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Once your chair is locked, you’ll learn how to keep it from swiveling with the help of this tutorial. People who are trying to conserve space, such as those who live in studio apartments or rooms with a lot of furniture can benefit from this.

Steps on Locking a Recliner to Avoid Swiveling

Recliner should be facing a wall or other stationary object in order to begin the process. Take a seat and slowly recline your seat backwards until you feel pressure on your lower back and buttocks.

While holding on tight to the chair’s armrests, slowly and steadily slide forward until you’re sitting up straight with your feet flat on the floor, and then do the same with your other armrests.

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The recliner will need to be unlocked now. Find a lever, knob or button on the chair’s armrest (usually near the base). You can hold it there with one hand as you slide back toward upright. Observe for a “unlocked” symbol on either armrest that will release once you’ve locked yourself in place.

It’s possible to secure your recliner by pressing either a lock button or drawing up an armrest and placing it in a position that secures it shut.

How to Care for a Recliner

  • When it comes to cleaning your carpet, it’s not as simple as simply vacuuming it from time to time. Keep your chair looking new with these techniques and tricks:
  • If you notice dust or debris accumulating near the cushions or in the folds of the fabric, make sure to vacuum periodically.
  • Remove any dirt or debris from the armrests, cushions, pillows, and legs with a vacuum or duster.
  • Apply furniture polish on a regular basis in order to keep your furniture looking its best for as long as possible. Using an old rag, apply some and wipe down all of the surfaces until they are completely clean.
  • Clean the feet of your chair with a rag wet with furniture polish. Rub in small circles until they shine again.
  • Glycerin may be used to remove persistent stains and marks from your chair by applying it directly to the area that needs to be cleaned.
  • Spills and stains on the cushion of the chair might permanently discolor it, therefore it’s crucial to keep them contained.

How to Repair a Swivel Recliner Mechanism?

When reclined, a Swivel Recliner Mechanism allows the user to rotate. Because they need assistance getting up from a chair, many of those who utilize these devices are elderly or disabled. If any of these components fail, you should have your chair repaired by a professional who specializes in furniture repair.

Steps on Repairing a swivel recliner mechanism

Step 1: Wash and dry the part thoroughly to remove any remaining moisture from the metal or rubber. Instead of using oily lubricant, use WD-40 to make the pieces slide easier.

Step 2: Use your fingers or pliers to spread a thin layer of grease over all surfaces that are coming into contact with one another.

Finally, put it back together with no gaps between pieces so that it can continue to function properly.

Step 4: Test drive the chair to make sure it’s working properly!

How to Clean Swivel Recliner

In many households, swivel recliners are a mainstay, making them ideal for watching TV in the winter or rearranging your living room. However, to keep them looking their best, the pieces of these chairs will eventually need to be cleaned. Check out this article if you’re curious about how to clean swivel recliners.

If you don’t clean these chairs on a regular basis, they will become caked with sweat and filth. To ensure that you’re doing it correctly, complete the following steps:

Remove all cushions from the chair. Remove any stray dirt or dust with a stiff bristle brush. To get rid of any stray dirt or debris that the broom couldn’t reach, use a vacuum cleaner.

No matter what buckles you can discover, remove them all off your chair before moving onto step number two. To make cleaning the chair’s top a little easier, take both of your headrests out of their slots.

Scrub any grimy places using a sponge and dish soap. To finish, pat yourself dry with a soft cloth or towel. You can re-attach your cushions after they’ve been washed if you leave them in one place.

Using warm water and detergent, wash both headrests on their own. Allow them to dry naturally.

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove any stray dirt or debris is step five. Before placing your cushions back in place, allow them to air dry for at least 24 hours to ensure they are completely dry.

Tips To Know How To Stop A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling?

Use Tape:

Put some tape over your rocker’s rocking leg. As a result, it will help keep the rocker from slipping on the floor. You can use this method to clean a slick and shiny floor with ease.

Use Wedges:

Wedge a piece of wood or cork under the swivel rocker’s legs to stabilize it. It will prevent the chair from swiveling unnecessarily. Stopping with a book or a boot is also an alternative, but it’s not the most pleasant, and it’s just momentary. However, this is the most expedient and straightforward option.

Use Rubber Bands:

  1. Take a few rubber bands with you.
  2. These bands can be wrapped around the legs of your rocking chair and twisted into place.
  3. Using these bands, create an X-like design around the lower legs These brake pads give the wheel the most stopping power possible.

In comparison to tape, rubber bands offer a far better grip. Another solution to the question of how to stop a swivel chair from swiveling is to use this technique.

How to Fix a Recliner that Won't Close: Easy Solutions

Making A Swivel Chair Stationary:

It is possible to keep a swivel chair in place using a variety of approaches. When you make holes in the lowest part of the desk, you may use hooks and rings to hold your chair in place, making it impossible to move about.

It’s possible to use rubber bands, stoppers, or tapes to achieve the same effect. This is a great solution to the age-old problem of how to stop a swivel chair from rotating.


Attach the swivel mechanism with a short piece of sticky, strong tape. Avoid putting too much weight on this area in order to avoid a buildup of glue. This may look and feel horrible..

Rubber Band:

Twist and spin a crisscross pattern of rubber bands around each leg. It’ll work if you’re not going to put a lot of weight on your chair. Aside from the fact that it’s not recommended for people who are constantly moving around in their chairs, this technique is ideal for those who don’t have a large amount of muscular mass.


To stop a swivel rocker from swiveling, attach two rings and hooks to the underside of your desk using a drill and screws. A cord can be looped through the rings and attached to the swivel chair with this string. As soon as you attach the hooks to the chair, it will cease rocking or swiveling.

Glue Gun:

It is possible to glue a swivel mechanism to the edges of this piece. Using this non-wearing seal, you can stop your furniture from swiveling in any direction. It’s also not easily broken.

Sticky Pads:

If you have a problem with your furniture rocking, they are a great solution. Hardware stores and online merchants carry these. Purchase a set of adhesive pads that are the correct size and model for your particular chair. These pads can be fitted in a matter of minutes and are a long-term solution.

Rubber Cement:

Sticky pads can no longer be used with this product. It’s not very long-lasting, but if your chair’s swivel mechanism gets a lot of use, this is an excellent option. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new chair, it’s an excellent alternative. A solution for the chair swaying more than you desire is always here.

Some Tips To Stop An Office Chair From Spinning:

The chair in an office is always shifting. Is it possible to stop the chair from swiveling when sitting at your desk or during a long meeting? Adhesive pads, bulky things, and rubber cement can all be used to accomplish this. You must discover what works best for you in order to succeed!

Stick Pads:

It’s the one item that always works to keep an office chair from spinning. Regardless of the size or kind of chair, this DIY option provides great durability and is available in a range of sizes, making it easy to install no matter how big or small they are.

Adhere the circles to the spinning mechanism and under the seat using the glue.

Heavy Objects:

Using heavy things that are at least two pounds heavier than the chair’s weight is the best option. To make it easier for you to swivel around these objects, place them near your work station or on the ground. This will make it easier for you to move around them because they are so close together.

Rubber Cement:

Filling up any cracks or crevices on the bottom side of the rotating mechanism with rubber cement or newspaper clippings will stop an office chair from turning.

Can you Lock Spinning Chairs?

A lock-out mechanism prevents the chair from turning in any direction. The following steps will show you how to keep your office chairs from swiveling and how to put them into practice in your own workstations:

An anti-rotation device should be fitted in one of your swivel seats (this will be the unfavored chair). Don’t over-tighten it so that it pops off when someone exerts their weight against the seat; instead, ensure that there are no gaps where it meets the metal frame!

Decide on the type of lock you’d like to use. Latches can be divided into two categories: safety latch locks and self-locking latches, the latter of which slam shut with force when pulled back.

Is there a way to lock a swivel recliner?

The chair’s back will ascend to verticality. Aim for the chair’s base with your left arm and pull it out. Swivel motion of the chair can be locked by turning the knob on the lever backward.

Can you make a swivel chair stationary?

When the top and bottom plates are drilled with a metal-specific drill bit, insert a screw. This will prevent your seat from swiveling, resulting in a stationary swivel chair.

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How do you stop a swivel recliner from turning?

Install a little rubber wedge between the chair’s base and the swiveling pole under the chair for extra stability. The wedge should be hammered into the base of the chair such that it forms a seal between the chair’s base and the pole on which it rests. You don’t want to ruin the chair by hammering too hard. The chair’s range of motion will be restricted by the wedge’s friction.

How do you stop a rolling chair?

How to Keep Your Desk Chair from Rolling Using These 7 Tips

  1. Hands-Free Brake Casters are the best way to go around.
  2. The chair should be placed on an area rug….
  3. It’s time to secure the chair with a strap!
  4. Caster Stoppers… 4 of them.
  5. Foam under your chair is a good idea….
  6. It’s time to get new wheels.
  7. 7 – Invest in a New Seating Option.

Is there a way to lock a recliner?

As you stand erect, grab the arm rests with both hands and set your feet on the lower cross bar. Then slowly lean back and push outward with your legs. Set the recliner to the appropriate position and secure it with the lock.

What is a position lock recliner?

Whether you’re sitting, watching TV, or fully reclining, this chair has you covered. Locking the chair in any one of three positions is only possible with the help of a carer. Flex-o-Lator seats support the system and reduce the chance of bottoming out, increasing comfort.

How do you adjust a rocking recliner?

Revolve the device. Increase the reclining tension by turning the thumb wheels or wing nuts clockwise. They can be turned counterclockwise to reduce the stress. If you’re dealing with recliner tension, the fundamental steps should apply to both wing nuts and thumb wheels.

How do I stop my rocking recliner from squeaking?

The underside of your recliner’s mechanics should be lubricated with a spray lubricant designed for metal parts or clear mineral oil. Place a rag behind each item before applying lubrication to prevent stains on the chair fabric.

Why is my recliner uncomfortable?

Paddock is typically to blame if your chair sinks, your back hurts or you find the recliner uncomfortably loose. Padding loses its shape with time, causing you to sink more into the chair.


This article explains in detail how to stop a swivel chair from swiveling. A swivel chair’s swivel may be more than necessary at times. It’s infuriating.

It is possible to fix the problem with tapes, rubber bands, blocks or wedges, loops and cords, and even professional-built locking mechanisms

Whatever the answer, it comes with some price, ranging from practically nothing to quite a bit. The final problem solver is determined by how satisfied you are with the answer and how well it works.