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If you need to relocate the chair, whether it’s across the room, across town, or across the nation, you may need to disassemble the recliner and reassemble the back. Some reclining chairs are built into sofas, while others can stand on their own. If you want to make a recliner or sofa more portable, you can usually just take the back off. While the processes are generally same across different brands of furniture, there are some exceptions. Remove the rear of your device by depressing the release button on the thumbscrews, locking tabs, or clips.

The Berkline Recliner

You’ll need to remove the back of your Berkline recliner in order to fit it through a standard doorway, so keep that in mind when you plan on relocating it. When the back is removed from a chair, it’s much more manageable and portable.

  • Back away from the wall and roll the chair or couch forward onto its lower front panel.
  • When removing a piece of upholstered furniture from a chair that uses hook-and-loop tape for attachment, start by separating the bottom of the fabric or leather from the chair.
  • Simply folding this across the back of the chair will reveal the mechanism inside.
  • In the middle of the chair, between the armrests and the base, you should be able to find metal tabs or thumb screws.
  • To remove the thumbscrews, turn them counterclockwise.
  • If a chair has metal locking tabs, you can release the lock by pressing the tabs forward and drawing the chair’s bottom half back.
  • It’s time to get up from that chair, so straighten that back and do away with it. To release the back from the brackets, you may need to rock it back and forth gently.

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La-Z-Boy Back Removal

Once you learn the mechanism, removing the back of a La-Z-Boy recliner is a breeze. A slotted or flat-headed screwdriver is needed for this procedure. The upholstered back of a reclining chair that has loose fabric is held in place by hook-and-loop tape.

  • Move the chair away from the wall and roll it onto its front so that the back is more easily accessible.
  • To gain access to the back, separate the strip from both ends.
  • Check the chair’s underside to locate the brackets on both sides, next to the armrests, that secure the back of the chair in place.
  • Use the screwdriver to unlock the levers on both sides of the chair that are located in the space between the back of the chair and the back of the arm.
  • Return to a standing position by rolling back the chair’s seat.
  • The back of the chair can be easily removed by grabbing the top of the back on both sides and pulling up gently.
  • To release the brackets from the tracks, you may need to rock the chair back and forth ever-so-slightly.

Simmons Reclining Chair or Couch

Lift the upholstered fabric from the bottom, where it is secured with hook-and-loop tape, with the Simmons reclining sofa or chair in the fully upright position, providing enough room to access the back of the sofa or chair.

  • Simply roll the cloth over the back of the chair to stow it out of the way.
  • Using a slotted or flat-headed screwdriver, detach the tabs that hold the back in place.
  • Once you’ve unlatched the chair back, you may lift it out of its holders by pulling up on the back. Y
  • The back of the chair may need to be removed by first partially raising one side, and then the other, and walking the chair back up the brackets.

Reinstall the Back

Reinstallation is the process that follows removal.

  • It may take some finagling to get the brackets on the chair’s back and bottom halves to line up properly with each other, as one set of brackets slips in or over the other depending on the manufacturer.
  • Once the back is in place, you can secure it by tightening the thumbscrews or adjusting the levers or tabs.

How do you Move a Recliner Couch?

First, it’s recommended that you have at least two individuals while relocating a reclining sofa. The sofa may be moved by one person, while the other person carries it and knows how to set it up at the destination.

If there isn’t much room to maneuver around hallways or doorways, it should be possible for one person to do it. Recliners are fragile and should never be transported on their sides. Instead of lugging heavy furniture around by hand, a dolly is the way to go.

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Second, the assembly process for a piece of furniture rarely takes more than a few of minutes in the room of your choice. It’s not a tough procedure at all.

To ensure the recliner is comfy after assembly, step 3 is to test it out by lying in it. You shouldn’t rush into a furniture purchase without giving careful consideration to how you’ll actually be using the pieces in your home.

How do you Remove an arm From a Couch?

Reclining chairs can be difficult to disassemble without the proper tools and knowledge. First, make sure that individual pieces of the furniture may be easily removed from the whole.

After removing the outside screws, the arm of this sofa should come off without difficulty.

First, turn off the electricity to the piece of furniture so that you don’t risk electrocution if you’re careless. The next step is to remove any and all screws from the exterior of this component using a screwdriver.

Typically, there are five or six screws in all, with one at each end and two more under each armrest. When unscrewing, apply tight pressure to prevent the screw head from being stripped.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to remove the arm rests in addition to the screws.

Second, if the arm of your recliner is attached to the rest of the component, grab it and pull as hard as you can to separate the two. This may require some force, depending on how securely the screws were tightened.

A flathead screwdriver or something similar can be used to pry the recliner off its base if you’re having trouble doing so by hand. Once you’ve done that, you may remove your recliner by unscrewing any remaining screws and disconnecting any cords from below.

Third, when you’re through, lay the recliner flat and utilize the screws you removed to reattach it to its base.

How do you get a Couch Through a Doorway?

The first step is to consider the various options available to you. You can do this in a few of ways; one is to take the sofa’s back off and slide it through.

Second, you could have one person at each end of the couch hold an armrest with their left hand and the other person reach under the couch with their right hand and pull it through that way.

Step 3: The couch back comes off by releasing two bolts, one on each side. Most people can handle this job without much trouble, especially if they keep an Allen wrench set on hand.

Also, before to dragging your new piece of furniture through the door, check sure it is aligned with the opening. Be careful not to snag on any obstacles along the path, such as furniture or walls, and take it slow and steady.

Step 4: If you are having trouble getting your furniture through the door, check to see if there is anything in the way and remove it.

It may seem obvious to use caution when moving heavy furniture through a doorway, yet accidents can and do occur.


What is Bob’s product service policy?

Within Bob’s standard shipping area, I guarantee all furniture ordered at my every day low price to be free from factory faults for 1 year. Additional mattress and/or furniture motion guarantees may be available from the manufacturer.

Please get in touch if you discover a manufacturing flaw. If your furniture is still within its one-year warranty period, we will assist you in arranging for a service expert to visit your home and do the necessary maintenance at no additional charge.

Please be aware that our support is only available for U.S.-based products. If you have a need for service after the initial year, you can pay for it. Discover More Here!

In addition, this limited warranty and service policy does not apply to any items purchased from my Bob’s Outlet that are not new and/or unused from the manufacturer.

Why does my furniture have to be fixed? Why can’t I just get a new item?

For one year from the date of purchase, Bob’s guarantees that your product will be free of any faults caused by the manufacturer (in some cases longer). The guarantee will pay for repairs or replacements if something goes wrong with the product. The totality of a piece of furniture is the sum of its pieces. Most of these components may be fixed using the equipment the specialists bring with them or by purchasing replacements, putting an end to the problem. If it turns out that servicing or replacing the broken element won’t fix the problem, then additional alternatives can be considered. Most of the time, service specialists are able to restore furniture to as-good-as-new condition.

Can I purchase parts for my furniture?

Many of our furniture collections have replacement parts available. If you require a specific component and are unsure if we have it, we encourage you to inquire.

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What if my furniture is no longer covered by any of Bob’s warranty programs?

If you live within Bob’s service area, and your item was purchased from Bob’s, we can send a service technician to your home for a flat price of $79.99 (plus taxes) and have them try to fix it.

If a replacement item is required, you can choose to have the part installed by a service professional at an additional cost.

For 90 days after the service date, we stand behind our work, and for a full year after installation, we stand behind our parts.