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Adding some flair to the standard ring pillow is all it takes to learn how to decorate one. Choose something simple if that’s what you’re going for, or go all out and be original. Read this article for some fresh inspiration!

Read on to learn how to quickly transform a generic ring bearer pillow into a keepsake your guests will treasure forever. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional artist or tailor to make a lovely ring pillow. With no further ado, here are a few examples of how ring bearer pillows can be decorated.

Learn How To Decorate A Ring Bearer Pillow Yourself With These Methods

Method #1. Ribbons

Ribbons are frequently used to adorn ring bearer pillows. While there are many different variations on the ring pillow, one design element that will never go out of style is a ribbon tied around the pillow’s middle. The combination of ribbon and pillow can be made to look modern, retro, or vintage depending on the hue, pattern, and fabric used.

Ribbons are a staple for adorning ring bearer pillows because the ends can be used to secure rings to the pillow. It’s a stealthy and safe way to store your rings, and removing them is as simple as pulling them out. How then do you tie a ribbon around the ring bearer’s pillow?

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Attach the string to the ribbon

Finding a ribbon or string that goes with your pillow is the quickest and easiest option. Make a loop by folding the string in half and tying it to the ribbon. Put a knot in the string and move it to the middle of the ribbon.

Make the bow

A bow can be made by looping both ends of the ribbon and using the string to tie the rings together. Form the bow by crossing one side over the other and passing through the slit. Wrap the ribbon around the pillow’s middle and secure it with glue or stitches.

Singe and trim

Singe the ends of your strings and ribbon to keep them from unraveling. Additionally, you can trim them to the desired length for the decorative pillow. Make sure you still have some slack in the strings so you can secure the rings.

If you want to take the final touches of your pillow to the next level, add some extra materials and embellishments to the ribbon. Possibly a small bouquet of flowers that tie in with the wedding’s theme or a charm that reminds the couple of something special. However, if you’re happy with the way everything else looks, you can always skip the pillow.

Method #2. Embellishments

You can embellish your ring bearer pillow with ribbons, trims, tufting, embroidery, and even scraps of fabric. The trick is to pick the right combinations to avoid a gaudy or overpowering end result. Consider the colors and fabrics that will be used in the wedding’s decor or the attire of the guests.

Trims and tassels

An ordinary ring bearer pillow can be dressed up with some corded or ruffled trim. As an alternative to sewing, you can simply glue the material into the pillow’s seams. The ring bearer pillow can be made more elegant with the addition of lace edging that matches the bride’s gown.

You don’t have to stop at trims to adorn the sides of your ring bearer pillow. The pillow’s corners would look great with some tassels that you make. All those moving parts and bright colors will make the hallway look amazing.

Tuft and embroider

Pillow adornment need not be confined to the traditional four corners and seams. Don’t forget to tuft the pillow’s surface for visual interest. This will add a touch of class and fullness to the ring bearer’s pillow.

Embroidering a special message onto the ring bearer pillow is a great way to give it a unique touch while you’re at it. This timeless piece of art is perfect for embellishing your ring bearer pillow with special touches and meaningful designs. Moreover, it is effective on any fabric.


Last but not least, ring bearer pillows can be decorated with scraps from other projects. Fabrics like lace and chiffon can be cut into intricate patterns and shapes, which can then be glued or sewed onto the pillow. You can make the pillow stand out by using a contrasting color or texture, or you can use it to accentuate the other decorations.

A great idea is to incorporate some sentimental family items into the ring bearer pillow. Fabric from a shirt, dress, or even a handkerchief would do. The visual appeal of these pieces is matched by their ability to touch the hearts of the bride and groom.

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How To Make a Ring Bearer Pillow

Celebrations of a new marriage are joyous occasions that bring loved ones together. Younger children are often given important roles in ceremonies, such as the ring bearer. Photos of children wearing shiny rings make for great keepsakes, but you’ll need a safe and visually appealing way to get those rings down the aisle. Complete instructions for making a pillow suitable for the ring bearer are provided below.

Organize Your Materials

Lay out everything you’ll need for your craft project before you get started. To get started, you’ll need to track down some woven fabric in the shade of your choosing. Use a white or cream color for a classic appearance. Get out some fancy string and ribbon to use as embellishment. Needles and thread are required for sewing. Finally, fill your pillow with a bag of poly-fil to the desired density.

Cut, Pin, and Sew

Cutting the woven fabric is the first step after gathering all of your supplies. You can use fabric scissors, but you should cut out squares that are two feet long. Then, place two ribbon lengths across the first fabric square so that they overlap but do not touch. This will ensure that the ribbon ends up looking neat once it is tied.

Attach the ribbon to one side of the pillow square, then place the other square on top and secure it with pins along the edges, leaving a 4-inch gap in one side. Turn the pillow right-side out and sew around the pinned edges. The fabric’s smooth front side should expand and the ribbon should cascade freely.

Stuff and Decorate

When finished, the pillow will be a lovely shade of white or cream with a ribbony fringe. The imaginative stage has arrived. Start by filling the pillow to its maximum capacity with the poly-fil. The pillow can then be embellished in any way you like. The traditional approach involves tying a massive bow out of high-quality ribbon. If you like, you can add more ribbon, but don’t forget to secure the ends of the strips you already sewed in place. You can now discretely insert the string to use for tying the rings.

It will be easy and fun to make a ring bearer pillow for your wedding. The ceremony becomes more meaningful when individual touches are interspersed throughout. Get in touch with us at Ribbon By Design right away if you need help locating the perfect ribbons for your ring bearer pillow.

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You can always add more special touches to a ring bearer pillow you made yourself for your wedding. It could be a lot of fun to find out how to embellish a ring bearer pillow. Designing your ring pillow is another way to put your stamp on the ceremony, whether you choose to stick with tradition and use ribbons or branch out and get creative with embellishments.

Try not to be overwhelmed by all the possibilities. You can make a beautiful ring bearer pillow if you consider the wedding’s color scheme and location. Lastly, don’t forget to use the rings’ attachment features to your advantage.