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Anyone who likes to nap might benefit from having a catnapper recliner. A day may come, though, when you have to take the back off of it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this procedure, have no fear! A catnapper recliner’s back can be easily removed with the help of the instructions provided in this post.

Steps on Removing the back of a Catnapper Recliner

Step One: Remove the Covers

First, take off any blankets or sheets that might be covering your favorite recliner. These are commonplace on the back and arms of chairs. Take care when removing these parts because there could be screws holding them in place. If there are no screws holding the parts together, you might be able to disassemble it by hand.

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Step Two: Remove the Bolts

Once all of these covers have been removed, you’ll then want to remove any bolts that are holding it in place on the chair itself. Most recliners will only have a few screws or bolts in total, so this should not be too difficult.

After you’ve taken off the cover, you may unscrew the bolts securing the chair to the floor. Recliners often just have a few screws or bolts, so removing them shouldn’t be too challenging.

Step Three: Remove the Back Rest

You should take the recliner’s back off after you’ve unbolted it. The backrest is usually fastened securely, so you may need to use some energy to remove it.

Once again, a screwdriver will be needed to remove any screws that could be involved. If it does not, then you can remove it from your chair by pulling on both ends of the frame.

Step Four: Remove the Cushion

This final phase is the least difficult. You should unzip the cushion and take it off your chair fully, pulling on one side or the other until it comes off.

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How do you clean a Catnapper recliner?

Regular vacuuming will keep the hair and grime away from your catnapper recliner.

To clean the cushion more thoroughly, you can remove it and then use a liquid cleanser (like Fantastik) diluted in warm water. If dust and dirt cannot be shaken loose, they can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth or brushing them away.

How to Care for Catnapper Recliner Cushions

In order to clean the cushions thoroughly, they must be removed from the sofa. Once removed, warm water and a liquid cleaner (like Fantastik) should be used. After shaking the cushion off, remove any remaining debris by wiping it off with a damp cloth or soft brush.

How to Prevent Stains on Catnapper Recliner

To prevent dust and debris from settling into the fabric of your chair, wipe it off frequently with a dry cloth. When cleaning with a liquid, it’s best to avoid letting the solution sit on the cloth for more than three minutes to prevent any potential harm. Before replacing the cushions, carefully pat them dry and spray them with protection spray.

Is catnapper a good brand of furniture?

Recliners have been a specialty for the American company catnapper since its founding in 1987. They are the number two manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture in North America.

They have two plants, one in Tennessee and one in California, where their items are made. Catnapper offers multiple types of furniture, including reclining chairs, couches, and sectionals.

What is the difference between a catnapper and other brands?

When designing their products, Catnapper takes into account how their customers will be sitting. Companies like La-Z-Boy, on the other hand, place more emphasis on “fashion” than on the practicality of their furnishings.

Is catnapper a good recliner?

These rocking chairs are a great product. Unlike other businesses that prioritize form above function, they’ve been around for over 20 years and put an emphasis on ergonomics.

The cost of a recliner can range from $300 to $2,000 or more. Perhaps the cheaper seats, despite being built of lesser quality materials, are still a good buy in the end.

Catnapper sells furniture such recliners, couches, and sectionals. The firm’s products are well-made and durable since they adhere to ergonomic standards. High density foam is used in the construction of Catnappers, making them more supportive than competing models. Additionally, the recliner’s frame is made of strengthened steel so that it doesn’t bend or break during normal use.

If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, or Missouri, you may order a Catnapper from their website or over the phone and have it delivered to you within three weeks.

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Can I use Slipcover on Catnapper Recliner?

Slipcovers can be used on Catnapper Recliners. It’s not as simple to take apart and put back together as other cheaper ones. Each arm of the side rail is attached to a post, and the cloth is wrapped around those posts. Cover removal and replacement are both cumbersome processes due to the design.

What Material is Best for Catnapper Recliner Slipcover?

Slipcovers made of fabric are not recommended because they reveal wear and tear rapidly. Vinyl may be a better option than other materials if you’re hoping to reduce the frequency of replacements.