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We’ll show you how to zero gravity your recliner in this post. This is a quick and simple task that only necessitates the use of a single power tool.

Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local hardware shop, you can always get it online! Following these simple steps, your new chair will be ready for you to relax in before you know it.

A typical folding beach chair, like the ones you see at kids soccer games on Sundays, is fine, but most aren’t really comfortable. My family decided to invest in a couple of the newest trends in portable outdoor seating: zero gravity chairs, on the lookout for seats that would provide superior support.

What is zero gravity?

The zero gravity chair has its roots in aeronautics, as the name suggests. Zero-gravity chairs were designed by NASA to counteract the gravitational pull that astronauts experience when launched into space in a rocket’s cockpit. In a zero gravity chair, the head and knees are elevated above the heart so the legs and torso form a 120-degree angle in relation to each other. Resting in this position alleviates pressure on the knees, back and neck.

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Finding the Right Feel

A few choices were available to us in our quest for zero-gravity paradise. Denier cloth, nylon polyester, and Textilene are the most common materials used in zero-gravity seats. The plasticky feel of Textilene, despite its water resistance, isn’t ideal for use on the skin. In addition, we weren’t seeking for scratchy and rigid nylon polyester, like the kind used in folding camping chairs. We chose the Homall Zero Gravity Chair because of its soft upholstery-like feel over the denier fabric. With its smooth, breathable fabric and low price — $89.99 for two chairs — it’s one of the most economical zero gravity chairs we could discover.

Setting it Up

This chair is surprisingly hefty for its lightweight steel frame when you take it out of a storage unit. In addition, it takes some time to unroll and assemble.

Simple Controls

To achieve “zero-gravity,” zero gravity chairs recline from an upright position. Two spherical tension knobs on the Homall chair allow this movement. When you lean back and turn the knobs toward you, the chair will recline backwards. The mechanism is tightened and secured by turning both knobs away from your body. The knobs can be a bit of a challenge to operate at first. To my dismay, I found myself reclined unexpectedly (and quickly) when sitting in the chair during the first few times I used it.

The chair’s dual locking mechanisms keep it firmly in place in either an upright or a reclined position with a little practice. My favorite feature of the chair, though, is how easy it is to make changes without removing the chair from its resting position.

Floating in Space

Compared to the inflexible structure of a normal beach chair or poolside chaise lounge, this chair provides a comfortable sitting position for a reasonable price. Besides supporting the lumbar region, which most beach or pool chairs overlook, it also gives support for the head and the knees.

The zigzag bungee cords that attach the textile seat to the frame add to its comfort. While shifting in the chair or adjusting the recline, you’re held securely in place by the cords. A zero gravity chair promises to give you the sensation of floating weightlessly in outer space.

Nice Extras

A detachable headrest is included with the Homall, providing users with additional head and neck support. It is possible to remove or slide the headrest to the lower portion of the seatback for additional lumbar support. Also included is a tray with molded holders for two beverages, a book, and a tablet that can be attached to the chair’s frame.


Though more comfortable than a standard beach chair or portable camp stool, our zero gravity chairs have a significant drawback. The chair’s approximately 20-pound weight is due to its steel frame. If you’re hoping to achieve zero-gravity comfort at the lake or on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer tournament, you’ll need to bring a good amount of gear.

This chair, unlike metal chairs, is vulnerable to water damage. After a few rainy days with the chair, we discovered some rust at the chair’s connection points. Since the chair will not be used as permanent outside furniture, the problem isn’t critical, but it’s still worth mentioning.


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In the beginning, we were going to keep our zero-gravity seats with our RV while we went shopping for them. With the weather warming up, we wanted something that would let us to sit around the fire at dusk or sip coffee in the great outdoors on a chilly fall morning and rest comfortably.

However, we’ve grown to adore the Homall chairs so much that we take them everywhere we go. We’ve taken them to the beach, the neighborhood pool (despite the fact that the pool includes lounge seats) and my son’s primary school’s outdoor movie night despite their weight.

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Steps on Making Zero Gravity

Remove the foot and armrests first. Using your drill/driver, detach them from their hinges. Avoid stripping screws if you’re using a low-powered driver.

To make your recliner more comfy, cut out a hole for the head of the chair. To cut the aperture, we used a jigsaw, but if you’re not comfortable with power tools, an X-acto knife or scissors would do.

Step 3: After your hole has been cut out, use screws and wood glue to join several boards on either side of it. This will smooth out any inconsistencies in your cut that may have occurred throughout the process of cutting.

Step 4: Replace the hinges on the foot and armrests with screws. After making a bigger aperture, they should now fit perfectly. You’ve completed your task!

What is Zero Gravity Recliner?

In what way is a Zero Gravity Recliner different from a regular recliner? For those who prefer to recline with their back or head elevated, a zero gravity chair is ideal. In order for the user to lie down in this chair, the front of the chair needs to be larger than for other types of chairs.

With a zero-gravity recliner, you may adjust the angle of your back by utilizing the footrest as an anchor and adjusting the armrests accordingly.

What is it about Zero Gravity Recliners that makes them so appealing? When you lie down in this chair, your spine will not feel any pressure at all. When compared to other types of recliners, this one doesn’t place undue stress on your back or spine.

How to Care for Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs

You’ll need to maintain your chair in the same way you would any other piece of furniture. To keep it looking and feeling its best, you may want to vacuum it frequently and take care of the exterior fabric. Be sure to check out our other blog posts if you can’t find a zero gravity chair on Amazon (we’re confident in our selection).

What are the advantages of a Zero Gravity Recliner?

Unlike other types of chairs, this one doesn’t put any strain on your back while it reclines.

It is common for the chair to be larger than other chairs because it needs to be able to be used as a bed.

What Are Some Disadvantages?

Although there are various designs to pick from, this chair may be too large or expensive for some people.

What kind of Recliners are Out There?

Different styles of seats are available, with a wide variety of prices. There are some people who prefer one type over another because they are more comfortable, while others choose a chair that looks excellent in their space or house. Among the most common are:

  • Recliners with a manual crank
  • Recliners with motorized reclining mechanisms
  • A pair of wall-mounted recliners.

Reclining Using the Hands-On Controls A lever is normally located on the side or front of the chair that you can use to move the chair back and forth. These are typically less expensive than power ones, but heavier persons may find them harder to operate.

However, power recliners are quite pricey since they have an electric motor that moves the chair for you, making them more comfortable regardless of your weight.

Because of their distinctive design, Wall Recliner Chairs are perfect for folks who need their legs elevated while they relax or wish to lie down like they would in a hospital.

How do You Lock a Gravity Chair?

Why can’t you lock gravity chairs? That’s the simple solution. There is no locking mechanism on the Gravity Chairs, as they are designed for those with limited mobility.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Zero Gravity Chair?

Make sure the chair’s frame is strong enough to support your weight. When it comes to recliners, you don’t want to be stuck in a position where your arms aren’t supported.

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Make sure you can easily access any levers or buttons that may be there. Adjusting the chair should not necessitate assistance from a caregiver or someone else who may be assisting you get into the chair.

How Much is the Average Price for a Zero Gravity Chair?

Depending on the number of features you desire and the length of your body, a good beginning point would be between $150 and $200.

Because many online merchants provide free returns or exchanges if you can’t locate the correct zero gravity recliner in person, it will be easy to select the best one for your needs.