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An easy feat by no means, assembling a recliner can be a challenge. A little time and effort will have you relaxing in your new favorite spot in no time! See this detailed breakdown of chair assembly from the perspective of one expert.

Steps on Putting a Recliner Together

First, remove the recliner from its packaging and set it up on a level surface. Allen wrenches, Phillips-head screwdrivers, and an electric drill with Phillips-head bits will all be required for assembly. If you don’t already have these things, you should go to a hardware store and get them before proceeding.

How To Install and Remove The Recliner Back - YouTube

Step 2: Disconnect the rear legs from the frame by unscrewing their nuts. Beginning on one side, tighten the Phillips head screws as much as possible as you move clockwise around the device. Repeat this process for the other leg of the recliner.

Third, invert the chair so that the back is facing you. Locate the bolt holes in the chair’s lower legs and loosely screw in a bolt in each one.

Step 4: Have one person stand atop one end while the other person stands atop the other end to counterbalance the weight (starting from where they are standing). Tighten these nuts and bolts to their maximum capacity.

Fifth, flip the chair over so that the seat is facing down, and then secure the bolts. This will make the rear leg of your chair more stable, reducing the amount of rocking or frame movement in response to side pressure.

Step 6: Do the same thing on the other side, and keep going until all eight legs are screwed in firmly.

When you’re finished, check to see that the chair’s base is level and flat across all four legs.

Once your chair is back upright, proceed to Step 7 to locate the appropriate holes in the frame’s back legs. Put bolts through the holes (from the inside of the frame out), then tighten them from both ends. If you want to know how to assemble a chair, here are the eight simple steps to follow.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Recliner?

When compared to buying individual pieces of furniture, this method is far more cost-effective for the typical consumer who does not have access to a wide variety of tools for assembling furniture.

Depending on the size and weight of your chair, the price can range from $150 to $250 to have it professionally assembled. This also holds true if you require any sort of installation.

While most homeowners should be able to put up their new chair, there are instances when it’s best to have a professional do it to ensure it’s done well.

If you don’t know much about making furniture or have never done it before, it’s best to hire an expert.

Why do I Need to Care for my Recliner?

Many of us are big fans of recliners and spend considerable time in them.

If you want them to endure as long as possible, you need to give them the attention they deserve.

How to Attach and Detach the Back of a Recliner | Living Spaces

The following are a few tips on how you can do this:

Always give your reclining furniture (sofas, chairs, and recliners) a thorough once-over and clean as needed.

Second, when the recliner is in its upright position, you should not rest your feet on the floor or the chair’s arms.

Third, if you have kids who like to climb on things, keep them off the recliner by not letting them use it as a ladder.

Bring all outside furniture indoors for the winter to prevent it from freezing and breaking when you try to use it again in the spring.

Fifth, if your chair, couch, or other furniture is going to be in direct sunlight for an extended time, cover it with some fabric.

Towel off any liquids that may have spilled on your sofa or chair, and then use an enzyme cleanser if the stain persists (tip #6).

If you want to hide the telltale traces of natural aging on wood furniture, apply polish to it regularly. A clear coat of UV protectant is recommended for use on dark wood furniture that will be placed in direct sunlight.

Take the recliner outside to a well-ventilated place if the dirt or stains from spilt drinks or food won’t come out with frequent washing. The discoloration can be removed with rubbing alcohol and a soft cleaning pad. After it has dried, you may bring it back inside and clean it with a vacuum or a damp towel.

How Much to Reupholster a Reclinerener

Recliners can vary in cost from as little as $100 to as much as $600, depending on their size and the fabric used.

A simple plastic or vinyl chair can cost as little as zero to two hundred dollars, whereas a leather sofa that has been soiled by pets can cost eight hundred to one thousand dollars.

How to Remove Your La-Z-Boy Recliner Back

What You’ll Need:

Convertible Flathead/Slotted Screwdriver

  1. Move your recliner forward and relax.
  2. Find the Rear Mounting Brackets and Twist to Lock
  3. Raise Locking Levers and Pry with a Slotted Screwdriver
  4. Bring the Reclining Chair Back to Its Original Position by Rolling It Backwards
  5. To detach the back support, rock the chair from side to side, then lift it up.

Take This Opportunity to Tighten Your Brackets

Your La-Z-Boy recliner’s back brackets may become unfastened after some time.

If you take the back off your recliner, you can tighten the screws on the brackets to make them more stable.

Also, the body brackets have exposed screws that can be tightened. These are the supporting brackets for the rear.

By snugging these screws, you can prevent your recliner’s back from swaying.

You can now reassemble your La-Z-Boy Recliner by tightening these screws.

How to Install Your La-Z-Boy Recliner Back

What You’ll Need

Screwdriver, Flathead/Slotted

  1. Place Brackets at a Slight Angle to the Back
  2. Move your recliner forward and relax.
  3. Push Locking Levers Down with Slotted Screwdriver
  4. Locking Levers: Drive Slotted Screwdriver Inward
  5. Using a gentle twisting motion from side to side, you can verify proper installation.

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