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Looking to purchase a chair but don’t know where to begin? It’s important to know what you need to know about recliners before you buy one.

La-Z-Boy consults with hundreds of clients in the Ottawa and Kingston area every year about home furnishings. “What do I need to know before purchasing a recliner?” is a common question we get from customers.

You can choose from a variety of recliners, but which one is best for you? It’s understandable that not everyone likes La-Z-large Boy’s assortment of recliners. As a result, we’re writing this recliner guide in the hopes that you’ll find a lot of useful information, regardless of the brand you choose.

Eight Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Recliner

1. Consider Your Space

You must take into account the amount of room you have before purchasing a reclining chair.

Consider the dimensions and features of the room where your new recliner will be placed before you visit your local furniture store.

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Consider What Room the Recliner Will be Placed in

As a family area, or an adult-only reading and entertaining space? Considering a den, an office or a nursery for this piece of furniture.

Following these questions, you’ll need to pick where to place your recliner in the room. In order to learn more about arranging your furniture, check out our blog.

Measure your Room

You’ll need to take a look at the dimensions of your space. The fireplace, windows, doors, and other openings must be considered. The only way to ensure that your recliner will fit is to measure.

When looking for furniture, beware of what you see. For the most part, showrooms are substantially larger than the average household’s living and family rooms. You may not be able to fit the furniture you see in the store in your own home. If you haven’t taken into account the flow of the room and any other space requirements you may have, dimensions alone may not be enough.

In addition to measuring your room for fit, it is necessary to consider how your furniture will travel to your room when it arrives.

The salesman will be able to help you locate a proper fit if you bring your measurements with you to the store. It will be much more beneficial if you can produce a sketch or take some photos of your room.

Visit this page for further information on how to measure your room precisely so that you may buy the appropriate furniture.

Take Pictures

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is a well-known proverb. This is also true when it comes to shopping for furniture. Many people in the modern world own a smartphone. Before you go shopping, take a few quick photos of your space to better grasp its arrangement.

The La-Z-Boy augmented reality app, for example, is one of many third-party space planning applications. You may get a sneak peek of what your future home’s La-Z-Boy furniture will look like by downloading this app to your smartphone.

Other Important Things to Consider in your Home:

  • In the room, what color are the walls? Do you intend to paint? The chair fabrics can be more easily matched if you bring in a sample of the paint color.
  • Is there a window or door in this space? It’s fine to put a chair in front of the window, as long as it doesn’t obstruct the view.
  • What’s in the room now, and what are you planning to replace it with? Is your old furniture compatible with the new one?
  • Is the room’s flooring hardwood, tile, carpet, or some other material? Is it better to have scratch-resistant tile or regular tile? Felt pads are an excellent way to keep your hardwood floors safe.

You may choose to engage an interior designer if your project grows to the point where you’re thinking about redoing the entire space.

Check out our article on the cost of an interior designer for additional information.

The interior design services of several furniture retailers are either free or chargeable. La-Z-Boy offers a free interior design service to customers that need it.

Your property will be visited by one of our interior design specialists from one of our four locations. A 3D floor design of your new room will be drawn up based on their assessment of your demands and their measurements. A virtual design appointment can also be scheduled.

2. How to Choose the Right Recliner?

Your own personal needs or those of a family member are the primary considerations when selecting a recliner. Will you be the only one using the recliner? If your heights aren’t the same, you might have to make some concessions. When purchasing two recliners, it’s common for people to buy one for themselves and one for the other person.

Does the chair have the potential to be used by children? Do you have a pet or animals at home? This means that messes and stains are a part of your everyday speech. You’d be surprised to learn that leather is actually easier to keep clean than most fabrics. Textiles from furniture brands with a reputation for durability and stain resistance are known as performance fabrics.

Spill and stain resistance is a feature of the iClean furniture protection fabric from La-Z-Boy.

You may learn how to keep your furniture free of scratches, stains, and shedding by reading our guide to pet-friendly furniture.

Choosing the Right Recliner That Fits your Body Type (customize your comfort)

When it comes to recliners, one size does not fit all. You must take into account your own size in order to get the correct chair.

From small to elongated, your goal should be to achieve individualized comfort and support.

  1. When purchasing a recliner, choose a size based on the person’s height.
  2. As far as the look is concerned, you can choose between a casual or contemporary style.
  3. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and leathers to make your chair uniquely yours.

See our post on how to choose the perfect recliner or watch this video for a step-by-step guide to getting fitted for one!

You may choose the perfect recliner for your body type at La-Z-Boy by referring to the following size tables.

Because of its smaller scale, the Harbor Town recliner is ideal for those of a tiny build. It can be used in a smaller space as well. If you’d like to learn more about the Harbor Town recliner, check out our comprehensive review.

Our best-selling chair, the Pinnacle, is a perfect fit for those of average height and build. Check out our review of the Pinnacle recliner for more information.

The Astor recliner is one of our larger reclining chairs and is ideal for the taller person. To find out more about the Astor recliner, please read our comprehensive review.

For those of you who are like Goldilocks, there is a chair that’s a perfect fit.

Back pain can be caused by models that are less priced yet lack adequate back support. It’s going to be uncomfortable if your recliner has a gap between the curve of the seat and your lower back. A modest cushion for your lower back can be helpful in this situation.

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3. How Will I Customize My Recliner?

Here are just a few of the recliner customization options:

  • Recliner with a swivel and rocker mechanism
  • As long as you keep them at least an inch away from the wall, you can use them to recline.
  • From casual to contemporary, there is a style for everyone. You’ll find a wide range of styles here!
  • Add a personal touch with your preferred fabric, leather, or a combination thereof for the upholstery.
  • AirformTM responsive cushioning is one example of a cushion enhancement.
  • Traditional lever recliners and pushback models are the two types of manual recliners available.
  • Wooden, ergonomic silver handle or black handle are all options for the handle.
  • Is there anything more I should know about? A lift chair or a motorised recliner can be an option as well. (Did you know that a doctor’s letter might save you money on a reclining lift chair?).
  • Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support: a power recliner with separate head, neck, and lower back support
  • The wand controller controls the heat and massage features, as well as the two motors and three speeds of the vibration massage.


The manual recliner is a chair that can be shifted into a reclining position, from basic to high-end models. A shorter lever or a left-sided handle may be available for the lefty member of the family if the shop offers it, as most recliner handles are on the right.

For those with shorter arms, elongated handles may also be available from some manufacturers. It’s also possible to choose the manual push-back model, which doesn’t even have a handle. Many versions of manual recliners have tension adjusters that allow the recliner to be adjusted to match practically any person’s needs.

Only by doing the’sit and recline’ test while seated in the chair in-store can you be confident you have the strength to easily recline the chair.


For those who have limited mobility or strength, a power recliner is the best option. It’s more pricey, but a powered chair moves more smoothly and conveniently. With the power recliner, you may adjust the position of your legs and back at any time. When you remove your finger from the button, the chair locks into place.

Lift recliner:

Using a motorized lift chair is the ideal option if you need assistance standing up from a seated posture. To get in and out of the chair or to fully recline the back, simply press a button on the remote control. All reclining positions are supported by the same one-piece seat and back, avoiding gaps.


There’s no better rocking chair than the power rocking recliner with headrest and lumbar support for people who like to rock and recline. You can relax in a variety of positions because to the separate support for your head, neck, and lower back. It allows you to enjoy activities such as reading, conversing, or watching television at optimum viewing angles.

If you’d want a more in-depth look at the distinctions between power and manual recliners, take a look at this article.

Watch the video below or read our guide to the most frequently asked questions about La-Z-Boy motorized recliners.

4. What Kind of Fabric/Covers are Best for Me?

When purchasing a recliner for your house, your choice of fabric or leather upholstery is critical. It’s difficult to even begin to sort through all of the possibilities.

Choosing between leather and upholstery is the first step.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing your Chair Cover:

  • Comfort
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

With its distinctive grain and texture, leather gets most of its value from being a natural raw material and the qualities it lends to furniture it enwraps. BUT not all leather is created equal. Many types of leather are used for furniture and the more processes it undergoes the less valuable it becomes. Make sure you know the type of leather used when selecting this cover for your sofa or chair. Top grain leather is the uppermost — top— layer of the cowhide and considered the most valuable, but it will cost you more.

Leather’s worth is mostly derived from its unique grain and texture, as well as the features it imparts to the furniture it covers. Leather isn’t the same from one brand to the next. Because there are so many different kinds of leather that may be used for furniture, the more processing it goes through, the less valuable it gets. You should know the sort of leather used before purchasing this couch or chair cover. When it comes to leather, top grain is the most expensive because it is the thickest and most valuable layer of the hide.

They consist of:

  • Designed to withstand wear and tear while being easy to clean, performance textiles
  • Technology such as La-Z-iClean Boy’s textiles, which repel spills, provides peace of mind by being stain-resistant.
  • Textiles created from recycled plastic bottles, such as La-Z-conserveTM Boy’s Sustainable Fabrics, are examples of environmentally responsible options.
  • To prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and odour-causing germs, the fabric is antimicrobial.
  • tested to imitate scratches and wear caused by pets to ensure a long-lasting and easy-to-clean material

After that, check to see if your chosen colors and patterns go well with the rest of the room’s furnishings and accents. For more than one chair, you may wish to hire an interior designer for advice.

To learn more about fabric and colour choices check out these articles:

5. How Much Does a Recliner Cost?

The price of a chair is affected by a wide range of factors. Customization, upgrade options, and quality are just a few examples. The frequency and purpose of your recliner’s use must be considered while purchasing it.

If you plan to utilize your furniture on a regular basis, it should be of high quality. You’ll want to learn about the recliner’s components and functions, as well as the options and textiles that are available.

To get a better sense of what your post-purchase protection will look like, you can also inquire about the company’s warranty and protection plan information.

La-Z-Boy may not be your best option if you’re searching for a recliner in the $299-$399 price bracket. At big-box stores like Costco or The Brick, you may have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Let us know if you have any further queries about recliners’ prices. Take a look at our article on the price of a recliner.

How Much do La-Z-Boy Recliners Cost?

Prices for La-Z-Boy recliners begin at $999 and rise accordingly. Recliners ranging from the mid-range to the high-end are what we specialize in. Check out how much does a La-Z-Boy recliner chair cost? to learn more about the factors that affect the price of a La-Z-Boy recliner.

*Prices for La-Z-Boy furniture may be modified without notice. Two times a year, we plan to update all of our cost-related content. A few months ago, this article was updated. We encourage you to visit lzb.com and select a store location in Ottawa or Kingston to see the most current price.

If you were to compare a La-Z-Boy chair to other well-known chair manufacturers, which would you choose? This topic is covered in further depth in the following articles: La-Z-Boy Versus Stressless and Palliser vs. La-Z Boy, to name a few.

La-Z-Boy has a kiln-dried hardwood four-sided structure.

6. Secret Recliners: Recliners That you Wouldn’t Expect

It’s possible you’re wondering, “Yeah, recliners are comfortable, but are they fashionable?” The question is whether or not it will fit in my house.

Many people’s first impression of a recliner is that it is large and heavy. Trying to find a place that is both elegant and comfy is made more difficult by our preconceived notions. The options available to us may be constrained as a result of these factors.

Being informed of all your alternatives will help prevent this. When looking for the greatest recliners on the market, it’s important to take your time and really look at what’s out there. Using the internet to perform your research will save you time and money in the long run.

From traditional to contemporary, La-Z-collection Boy’s of furniture has something for everyone. La-Z-Boy has a wide variety of styles and comfort levels to choose from, and most customers who visit a showroom for the first time are astonished by the options.

10 Best Most Comfortable Recliners - Ideas on Foter

Here are Some Recliner Options you Might Not Expect from La-Z-Boy:

Urban Attitudes Collection:

With a modern twist on classic designs, this is a new range of furniture. Clean lines and designer accents make these recliners suitable for any room, style, or budget. It’s simple to mix and match pieces from Urban Attitudes, and each piece may be customized to your exact specifications.

Visit Urban Attitudes to discover more about our Urban Attitudes Collection.

Duo Collection:

Sofas, loveseats, and chairs with the ability to recline, ranging in style from conventional to contemporary. Designer recliners that save space without sacrificing comfort or style.

A wall-to-wall chair allows you to put your feet up and relax in comfort. It’s the only product of its kind on the market at the moment. In terms of functionality, it’s like a recliner, yet it has the appearance of a standard chair. savor comfort without sacrificing quality.

Check out our in-depth look at the duo® furniture collection for more information about our Duo Collection.

European Collection

Made in China, these recliners boast a sleek and modern design. They’re designed with the European consumer in mind, who prefers more compact pieces of furniture in their houses. In North America, and notably in Canada, these looks are becoming increasingly trendy.

The same high-quality materials as our North American versions go into the construction of our international models, which come in a variety of leather colors.

Check out these secret recliners for more recliners that don’t resemble recliners.

7. Recliner Delivery or Pick-up?

“When will I be able to pick up my brand new home decor?”

After a few weeks of waiting, you’ll be able to pick up your recliner.

If you reside near one of their retail locations, you can usually arrange for furniture delivery.

If the chair you choose is in stock, you can expect delivery of your recliner within a week or two. Delivery time for custom recliners might range from six to fourteen weeks. These reclining chairs are made to order for a specific customer with their specifications in mind. The manufacturer must then ship the chair to the warehouse, where it will be stored until it is ready to be delivered to the consumer.

In terms of delivery methods, there are three main categories. If they are included in the pricing of your furniture or not, they all have a price.

  1. Delivery to your front door
  2. Standard delivery (placed in the home)

If you’d like to learn more about how much furniture delivery in Ottawa costs, check out this page:

La-Z-Boy has a flat delivery price of $129.95 for customers in Kingston and Ottawa. Delivery from outside of town costs $169.99. Learn more about our delivery and pick-up services by contacting us.

Furniture deliveries are taking longer than usual because of the pandemic. See how COVID-19 is affecting furniture delivery delays for additional information on the current lead time.

Save on delivery costs:

You can pick up your new recliner from the store the same day you buy it if you’re only buying one. Several recliners can be dismantled for easy transportation.

8. Recliner Checklist:

Choosing a comfortable, high-quality recliner is only half of the equation when comparing different recliner companies. Your new chair will be delivered and installed properly only if you work with a reputable furniture provider.

Additional services like as design and post-purchase support are also available to enhance your overall experience with the company.

We’ve compiled a list of things to look for when looking for a well-made chair to save you time.

Take a copy of our recliner shopping checklist with you when you go to the store.

Recliners, by their very nature, feature a plethora of moving parts. There are a number of reasons why some of these parts can and do break down.

A recliner’s architecture and characteristics might assist you determine the likelihood of this happening.

Regardless of which manufacturer you choose, it’s a good idea to inquire about what services are available in the event of a problem.

For the most part, when you buy something, you’ll get some kind of guarantee or insurance included. Because of this, they should be able to service and verify your chair’s coverage.

You can learn more about the coverage provided by Ottawa/La-Z-Boy Kingston’s by reading the article entitled Is it Worth It?

How to Prepare For My Visit to La-Z-Boy

With this information in mind, you’re probably ready to begin your search for the greatest chair for your needs.

With over 90 years of experience in the furniture industry, you can rest easy knowing that La-Z-Boy is the best selection for your next recliner purchase.

Customers may rely on the expertise of our skilled sales consultants who are knowledgeable about recliners to assist them pick the right one. Quality and diversity are what you can expect from La-Z-chairs. Boy’s

We’ve included some of our most popular La-Z-Boy chair reviews and articles below. There are various recliner sizes to choose from.

  • The Pinnacle Reclining Sofa (medium fit)
  • It is the Rowan Recliner (medium fit)
  • Indulge in the Harbor Town Reclining Sofa! (petite fit)
  • The Recliner Astor by Canadel (extra tall fit)

Reclining Trouper (medium fit)

La-Z-Boy recliner pricing questions can be answered at any of our Ottawa and Kingston area locations or by scheduling an in-person or video consultation today.


The classic rocker or swivel recliner is ideal for traditionalists. Everyone in the family will enjoy sitting on these chairs because of their affordability and comfort. Additionally, you have the option of selecting from a variety of upholstery types, such as a leather or microfiber recliner with great performance. The arms and back of a chair should have extra padding for maximum comfort.

Ask about wall hugger recliners, which allow you to place the chair next to the wall while yet allowing it to recline completely. Custom fabric options, a swivel base, and built-in cup holders are all possible extras.

These ultra-comfortable high-leg recliners make beautiful accent chairs even more attractive. They may not be able to move, but they still allow you to put your feet up and read a good book or watch a television show while you relax.


If you’re in the market for a power reclining chair, couch, or loveseat, you’re going to be blown away by the choices you have. With a single press of a button, you may adjust the position of the footrest and power headrest to suit your personal preferences. You and your loved ones will be able to relax to the fullest because of the added flexibility!

10 Best Most Comfortable Recliners - Ideas on Foter

In-built power stations are a common feature of electric recliners. It’s now easier than ever to recharge your phone or tablet without having to sift through the clutter of furniture to find an outlet. Do not worry about the cost, either! Power recliners can be found for surprisingly low prices at.

Electric lift chairs may be the ideal answer for folks who have difficulty standing. When the user wants to get up and go for a walk, the dual motors in this reclining chair make it possible for them to do so with ease. Now is the best opportunity to buy one for your elderly relatives or those with limited hip movement!


It’s not just chairs that benefit from reclining systems, but. For every room, you’ll have access to a wide variety of reclining furniture. Invest in a motorized and reclining sofa so that everyone in your living area can relax in comfort. Moreover, these reclining sectionals will allow you to comfortably seat all of your visitors when they come over to your house.

Be on the lookout for recliners with built-in consoles and cup holders when shopping for loveseats and sectionals. To keep remotes and other knick-knacks out of sight, these pieces are perfect for providing extra storage, as well as cup holders to minimize spills!

Do not forget about fashion either! Sofas and other reclining furniture are available in a wide range of brown and beige colours, as well as a variety of fabric and leather options. Recliner furniture is often made of microfiber or faux leather since they are both durable and comfy, and they both look and feel amazing.