Updated at: 13-07-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

Having your blanket fall unevenly after you’ve finished crocheting it is one of the most aggravating things that may happen. Many crochet newbies struggle to fix a lopsided blanket after finishing their first few projects.

This article will discuss the causes of and solutions for uneven edges in crochet blankets.

Why is My Crochet Blanket Uneven?

Tight Tension

Unevenness in a blanket is typically caused by tension issues. The issue affects both novice and seasoned crocheters.

When you pull tighter in one spot, the whole blanket will start to sag.

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Not Starting or Ending in the Right Places

Misalignment of row beginnings and endings is another typical source of uneven seams. If you don’t keep track of your stitches and don’t begin and end your blanket at the right spots, your work may end up looking uneven.

How to Fix Uneven Edges in a Crochet Blanket


Curling crochet blankets can sometimes be fixed through the process of blocking, provided the uneven edges are not too severe. Soaking the blanket, stretching it, then pinning it into place would do this. If your edges aren’t perfectly even, this won’t function.

Adding a Border

An additional option for disguising the issue is to give your blanket a border. Learn more about how to add a border to your creation by reading our tutorial on mending curling blankets.

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Count Your Stitches

It is possible to frog back to the previous row and begin again, however this may not be a possibility if the blanket is already complete. Possibly admit defeat and embrace your flawed nature.

The most effective strategy is to take measures to avoid the development of uneven edges. Next time you knit or crochet, you should get into the habit of counting your stitches. Although it may seem time-consuming, counting stitches could potentially save your next project.


Despite my best efforts, the low contrast of the colors scattered over the rug makes the correcting border nearly invisible.

Is there ever a time when your neatly aligned rectangular projects seemed off? Decrease in size (or increase in size) over time? Do you worry that your square Afghan will somehow morph into a triangle?

That’s not the first time I’ve been there. After getting fed up with constantly having to unpick my progress, I quit making my rag rugs in rows. It hurt like hell to undo the work I had put into rows of stitches.

This issue can be avoided in the first place if proper measures are taken. Methods guaranteed to maintain straight edges No, that’s not the point of this entry.

This trick can help you make your crocheted object a perfect rectangle without ripping out any of your hard work.

This is preferable to destroying all of your hard work, but ultimately, I want to figure out what went wrong so that the next thing I make turns out better. To avoid making the same mistakes twice, I reflect on them to see where I went wrong. I used to rely heavily on this strategy. A hefty corrective border surrounded all of my creations. The amount of editing my work need has decreased dramatically as I gain experience and proficiency.


Whenever I’m working with a rectangle that has uneven edges, there’s one thing I do that always makes the rectangle look better.

To make everything look uniform, I add a border of alternating stitches around the outside. Although a single row may be sufficient to restore order, I often resort to adding a border that is two or more rows deep. Repeat adding rows until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. What I do to make my squares and rectangles look more uniform is going to be revealed.

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You may have a problem if the edges of your crochet blanket puff out or otherwise refuse to lie flat. To review, if your crochet blanket is uneven, you should examine your stitches, tension, design, and yarn. Also, single crochet stitches make a great choice for a beginner’s first blanket border.

There aren’t many options for fixing uneven edges in a completed blanket outside adding a border or blocking. Think about the causes of the problem and how to fix them in your next piece. Making mistakes is more likely if you are under pressure at work or if you are trying to complete tasks too quickly. Keep your cool and form healthy routines!