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Pulling the lever on your Lazyboy recliner is a little too difficult for you? Or does it recline so much that it’s inconvenient to use? Lazyboy recliners have a function that lets you to adjust the tension. If you’re taller or heavier than average, you can change the reclining mechanism’s tension to suit your needs. If you’re petite, you may want to lower the tension on your chair to reduce the amount of effort required to recline. If you’re heavier, you may need to tighten the reclining mechanism’s springs a little more to get the perfect recline.

Feed don’t touch floor or leans too far back?

This is a frequently requested question on a well-known issue. As a result, we produced an article specifically to address this problem. The article can be found HERE.

How to Adjust a Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest: The Definitive Guide - Krostrade

How do you adjust the recliner tension?

Wing nuts or thumb wheels are used to fine-tune the reclining mechanism tension on Lazyboy recliners. Tilt your recliner chair forward so that you can see what’s underneath it. Lazyboy models with wing nuts, including the Recline-Rocker and Relina-Way, and those with thumb wheels, like the Recline Glider Swivel, have wing nuts. They can be found either in the back or in the middle of the chair, depending on the model. Thumb wheels and wing nuts both include an adjustment mechanism.

To raise the reclining tension, spin the thumb wheels or wing nuts one-quarter turn clockwise to increase the tension. Repeat the process on the other side. The wing nuts or thumb wheels on both sides can be turned counter-clockwise by one quarter to reduce the tension. Adjusting the tension on both sides equally is critical, and you should make one quarter of a turn each time until you’re satisfied. Put the chair back in its upright position and test the new reclining settings after turning both sides one-quarter. The procedures can be repeated one more time, this time turning each side by a quarter turn.

Never loosen or tighten the thumb wheels or wing nuts all the way while adjusting recliner tension. The tension spring may be damaged if this is done. Following the necessary modifications, ensure that the spring does not move from its socket. – The spring should no longer move when you tighten the thumb wheel or wing nut crosswise by at least a half turn. It is not recommended that the spring be fully squeezed following the adjustments. Make sure the thumb wheels or wing nuts are loosening by at least half a turn counter-clockwise, and you’ll be good to go!

Do you need a new tension spring?

To replace a broken tension spring, simply go to Amazon and purchase a replacement. If your chair needs to be replaced, be sure to order the correct one.

How to Adjust a Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest

The footrest of your lazy boy recliner can be adjusted simply loosening the cable tension. As a result, use an Allen wrench to loosen the armrest’s attachment to the chair’s back with the top bolt (see image).

When the cable is attached, you’ll notice a metal loop. This loop can be turned to relieve the cable’s tension and be adjusted as necessary (see image).

You may now tighten or loosen the footrest of your lazy boy chair simply altering the amount of slack in that metal loop.

The chair should also be checked for wear and tear on a regular basis.

Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest Maintenance

Check the cable on your lazy boy recliner footrest on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear.

Using an Allen wrench, you can remove the armrest from the chair by loosening the screws holding it to the back.

To tighten or loosen the cable tension, adjust the amount of slack in the metal loop that is attached to the cable and turn it in the desired direction.

In the end, if you can afford it, replace any worn parts with new ones.

How to Care for Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest?

When your chair’s footrest requires a thorough cleaning, do so. A Murphy’s Oil Soap-based upholstery cleanser like Murphy’s Oil Soap can also be used to get rid of stains.

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How to Clean Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest?

Vacuum cleaners and upholstery cleaners are both suitable for the job.

Are Lazy Boy recliners bad for your back?

The recliners from Lazy Boy are known for their excellent balance of comfort and support.

How long should a Lazy Boy recliner last?

The amount of time you spend in your Lazy Boy chair determines how long it will last.

Are Lazy Boy recliners good quality?

Recliners made by Lazy Boy are well-known for their high level of comfort and quality.

How to Fix Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest?

After adjusting the footrest so that the leg lifts more easily, replacing any damaged or worn parts, cleaning and vacuuming the footrest, and wiping down any spills, you may mend your lazy boy foot rest.

If your recliner has loose upholstery or stuffing

Look for screws to see if the seat pad is secure. If this is the case, use a screwdriver to tighten them and check that none of the paddings are slipping out from underneath.

Using scissors or a knife, carefully cut the seat pad ties from one end of the chair at an angle to remove it without making it harder to make repairs later on. That way, when you sew the new upholstery onto the chair, everything will fit perfectly.

A screwdriver and hex key set or an Allen wrench are required if your recliner’s metal frame has to be tightened.

Drilling new holes for the hardware that will be used to attach them to the seat pad may be necessary for some.

Begin your project by checking with a local furniture retailer to ensure that the chair is in working order.

In the process of moving forward, cushioning is sucked out from beneath the recliner.

In order to remove the seat pad without complicating future repairs, look for any ties in the pad and carefully cut them off at an angle.

Tighten screws with an Allen wrench or screwdriver.

New holes for hardware attachment can be drilled with a drill bit of the appropriate size. It’s possible to find the right hardware for your chair at a furniture store, but it’s up to you whether or not to do so.

What is the best brand of recliner to buy?

There are many different kinds of recliners out there, and not all of them are created equal. It’s possible that some products are of greater quality and come with better warranties, while others may not last as long or require more maintenance than other products. How much importance you place on the chair’s durability and lifetime will determine which brand is right for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding how to properly use the footrest on your recliner.

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What recliners are comparable to Lazy Boy?

Comfortable and long-lasting recliners are the greatest. To get the most out of your chair, it’s best to hire a professional or purchase a new one.

Finding one that works for your lifestyle and preferences may seem like an expensive investment at the time, but you’ll save money in the long term by not having to buy another one.

What recliners are not comparable to Lazy Boy?

A cheap, low-quality chair cannot be compared to a high-end piece of furniture like the Lazy Boy recliners. If this chair is created by the same company, it can only be classed in the same category.


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