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There is nothing more annoying than settling into a comfortable recliner for the night and then hearing or feeling something shatter. However, if your chair is broken, fixing it won’t take more than a few minutes. Nuts, bolts, and screws, especially if they’re broken or missing entirely. There is always the option of repairing or replacing a damaged wooden structure.


Step 1

Find out what’s wrong with the chair and what parts you’ll need to fix it.

Step 2

Depending on the type of screw head, a flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver may be used to secure any loose screws. Check the rest of the frame for missing screws and replace them if you find a match. In that case, take note of the screw’s size and replace it with one of the same.

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Step 3

Using an adjustable wrench, tighten any nuts or bolts that appear to be loose. Find out what size nuts and bolts are needed and replace any that are missing.

Step 4

Simply tighten the screws securing the footrest’s grip to the chair if it has become loosened. If the handle breaks, a replacement can be bought or ordered and installed with minimal effort. Discover the chair’s manufacturer so you can acquire the correct replacement part.

Step 5

Wood glue and a clamp can be used to fix small fractures in the wood of a recliner chair base if it is made of wood. After applying wood glue, clamp the area to ensure the glue dries properly. If the chair’s wooden base has been entirely destroyed, a new one can be fashioned using the old one as a template, and the chair can be reattached to the new base.

Step 6

Changing out a metal foundation with a wooden one may be an option if you’re unable to fix your reclining chair’s metal structure. It would be best to use the existing metal base as a template for the new wooden frame, and then to attach the chair to the new base using screws.

Step 7

Holes or rips in the fabric can be repaired with upholstery patches that are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Some patches are self-adhesive; to apply one, you simply need to cut it to size, peel off the protective backing, and stick it where it needs to go. It is possible to sew on patches or use an alternative adhesive. When applying a patch, it is necessary to cut it to size, glue it in place, smooth it out, and then clamp or press down on it until the glue dries.

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Steps on Rebuilding a Broken Recliner

First, find a recliner that isn’t working so that you can use it as a model.

Two, take the chair apart by unscrewing the side and laying the screws out in the order you took them out.

Method: Step 3 Disassemble everything until nothing but one component has any metal attached to it (the metal that connects the seat and back to each other).

In the fourth step, we’ll use a vise to clamp down on just this one steel bar. If you don’t have a vise, you can secure it by wrapping your hands over it to prevent it from moving while you drill.

Fifth, use an electric drill to make holes in both sides of the metal. Create a hole that travels all the way through the two steel plates. When reassembled, the two holes should align properly.

Step 6 involves bending the metal into a “Z” form, either by hand or with the assistance of another person, in preparation for the addition of additional screws. The usage of pliers is likewise acceptable here.

Put the two steel pieces with holes back together in the order in which they were taken apart. If you want to avoid a mess, place them on a level surface with plenty of room for drilling.

Seventh, fasten the two halves together using screws or bolts, calculating the number of screws needed based on the size of the steel.

Step 8: Reassemble everything and work on a flat table with plenty of area to drill into the metal, keeping in mind that this process can be somewhat messy.

Step 9: Drill a hole from one end to the other of the metal piece you just screwed together. Make sure your reconstructed metal has holes on both sides by drilling from both sides.

Benefits of Rebuilding a Recliner

An exercise in recycling the old into the new, recreating a broken chair is a fun project. It will also provide the joy of financial reward for your efforts. If you consider how much these parts normally cost, then you can see that assembling one yourself is essentially like receiving them for nothing.

Causes of Recliner Breaking/Damaging

If you need some time to yourself, a recliner is a terrific option. However, if your recliner has broken or been damaged in some way it is important that you know how best to fix the issue so as not to cause more damage.

Having a drink spilled on the recliner is the number one cause of this issue.

There have been stories of people being electrocuted because they got their wires wet and the electric current was unable to flow through them, thus it is imperative that any liquid be removed before any further repair work is attempted.

If your damaged chair wasn’t caused by any of these methods, then it’s possible that your cat or dog jumped up on it, causing damage. If you don’t secure your chair with a blanket or anything similar whenever your pet jumps on it, this is a very real possibility.

Third, if your recliner isn’t operating as well as you’d like it to, you can fix it in a few ways: by replacing a broken portion (such a leg or arm), by adding new padding for comfort, and by reupholstering the whole thing.

Changing out the broken component is Option 4 since it will return the recliner to its original condition. Even if reupholstering costs more, it’s worth it if you value comfort and a fresh design for your furniture.

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How to Reupholster a Couch: how to reupholster couch

First, if your sofa isn’t performing as you’d like it to, there are a few things you can do to solve this problem. These include replacing an individual item like the leg or arm, adding fresh padding for comfort, and ultimately reupholstering.

As a second step, you can restore your couch’s original appearance by simply replacing the broken component. Even if reupholstering costs more, it’s worth it if you value comfort and a fresh design for your furniture.