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In recent years, a water massage bed, or hydrotherapy massage table, has become increasingly popular as a technique to relieve stress.

Many people are now acquiring these beds for use at home, despite the fact that they are commonly utilized in spas.

What is hydromassage?

In hydromassage, water and pressured jets are used to massage muscles and other soft tissues in the body. It is also known by various names, including:

  • hydrotherapy
  • Isotonic treatment
  • therapeutic use of water

While hydromassage has been scientifically established to help relieve pain and soreness associated with exercise and some medical problems, there is also a danger of adverse effects that may not make hydromassage ideal for everyone. Trusted Source

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If you’re thinking about trying hydromassage therapy, whether in a spa or at home, make an appointment with your doctor beforehand.

How is hydromassage performed?

Hydrotherapy stretches back to ancient Greece and Rome, when it was largely utilized as a way to relax in hot or cold water in the form of a bath. A variety of hydromassage equipment have emerged since the days of traditional water therapies like bathing and swimming.

In order to use a traditional hydromassage machine, you must put on a bathing suit and sit or lie in warm water while receiving the massage. Additionally, the machines employ hydro-pressurized jets that may be modified to suit your needs.

Dry hydromassage, which utilizes a table similar to those used in traditional massage therapy, is another option. Instead of submerging yourself in water, you can feel the heat and pressure from the table’s water-filled mattress and jets.

Thermostats are available on some hydromassage tables, making it easier to regulate the temperature.

Benefits of hydromassage

With the use of water, hydromassage offers many of the same advantages as regular massage therapy. while there is still a lack of scientific proof for several medical diseases, there are several confirmed benefits:

Relaxation and improved mood

For many people, massage therapy has long been known to help them relax. Stress and anxiety could be alleviated in some circumstances by using this method Studies People with rheumatoid arthritis reported that hydrotherapy reduced their pain and elevated their mood, according to a Reliable Source.

Pain relief

Hydrotherapy has been found in numerous additional studies to be effective in the treatment of pain. Massage treatment has also been found to be a complimentary means of treating knee, lower back, neck, and shoulder discomfort. Other types of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and headaches, will require additional research to determine the safety and efficacy of hydromassageTrusted Source.

Post-exercise relief

Pain management can be improved by general hydrotherapy, according to research from a reputable source. Hydromassage tables may be offered by gyms and fitness clubs as a means of relieving post-workout muscle pains and exhaustion.

Don’t use hydromassage unless prescribed by a doctor if you have any joint or bone injuries.

Increased circulation

Increased blood flow is another possible effect of massage. In hydrotherapy, studiesTrusted Source have shown that the use of cold water may enhance blood flow. Ask a massage therapist about hydromassage with cooler water if you’re interested in this type of treatment.

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Potential hydromassage side effects

Hydromassage may have its advantages, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. Women who are pregnant, have high blood pressure (hypertension), or suffer from bleeding issues should avoid it.

As a result of hydromassage:

  • heat burns caused by overheated water
  • an aggravation of the symptoms of eczema or another form of inflammatory skin disease
  • bruises
  • amputations
  • Bone fractures, especially in the elderly or those suffering from osteoporosis
  • a clot in the blood (rare)

Where to get a hydromassage

Spas, gyms, and even self-service kiosks in malls may provide hydromassage treatments. Massage parlors may also offer a variety of other sorts of massages.

Chair or table hydromassage is available. The upright position of a massage chair may be ideal if you wish to focus on the head, neck, or upper back. If you prefer to lie down for your massages, a massage table may be the best option for you.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer traditional hydrotherapy while submerged, you may try a hydromassage tub. Tubs are available at spas and physical treatment facilities.

It’s crucial to remember that you may still need to work with a professional massage therapist or physical therapist in order to treat any ongoing medical issues that you may be experiencing.

How much does hydromassage cost?

The cost of hydromassage treatment varies according to the location and purpose for which it is used.

It is generally not covered by medical insurance when it comes to hydromassage. If you’re being treated for a medical issue by a physical therapist or rehabilitation institution, you may be exempt from this rule.

Obtain an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses by contacting your insurance provider. If hydromassage is covered by your insurance, you may only need to see an in-network therapist.

Hydromassage chairs and tables can be rented for an extra monthly price at some health clubs. The hydromassage alone costs $10 to $15 a month on average.

$3000 is the typical cost of a home hydromassage table. Accessories and upkeep are not included.

How much does an aqua massage bed cost?

Generally speaking, water massage beds can cost anything from $2,500 to $18,000. Some of the more expensive models can sell for as much as $30,000 or more.

To give you an idea, Hammacher.com in New York sells a $36,000 full-body water jet massage table called the Dry Water Jet Massager. To calm the tactile, olfactory, auditory, and visual senses of the user, this table employs aromatherapy, calming audio, and soothing film.

Factors that affect the price


Hydro massage beds often come with hydro jets that may provide varying amounts of water pressure and intensity during hydro massages. From the cervical spine to the lower leg, whirling hydro jets can be seen in some models. The temperature of the water is controlled by an electronic thermostat, and the bed or table is protected from overheating by a radiator. Some of the more expensive water jet massagers, such as the Hammacher Schlemmer models, are controlled by microprocessors, allowing them to perform a variety of massage treatments.


Hydro jets, a timer/pressure control, and thermostat are common features in water massage beds. Water massage beds with a number of pressure levels and a sophisticated water release system are commonly found in high-end spas and salons. The more expensive models have additional amenities such as an inbuilt LCD screen with DVD player, Bose headphones, and an aroma diffuser.

Massage technique

Depending on the type of water massage bed or table, several massage techniques can be performed. There are water massage beds that, if used for an extended period of time, can produce a massage that goes deep into the soft tissues of the body. In the most expensive models, shiatsu-like finger pressure massage can be replicated.

Aqua massage bed overview

With the help of a pulsating jet mechanism, a water massage bed can be used to massage the entire body or just a specific location. A capsule-like design can be found on some high-end devices. Water jets pulsate and run up and down the bed in the thermostatically-controlled bed. In order to operate on specific trigger points or muscular spasms, the water jets can be regulated and interrupted. A timer, several pressure levels, and a variety of travel speeds are all common features of these beds. Additionally, the temperature and the cooling systems that prevent overheating can be set.

Adjustable heat and pressure, duration and target treatment settings allow the bed to be tailored to the user’s specific requirements when it is in use.

An LCD panel, a CD or iPod-compatible player, and headphones are included in some models. To further enhance the experience of the person utilizing the bed, they also contain an integrated aroma diffuser.

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What are the extra costs?

The usage of massage table warming pads may be required for water massage beds that do not already have them. Hydromassage sessions benefit from the therapeutic warmth provided by warming pads, which is distributed evenly over the pad’s surface, eliminating cold areas. From $30 to $300 and higher, depending on the quality and functionality of the pad, massage table warming pads can be purchased

Tips to know:

No piping or additional installation is needed for water massage beds. Just fill the reservoir with water and plug it in to an AC outlet, and you’re ready to go! Some manufacturers offer in-home installation and removal of packaging materials for hydromassage equipment.

It is important to check that the water massage bed can handle the heaviest user. Consult the vendor to learn the vehicle’s weight capability before making a purchase.

You should ensure that the water massage bed you are purchasing for commercial use comes with all the necessary materials for installation, training and maintenance.

Make sure to inquire about the warranty that is available. The tub and frame may have a three-year warranty, the parts may have a two-year warranty, and the labor may have a 90-day warranty.

Questions to ask a retailer

What is the mechanism of your water massage mattress?

Do you allow for a variety of positions in the bed?

When may I use the water massage bed for?

Do you think the water massage bed could be used in conjunction with other types of therapy?

What are the bed’s installation requirements?

For how long does it take to replace the water in the pool?

Yes, the water massage bed need regular upkeep and cleaning. And if so, how often?

How can I save money?

Financing options for local purchases should be inquired into.

Be sure to enquire about savings when purchasing multiple water massage beds for your new business. Bulk discounts are available from some manufacturers.

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In modern hydromassage, warm water and pressured jets are used to treat discomfort.

Massage has numerous advantages, but it is not suitable for everyone. Before getting a hydromassage, make an appointment with your doctor, especially if you have any underlying health issues.