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Is it possible to fit two adults on a full-size mattress? Are there any conditions that would make it possible for a couple to sleep side-by-side? If the couple is relatively short in stature, if they prefer sleeping in very close proximity to each other (does that mean vertically instead of horizontally?) and if they are deep sleepers? (they would have to be).

Couples have been sleeping on full-size mattresses for a long time, but that’s not the point. You may be surprised by how little the beds were until the mid-20th century when you look at historical images or visit museums. Queen and king-sized beds didn’t on the market until the 1950s.

Because two people were expected to fit in a 39-inch-wide bed at the time, a full-size or double bed was born. To be fair though, the population was far smaller back then. By the turn of the twentieth century, our population had swelled tremendously. During the first four to five decades of the twentieth century, both men’s and women’s shoe sizes increased dramatically. Since two persons could no longer comfortably sleep in a double bed, demand for larger beds increased. For some time, couples would sleep in separate beds, although that practice waned after the 1950s.

What is a Double Bed?

Before the invention of the queen and king-sized beds, the double bed was the most common choice for couples. It’s difficult to get a decent night’s sleep on a double mattress because each sleeper only has 27 inches by 75 inches of room.

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Standard twin and full-size mattresses were the most common bedding in the United States in the 1940s. In the 1950s, king and queen-sized beds were developed, and they quickly became popular. Larger beds were in high demand at this period due to the fact that the average height and weight of Americans was rising.

The U.S. economy had a boom following World War II. A larger mattress was needed by wealthy residents who owned huge homes in the suburbs. As a result of all these new trends, double-sized beds have fallen out of favor.

Mattress History Laid Out

For couples, a full-size mattress has long been the most popular choice.

Is there anything new?

The choices.

Mattresses of all shapes and sizes were created by mattress makers until the late nineteenth century. 1 However, this resulted in a fair amount of confusion when it comes to putting on sheets or blankets. As early as the 1870s, manufacturers across the country began to standardize the dimensions of their mattresses.

The Original Mattress Size Options

The 54″ broad by 75″ long full or double mattress and the narrower 38″ by 75″ single mattresses (today’s twin) were created in the late 19th century. In addition, a “34 mattress” was briefly considered, but manufacturers were unable to standardize its bed size, so it was never adopted as a standard.

The “full” or “double” mattress, on the other hand, was designed to accommodate two people (hence the names).

Modern Mattress Size Options

Larger king and queen beds first appeared on the market in the 1950s. In order to accommodate taller persons, these pants were 5″ longer, making them more comfortable. In addition, they increased the amount of space available for families with children or dogs to rest.

When it comes to bedding, couples no longer have to settle for a full-sized mattress (or even adults).

What is the most popular type of mattress?

  • 14 percent of all bed sales are for full-size mattresses. 2
  • Only 19 percent of mattress purchases are for king-sized mattresses.
  • This is by far the most common mattress size for couples, accounting for over half of all mattress purchases.

Besides these products, what else is out there in the market that you should know about? The California king size bed, twin mattresses, and twin XL beds are all extra-large options. Each user can choose from one of our six sizes in four different mattress kinds to get a good night’s sleep.

A double bed can be a good size for two people, despite changing consumer tastes (or one). In the next section, we’ll dig more into the question of who would benefit most from a full-sized mattress.

Who Are Full Size Mattresses Best Suited For?

Is a full-sized bed big enough to accommodate two people? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

In cases like the following, a full-sized bed is ideal.

  • Small rooms – Do you have to sleep in a little room? Using a mattress with reduced bed size may help the space feel more open if that’s the situation. You can use the extra space to put a floor light, a side table, or even a yoga mat there.
  • You and your lover may not require a large mattress if you and your partner are both petite. The same holds true if you want to snuggle rather than sprawl out for the majority of the night, in which case a full-sized mattress will likely be ideal.
  • You can easily buy an antique bed frame and headboard that will fit a full-sized mattress because they were the norm for over a century. The boho chic ideal can be realized by a trip to an antique store. There is no need to ponder, “Can a queen headboard fit a queen mattress?” even if you discover a queen-sized headboard. Using it in conjunction with a double frame is a cinch.

A good night’s sleep can be achieved by those who demand a larger area to do so.

What is a Full Size Mattress?

A double bed has a full-size mattress. Dorm rooms often have full-sized beds. Additionally, because of their compact size, they’re ideal for studio apartments and other small spaces.

A 10′ by 10′ room is the ideal size for a full bed. Consider the amount of room needed for furniture and strolling around when deciding where to put your bed. It’s ideal if you can

How To Decide Between A Full-Size Bed Or Something Larger

You’re looking for a bed as a pair. Is a full-size sufficient for your needs, or do you require something larger? What makes you think that?

Full-sized beds cost less than king-sized beds, but the most important decision is whether or not you have enough room. Consider the dimensions to obtain a sense of scale.

Most people find single beds, which measure 39 inches broad, to be adequate for their needs. There are 27 inches of personal space in a full-size bed, which is the same as a crib. A full or double size grows by 6 inches or 3 inches per person for a couple. Think about it: “Can we each sleep comfortably (ignoring length for the time being) in a bed the size of a crib?” or something like. Yes, a full-size may be appropriate.

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Full-size beds, on the other hand, are often thought to be more suited for a single person. Upgrading from a twin to a full or a queen to a king will save you money in the long run. For children’s bedrooms, full-size beds are seen as larger single beds. If you’re looking for a roomier bed, a full is a good option because it’s the smallest in terms of bed size. Remember the dog and the baby, some experts say, and you may need more space in the future.

Reasons To Get A Full-Size Bed

You can still get a full-sized bed at a reasonable price, and there are many solid reasons to do so. Full-sized may be appropriate in the following situations:

  • If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you’ll want to take an accurate measurement of the available area. It’s possible that a full-size bed will have to do if your bedroom isn’t large enough to accommodate a queen.
  • If the mattress is made of memory foam or pocketed coils, there is less motion transfer, so if you move, your partner won’t feel it. This may appear to increase the size of your mattress.
  • For a guest room, a full-size bed is usually the best option. Visiting couples don’t mind sleeping curled up for a few nights because they don’t take up as much room.
  • They’re less expensive: While some mattress manufacturers charge the same price for a full or a queen, the larger mattress is typically more expensive. If you’re a queen, you’ll save around 15% over a king. Other bedding goods are also affected by this.
  • Moving them isn’t a problem: A full-size mattress is small enough to be transported by a single individual. They can fit in the rear of most SUVs or be attached to a roof rack with ease.
  • Only one individual exists: Just ended a relationship and don’t have any immediate plans to start another one? Is the bed for your adolescent kid who requires a larger bed? Is your mum going to be staying with you for a long time? A full-size bed is ideal in a wide variety of situations.

Our Amerisleep Full Size Mattresses

The five firmness levels of our Amerisleep Mattresses allow us to cater to a wide range of body shapes and comfort preferences. The firm, medium, medium-firm, and medium-soft varieties are all available.

All of our mattresses are made with Bio-Pur®, a plant-based material that keeps them cooler than other types of memory foam. A soft and absorbent material is used to make our mattress covers, which help to keep you cool and comfortable.

Fusion of HIVE® technology with Affinity constitutes the second level of defense. To alleviate aches and pains, this layer is designed to provide precise pressure alleviation. It accomplishes this by providing additional head, back, and leg support, as well as shoulder and hip padding. The Bio-Core® layer is found at the bottom of our mattresses, offering both strength and durability.

Our hybrid beds offer a bouncing feel for those who prefer it. Pocketed coils at the base increase airflow while limiting movement transmission. Our hybrids come in medium-firm, medium, and gentle firmness levels.

Cost of Amerisleep Full Size Mattresses

All of our mattresses are made in the United States and come with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. A 20-year warranty covers faults and sagging larger than an inch on our mattresses.

Double XL and Full XL mattresses are available in both double and full sizes. 5 inches longer than a regular double or full-sized mattress, these mattresses are 54 inches wide by 80 inches long. A few more inches are useful for those who sleep on their sides.

Variations of the Full Size Mattress

Many mattress stores and internet retailers do not carry the double XL or full XL size options. Before going to a store or buying online for a full XL mattress, do some research to see which brands carry them. Due to the rarity of these sizes, it may be difficult to acquire matching bedding.

Other Standard Sizes

While twin and twin XL beds are broader than a full, queen, and California king beds, a double or full size bed is narrower. Consider additional common mattress sizes if the double or full size mattress does not meet your needs.

Twin Size Mattress

The dimensions of a twin-sized mattress are 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. Because of its small size, it’s an excellent choice for kid’s rooms. Even though single adults can use a twin mattress, there isn’t much room for limbering up and unwinding on it. To make the most of a limited amount of room, twin beds make excellent bunk beds.

How Many People Can Sleep in a Full Size Bed?

Twin XL Size Mattress

Mattresses in the twin XL size are 5 inches longer. Teenagers’ growing bodies benefit from the added length. Twin XL mattresses, which measure 38 inches by 80 inches, are typically found in children’s rooms and even in adult bedrooms where two people share a space. When compared to a full-size mattress, the twin XL’s dimensions are 5 inches longer and 16 inches narrower.

Queen Size Mattress

Inches by inches, the dimensions of a queen mattress are 60 by 80. Six inches more in width and five inches more in length separate queen mattresses from full-size beds. Since queen-sized mattresses may be used by both single sleepers and couples, they are the most popular mattress size in the United States. You can retain a queen-sized bed in either your guest room or master bedroom, depending on your preference. For those who toss and turn during the night, the extra space makes all the difference.

King Size Mattress

In terms of normal size mattresses, a king-sized mattress is the most expansive. The 76-by-by-by-80-inch size of a king bed makes it ideal for couples who require additional sleeping space. It is possible for youngsters to share a king-sized bed with their parents on occasion. Compared to a full-size bed, a king’s mattress is broader and taller by 5 inches.

California King Size Mattress

Of all the standard-sized mattresses, California kings are the ones with the longest lengths. Tall people will like the 72×84-inch size of a cal king bed. The Cal king bed, like the king bed, is ideal for master suites with large square footage. This mattress is 18 inches wider and 9 inches longer than a typical full-sized mattress.

When to Upgrade to a Larger Mattress Size

Consider a larger queen mattress if any of the following applies to you:

  • Over six-footers, you and your companion
  • You enjoy moving around and spreading out.
  • In your bed is a pet.
  • It’s common for your kids to join you in bed.
  • You’re prone to overheating while you’re sleeping, and you’d want to keep your partner’s body heat at bay.

When your golden retriever is trying to squeeze between you and your queen-sized bed, six extra inches of width can make all the difference.

If you and your family require more room than a queen bed can provide, consider a king-sized bed.

Find Your Perfect Fit With Casper

At Casper, we understand that finding the ideal mattress can be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

As a result, we offer four different mattress kinds in six different mattress sizes.

If you have a hot-sleeping teen in your family, you may want to consider a hybrid twin XL mattress. We’ve got you covered. Interested in a California king mattress made of all-foam? In addition, we carry it. There’s no better option for a full-size memory foam mattress than this one. We have everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

In order to ensure that you have enough time to choose the correct mattress, we offer a 100-night free trial.*


Can a double bed accommodate two people?

For one adult and one child or pet to sleep peacefully in a double bed, you’ll need a queen or king-sized bed. Two adults may find it difficult to stretch out and sleep comfortably in a double bed because of the small amount of space available to each sleeper (27 inches by 75 inches).

What size mattresses are most comfortable for couples?

Queen or king size beds can be shared by couples, however the king size is more comfortable for two adults to sleep on. Each sleeper has 38 inches by 80 inches of area in a king size bed, compared to 30 inches by 80 inches on a queen size bed (twin XL size). Queen-sized mattresses are an excellent alternative if your room is too tiny to accommodate the larger bed.

Can you easily find bedding accessories for full size mattresses?

Yes, full or double mattress sizes are standard, thus bed frames and bedding accessories for full-sized beds are readily accessible in mattress stores or online. Variant sizes like full XL have a harder time finding bed frames and bedding items.

Is a double bed the same as a queen?

Queen-sized beds are wider and taller than double-sized beds by 5 and 6 inches, respectively. The queen-sized mattress has overtaken the double (or full-sized) bed as the standard for couples. Singletons are now the primary users of double beds.

What is a full double bed size?

It is 54 inches broad by 75 inches long, or 137 by 190.5 cm, to be precise.


The dimensions of a double or full-size mattress are the same. Are you unsure of what size you need? You’re not the only one who feels this way. If you’re in the market for a new mattress but aren’t familiar with mattress sizing lingo, it can be difficult to sort through all the different bed sizes. Knowing the dimensions of a standard-sized bed’s mattress can assist you in making the best decision for your specific needs.