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Isn’t it wonderful when you finally locate the right bike for your needs? It’s wonderful! But if you don’t have a garage, shed, or somewhere else to store it, it might be difficult to find a place for it.

Because a mountain bike is much heavier and larger, it will be more difficult to hang a road bike on the wall. An ebike wall hanger must be more durable than a hybrid bike wall hanger.

There are a few things to think about when keeping a bike, whether it’s at home, work, or somewhere else.

Is it OK to store a bike vertically on the wall. Can I hang a bike by the front wheel?

Keeping a bike on a bike wall hook (or a bike wall hanger) can be done in either an upright or a hanging position. Frequently, people ask:

Best Bike Wall Mounts and Indoor Storage Racks

The 5 Top Questions When Hanging a Bike Vertically

Why would I want to store a bike on the wall or hanging from the ceiling?

How can I hang a heavy electric bike on the wall? It’s too heavy to lift.

Will hanging a bike by it’s front wheel damage the wheel?

Will hydraulic brakes still work if I store a bike vertically?

Will suspension forks be OK if the bike is stored in an upright position?

Depending on the type of bike you have, there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind:

  1. When storing a road bike on the wall, what’s the best method to do it?
  2. How do you hang two, three, four, or even five road bikes?
  3. How can I vertically store a mountain bike?
  4. What is the best way to keep an ebike safe and secure?

Let’s take a look at each one individually:

1. Why would I want to store a bike on the wall or hanging from the ceiling?

It’s not a good idea to put bikes horizontally on the floor, leaning on each other.

  • They will occupy a large portion of the floor area.
  • the motorcycles in the back will be out of your reach.
  • the bikes will touch each other and get scratched or damaged

In a collision, the bikes will be dented or scuffed.

You’ll save a lot of room in your garage or shed by hanging your bikes from the wall. For light-weight bikes like road bikes, you can hang them on the wall or ceiling high enough to keep the floor free.

3 bike wall rack

It only takes up as much floor space as one bike resting against the wall to have four or five bikes touching the floor.

When bikes are hung vertically on a wall, it means:

  • They occupy a smaller area on the floor.
  • utilize the unused space on the walls
  • The other bikes don’t need to be moved so you can reach each one.
  • Because each bike is kept isolated from the others, it is not harmed by collisions or scrapes.
  • A bike with a front suspension should be stored this manner (see below)

Best Bike Wall Mounts and Indoor Storage Racks

2. How can I hang a heavy electric bike on the wall? It’s too heavy to lift.

Wall-mounted bike hangers and hooks make this a non-issue for most people. You don’t have to lift a bike to store it vertically on the wall.

You need a wall-mounted bike bracket or hook that is tiny enough, and fastened at the appropriate angle, to fit between the spokes on the front wheel comfortably. ‘

So, all you have to do is pull your bike forward, release your hold on its back brake, and roll it up to your hook. The bike will suddenly raise onto its back wheel. Photographs such as these show what I mean.

It’s not a good idea to store big bikes on hooks where you have to lift them yourself. Heavy motorcycles are difficult to lift, and you may injure your back if you’re not careful. The dedicated ‘bike-hanger-upper-and getter’ might become a real issue, as only one person can get the bikes down or put them away, which is a real pain. You don’t have to do this with the correct kind of wall-mounted bike hook.

3. Will hanging a bike by it’s front wheel damage the wheel?

Unlikely. As long as the hook is coated in a rubbery material, it should not damage the wheel rim. Most people are concerned about the wheel deforming, but this will never occur.

The average road bike weights 5 to 10 kilograms. The weight of a mountain bike ranges from 10 to 15 kilograms. As much as 25Kg is possible for a downhill or electric bike. One wheel must bear the full weight of the bike if it is dangling by its front wheel. Even though the weight is being transferred to the rim’s inner surface, it doesn’t matter.

For the most part, the wheels have to bear the combined weight of a bike and its occupant. Even a load of 25 kilograms is insignificant when compared to the capacities of a bicycle’s wheels. Race-ready, thin bikers can weigh up to 70 kilograms. Most likely, you’ve seen a few riders that are heavier than that, weighing in at least 120 kilograms. Each wheel is able to support a static load of 60Kg in this situation.

A mountain bike or one being ridden through potholes or up kerbs will have a multiplier effect on its weight. When riding a downhill bike, the odds are even higher. Even road bike wheels, which are built to handle heavy weights, are capable of handling them unless something incredibly extreme occurs.

It’s no trouble at all to hang a bike by its wheel. The wheel is built to handle loads that are significantly greater than the weight of the bike itself.. The only issue that could arise is if the tyre, which is what keeps the bike upright, falls flat.

4. Will hydraulic brakes still work if I store a bike vertically?

Brakes that need to be bled because air has entered the system You’ll notice that air bubbles form around the brake levers when you store the bike vertically. When you remove the bike from the wall, it may feel a little squishy to the touch.

Pulling the levers a few times should immediately resolve the issue.

For obvious reasons, you should check your brakes before you begin riding. Once you’ve tried a few times to squeeze the brake levers and nothing has changed, you’ve got a brake problem, not a storage issue.

5. Will suspension forks be OK if the bike is stored in an upright position?

Yes. Undoubtedly. For a bike with suspension forks, this is the ideal way to keep it in storage.

Stanchions (the shiny tubes) are a standard feature of suspension forks and allow riders to easily insert and remove them from their bikes (the bit attached to the wheel). As a result of this, the fork legs are drenched with oil. Rubber seals are installed at the top of the fork legs to prevent oil from dripping everywhere when the forks are compressed. The oil will be held against the stanchions by a foam seal installed behind this.

It’s a good idea to keep your bike upright when it’s not in use. Long-term storage causes the seals to shrink and dry out. This causes the forks to malfunction and can cause damage to the stanchions. Mountain bike forks can cost up to £800 or more, so this can be a pricey endeavor.

The forks will be pointing backwards if the bike is mounted vertically to the wall to be stored. Fork oil is forced to flow backward and collect against the foam seals, causing leakage. This prevents the seals from drying out by keeping them properly greased.

Other items can be stored in the area between the bikes on some wall-mounted bike racks. Because it would otherwise be concealed behind the handlebars, it’s like having even more ‘free space.’ In addition to bike stands and track pumps, there are separate gear hooks for tools and replacement wheels.

Depending on the type and quantity of bikes you own, you’ll want to store them differently. It is easier to store a road bike than a mountain bike because the handlebars are narrower and lighter. Here are a few ideas we have for you:

1. What’s the best way to store a road bike on the wall?

Hanging a single road bike by the front wheel is the finest method for displaying it in your home, garage, or shed. In addition to saving you money and time, this is the easiest and most simple way to protect your prized possession from dents and scratches.

How to mount 2,3,4 or even 5 road bikes on the wall?

A wall-mounted bike rack is an excellent method to save space while also ensuring the safety of your road bikes. It’s simple to start with a rack for two or three bikes and then add hooks for additional bikes using an Allen key and no drilling required.

Five bikes may be mounted on the GearHooks bike wall mount rack in just one meter of wall space. Hanging motorcycles upside down by their back wheels is another option for making it easier to access the bikes.

How can I store a mountain bike vertically

If you have a lot of mountain bikes, you may not be able to fit all of them on a rack because the handlebars are wider. A mountain bike rack should hold no more than three bikes at a time. There would still be room for a few road bikes in between them.

Increasing the number of bikes on a one-meter-long rail is possible in a variety of ways. To begin, bikes can be swung sideways to create additional room. The racks can be installed either side-by-side or one on top of the other. The handlebars naturally overlap, so we design a unique inverted V shaped rack that can hold up to six bikes.

What’s the best way to store an ebike

Because an ebike is heavier than a road bike, it is more difficult to raise it onto a hook for vertical storage. It’s true that you don’t have to raise an ebike to hang it, but there are other ways to do so.

The back wheel can be kept on the floor with the correct kind of hook, allowing you to avoid the weight issue. Step back on the brakes and step backwards to pull the bike up onto its back wheel, then roll the bike toward a wall and hook its front wheel, without lifting it at all.

Single hook or three-hook rack, this method works just as well and is just as easy on each of them.

Wall Mount Bikes with One of These 4 Best Bike Racks - Bob Vila

So, to summarise why storing bikes on the wall is a great idea:

  • The amount of floor space required for vertically storing bicycles is significantly reduced.
  • A bike hook can be purchased for as little as ten pounds ($10 USD).
  • There’s no need to lug hefty bicycles around anymore.
  • You don’t have to move other bikes to get to individual ones.
  • bicyclists are kept apart from each other to avoid collisions
  • A bike dangling from the front wheel is no problem at all.
  • Hydraulic brakes may initially seem spongy, but this soon dissipates and becomes a minor inconvenience.
  • storing suspension forks this way is beneficial

Regardless of where you keep your bikes, have fun!

Our garden tool storage hooks or golf club holder racks are great options for additional storage if you found this article helpful and have more gear or space you’d like to conserve.

Thank you for stopping by. So, there you have it. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about storing sports and recreational equipment.