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It’s annoying when a recliner can’t be fully reclined. If you have a recliner at home or in the workplace, chances are it has sagged to the point where it is no longer pleasant to sit in. This may seem like a minor issue, but the recliner will keep leaning back until it breaks.

Either loosen the screws under the chair’s base or place shims behind each chair leg to correct the problem. This post will discuss these techniques and show you how to fix a reclining chair that tilts back too far.

Steps on Fixing a Recliner that Leans Back too Far

Adjust the recliner by tightening the screws holding it down.

If the back of your chair is sagging, you can easily remedy it by placing shims under the chair’s base.

First, using an Allen wrench, tighten each of the screws that hold the seat base in place. Make sure no screws are missing or loose and replace them if necessary.

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The second step is to cut some shims out of cardboard or wood and place them under the chair legs. If you want your finished pieces to have the same size and form, it’s easiest to start by drawing an outline on your material before you cut it out with scissors.

Third, fasten each shim into place with nails or screws. If the chair still leans back too much, check to see that you have the same amount of components on both sides and that they are evenly spaced in between the feet.

In the fourth and final step, you will give your hard work a trial run by having another sit in the recliner and adjusting anything that doesn’t quite fit.

You should now be able to recline in a chair at the proper angle. You may easily fix your chair again by following these three simple steps. Keep in mind that screws or nails shouldn’t be too lengthy, lest they break through your shims and cause damage. If you require a larger adjustment, you can use more shims.

How can I Make my Recliner Close Easier?

First, ensure sure the recliner’s controls are in the closed position. Whether your recliner is powered, check the motor to see if it can be adjusted by turning it either clockwise or counterclockwise. Then, experiment with the foot control in both seating configurations. Lastly, try pulling up on the recliner to see if it works.

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What can You do About an Arm That keeps Sliding out of the Track?

Before we do any repairs, please put your chair on a flat surface so that we may inspect the tracks for damage and debris. If the track is not blocked in any way, try tightening the screws holding it in place.

If this doesn’t work, try using a stronger glue, such Loctite PowerGrab Heavy Duty Structural Adhesive, or replacing some of the screws with longer ones.

If none of these work, the chair may have a problem with its base and require expert attention.

Why Does my Recliner not Stay Reclined?

The damper on your recliner may be broken, which would explain why it won’t remain in place. In order to prevent your chair from remaining in an upright position when it shouldn’t, dampers are installed in the air vents. If your damper is malfunctioning, you can try reseating it or replacing the rubber seal to see if that solves the issue.

It might be time to call in the experts if your reclining chair is still giving you trouble. You may get back to lounging in luxury with a simple phone call to a furniture repair service.

Why Does my Recliner Lean Too far Back?

If you don’t leave enough space for the legs, a recliner may appear to lean back too much. It’s possible that the distance between the floor and the chair can be adjusted so that you can sit in a variety of positions; if this is the case, it’s worth your time to consult the owner’s handbook or call a professional for assistance.

There’s a chance the recliner’s motor isn’t working, so you may want to get that checked out, too.

Do not freak out if the recliner starts to lean back too much! It’s a good idea to start by seeing if you’re leaving yourself adequate space to move around.

How do I Adjust the Tension on my Ashley recliner?

Increasing the recliner’s tension will return the memory foam to its original firmness and responsiveness. It can be done with the Allen wrench that came with your chair or with one of the tools we sell in our shop.

How To Fix A Loose La-Z-Boy Recliner Back

Remove the recliner back in 5 easy steps:

You own a La-Z-Boy chair that has gotten loose and shaky from use, and you have no idea what to do about it. If you follow a simple 5-step process, you can fix the recliner in no time.

In this video, I’ll show you the five simple procedures required to disassemble and reassemble your recliner.

The back of your La-Z-Boy chair can be easily removed by following these five simple procedures I’ve laid down for you.

Step 1

Initially, recline the chair by pulling the front of it in this manner.

Step 2

Find the bracket that locks the door. There is a small metal bracket on the back of your chair, and you have another one on this side.

Step 3

To secure, raise the levers and press down behind you. That needs to be popped back up.

Step 4

Put the recliner back in its original position by rolling it back into its original location.

Step 5

To remove the back, we will first need to rock it up and down from side to side.

Tighten the brackets

Over time, the screws on the brackets supporting your chair’s back may loosen, so while we have the back apart, we’d want to tighten the screws on both brackets to make the chair more stable.

The two brackets you need are right here, in this box. So, what you want to do is tighten those screws right there, like so. Turn it around; there are two more screws on this side.

Tighten screws on back

If you want a little additional support, you can tighten the visible screws on your back as well as the brackets on the chair back.

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Reinstall the recliner back

We have completed the assembly of the chair by tightening the back brackets and the exposed screws in the body. It only takes five simple steps to reassemble, the exact opposite of how we took it apart.

  1. The brackets should be aligned at an angle.
  2. Forward-roll the reclining chair.
  3. Reduce the distance between the locking levers.
  4. The chair needs to be rolled back to its upright position.
  5. Gently twisting side to side will test the installation.

If, after watching this video in its entirety, you are still unable to disassemble, reassemble, or tighten the screws on your La-Z-Boy recliner, please feel free to visit any of the La-Z-Boy galleries in your region.

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