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If you want to know how to take apart Bob’s Queen Anne recliner, then this post is where you need to start.

This article covers the process of how to disassemble Bob’s Queen Ann recliner and will give you all the tools that you need including which ones to use first and last!

Steps on how Disassembling Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner

Learn what equipment you’ll need and in what order to dismantle Bob’s Queen Anne recliner here.

Step 2: Once the bolts are out, pull off the wooden blocks holding the arm in place using a pry bar or other flat item like a butter knife.

Third, find the spot where the cloth or leather is attached to Bob’s Queen Ann recliner and cut it with your scissors to remove the arm.

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Remove the bottom bolts from Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner by loosening them using a flat-head screwdriver (step 4). Don’t break or bend anything!

Fifth, recline the chair by pushing down on the metal handle located on the underside of the mechanism and pulling back until you feel some resistance.

The sixth step is to raise the entire seat by pulling up on the chair as if you were sitting in it.

Seventh, once the four bolts holding the arm of Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner have been removed, remove any remaining bolts. To accomplish this, you may need to use some muscle!

Eighth, remove one or two springs from Bob’s Queen Anne recliner by locating their attachment points. This is where the reclining mechanism of Bob starts to get complicated.

After removing any remaining screws or nuts, carefully pry Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner away from the wall.

Tenth Stage: Bob’s brand-new, plush chair is delivered. The recliner has been dismantled and is almost ready to be transported out of the house for the last time. Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner can be easily dismantled by first removing any leftover screws or bolts from the outside, and then gently prying it off.

Don’t yank on the springs attached to Bob’s chair too hard, or you’ll snap them.

The next step is to gently pull out one or two springs from Bob’s Queen Ann Recliner. Reclining mechanism disassembly is the final challenge.

What is Bob’s Ann Recliner?

The term “Ann Recliner” is used to describe a certain style of recliner that typically includes a footrest. It may also include padded headrests (“headboards”) and armrests for your convenience. Most homes have at least one Ann Recliner, a popular choice for lounging in front of the television or reading a good book.

How do you Assemble Bob’s Anne Recliner?

Putting together Bob’s Anne Recliner is as simple as connecting the springs to the metal frame. Bob’s Ann Recliners can be put together in one of two ways:

Method One: Screwing springs onto the metal frame’s ends, then leaning the frame against a wall and tightening the screws using an Allen wrench (or screwdriver)

Second, you can screw the metal frame into a piece of plywood using an Allen wrench after attaching one or more springs to each of the frame’s ends (or screwdriver).

How Advantages of Owning a Bob’s Queen Recliner

  • All rooms can benefit from the addition of Bob’s Ann Recliner, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • To save money, wait for an Anne Recliner sale.
  • If your existing seating arrangement causes discomfort after sitting for a few hours, a reclining chair will be a welcome addition as you watch TV or read.
  • When seated, a Queen Ann Recliner will support your back and ensure proper posture.

The Disadvantages of Owning a Bob’s Queen Anne Recliner

The additional space required by a reclining sofa is a drawback for those who own one. If you have a modest-sized dwelling, this could be inconvenient.

Anyone short enough to reach the lever on a recliner will find it uncomfortable.

How to Care Bob’s Queen Anne Recliner

When not in use, recliners should always have their power cords disconnected.

It’s normal for leather to crack over time. To prevent this from happening, use a conditioner and other care products when necessary

How to Prevent Wear and Tear on Bob’s Ann Recliner

Cracking leather is an inevitable part of the aging process. Apply conditioner and other preventative measures as needed to avoid this.

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Use a mild steam cleaner to clean the couch and chair cushions. Add an enzymatic cleanser to the water before steaming if you’re concerned about stains on the fabric.

Do not let your wooden creatures sit in the recliner, since they will inevitably shed hair and track dirt onto the fabric.

In order to prevent fires, recliners should never have their power cords left plugged in when not in use.

Contemporary pieces of furniture are expected to last for years. You should get in touch with a professional right away if any of your pieces have damaged or cracked components.

Unlike even the most plush sofa, a power recliner may be adjusted to your exact reclining position. Power recliners have motorized adjustments that allow for customized comfort by relieving pressure on the back, legs, and neck. These chairs can be customized with a variety of features to meet a variety of demands, including charging electronic devices, massaging fatigued muscles, and even tilting and raising the seat to help the user stand up safely.

When looking for a power recliner, you have a lot of options in terms of design and customization. The next time you need to make a large furniture buy, the following curated list of some of the top power recliner chairs around today can serve as a useful starting point for narrowing down the options. Learn more about what to look for in a comfortable power recliner by reading on.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Power Recliners

One of the best ways to unwind in style is on a power recliner. It’s important to do some research and comparison shopping before settling on a new recliner. Power recliners require access to an electrical outlet regardless of the model, size, fabric, or any other customization options you may have selected. Because of this, they should probably be installed close to a wall with an accessible electrical outlet.

Types of Power Recliners

There is a wide variety of styles and configurations available for power recliners to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of any home. While all power recliners require connection to an electrical outlet in order to function, some models sell or can be modified to accept an additional battery pack that allows them to function even when the power is out.

There are chairs that can swivel, rock, and accommodate larger users. A lift chair recliner can make getting in and out of the chair much simpler, making it ideal for the elderly or anyone with mobility issues. Reclining sofas and motorized seat-and-a-half recliners are great solutions for families seeking for a comfortable shared seating solution.

Reclining Options

Since a motor (or set of motors) is used to control the reclining motion of a power recliner, it is possible to do more with the chair than with a manual recliner. The foot and leg positions, as well as the head, neck, and back, are usually movable.

When it comes to power recliners, the number of positions available to the user is virtually infinite. Usually, there are a number of settings that may be changed to make them more or less comfortable for the user. Adjustable lumbar and headrests are available on some motorized recliners. The most effective power recliners offer a wide range of back angles, allowing for a fully reclined position that is ideal for watching TV or even nodding off.

Some power recliners have motorized adjustments in addition to the standard functions. Designs known as “wall huggers” or “wall recliners” are available for some. In order to place the chair closer to a wall, its base reclines forward rather than backward.


Power recliners don’t take up any more room than a standard recliner or an overstuffed armchair. Consider the intended users, the intended location for the power recliner, and the available space before beginning your search for a new chair.

The optimal size option may change based on factors such as the user’s height or the available floor space. Power recliners have come a long way in recent years, and there are now specific models available for “large and tall” customers who need extra padding or an elongated seat.

Some versions of power recliners are compact enough to fit in tighter quarters without compromising on convenience. These compact power reclining chairs are ideal for apartments or homes with limited floor space and for transporting the chair up and down stairs or tight hallways. Before settling on a motorized recliner, make sure you take accurate measurements of the planned room, including any entry doorways, corridors, and staircases.


Outside of cost and aesthetics, one of the most important factors in choosing a motorized recliner is likely available room. One way to limit down the search for the perfect chair is to measure the available space and then compare those numbers to those listed for available chairs. Most chairs that can be reclined are one of three sizes and need the following clearances:

  • When placing a small motorized recliner (about 30 inches wide), allow for an additional 5 inches of space on either side.
  • About 40 to 45 inches of breadth is needed for medium power recliners, which are typically 32 to 38 inches broad.
  • Large power recliners, typically measuring between 40 and 44 inches wide, necessitate a width of 50 inches or more.

When seated, there should be at least 5 inches of space between the top of the chair and the wall or neighboring furniture. Make sure you have adequate space in the entryway for the chair delivery by measuring its breadth.

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Choices in upholstery for motorized recliners are practically limitless. Different types of synthetic materials, such as those that are excellent at resisting spills and stains, are available in addition to the more traditional leather and cloth. Many manufacturers provide customers with the option to select their own fabric for their furniture, making it easy to find a perfect match for the chair in question or to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home.

Leather, synthetics, and eco-friendly textiles are all available as upholstery options for many of today’s finest motorized recliners. When selecting a fabric for a chair, take into account both the decor of the room and the people who will be using it. Many fabric treatments provide stain resistance or even antibacterial properties, making some materials easier to clean or wipe away after accidents (such as those caused by pets). If you have a special requirement, discussing cleaning choices and comparing potential repair costs with a furniture retailer is a good place to start.

Advanced Features

You can adjust the seat’s recline to multiple angles with the touch of a button, but that’s only one of many comfort features available. Massage and warming functions are only two of the optional extras that may be found on some models of power recliners. Some versions of power recliner allow for a high degree of personalization, which is one of the qualities that sets them apart from standard chairs.

Due of the need for electricity, several modern power recliners have included USB charging ports for usage with mobile devices. Optional massage and heating features are also available for these motorized chairs. Finally, power recliners can be adjusted to swivel, rock, tilt, and lift to facilitate sitting down and getting up.

Our Top Picks

Power recliners come in what feels like an infinite variety of styles and features. There’s a power reclining chair out there that’s perfect for you, no matter your size or the size of your living room. All of the greatest power recliners in their respective categories can be found among the list’s top picks, and they all include powered convenience and adjustable comfort.