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Although many bed frame designs have moved away from headboards, many consumers still consider them essential to the bedroom. It’s common for people to desire to customize their adjustable bed…

Although many bed frame designs have moved away from headboards, many consumers still consider them essential to the bedroom. Adding a headboard to an adjustable bed and bedroom can be a popular way to enhance the aesthetic of both. If you have an adjustable base, you can use it as an anchor to attach the headboard to the base.

What About Floating and Free-Standing Headboards?

Some individuals prefer to mount the headboard directly to the wall, rather than on the adjustable base. A “floating headboard” was therefore coined.

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Your adjustable base system does not have to be compatible with a wall-mounted headboard. It’s also possible to swap out floating headboards with any bed frame.

The following are options for wall-mounted headboards:

  • A sturdy photo frame mount
  • Mounts for mirrors
  • Cleats from France

There are a few procedures to take if you want to make your beloved headboard into a wall decoration:

  1. In order to get the headboard in place, draw a horizontal line across your wall with a level.
  2. The studs along this line can be located with the aid of an electronic or manual stud finder.
  3. The wall should be fixed with brackets. Install the second set of brackets according to the headboard’s dimensions.
  4. The headboard should be installed.

A freestanding headboard can be attached to a wall or a bed frame, but it is not necessary to use it. This style of headboard is ideal for those looking for a simple piece of decor that can be put together in a matter of minutes.

Do I Need a Headboard Attachment?

Most of the time, whether or not you require a brand new headboard depends on your own preferences. In the old days, headboards were used to keep the heads of people warm by shielding them from cold air. As home heating systems and insulation have improved, this function has become less critical. To keep their pillows in place, some individuals utilize headboards.

A headboard may be purely a matter of taste for certain customers. If they have a lot of classic furniture in their bedroom, they may want to add a headboard to complete the appearance and feel.

However, if you don’t have a headboard in your bedroom, you’ll have more wall space to decorate with. A platform bed without a headboard or footboard is a popular choice for many individuals. You can save money by not using a headboard.

To answer this question, you’re the only one who can answer it.

How to Attach a Headboard to an Adjustable Bed

A headboard attachment kit, the adjustable base manufacturer, and the headboard itself will all use different methods for attaching a headboard to the adjustable frame.

Nonetheless, the following seven procedures serve as a basic guide that may be used to the majority of headboard attachment scenarios.

Check out this YouTube video that shows you how to mount a headboard with this leggett and platt Prodigy Adjustable Base because it’s easy to follow along with the steps and method.

1: Check the Bed Frame For a Headboard Bracket

Depending on the adjustable base manufacturer, not all adjustable beds feature or are attached with headboard brackets.

If you don’t already have them, or if they’re part of the setup kit but need to be purchased separately, check your adjustable bed frame for mounting brackets (see step 3).

What to look for if there is no headboard attachment is a headboard bracket that will fit the base of the bed. Check the instructions to see what sorts and names of brackets are available.

Adjustable Bed Base Buying Guide | Living Spaces

2: Check the Headboard Mount

To connect to your adjustable bed frame, look at your headboard to determine if it has a “bolt-on” or “hook-on” attachment.

It is common for bolt-on designs to have drilled holes, whereas hook-on designs often include slots through which the hooks can be threaded.

If your headboard has mounting holes, you can usually thread a bolt through it so that it may be attached to your adjustable frame’s headboard brackets.

You’re searching for base and headboard compatibility, such as holes with the same diameter that allow the headboard to be firmly attached to the base with the same sized bolt.

There are several adjustable bed bases that come with universal headboard attachments that should work with almost any headboard.

3: Buy Compatible Headboard Brackets if Required

It’s best to check the directions for your adjustable base to see whether it includes a headboard bracket and then purchase one separately.

There are a variety of options for adjustable bed headboards that come with the necessary hardware for attaching them to your foundation.

To be clear, the headboard bracket kit usually doesn’t contain the bolts needed to attach the headboard itself (because they usually come with the headboard), so you should verify the specifications to make sure they’ll fit in your bracket.

4: Raise the Head of the Adjustable Bed

This will ensure that you have ample clearance when attaching the headboard brackets to an adjustable base.

5: Attach the Headboard Brackets to the Base

In order to properly attach the headboard brackets to your adjustable base, you need refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, however, the processes are as follows:

  • Headboard channels should be attached to the adjustable bed frame.
  • The headboard flanges should be attached to the headboard brackets.
  • Move the brackets 1.5-2 inches out from the bed’s edge to provide room for them to be installed properly.
  • Secure the bracket channels and flanges by tightening up the bolts.

6: Line Up the Mounting Holes

The next step is to measure the distance between the mounting holes on the headboard struts after the headboard brackets are fastened to the adjustable base frame.

Afterwards, measure the distance between the center-to-center holes on the headboard bracket flanges.

Before retightening the bolts, adjust the headboard bracket flanges if the measurements don’t line up.

7: Secure the Headboard

To complete the attachment of your headboard to the adjustable bed base, thread the bolts through the holes and tighten up the bolts.

Ensure that the 1.5 – 2-inch space between the base and the headboard is adequate to prevent the mattress from rubbing against the headboard when in use by carefully lowering the adjustable frame’s upper piece into the flat position.

In the case that you have children or dogs, make sure that the headboard is fitted such that there is only a small gap of no more than 1-3 inches between mattress and headboard to avoid entrapment.

Specific Examples

Video demonstrations of how to install the headboard brackets to your adjustable base are provided below.

1: Rize Beds – Contemporary II

A similar procedure is used to install the Rize Contemporary II Adjustable Bed frame’s headboard brackets; the inner brackets are attached to the bed’s crossbar and the outer brackets are fastened to it.

2: Foundation Style Wallhugger – All Sizes

Just like with mounting a headboard bracket set, flanges can be folded up for greater floor clearance if you require more floor space for the Foundation Style Wallhugger frame.

3: Tempurpedic – TEMPUR-Ergo® Adjustable Base

There is a video on YouTube that shows you exactly what is needed to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed, and it’s a very identical method to the one outlined above.

About the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Our favorite adjustable base is the Adjustable Bed+, while we sell the other two as well. Full-body massagers are included in the bed, which is more luxurious than the standard model. For those who want to add a contemporary headboard, we’ve included brackets in our Adjustable Bed+.

Adjustable beds may be moved to suit your needs with the press of a button on a wireless remote. Raise your legs to reduce discomfort or sit upright to read a book. The remote control, a phone app, or voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home can all be used to raise and lower the head and foot. Your smart home setup is complete with the Adjustable Bed+, of course.

Even when you sit up in the bed, the wall glide architecture ensures you don’t move away from your nightstand. When you lie down, the mattress moves back to keep you in position. The mattress is held in place by a non-slip surface and a retainer bar.

Headboards: Do You Really Need One?

For those who need a larger bed, the Adjustable Bed+ is offered in several different configurations. With most upholstered bed frames, you may choose between a bed height of 9, 12, or 15 inches by using this base. The Adjustable Bed+ frame comes with a 10-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?

There are mattresses that are suitable for adjustable bases and mattresses that are not, therefore the answer is neither yes nor no. An adjustable base will not damage memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses.

Adjustable bases, on the other hand, might damage traditional innerspring mattresses. In the same way, an adjustable bed frame may cause an air mattress to puncture or become uncomfortable.

Should you sleep in the zero-gravity position?

You can ease pressure on your body by sleeping in a zero-gravity position. A zero-gravity mattress relieves pressure on the spine, the hips, and the back by reducing compression. This does not, however, imply that sleeping on a flat surface is harmful. You can try different things to see which one works best for you.

Is it okay to sleep with your legs elevated?

Yes, elevating your legs as you sleep can boost your blood flow. Reducing pressure on your lower back by elevating your knees is another benefit of doing so.

An adjustable base or a wedge pillow can be used to raise your legs.

Can you store things under an adjustable bed?

Under-bed storage is available in most adjustable beds. The ability to lift the mattress on an adjustable foundation makes it more practical for certain people than a typical frame for storing their belongings. When using an adjustable base with under-bed lighting, stored items may interfere with the illumination.

What’s the worst way to sleep?

Most experts agree that sleeping on your front is the worst position. Your spine is forced out of neutral position when lying on your stomach due to the weight of your abdomen pressing into the mattress. Shop for a firm mattress for stomach sleeping to reduce the risk of sinkage.


You can dress up an adjustable base with a headboard, but it’s not the only method to decorate a bedroom beautifully. Floating or freestanding headboards may be preferred by certain people. Alternatively, some people choose to forego tradition and remove the headboard entirely.

As long as the end effect is conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep, there is no right or wrong way to decorate a bedroom.

A doctor or other medical expert should be consulted before acting on any information in this article.