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Attempting to move a refrigerator on your own is a daunting task that requires two people. Especially if the scuff marks on your flooring serve as a constant reminder.

Refrigerators are bulky and cumbersome to transport. In addition, it is impossible to just discard a refrigerator. In the United States, most garbage disposal firms will not pick up an old refrigerator even if you manage to move it down to the street level.

As a result, getting rid of an old refrigerator can be a real hassle. Learn how to get rid of your unwanted fridge now by reading this article.

What are my options for getting rid of a refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is probably at the top of your list of frequently used kitchen appliances. Appliances like refrigerators have a finite lifespan. You’ll have to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model at some point.

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However, what will you do with your old fridge? Fortunately, there are a number of options for disposing of large cooling machines, including donation, recycling, and pick-up.

1. Retailer or manufacturer refrigerator trade-in

Request that your old refrigerator be removed from the contract before making a down payment on a new one. Removing an old fridge has never been easier than this.

In certain cases, appliance shops will recycle or refurbish your old refrigerator if you buy a new one from them. Even if your appliance dealer is already delivering your new refrigerator to your home, you may be able to take advantage of this perk.

It’s possible to get a discount on a new refrigerator if your old one is still in working order. This treatment can cost anything from $10 to $50 more on occasion. Don’t forget to inquire about one-to-one pick up service when shopping for new appliances.

2. Recycle your old refrigerator

You may be able to recycle your old refrigerator if it passes municipal laws in your area.

Get in touch with your local utility company or state energy office. Every year, an increasing number of programs for recycling old appliances are sponsored by local power companies and environmental nonprofits alike.

It’s better for the environment if you recycle your fridge!

  • Refrigerator recycling aids in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the mitigation of ozone depletion.
  • Toxic compounds are kept out of our air, water, and soil when refrigerators are recycled, which reduces both landfill waste and energy consumption.

The downside is that you’ll have to transport the fridge yourself to a recycling center, and old refrigerators may be quite hefty. There aren’t many places that provide free refrigerator recycling, either.

For information on how to properly dispose of a refrigerator and freezer, check out our appliance disposal guide.

3. Donate your gently used refrigerator to charity

Some local charity may welcome contributions of working refrigerators that have seen better days. Check with your local charities to see if they will accept your old refrigerator. In most cases, you will be responsible for transporting the refrigerator to a donation location on your own.

However, there are several charity who will come to your home and remove large items for free. There is no need to worry about how you’ll transport your refrigerator or how convenient it will be for the charity to get it from your home, thanks to this.

4. Throw your refrigerator out with the trash

You may opt to dispose of your old refrigerator in the city’s trash instead of disposing of it yourself. There are a number of problems to this, including the fact that it is bad for the environment.

Even if your local garbage provider will take refrigerators and other large appliances, you must schedule a pick-up appointment at least two weeks in advance or wait for the day designated for heavy trash pickups if they do.

Large-scale home appliances must be recycled by law.

Many states have outlawed the disposal of large equipment from kitchens in an effort to reduce landfill waste. The recycling of significant household appliances, such as these:

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • stoves
  • Thermostats
  • dishwashers
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Units of air conditioning
  • The use of hydroponics
  • Ice machines

Transfer stations and landfills are common destinations for discarded refrigerators. The compressor and coolant must be removed by a professional before disposal, and there will be a disposal fee.

Before you begin, be sure to remove the doors. The doors should not be taped shut. Tape-sealed refrigerators and freezers cannot be accepted by landfills.

5. Use junk removal services for old fridges or freezers.

Using a professional garbage removal service to have your old refrigerator picked up, hauled away, and disposed of takes the hassle and irritation out of the process.

To have your refrigerator picked up and taken away by a junk removal agency is an investment that pays off in the long run. Learn about the expenses of appliance recycling and disposal.

Affordable appliance removal services

For fast, simple and economical junk disposal, LoadUp is the service for you. As soon as tomorrow, LoadUp will come pick up your old, unwanted refrigerator and pay you up front with no haggling.

Responsible appliances disposal services

In addition, LoadUp ensures that your refrigerator is disposed of in a manner that is kind to the environment. As of now, they’ve saved more than 3 million pounds of trash from ending up in landfills by donating or recycling everything they pick up. With LoadUp, you can safely get rid of your old fridge!

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The best refrigerator removal service near you

If you decide to hire a junk removal service instead of renting a truck, wasting time and energy, and enlisting the support of your friends, you need to be sure you get the appropriate one.

In terms of professional rubbish removal, there are a plethora of possibilities. However, LoadUp stands out from the crowd because of the unique features it provides.

LoadUp refrigerator removal and disposal services

LoadUp prioritizes your convenience and comfort above all else as a full-service rubbish removal company that knows that the ideal business strategy is to provide excellent customer service.

All the heavy lifting is taken care of by your team of Loaders, who will come right to your home and remove your old refrigerator as-is. Alternatively, LoadUp provides a cheap curbside pickup service if you are unable to be present when they arrive to remove your refrigerator.

You’ll never have to worry about a “free” on-site estimate from any other rubbish removal service since LoadUp gives you an instant, guaranteed quotation that’s 20% to 30% lower than what other companies charge.

An industry pioneer, LoadUp uses unique technology created in-house to keep customers updated on the progress of their pickups and the whereabouts of their Loader crew.. There is no need to sit around all day waiting for them to arrive, since you will be notified when they are on the way.

When it comes time to get rid of your old fridge, LoadUp can make the process a lot easier than it would otherwise be. Choosing LoadUp Refrigerator Disposal & Removal is an excellent decision.

Professional fridge removal services

Let 1-800-GOT-JUNK? handle the refrigerator disposal instead of you. For both functional and non-working fridges, we’re pleased to assist you, no matter how many there are in your building. In fact, our trucks are capable of transporting up to eight full-sized freezers on their sides!

Your old fridge will be given, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner once we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Proper refrigerator disposal can assist to keep the environment green by preventing the dangerous substances it carries from hurting it.

How do I get rid of my old refrigerator?

Your fridge may be on its way out if you’re moving or simply upgrading your kitchen. Your old refrigerator may be safely and ethically recycled by 1-800-GOT-JUNK? when the time comes. Whenever possible, we try to donate or recycle products that are no longer needed, and we do so whenever we can.

You won’t have to lift a finger when you let 1-800-GOT-JUNK? handle your refrigerator disposal.

Can you recycle a refrigerator?

That’s for sure! Many communities, in fact, are mandated by federal law to have appliance refrigerators. Most refrigerators and freezers include lubricants and chemical refrigerants that must be removed and disposed of in a safe manner to avoid contaminating the surrounding environment. Once this process is complete, the refrigerator can be dismantled and recycled.

How do I recycle my old fridge?

To get rid of your old fridge, you’ll need to raise a lot of weight. Lifting your own refrigerator puts you at danger of back injury. We at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? are pleased to assist you in any way we can! With a simple point and click, you can make your old fridge disappear! Even when we’re done, we’ll clean up the area where we removed your refrigerator… As soon as the truck is full, we’ll take care of recycling or properly disposing of the waste.

Buying a new refrigerator may necessitate a post-purchase recycling program from your appliance shop. Refrigerator and freezer recycling programs may also be available from your local utility companies. You can always contact 1-800-GOT-JUNK? if you don’t have the time or want to do your own research. Take a breather and let us handle everything!

There are a number of safe ways to go about it if you prefer to do it yourself. Find out if your local garbage and recycling services accept old kitchen appliances by calling them beforehand.

How do I get my old fridge ready for disposal?

To ensure that your refrigerator is properly disposed of, there are a few procedures you need to do before you get rid of it:

  1. Defrost the evaporator by unplugging the fridge a few hours early.
  2. Remove any food and perishable commodities from the vehicle.
  3. Tape shelves and compartments that may move around the room.

It’s not a one-person task to lift the ridge, so don’t try it! Why not make a toll-free junk removal call at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and leave the hard work to us. Your old refrigerator will vanish with a simple point and click!

How do I know when I need to throw away my fridge?

One of the most obvious signs that anything is wrong with your fridge is that food is getting too warm. There are a few things to check before you throw it away.

  • Check the fridge’s temperature setting. As long as the temperature is set high enough, it may be fine.
  • Listen for a motor sound coming from the compressor behind your refrigerator. The compressor may be faulty if the fridge’s temperature doesn’t drop even when the motor is running.
  • Make sure the coils on the inside are clean. A broken coil could cause a lot of frost buildup.

If this describes your refrigerator, it’s better to get a new one right away. Instead of dealing with the trouble of moving your refrigerator on your own, our courteous and fast team is here to assist you with the pickup of your fridge! Just give us a call or schedule online to get your free, no-obligation, onsite estimate.

Do you take old refrigerators apart from inside my house?

We can’t usually disconnect appliances on our own because of liability concerns. If you have any appliances that are powered by electricity, water, oil, fuel, compressed air/gas or a charged site suppression system, please unplug them before our arrival.

We’ll take care of the rest once it’s unplugged! You won’t have to lift a finger since we’ll come to your home and remove the fridge for you. In addition, we’ll remove the fridge’s shelves, drawers, and other removable elements before we transfer it.

We can handle your old refrigerator recycling with ease

We accept all types and sizes of refrigerators, including:

  • Refrigerators for small spaces and bars
  • Refrigerators with Deep Freeze
  • Refrigerators that are old and broken
  • Refrigerators in the chest are called chest freezers
  • Components & Scrap from Refrigerators
  • Refrigerators with two doors

Free Refrigerator Removal?

Free refrigerator removal is available from a few organizations and businesses. There is a network of partner organizations and independent contractors at Fast Free Appliance Removal.com that can take up your old appliance, depending on your location.

Appliances such as refrigerators can be picked up and hauled away free of charge by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They have a directory on their website where you can find out whether any local agencies are offering this service.

The merchant where you buy a new refrigerator could be another possibility. Few still offer to remove your old refrigerator for free while delivering your new one, but many others either charge a modest price (thus, virtually free!) or do not offer to remove it.

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What You Should Not Do With Your Old Refrigerator

Illegal dumping of refrigerators is something that used to occur rather frequently but continues to do so far too frequently. Fridges and freezers are not only dangerous, but they are also against the law and can result in jail time and hefty penalties.

After a youngster crawls inside while playing, the doors of these units can be locked and cannot be opened from the inside.

If you leave a “appliance” in a place where children can get it without removing the door, you’re breaking the law in California. Items like a refrigerator, freezer, icebox, and clothes dryer are all considered “appliances” under this part of the code.

According to California law, a misdemeanor offense carries a maximum punishment of $1,000 and/or up to six months in county jail.

On addition to all of this, discarding obsolete appliances in vacant lots or along back roads can lead to environmental contamination from the refrigerants, the insulating foam, and possible PCBs in the lubricants.

The Convenient But Not Quite Free Refrigerator Removal Option

It’s possible that your old refrigerator is in such bad shape that no one is interested in buying it since it’s either too old to function or has broken down completely.

There are still a few options open to you.

You may be able to find a scrap dealer who will buy it from you for a little sum of money. It’s not a bad deal at all. Instead of having it delivered by a third party, you’ll most likely be responsible for doing it yourself.

It’s also possible to arrange for the removal of your old unit and transport it to a recycling center on your own.

Even though it’s not free, this is an excellent way to get rid of a refrigerator. When you recycle and reclaim the materials from your old appliance, you help the industry that makes new ones by assuring that it will be properly disposed of in the future.

On top of all that, you’re doing your part to help the environment as well.

So, what are your options for making it happen? Your local junk removal service provider, Junk King, is here to help.

Schedule Your Professional Refrigerator Removal

A reliable old refrigerator removal service is provided by Junk King.

You won’t have to worry about your old refrigerator being picked up or disposed of when you work with Junk King. Because we care about the environment, we will ensure that your old refrigerator goes to the correct location, whether it’s a local charity or a recycling site. Make sure to contact us for all of your appliance recycling needs.

Our appliance removal team will arrive at your home in a professional and insured manner, and we will call you 15 minutes prior to our arrival. A free quote depending on the amount of space your appliances take up in our truck will be provided once we arrive. You point, and we’ll take care of the rest, with no additional expenses.

Frequently asked questions

How to recycle refrigerators?

Empty the refrigerator of all dangerous substances such as refrigerants, lubricants, and other fluids. A local recycling center or a nearby recycling program can then be used to dispose of your refrigerator.

What to do with old refrigerators?

Do not dispose of your old refrigerator in the trash. Make a donation to a local charity, gift the item to a loved one, or sell it on the internet if the item is still functional. Discarded refrigerators should be drained of any dangerous materials before they may be safely recycled or otherwise destroyed.

What’s the matter? You can hire a team of experts to remove your old fridge and dispose of it for you.

How to get rid of a refrigerator for free?

You’ll have to move the fridge yourself, but you won’t have to pay a penny to get rid of it. Craigslist is a great place to find someone who will take your refrigerator for scrap. For a possible rebate, contact local energy companies who pick up functional refrigerators. Your waste management may give 2-4 free bulk trash pickup days, so see if you can hold off till then.

Who offers refrigerator disposal free near me?

Few-to-no companies offer free refrigerator disposal (even recycling centers charge for dropping items off). Some utility companies provide free pick-up services for energy-sucking appliances upon request.

It is important that the fridge is still operational; otherwise, you will have to take it outside to the curb.

Rather than transporting the fridge to the curb yourself, LoadUp offers a low-cost, stress-free alternative. You can acquire your assured, reasonable refrigerator pickup pricing online.