rule of thumb, you should take dimensions of your child’s bed before deciding on a bedding design.

Choosing a Fabric

Choosing a fabric is a common first step in coming up with a design concept. Local discount stores and specialty sewing and craft stores, such as the following:

  • Fabric and craft store Jo-Ann
  • Fabrics by Hancock
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Michaels

Before you go fabric shopping, choose your pattern. You’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll need this way. As a last step, determine if you want to use a character-based fabric (like Elmo), a specialist theme (like nautical, fashion, or sports), or a color theme (like stripes or polka dots) for your baby’s nursery.

For year-round use, opt for a lightweight cotton or jersey fabric. You may want to buy some flannel to use in making the bedding during the colder fall and winter months.


In addition to making or having created bedding for toddler beds, you can also make some of your child’s room accessories. Your toddler’s room will remain unique and personalized if you use the same cloth.

Decorate your child’s room with the help of these patterns:

  • Fleece blankets and various throws can be made with this Simplicity 4745 design. Accessorize a room with these.
  • There is a free pattern for a Go Fly a Kite wall quilt on this site that would look adorable in any small child’s bedroom.

It’s a terrific way to personalize your child’s room by making your own bedding for toddler beds. To save money in the long term, patterns are affordable (between $5 and $15) and fabric stores sometimes have sales on them. Buy a twin-sized bedding pattern that has a full-size option in case you need it in the future.

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How to Make a Crib Sheet

A long way has been made in the field of baby bedding. For the first time ever, parents have a wider range of options than ever before when it comes to choosing a crib sheet for their baby. But if you’re on a tight budget or can’t find the right Star Wars-themed bedding for your little Jedi, there are other options. No matter how inexperienced you are in the sewing machine department, you’ll have no trouble creating custom crib linens that match the aesthetic of your nursery. Learn how to make crib linens by clicking here!!

a sewing machine, thread, scissors, iron, and two yards of fabric (minimum width 44′′), 80 inches of 1/4-inch elastic, cardboard (or poster board), and small safety pins

Note that this guide only applies to regular US crib mattresses that are 27-28′′ wide, 51-52′′ long, and 3-6′′ deep, and should not be used on any other mattress.

Start with a 68′′ x 45′′ piece of fabric. It’s fine if your fabric is 44 inches wide; just be sure to leave the salvage edges intact to get the most out of your fabric.

Cardstock or poster board can be used to make an 8-inch square template. Trace and cut off the corner of your fabric using the template.

It should look like this when you’ve finished with all four corners.

To keep your cloth from fraying, sew a zigzag stitch across the raw edges. For easy visibility, I chose bright pink thread but you’ll want to choose thread that coordinates with your cloth.

Before moving on to the next stage, you might wash your fabric to see if it shrinks much.

The right sides of the cloth should be aligned with the edges of your cut corners. The corner should be pinned and sewn with a seam allowance of 5/8′′. Go around the entire perimeter. To increase the strength of your seam, be sure to backstitch it at both the beginning and the end.

In order to secure the elastic, you’ll need to make a little casing along the edge. A 5/8-inch flap should be ironed into the fabric’s edge all the way around with a hot iron (wrong sides together). Draw a line 5/8′′ from the long edge of a piece of cardboard to easily iron a consistent crease. Then, fold the fabric up to the cardstock template’s edge and press with an iron to make the folds adhere to the line.

Before cutting, make two 2′′-distance marks at the center of one long side after creased the entire piece of paper.

No need to pin the entire sheet because you ironed the case flap—it should fold over smoothly when you sew. To sew around the sheet with a 1/2-inch seam allowance, start at the pin mark you made on the fabric.

Leaving a little gap in the case, stop at your two pins mark.

Using your elastic as a thread, pass the free end through the case and out the other end.

Overlap the ends of your elastic by about 2′′. Using a zigzag stitch, sew them together a few times.

Using a sewing machine, close the aperture by sewing the elastic into the casing.

It’s over! The elastic edges of your new crib sheet should be tucked neatly under the mattress so that it fits snugly. Never ever put a baby in a crib with flimsy sheets.

Aside from its simplicity, this project’s greatest strength is the virtually limitless scope for personalization! Using the same mattress dimensions, you’ll be able to whip up an unique toddler bed sheet now that you’ve learned how to sew a crib sheet. It’s time to stitch!

The 12 Best Places to Buy Kids Bedding

The Company Store

Why You Should Like Us

  • Cute animal prints are everywhere.
  • Fabrics of high grade

What We Hate About It

  • An excessive amount of money for children’s bedding.

Oh my, dogs, llamas, and elephants! The Company Store’s charming animal-print bedding sets and sheets are our favorites for children’s bedding. With The Company Store’s percale bedding for kids, you’ll get the best of both worlds: excellent quality and fun.

Pottery Barn Kids

Why You Should Like Us

  • Disney, Harry Potter, and other figures are emblazoned on the bedspreads.
  • Fun prints and colors to choose from.

What We Hate About It

  • It’s possible that you’re envious of the comforter set your children have!

For kids’ bedding, Pottery Barn Kids has all the classic, crisp styles you might anticipate. But our favorite sets feature stunning (subtle!) artwork from their favorite books and films, like Harry Potter and Frozen.

Amazon.com: Toddler Bed Bedding Set ,100% Cotton Unisex Crib Bedding Set for Boys Girls,3Pcs Include Duver Cover,Pillowcase ,Fitted Sheet, Nursery Bedding (Princess) : Baby


Why You Should Like Us

  • Fabrics that are both supple and long-lasting
  • All-inclusive and gender-neutral prints
  • Dishwasher safe

What We Hate About It

  • Patterns lack diversity.
  • It’s only available in twin size

With a focus on gender-neutral and inclusive bedding, Primary has grown from a children’s apparel company to a full-fledged bedding firm. The children’s quilt, which is constructed of 100% cotton, is very appealing to us. Any child’s room will be brightened by the designs of stars, stripes, and hearts.

They wanted to make sure that children could be themselves without having to worry about what they wear alerting others about their identity. Also in keeping with their objective, they use sustainable materials, packaging, and production partners. For example, they avoid seasonal trends that could end up in landfills by the next season.

Crate & Kids

Why You Should Like Us

  • Mix & combine prints and solids for a fun look.
  • Options that can be used by children for many years to come.

What We Hate About It

  • Kids may not be enamored with swanky bedding designs.

Crate & Kids, Crate & Barrel’s shop-in-shop for children, features a wide assortment of children’s bedding. In addition to sheets and duvet inserts, you’ll find a wide variety of quilts and blankets that can grow with your children. Sweet dreams are guaranteed with any of these bedding sets, with anything from stars and dinos to trucks and mermaids and a wide variety of aquatic creatures.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Why You Should Like Us

  • Great place to get name-brand bedding.
  • Intuitive search options

What We Hate About It

  • There is a limited amount of infant bedding available

It’s easy to find well-known names like DKNY, Marvel, Minions, and Pendleton at Bed Bath & Beyond. There is a children’s section! BB&B’s website makes it easy to narrow down your search by brand, life stage, and bedding size, of course. Free delivery is available on orders over $39, and they frequently offer deals and coupons.

West Elm

Why You Should Like Us

  • Colorful and pattern-rich bedding for today’s modern child.
  • Kids can use these possibilities for years to come.

What We Hate About It

  • Not all kids will appreciate modern bedding.

West Elm’s trendy children’s bedding collection would be perfect for our adult bedrooms. In the event that it is, we do not wish to be proven wrong! Set the tone for your kids’ rooms with West Elm’s quirky and playful bedding options like sheets, duvet covers, and quilts, all of which are available in a sophisticated and welcoming color palette. Because these bedding sets may be used for older children and even teens, they extend the life of your investment.


Why You Should Like Us

  • Prints with a vintage feel and vibrant hues
  • Uncomplicated gift packs

What We Hate About It

  • There is a limited number of options

When it comes to quality and comfort, you can count on Brooklinen’s Brooklittles Collection, but everything in this range is designed specifically with children in mind. There are swaddle sets, crib sheets, and quilt bundles that make it simple to give a baby’s first gifts. These adorable antique prints were found from The Design Library and come in a variety of pastel, neon, and neutral color options for your little one’s space.

Modern Nursery

Why You Should Like Us

  • Excellent choices for infants and young children

What We Hate About It

  • Some people may find the emphasis on matching goods to be too intense.

Modern Nursery not only has everything a new baby needs, but they also have a great assortment of bedding for kids and toddlers. You can mix and match to create the style you want in your child’s room, despite the over-the-top styling on their website.

Garnet Hill

Why You Should Like Us

  • renowned for its flannel sheets
  • Bedding that glows in the dark.

What We Hate About It

  • There is a limited number of options

We haven’t seen anything like it from other online retailers: sheets with glow-in-the-dark motifs! Garnet Hill has a great assortment of soft and elegant kids bedding options, including their flannel. Yes! When the lights go off, the flannel sheet set, duvet cover, and pillow cases all feature adorable drawn rocket ships. Wow, that’s quite cool.

Amazon.com: Cloele Toddler Bedding Set Dinosaur - Kids Bed Set 2 Piece Toddler Bed Sheet Set - Includes Fitted Sheet and Reversible Pillowcase - 100% Cotton Soft Baby Bedding Sheet & Pillowcase for Boys : Baby


Why You Should Like Us

  • Character-based bedding is everywhere.
  • Options with low costs and quick delivery
  • Intuitive search options

What We Hate About It

  • There are a lot of choices, and it might be difficult to narrow them down.

As you may be well aware, Amazon has become a virtual one-stop shop for just about anything. This is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a one-stop shop for your children’s room and bed. Even two-day delivery is possible if you sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon has a plethora of character-based bedding for your kids to choose from, like Moana, Cars, and Super Mario Brothers-themed bedding. From Urban Habitat to Highbuy to Sweet Jojo, there’s something for everyone.


Why You Should Like Us

  • Bedding from popular brands is frequently on sale.
  • Furniture for babies and children is available at this store.

What We Hate About It

  • There are fewer options for older children when it comes to fashion.

For bedding and home products, we always recommend Macy’s because of their frequent sales and great deals. Popular names like Ink+Ivy, Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars are frequently on sale for ridiculously low prices. This company offers a fantastic blend of both young and fun character bedding from movies and classic colors and designs that can grow with the child.


Why You Should Like Us

  • Numerous choices for babies, children and teenagers
  • Many different styles and colors to choose from.

What We Hate About It

  • The cost varies from store to store.

If you’re on a budget and looking for kids bedding, Target is a wonderful place to start. They’ve got the stylish and understated for you. Cute and themed items can be found in their collections as well. There are fox-shaped pillows, fort-like bed tents, and character-themed comforters to choose from. The Pillowfort bedding collection, from the company’s in-house brand, is one of our favorites because it strikes the perfect balance between whimsical children’s flair and timeless elegance.


What size sheets do you need for a toddler bed?

When it comes to the size of the flat sheet and the pillowcase, they are both 45″ x 60″ and 30″ x 20″. Classic navy blue color and a normal size baby or toddler mattress meet the bill.

How big is a toddler flat sheet?

Elastic-encased elastic sides ensure a snug fit on a standard-sized 28-inch-by-52-inch crib or toddler mattress.

How much fabric do you need for a crib sheet?

Do you need a lot of cloth for a baby’s crib sheet? For a standard-sized crib mattress, the dimensions are 51 5/8″ long by 27 1/4″ wide by 5 1/2″ thick. Mattress thickness shouldn’t exceed 6 inches, as well. In this case, 2 yards of 44″ broad fabric will be enough to produce a crib mattress cover.

What bedding should a 2 year old have?

Good news: You no longer have to worry about your child being harmed by blankets, pillows and plush animals. For now, a thin blanket and a tiny pillow are good for your toddler, but make sure the cushion is not big enough for him to use as a makeshift step stool for climbing out of his crib.

Will crib sheets fit a toddler bed?

The mattress in a toddler bed is the same as in a crib. The choice of crib sheets or toddler sheets is yours, regardless of whether you buy a new bed or convert your baby’s crib. To give your child’s room a makeover with their favorite colors, patterns, or characters is a great idea right now!

What is a crib sheet template?

You can use the marking crib sheet template to keep track of the next steps after completing an assignment for a class. Useful for planning the next steps as well as providing feedback, both positive and negative!

What bedding should I use for a toddler bed?

If you have a crib, you’ll only need a pillow and a comforter to complete your child’s room. If you have younger children, a toddler bed is a good investment.