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Nothing beats the feeling of settling into a high-quality chair after a hard day. You want your perfect recliner experience to last as long as possible, so you take care of it and make sure it stays in pristine condition. While it is true that no piece of furniture can be made to endure forever, there are steps you may do to extend the life of your beloved chair. How to make your recliner last a little longer.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Almost all pieces of furniture come with a brochure or documentation detailing proper maintenance. Because of variations in construction methods, upholstery supplies, and frame construction among manufacturers, it’s important to read and follow the care recommendations included with your chair. Keep the papers safe, as it may contain important information about the warranty and how to reach the company. As a bonus, it might possibly include advice on how to fix frequent issues.

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Keep It Clean

A recliner that is often used will quickly become stained and worn. Dust, filth, pet hair, sweat, and food and drink spills are common occurrences that can damage the appearance of leather or fabric upholstery. Keeping it clean prolongs its life and improves its aroma. While it’s always advisable to check the manual for specifics, here are some guidelines for maintaining the cleanliness of your favorite seat. Fabric sofas and chairs need regular vacuuming to remove dust, dander, pet hair, crumbs, filth, etc. If the material can be submerged in water, then all you need is some water and a little light detergent to get it clean again. It’s also possible that an upholstery cleaner would work on it. Always perform a little test in an inconspicuous location before using a cleaning product.

Dust the leather frequently with a soft cloth to keep it looking like new. Another option is to use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum to clean it. Using leather cleansers and conditioners designed specifically for this purpose will help remove stains and maintain a smooth, supple surface of your chair. Whenever there is a spill, it must be cleaned up immediately. Dab up any liquid spills with a clean cloth. Instead of washing the stain, blot it up to prevent it from being pushed deeper into the upholstery. If you want to avoid having stains set in, you should always have cleaning supplies on hand.

Give Leather Recliners a Bit More TLC

Leather sofas and chairs are the epitome of sophistication in any living space. They are long-lasting investments that can keep you comfortable for years to come. However, they need more maintenance than chairs made of softer materials. It’s important to keep your new leather chair out of direct sunlight and at least two feet away from any heat source. The leather may dry up and fracture if exposed to direct sunlight, and it may fade if exposed to high temperatures.

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Always use a soft cloth or vacuum attachment without a bristle brush to avoid scratching your furniture. Use leather cleaners and leather stain removers, and don’t forget to condition the leather afterward with leather conditioner. The manual should be consulted for information on how to properly use and maintain the product. If you have any questions, it is best to ask the maker. Care for leather furniture is simple, but using the incorrect products can significantly shorten its lifespan.

Take Care of the Reclining Mechanism

Having a comfortable chair in which to put your feet up at the end of the day is one of life’s finest luxuries. The reclining ability of your chair, however, may be lost if the mechanism is not properly maintained. For optimal performance, the mechanism should be oiled on a regular basis. Oiling the bolts and the steel frame is also a possibility. When and what parts of your machine need oiling can be found in the manual. Reclining the chair may get more challenging as time goes on. Get in touch with an expert right immediately and have them fix it for you.

Tips on Preventing a Recliner From Tipping

First, always place a new recliner on a flat, stable surface. Make sure the wheels are locked in place as well if it rolls.

Second piece of advice: you may need to spend some time with your recliner before you can tell if it is unstable. You’ll eventually be able to feel how much weight is being placed on each foot or wheel of your recliner whenever you make any sort of adjustment to the position of the chair.

Thirdly, if your chair keeps falling backwards because its feet are always on an uneven surface, consider purchasing a wall protector for the rear of the chair.

Not only will this wall protector keep you from having to deal with this inconvenience, but it may also be useful for other things, like propping up your TV or organizing your wires.

Put some non-slip material on the foot of the chair if it keeps falling forward as you recline. Towels, rubber bands, and other materials may be used for this purpose.

Fifth Piece of Advice: If a Chair Keeps Tipping Over in One Direction and You Can’t Seem to Correct It, Take It Back to the Store!

In addition, you may want to consider placing furniture pads under the legs of the chair to prevent it from toppling forward.

Tip #6: Put non-slip material on the feet of a recliner if it keeps falling over backward. Because if the weight gone, this won’t happen.

How do you Lock a Recliner Chair?

First, a recliner is not easy to lock. First of all, you can’t just go around with a lock and key; you need something like cable locks or steel cables.

Step 2: Enlist the aid of another person who can lock it for you when necessary. Locking devices that attach to the chair and give an extra layer of security are commonly purchased in place of cumbersome padlocks. You can find them on store shelves everywhere from Target to Walmart.

The third step is to attach it, which is simple to do if you have one, and it can be removed just as quickly. You may also want to invest in one if your recliner has a lever that doesn’t lock.

Can you Adjust the Tension on a Lazy Boy recliner?

Recliners by Lazy Boy allow you to modify the amount of pressure exerted on your body when sitting.

It does not have any sort of built-in locking mechanism, so if you are concerned about your kids getting into it unattended or falling out of it when they are playing and lose their balance, you may want to invest in a locking device.

The Lazy Boy retractable strap is one option; it attaches across the front and pulls taut on both sides of the chair, and it also hooks around each armrest before attaching at one end and snapping into place with a side release buckle.

When you are sitting up straight in the Lazy Boy chair, the tension is not too bad, but it increases when you lean back with your head and shoulders.

Most people won’t feel confined or as if they might fall over when moving around while using this strap.

You can also find locking recliner devices that tighten across the front as you lean back and can be bolted into the floor or a leg of your furniture. However, there is some give in both directions, so it is not like being restrained.

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Why Does my Recliner not Stay Reclined?

The mechanism of the recliner is not engaging the back of the seat.

What can I do?

Step 1. Lean back and try to push a little harder on your footrest to engage it into place.

If it doesn’t work, try placing a small rug or a stack of cushions beneath each leg for support.

Third, you might need to adjust the screws.


If you follow the steps outlined above, your favorite recliner will last for many more years to come. Purchasing a durable chair is one way to ensure your new home furnishings will last for years to come. The Club Furniture recliners are built to last with high-quality components like oak frames. Come see what we have in stock right now!