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Scarves for your windows are a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your home’s decor. However, it can be costly to employ a designer to complete the task.

You can accomplish this feat on your own, fortunately. It’s totally fine if you have no idea how to properly install a scarf over a window. You can do it with the help of our expert advice.

How to Hang a Window Scarf

The length of fabric required can be easily determined if a rod will be used. Then, you can drape the scarf over the rod and adjust it as necessary. If you don’t have a rod, you can still hang your scarf in front of a window by using hooks or swag holders.

How to keep window scarves from sagging in sconces

Different Ways to Hang Window Scarves

Scarves, or sheer curtains, can be used as window coverings in a variety of settings. These drapes are adaptable; they can be hung from rods or hooks, and they can be used with blinds.

Scarves hung from a window can be a stylish addition if the room is otherwise well-appointed and the view outside is particularly lovely. They add a sophisticated touch without obstructing the passage of light or the line of sight. A scarf can be hung in a number of ways.


Numerous scarves can be draped across windows to achieve a stately and dramatic effect. Play around with different fabrics until you find a look you like. Layered window scarves are the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful window that showcases a breathtaking view of the outdoors.


Scarves can be easily displayed by hooking them over the rod’s ends. The focal point of the scarf will dangle in a “U” shape between the curtain rod and the opening.

Middle Rod Loop

The middle rod loop is another time-honored way of draping a scarf over a window’s curtain rod. You can achieve a wave by draping the fabric under the curtain rod at its center and then back over the top.

Over Hooks

Since there won’t be any curtains to hang, there’s no need for a curtain rod. A simple scarf-draping device is all that’s required. Simply install hooks above each window’s upper corner and in the window’s center. They fit bay windows perfectly.

How to Hang a Window Scarf Over a Rod

Yes, it could give the impression that you simply swish the curtain around with ease. The catch is that there is a method to the madness.

1. Determine the Amount of Fabric

Quick, get the tape measure.

  1. Take a measurement down from the curtain rod to the floor where you want the fabric to end.
  2. Get out a measuring tape and figure out how wide your curtain rod needs to be.
  3. Write down the result after you’ve multiplied it by two to account for the extra material you’ll need for the window scarf’s draping.
  4. It’s time to go fabric shopping with the required length.

2. Loop the Scarf on the Sides

Drape the scarf over the ends of the rods on both sides. Curtain scarves should be hung so that the center of the “U” hangs down in the middle of the curtain pole and the window. Make sure both sides have the same amount of fabric and let the ends drape beautifully.

3. Optional: Loop the Scarf in the Center

locate the rod’s exact center. Simply loop the scarf through the rod’s center and under the window. For a cascading, wavelike effect, bring it back up high. Hang the window scarf from the side hooks so that it drapes evenly.

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How to Hang Window Scarves Without a Rod

A curtain rod is not available. Not to worry! You can try out some of my fantastic methods.

Using Hooks

1. Measure the Distance

Take a measuring tape and mark three inches above the window, on both sides, past the corners.

The next step is to use a measuring device to find the exact center of the space separating the two marks and to mark it with a pencil.

2. Drill the Holes

Put the hook you want to use over the center dot, and then use the pencil to make a mark indicating where the hole should be drilled. Drill a hole for a screw and insert it into it to keep it in place. Repete this process for the other holes and the two side hooks.

3. Measuring for the Fabric

The amount of fabric required for the window scarf can be calculated after a few measurements have been taken. Start by picking one of the side hooks and measuring the length of the window from there. Get it as low as you’d like the scarf to hang out of the window.

The distance from one side hook to the other should be measured across the window. To make sure the scarf is long enough for both drapes, double the number.

To complete the look, you’ll need this in both the long and short dimensions. The total length of fabric you’ll need to purchase will depend on this. The scarf will then drape beautifully when hung.

4. Placing the Scarf

Find the exact middle of the scarf (a measuring tape will help) and hang it there. In addition to the central hook, hang the scarf from both side hooks, making sure they’re hanging at the same distance.

Using Swag Holders

LưuThe lion’s mouth can accommodate the curtain rod in this set of two scarf holders.McCombs, Latoniaafrica
However, sconces are another option to consider if you don’t want to use swag holders on your window treatments. How to hang window scarves with sconces is similar to how to hang curtains.

1. Determine Hook Location

Establish a suitable location for the freebie containers. Locations above the window frame or in the top corners are typical.

2. Attach the Hooks

If you plan on installing the holders on the window casing, now is the time to insert the screws. Begin by making a few tiny pilot holes in the spots you’ve chosen for your holders. Assure a snug fit against the frame by turning them by hand.

3. Attach the Rod and Wings

Insert the rod into the hooks so that its threads are visible. Turn the hooks until they are flush with the wall.

4. Drape the Cord

To make a U-shape, drape a length of cord over each hook and pull it down at the center.

5. Consider Tail Length

Set the desired length of the tails. It’s important to remember that the ends of the scarf do not necessarily need to be symmetrical. Indicate on the cord the desired length of the tails on both sides.

6. Measure for the Scarf

Take the string out of the hooks and count the number of inches between your marks there. A scarf of this length would be appropriate.

7. Pleat the Scarf

Spread the scarf out flat and fold it in half across your lap like an accordion. Seven or eight inches is an appropriate width for each pleat.

Using the scarf’s right end as a starting point, determine how long the right tail should be. Using a safety pin, join the bottom edges of the pleat at this distance. Repeat the same process with the other tail.

8. Hanging the Scarf

You should switch the orientation of the window valance. Position your hands under the scarf where the pins are. Hang your scarf from each hook using a stepladder. If you want to avoid getting pricked by the scarf’s pins, it’s best to wear it so that the back is facing outward.

9. Final Adjustments

As desired, the scarf’s pleats can be loosened by pulling the scarf’s center down. Once you’ve achieved your desired look, a safety pin will do the trick to keep your scarf in place. Put the pins in a concealed location, like between some pleats.

Additional Ideas for Draping Scarves

The smallest of changes can make the biggest impact, so let’s take a look at some creative ways to tie a scarf around your neck.

  • To make the window look more fancy and colorful, layer on several scarves.
  • Attach the bows to the side of your neckwear.
  • Experiment with different designs for your second scarf.
  • The two scarves should be equally visible, so try a new way of draping the second one.

How to Hang a Window Scarf

Fancy curtains aren’t necessary for every window. Window treatments aren’t necessary for some rooms, such as the bedroom or the living room, where you can hide the windows with curtains or blinds. When this occurs, a window scarf should be hung. Simply dangling in front of or along the edges of a window is how a window scarf is used. It may not be a fancy curtain, but it certainly makes the window look better. The only things you’ll need are scarf material and a way to hang it. A scarf can be hung in a variety of configurations. Scarves can be hung in a couple of different ways, including over a rod like a curtain or between two brackets so that they curve in the middle [source: Dummies]. To create something amazing, all you need is to use your imagination. Read on to find out how to make and hang a basic scarf in a window.

How to Hang a Window Scarf? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Tools and supplies required:

  • Fabric
  • Clothespins with safety features
  • Glue dots
  • Tool for Measuring
  • Ladder

The following is a list of steps to take:

  1. Get some of the fabric you like. You should buy fabric that is twice as long as the space you need to cover.
  2. Spread the material out on the floor.
  3. Adjust the length to suit your needs.
  4. The fabric should be folded in a long accordion. Make the folds as large or small as you like. Use safety pins to fasten the creases.
  5. Put up a pair of brackets on either side of the window and rest a pole in the middle.
  6. Position the fabric where you want it by using thumb tacks. When hanging a scarf, place the thumb tacks next to the brackets holding it up [source: window-treatments-made-easy].
  7. Take out the safety pins and drape the material over the pole.
  8. Take out the thumb tacks and square off the fabric edges. In order to let in more light, lower the center of the scarf near the top of the window.

Final Words

Now that you know how to properly install a window scarf, you can turn your attention to the scarf’s material and color scheme. Adding stylish window treatment accessories can really amp up the wow factor of your interior design, so it’s important to think about what will work with your current theme.