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Having a tanning bed in your own home might be a terrific way to maintain a beautiful tan all year round.

Many of today’s tanning bed options appear to be smaller than they were a few years ago.

However, the weight of these beds is vital to know.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the floor beneath the bed is strong enough to sustain the weight of the bed itself.

In order to get the most value from your tanning bed purchase, you should do as much research as possible before making a purchase.

How Much Does a Tanning Bed Weigh?

From a 200-pound model to a 600-pound one, residential tanning beds range in weight.

At least 600 pounds is the standard weight of a commercial tanning bed, but some models can weigh up to 1,000 pounds!

A tanning bed’s weight depends on its production materials, as well as any optional extras it may include.

Listed below are 20 tanning bed models and their corresponding weights.

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1. Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

The Solar Storm 32-Lamp home tanning bed is a hefty 282 pounds in weight.

This tanning bed’s overall dimensions are 83″ by 39″, which is about average for the industry.

Among the 16 high-output lamps, you’ll also discover eight lamps for the arms and faces, as well as eight separate lighting for the faces alone.

The model’s efficiency and tanning power are ensured by the unit’s internal aluminum reflectors.

This will necessitate an inside bed that may be upgraded as needed throughout time.

This 282 pound piece of equipment will be put together with minimal effort, despite its size.

2. Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed (SL16B) – 110V

The Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed weighs just 190 pounds, making it an excellent option for those looking for something basic and light.

There are 16 lamps and a tanning bed in this unit.

With the Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning bed’s lower size, you can still achieve a tan in around 20 minutes.

The 110V model may be plugged into any outlet in your house, and it is built to withstand the test of time.

Consider the Wolff Sunfire if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

3. Prosun Jade 32 110V Home Tanning Bed

The ProSun Jade 32 is 325 pounds in weight.

You’ll need some help getting a ProSun Jade installed in your home because of its weight.

There are 18 110-watt bulbs and 14 100-watt lamps included in the Jade’s setup.

To achieve a nice tanning outcome in this machine, you’ll need at least 20 minutes, but some people discover that they need less than 20 minutes.

The ProSun Jade has a sleeker, European-inspired design.

4. Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed With Face Tanning – 110V

In terms of weight, the Solar Storm 32S Residential clocks in at 282.

One of the largest residential units on the market, this model comes in three different colors.

Fast and comfortable tanning may be achieved with the 32S Residential Tanning Bed.

With an additional 16 SunFusion lamps aimed at the face, this model provides facial tanning.

When it comes to hard-to-reach spots, the Solar Storm has some of the most comprehensive coverage available.

5. Prosun Onyx 2 32 SLI

At 375 pounds, this model from ProSun is a tad on the heavy side for this design.

In contrast, with the ProSun, you’ll always receive the sleeker European design.

If you’re willing to invest a bit more money but want a product that will last for many years, look into the ProSun.

Generally speaking, the ProSun brand is well-liked, and many people appreciate the models’ sturdiness and lifespan.

6. Prosun Renuvaskin S420 Stand Up Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

Compared to a tanning bed, stand-up tanning solutions are a lot more cumbersome to use.

The Renuvaskin S420 could be a fantastic choice if you prefer standing up to reclining down.

However, because to the model’s size and weight, you need take precautions to ensure that it is properly supported on the floor.

The 675-pound weight makes it one of the heaviest options available.

When you realize how much this model is capable of, it’s understandable why it’s so heavy.

7. Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth

The Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth is 645 pounds heavy.

Although this booth is designed to fit just one person, it appears to be able to hold several.

The Solar Storm is a commercial model, which means that customers will get a faster tan than they would with a home tanning system.

In addition, this is a 48 ST, which means that 48 lights are giving the tan.

You’ll be sure to obtain an even and thorough tan on every part of your body because most household models only have 24 of these lights.

8. Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Commercial tanning beds don’t have to be enormous to be effective.

For a smaller tanning parlor, the Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed is a great option.

This type has 32 lights, which is more than enough to tan a person, but it is smaller than some of the commercial units that have 46 or 48 lamps.

The Solar Storm has a weight of 350 lbs.

UV eye protection is included in this commercial model to ensure the safety of you or your clients when they use it.

How Much Does A Tanning Bed Weigh? (20 Examples)

This solar hair dryer is an excellent pick as long as you have the means to hook it into your house or salon.

As a 220V model, you’ll have to put in some elbow grease to get it up and running.

9. ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed

In terms of weight and design, the ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed weighs 238 pounds and may be used at home.

The Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed uses 1,400 watts of power to provide a 20-minute tan.

The model can be used in a business setting if desired, however the tanning bed’s lifespan may be shortened.

The aesthetically pleasing tanning bed comes with a cooling system that makes tanning even more enjoyable.

Overall, this is a good tanning bed for folks who want to get started at home but may eventually want to utilize it in a professional setting.

10. ESB Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed For Home Use

Galaxy 18 tanning beds are worth noting while discussing ESB’s Galaxy tan beds.

Rather of being used in a commercial setting, this 260-pound device is intended primarily for usage at home.

You’ll notice that the tanning power of the Galaxy 18 is stronger than that of the Galaxy 14 when you use it.

When compared to the Galaxy 14, this model’s tanning lamp produces 1,800 watts of electricity instead of the 1,400 watts.

As a result, the ESB Galaxy’s price has gone up a little, just because it has greater power.

Despite its small size, this model has a lot of useful features.

You won’t have a problem getting the ESB to fit in your home if you have enough room against the wall.

11. ESB Solar Wave 16L

Overwhelmingly large, the ESB Solar Wave 16L is a whopping 250 pounds heavy.

Even if you’ve never used a tanning bed before, this 110V model is simple to set up and use.

Those who have never had a tanning solution in their house should avoid hardwired units at the beginning.

As an alternative, the ESB Solar Wave 16L could be an excellent option.

In terms of comfort and features, this is a top-of-the-the-line model.

After just 20 minutes of patience, you’ll be as tan as can be.

There are a lot of economical and lightweight at-home tanning devices available, but the ESB Solar Wave 16L is one of the best.

12. KBL Alpha Pearl

KBL is the best-known name in home tanning.

The KBL is noted for its excellent technology and the fact that it is solely designed for commercial use, despite the efforts of certain salon owners to combine commercial and residential alternatives.

The KBL Alpha Pearl is a big, air-conditioned tanner that provides a safe and efficient tan for the user.

While every tanning bed model has its pros and cons, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to point out any drawbacks to the KBL Alpha Pearl.

13. KBL Pure Energy 5.0

It’s a commercial stand-up tanning booth, the KBL Pure energy 5.0.

This type comes in two different weights.

When it comes to weighing, the first one will be approximately 750 pounds, and the second one will be around 850 pounds.

The extra cooling and exhaust systems are to blame for the additional weight.

You may have to deal with additional weight if you want certain features for yourself or your customers.

If you’re considering adding a KBL tanning bed to your tanning bed collection, be aware that these units are among the most expensive on the market.

14. ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

In comparison to the Level 2, the ProSun Onyx Level 1 32 is an older model.

It is possible, however, to get 350-pound versions of them on the market.

While it contains a few commercial features, this bed is still lightweight enough to be used in the house as well.

If you’re looking for a commercial bed that’s both useful and affordable, this might be an excellent option for you to consider purchasing.

15. ProSun High Intense Level V3 Standing Tanning Booth

On our list of hefty tanning booths, the ProSun High Intense standing tanning booth will weigh 675 pounds and be no different.

In a high-end salon, the ProSun is a fast-acting option.

Even while you can buy this for your own home, it is likely to be a lot more machine than you need.

In addition to being expensive, this tanning bed’s total use time may be less than ideal for at-home use.

You can, however, purchase this model if you have the means to move a 675-pound model.

16. Prosun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy

A lightweight tanning bed, the ProSun Renuvaskin, is an excellent alternative to look into.

This red-light canopy is expected to be one of the lightest on our list, at 150 pounds.

If you want to move it around your house, you won’t have any problems.

Tans who use this canopy will have a different experience than those who use regular tanning beds.

If you’re concerned about the weight or space a tanning bed takes up, the ProSun Reunvaskin is an excellent option.

17. Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth – 220V

There’s nothing prohibiting you from installing a commercial-style tanning booth in your own house. ”

Just keep in mind that it will most likely have to be plugged into the house.

If you plan to use the tanning booth on a regular basis, the additional cost of hardwiring the booth could be well worth it.

Weight: 435 lbs. Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth

In spite of its reputation as a lighter choice, the booth is actually quite heavy and may be somewhat cumbersome.

Make sure you don’t do any damage to your home by putting this in the right spot.

18. Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bed in Black With Face Tanning – 110V

At 264 pounds, the Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bad is heavy.

In addition to being black, this tanning bed has the facial tanning specifications that make it stand out from the competition.

A tan can be achieved in 20 minutes using the tanning bed.

If you want to get a tan in fewer than 15 minutes, there is an upgrade available.

In the event that you have a limited amount of time available to achieve the perfect tan, this is an option worth considering.

19. ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed – 110V

Because of its 215-pound weight, this tanning bed comes in at ESB’s Avalon 32 model.

It will be 234 pounds when it is shipped to your home, but it will be much lighter once the packaging is removed.

This is a reasonable weight for a 32-lamp tanning bed.

A built-in safety timer and more than 1,000 hours of tanning light life are included in the tanning bed itself.

There is no doubt that the ESB Avalon is a long-term investment.

Green energy technology in the Avalon 32 Tanning Bed is worth investigating.

20. Sunfire 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed

Sunfire’s 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed is a hefty 250-pound beast..

This 24-lamp luxury tanning option can help you achieve a tan that is both rapid and thorough.

There is an MP3 player and an FM radio built-in to the device.

The fact that it uses room air to ventilate rather than exhaust fumes outside is one of its many advantages.

This is a popular model to bring the salon inside your home if you are someone who spends a lot of time at the tanning salon.


In the long run, commercial tanning beds will be far more beneficial than home tanning beds. A commercial bed may be used multiple times a day and every day of the week, but a home bed may only be used a few times a week or even once a day.

How Much Does A Tanning Bed Weigh? (20 Examples)

Commercial beds are frequently composed of sturdier materials, including steel and thick acrylic, in order to handle this difficulty. Tanners who go in and out of the bed multiple times a day can benefit from the enhanced strength and durability of these fabrics.

Not that residential beds are weak, but that they’re designed for significantly less frequent use doesn’t indicate that they are. Home tanning beds are lighter and easier to move because to thinner acrylics and aluminum construction.


Tanning beds for the home should be able to plug into standard household outlets. This means that your tanning bed at home probably consumes less power than a salon’s equipment (saving you energy and money).

A tanning salon’s goal is to attract a large number of consumers on a daily basis. The more appointments they can book in a day, the faster they can get clients in and out of the door.

Commercial beds, on the other hand, are frequently built to be more efficient. Commercial tanning beds are more potent than home tanning beds due to factors such as higher voltage, more tanning bed lights, and bronzing bulbs (which penetrate the skin more deeply than standard bulbs).


Commercial tanning beds, which may weigh up to 500 pounds, use heavy-duty materials, but residential tanning beds are designed to be readily moved around a home. Home tanning beds typically weigh half as much.

Again, salon tanning beds are more durable because of the heavier materials utilized in their construction. The weight isn’t a problem because they’re rarely moved.


A wide variety of people utilize commercial tanning beds, including those of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. Larger and simpler to get in and out beds are common in salons because everyone can utilize the beds.

As long as the person or family who will be using it is comfortable, they can get a residential bed that will fit their needs.


It’s easy to see why commercial tanning beds are more expensive than their domestic counterparts: they’re built with sturdier materials, have more lamps, and offer better results faster.

Commercial tanning beds can cost twice as much as domestic beds, however there is a wide variety of rates for both types of beds. Expect to pay between $1,600 and $3,000 for a home bed and between $2,700 and $7,000 for a salon bed.

Bottom Line

There are considerable distinctions between salon tanning beds and home tanning beds due to the fact that salon beds must be lucrative. Owners have to provide a particular degree of service, and home beds simply aren’t powerful or sturdy enough to meet those standards.

Because the guarantee is designed to address faults that arise when using the product as intended… utilizing a residential tanning bed in an industrial setting could violate that warranty.

Tanning salons aren’t equipped for such a task; commercial salons may even contain diagnostic technologies.

With a large purchase like a tanning bed comes a lot of responsibility. You or your customers will have a better tanning experience if you choose the proper bed.