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You’ve been making do with a manual recliner for some time, but you’ve had your eye on a motorized chair that’s just out of reach financially. Can you help in any way? Can a manual recliner be converted to an electric one without causing irreparable damage?

The good news is that electric components can be added to your existing manual recliner. However, do you think the advantages of power chairs outweigh the hassle of making the switch? Differences between manual and electric recliners, as well as the various benefits of electric chairs, are discussed in today’s blog post.

We have also compiled a guidebook to assist you in converting your manual recliner into an electric one.

What’s The Difference Between A Manual And Power Recliner?

The answer to the issue of whether or not a manual recliner can be converted into a power recliner requires a discussion of the functional and aesthetic distinctions between the two types of recliners.

Having a power recliner is like having a personal assistant because of how convenient they are. The transition from manual to electric will bring about the following advantages:


Power recliners, as we’ve established, are fantastic, useful, and simple to operate. However, they do not come cheap and might be quite a little more than a regular manual recliner. The advanced power features, such as USB connection, massages, and heat functions, plus the ease with which you may adjust the chair at the touch of a button result in a higher price tag.

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People often prefer to make the switch themselves rather than pay the higher price of a professional electrician or for a new electric reclining chair. However, if you have a talent for do-it-yourself tasks and can afford the conversion kit, you may want to give it a shot.


Power reclining chairs are not only comfortable, but they also provide numerous convenient extras. First, they might be the most helpful addition to the homes of the elderly or anyone else who has problems sitting or standing. With the push of a button, these recliners may be moved into a variety of positions to accommodate those with mobility issues.

Medical patients and others recovering from surgery can greatly benefit from reclining chairs with power options. Those who fall into either of these categories may have a difficult time getting into and out of bed. Users may sit down or stand up quickly and painlessly with the help of a power recliner because of its ability to change positions.

Recuperating from surgery or an illness is made easier with the massaging and heating functions included on some models of power recliners. If you suffer from back discomfort, for instance, scheduling regular massages could be the finest thing ever. It is possible to add features like USB connections, memory functions, storage, etc. to these reclining seats.

In order to change the reclining angle of a manual chair, one must push or pull a lever. Extra strength is occasionally needed, and not everyone has it. Time spent getting to the desired position makes it more complicated than electric mechanisms.


Power and manual recliners, respectively, have a long lifespan when cared for properly. The levers on manual recliners, however, are prone to breaking and may require repair or replacement.

Motors in electric reclining chairs are reliable and rarely need replacing.

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How To Convert A Recliner To An Electric Recliner

Is it possible to transform a standard recliner into a powered one? If you have the time and patience, the answer is yes. In case you’re not in the market for a brand-new, high-priced power recliner, but you still want one, this article will help you save money without sacrificing comfort.

But what do you require to accomplish the change? Numerous conversion kits, available both online and in stores, will do the trick and allow you to add electric features to your existing chair. The good news is that you can get your hands on one of these kits for a reasonable price.

You should check with the chair’s maker before looking for one online. Contacting the manufacturer of your recliner can save you time and money because not all chairs are compatible with these components.

If they make a conversion kit for your model of recliner, they can tell you which ones are suitable.

You might also reach out to a specialist and inquire about the possibility of them doing the conversion for you. Since not everyone is naturally gifted in this area, it’s often best to seek the assistance of an expert.

The next thing to do is to get the conversion kit. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide one, you can find one online. Check to see if the kits you’re considering have been well-received by customers who have installed them in chairs of a similar type and design to yours.

There are comprehensive instructions included with each kit. Most of the work of converting the recliner’s manual mechanism to an electric one will fall on your shoulders. You should read the instructions and follow them precisely because no two kits are same and it would be impractical to create a universal guide.

Taking apart and reassembling a recliner is a straightforward task. To recline a chair, you must first move it forward, find the mechanism underneath, and then pull it out. When you’ve done that, the kit’s directions will tell you where to put it and how to keep it safe.

Be more productive by keeping all necessary equipment close at hand. After the kit has been installed, it must be put back together. Task complexity is low because most of the job entails adjusting the chair’s frame and screwing in new ones.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Recliner?

Now that you know how a chair can be changed into something else, we’d like to tell you about the primary advantages of having a motorized recliner.


These chairs allow for a lot of personalization because of the electric elements. The chair’s footrest, backrest, and neck rest are all easily adjustable. You can take the most relaxing snooze of your life in one of the zero-gravity models of these recliners.

You may customize the recliner to fit your body exactly. Thus, those who have trouble getting around or who are still healing from surgery can benefit greatly from using one of these seats.

Health Benefits

Electric recliners, as we’ve said many times before, are a godsend for those with movement challenges and physical disabilities. It’s preferable to not have to fumble around for a long time to get up from a chair if you can simply lift it and stand up.

The features of these chairs, which we will go over in greater detail below, are what make them beneficial to health. The heating and massaging capabilities allow you to swiftly lift your feet and reduce swelling in your ankles, find a position that is pleasant for your back discomfort, and speed up your recovery from injuries.

Massaging Functions

What person doesn’t find a soothing massage to be a welcome respite? The massage heads found on many modern electric recliners can help you forget about your aches and pains and get back to feeling human in no time. Everyone, not just those with health problems, can benefit from the massage function.


Heating Functions

The availability of heated seats is a luxury. They frequently accompany massage functions and aid in recuperation. After a long day at the office or a strenuous workout at the gym, you’ll appreciate these seats all the more.


Can you convert a recliner to a lift chair?

In most cases, a simple modification will allow you to transform an ordinary reclining chair into a functional lift chair. Additionally, lift frames designed specifically for reclining chairs are available for purchase.

These frames have an electronic system that enables powerlifting, and they can be fitted in the chair’s base with no effort. Once the frame is set up, the chair will be a wonderful addition to your house, especially if you have trouble getting up due to injury, back, neck, or lumbar pain. Therefore, it’s a better option than a standard chair that doesn’t lift for persons with arthritis and comparable diseases.

In most cases, the frame will include a handle that may be attached to the chair for easy operation. Make sure it’s in a place where you can quickly access it whenever the need arises. There will be no interference with the other functions of the chair from this accessory.

To be sure, though, it’s best to check with the maker of your recliner to be sure it can be converted into a lift chair. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the lift frame’s precise parameters; this will tell you whether or not it will work with your particular chair. The majority of these frames can accommodate both rocker and manual recliners, as well as those that are wall-hugging.


Is it possible to change a manual recliner into an electric one? The answer is yes. Keep in mind that not all manual recliners can be converted, so check with the chair’s original maker before beginning.

You should not hesitate to get a conversion kit for your manual recliner if you discover that one is available. The Internet and local stores are good options for a second look, but only if you take the time to read the fine print.