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When it’s time to replace your fridge, the question “How do you dispose of a fridge?” will be on your mind. Be certain, though, that we will offer some solutions to your predicament.

Nowadays, the majority of individuals dispose of their old appliances in a junkyard, while a small percentage are willing to sell them for less.

However, disposing of a refrigerator can be difficult because it is a large device that can contribute to hazardous trash if not properly disposed of.

So keep reading to find out how to properly dispose of your large equipment.

Options To Consider When Planning To Dispose of A Fridge

You’ll learn how to properly dispose of a refrigerator in this section. The following are a few choices for how to get rid of your old fridge:

Option #1. Sell it to someone

In my experience, it’s a waste to just throw away money you’ve been saving for a long time. As a result, if your refrigerator is still functional, it’s advisable to put it up for sale.

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When pricing a second-hand item, consider the brand, model, size, and the original retail price. Make the pricing in line with the item’s current market value.

As a result, you may continue to profit from the product you’ve already invested in and prevent it from going to waste. In addition, it will be put to good use, and a third party will gain from it.

Option #2. Sell it to an electric company

If you want to get rid of your old fridge, you can earn a rebate from your energy company. If your electric company has a buyback program, you can have them come to your house and pick up your old appliance.

And then sit tight for your money to arrive in the mail. Or you can ask to lessen your electric bill instead, but it’s up to you.

However, most electric companies only accept refrigerators that are still functional, so if yours is completely useless, this solution is out of the question.

Option #3. Sell your discarded refrigerator to the scrapyard

Scrapyards are the finest option if your refrigerator is an older model or no longer functional. You may not get a lot of money, but at least you’ll know that your unit will be put to good use somewhere else.

Your refrigerator’s usable metal pieces would be removed and recycled at a scrapyard. However, because appliances are heavy and infrequently picked up by salvage yards, you’ll have to transport yours there yourself. Make sure that the scrapyard takes refrigerators before you begin.

Option #4. Go to the nearest recycling center

I sincerely hope you don’t forget the three Rs. That means reusing, minimizing, and recycling. One of the best methods to get rid of your old appliances, especially those that are large and cumbersome, is to recycle them.

However, if you don’t have the time to conduct DIY tasks, it’s advisable to visit your local recycling center. This will ensure that all impurities have been securely eliminated, and that the majority of the appliance has been utilized. For pick-up or further information, simply contact your local RAD recycling center.

Option #5. Donate to charity

Giving back to those who are in need is a wonderful feeling. Your donation of a used refrigerator may not mean much to you, but it means a lot to the people who will benefit from it.

Before donating an appliance, be certain that it is in good functioning order so that the recipients may continue to use it to keep food. Contact a non-profit or a shelter to see if you can use their services. They should be aware of your refrigerator’s dimensions and the amount of room it takes up in order to plan accordingly.

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Option #6. Wait for a trash pickup for large appliances

If your city offers a bulk garbage pickup service provided by a waste management company, check the schedule to see when it is normally performed.

Check with your city administration website or make an appointment with them to have your refrigerator picked up if you are unsure if your city offers this service.

In the event that you’re able to set up an appointment, remove your appliance three days prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

However, this is not an option we encourage because allowing your city to handle such large amounts of rubbish will just result in more waste being dumped in landfills. If none of the other suggestions work, this is your last resort.

Why should I care about responsible appliance disposal?

You’re wasting room in your garage or basement by keeping an outdated refrigerator or freezer. In the long run, replacing it might save you up to $50 a year on your energy bills. Get rid of that old appliance the RAD way, and you’ll be doing something good for the environment and your community as well. When an old fridge or freezer is disposed of properly, it will:

  • Save money and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by cutting back on your home’s energy use.
  • To prevent ozone depletion and climate change, avoid the discharge of ozone depleting chemicals (ODS) and greenhouse gases (GHGs).
  • Instead of dumping your appliance’s metals, plastics, and glass, recycle them to save landfill space and energy.
  • Protect yourself from the dangers of releasing used oil that can harm your liver, brain, immunity, and reproductive system.
  • Ensure that there is no release of mercury, which can have a detrimental effect on the development of the human nervous system.
  • Protect human health by not discharging PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), which have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

Program Benefits and Program Results have more information about RAD.

How can I recycle my appliance the RAD way?

If you’re looking for a RAD partner program near you, check out the Find RAD Programs page. Your old refrigerated appliances (such as a refrigerator, freezer, window air conditioner, and dehumidifier) can be picked up from your home by most RAD partner programs. Refurbishing your old equipment may even entitle you to a prize or a cash rebate. 1 Afterwards, these appliances will be delivered to a recycling facility equipped to deal with the potentially hazardous materials they contain in accordance with the most advanced environmental procedures and technology now in existence.

If you don’t currently have a partner program in your area:

  • Consult your state’s energy office or a local electric utility to learn more. There are an increasing number of refrigerator and freezer recycling initiatives backed by local utilities and energy efficiency organizations. Recycle your old fridge and you could get cash or utility bill credits from some programs.
  • Ask whether you can have your appliances picked up by the city. Appliances can be picked up and recycled by your local waste management or public works agency. Find out more by contacting them directly.
  • Talk to a scrap metal recycler in your neighborhood. Recycling old refrigerators and freezers can be done by thousands of scrap metal recyclers in your neighborhood. Inquire about the recycling of your old appliance from the recycler you’re working with. To ensure that old appliances are disposed of properly, educate yourself on the issues surrounding their disposal.

It’s possible that peddlers will pick up appliances left on the curb and inappropriately vent the refrigerant or otherwise safely dispose of the device.

How much does it cost to dispose of my old appliance?

Appliance pick-up and/or disposal costs might vary widely. Local public works departments may offer free or fee-based pick-up of refrigerant-containing equipment, depending on the model.

With the purchase and delivery of a new model, several stores provide appliance pick-up and disposal services. This service might cost anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on the retailer.

Old refrigerators and freezers that are no longer needed may be taken away for free or even paid for by utility companies or stores who provide “trade-in” schemes.

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1 New ENERGY STAR® approved models may be eligible for rebates and savings under some programs. If you’re looking for rebates or other special deals in your area, try using the ENERGY STAR rebate finder.

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There you have it: “How to get rid of a fridge.” Please let me know if you’ve learned anything from our discussion of this issue. In any case, I hope you’ll consider the environmental impact of your refrigerator’s demise before making a final decision.

Reuse your unit as much as possible, and don’t allow it end up in a landfill if at all possible. Regardless, ask a professional to remove the refrigerant and compressor before you dispose of your appliance, as doing so could be hazardous. Nothing more.