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It’s not easy to find the best curtains for your home because there are so many options to consider. The walls of a room can make or break the overall aesthetic, so it’s crucial to get them just right.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been trying to figure out what color curtain would look good against blue walls. We’re going to talk about the best accent colors for blue walls today.

Now, let’s jump in.

White Curtains with Navy Blue Walls

White curtains are a great option to complement navy blue walls. These white curtains look great against the navy walls and create a modern, elegant atmosphere.

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This room’s clean lines are accentuated by the white painted window frame and skirting board, and the white curtains provide the perfect backdrop for the contemporary furnishings.

Navy Blue Curtains for Dark Blue Walls

Selecting a different shade of blue for your curtains to go with your blue walls will create a striking design that will look as though it was carefully planned.

One simple solution is to choose curtains that you already love and then take a fabric swatch to your local hardware or home improvement store to have a custom shade mixed to match your blue walls.

Blue Striped Curtains for Light Blue Walls

Contrasting beautifully with the muted blue of the walls are those bold blue striped drapes. The striped gradient is a nice way to break up the color and add depth and visual interest without making the design look too busy.

One of the simplest ways to achieve a unified aesthetic is to decorate with different shades of blue. If you’re worried about having too much of a monochromatic look, you can always hang some artwork to break up the space.

Go Traditional With Navy and Taupe

Taupe is a great choice for curtains to go with navy blue walls because it is a neutral color that goes well with dark hues.

These curtains are made from a thick, thermal fabric that has the look and feel of silk; they would be an excellent addition to a master bedroom that aims to both pamper and relax its inhabitants. These drapes are not only beautiful to look at, but they also insulate well and will keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Blush Pink Curtains with Deep Blue Walls

A blush pink curtain could be the answer to your dilemma of what color curtains go with blue walls if you’re looking for something a little different. A youthful and carefree spirit permeates the space thanks to the pretty pink of the curtains.

The soft pink curtains add a feminine touch to the otherwise masculine room because of how well they contrast with the blue walls.

Pair Teal Walls With Blush Pink Curtains for a Playful Vibe

Here we see yet another beautiful instance of how pink complements blue walls. Even though the walls in this girl’s bedroom are a fairly dark blue, the combination of the teal furniture and the blush pink walls makes the space feel airy and feminine.

The material of these curtains is a big part of why they are so effective; it allows light in while maintaining privacy.

Dusty Pink Curtains With Pale Blue Walls

Dusty pink drapes would look lovely against sky blue walls.

These curtains’ color is so light that it could be considered a neutral, which is why it fits in with the rest of the design so well. It brings a touch of femininity to the overall color scheme without detracting from the design’s smart and stylish vibe.

Natural Linen Curtains With Dark Blue Walls

It’s common knowledge that white or other neutral-colored drapes look great against dark blue walls.

The natural linen curtains contrast nicely with the dark blue walls and match the rest of the furnishings and accents in the room.

Grey Curtains with Duck Egg Blue

This pair of grey grommet curtain panels would look great against a duck egg blue wall.

These curtains, which feature a grommet header for a clean, uniform look, are the cherry on top of this blue living room’s design cake. They frame the windows with elegant straight lines and a subtle color shift from the blue.

Cream Checked Curtains With Blue Walls for a Modern Farmhouse Look

Curtains with a checkerboard pattern can update a traditional farmhouse interior. The large square checks on the cream curtains are a welcome departure from the traditional plain or patterned curtains we’re used to seeing, and they look great against the dark blue walls.

These drapes have a contemporary aesthetic, but their timeless neutral color makes them a perfect fit for this farmhouse-style dining room.

Rusty Red Curtains With Light Blue-Grey Walls

Here’s a daring option: crimson and white honeycomb-patterned drapes would look great against cool gray walls. The walls are a cool blue, and the rust red furniture is a striking contrast to them.

These curtains, with their geometric pattern, are a great addition to any contemporary space, from the living room to the master bedroom.

Charcoal Grey and White Curtains on Midnight Blue Walls

These charcoal grey and white geometric patterned curtains might look great against midnight blue walls.

These curtains are a focal point in the room thanks to their intricate geometric pattern and contrasting color against the dark blue walls. The sheer material and lighter color of the curtains also work well around windows, allowing more natural light to enter the room during the day.

Grey and Silver Curtains With Dark Blue Walls

Drapes of silver and gray in a blue room. The silver and grey color scheme of the curtains contrasts wonderfully with the deep blue of the walls.

Even though grey curtains wouldn’t usually draw much attention, the silver geometric pattern on these curtains makes them a focal point. These drapes are not only stylish, but also functional thanks to their ability to block out all outside light.
Curtains of zesty lemon yellow contrast with walls of deep blue.

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Curtains in a cheery lemon yellow contrast beautifully with the deep blue of the walls. The complementary nature of blue and yellow on the color wheel explains why these two seemingly unrelated hues work so well together. If you want to make an impression, choose a color scheme with complementary hues.

Use this color wheel to find the perfect complementary color to go with your current paint scheme.

 Desert Orange Blue With Dark Blue Walls

Orange curtains can be a great accent color for a room with dark blue walls. Because orange and blue are complementary colors, a design using both will pop out at the viewer.

These lovely drapes not only keep the warmth inside but also completely block out light, making them ideal for bedrooms as well as living rooms.

Gray Curtains With Sky Blue Walls for a Stylish and Sophisticated look

There is no question that combining grey curtains with sky blue walls is a stunning combination. The room’s decor is effortlessly stylish thanks to the complementary gray and blue color scheme.

These grey curtains are a design focal point in their own right, thanks to the mottled pattern that gives the fabric additional depth and texture.

What Curtains Go With Blue Walls?

The color blue is known to be calming to many people. The color blue, which we find everywhere from the ocean to the sky to the mist that clings to mountain peaks, has a calming and soothing effect on us. It’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular choices for home interiors. When it comes to design, however, you may wonder: what color curtains go with blue walls?

Choosing curtains to complement your blue walls requires you to think coolly. Among the most well-known are:

  • Whites
  • Grays
  • Yellows
  • Oranges

Because of their shared affinity for cool tones, white and gray complement blue walls particularly well. Other colors that work well with these are, surprisingly, those that are opposite one another on the color wheel. Given that orange is blue’s complementary color, any hue from yellow to peach could look stunning with it. Is your curiosity peaked? In this video, we’ve showcased some fantastic cases. You can either watch the video now or read on.

Rich Navy Curtain On A Deep Blue Wall

This sumptuous mix will have you reaching for a bottle of Dom Perignon and kicking off your shoes to spend quality time with that special someone. These navy velvet curtains look incredible against a deep blue wall and white floor. We’re big fans of how much it screams “high design” and “luxury.”

These exclusive fabrics navy heavy duty curtains could help you get the look you’re going for. They can be used as window or door curtains to keep out the hot sun and drafty air, and their expansive size makes them ideal for covering an entire wall.

Periwinkle Blue Walls with Soft Gray Light Filtering Curtains

The shade of periwinkle is one of a kind because it manages to be both vivid and subdued. That’s why it’s crucial that you find the right curtain for your needs. Pairing a white sheer with some medium gray light-filtering curtains creates a soothing atmosphere that’s ideal for a bedroom. Bedding in shades of gray and navy, plus that complementary color we mentioned, plus a pop of floral yellow on a throw pillow, finishes the look.

These semi-sheer poly linen curtains with grommet headers do a great job of mirroring the look in the image above. Available in 2-panel packages in several lengths and standard 54″ width. The linen look and textured style provide interest while still letting light through to the room.

Electric Blue Walls And Navy And White Polka Dotted Curtains

Everything about this space screams cheerfulness, from the sheer white and navy polka-dotted curtains to the vivid electric blue walls. This outfit is ideal for showcasing your individual sense of style. This beautiful living room features white furniture and blue upholstered pieces.

The two panels of these sheer curtains feature white and blue embroidered polka dots. In a range of sizes, of course. This is a one-of-a-kind grommet top because of the silent sliding mechanism.

Dark Turquoise Walls With Medium Gold Curtains

Use of contrasting hues brings out the best in this lively interior. The vibrant turquoise wall complements the medium gold curtain that echoes the hardwood floor on the left. The color gold is emphasized by a red pompon accent. The blue of the rug serves as a playful accent to the gray of the walls.

These chenille jacquard-style curtains feature a slight geometric pattern and a warm golden glow. They are room darkening, come in a set of two panels, and are available in many sizes. Their silky finish allows for a beautiful drape.

Grayish Blue Walls And Curtains In Rose And Navy

The abstract color-blocked painting hanging on the light blue-gray wall serves as inspiration for the stylish curtains in this room. Soft rose and dark navy linen-like curtains are juxtaposed with white sheer curtains. Rose’s warm tones are highlighted by the copper and gold accents of the lamp and furniture. As a whole, it makes for a very stylish presentation.

White Knotted Sheers On Wedgewood Blue Walls

With such wonderful natural light streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows, there is no need to block it out with heavy drapes. Here, sheers from floor to ceiling have been knotted fashionably to update the space. Spiral-shaped curtain rods made of black iron give a contemporary feel.

Your own home can have the same stylish curtain rods as those in the pictures. To check them out on Amazon, just click here.

White Textured Curtains On Deep Blue Walls

The use of contrast is another option for decorating walls that are a deep blue. Here, the rich dark blue walls and white trim work harmoniously with a white curtain with a geometric texture in the softest gray.

Featuring delicate gray medallion designs on a white background, these curtains from Exclusive Home are a beautiful linen alternative. They are sold in sets of 54, have multiple length options, and are hung using a rod pocket.

Lighter Turquoise Walls With Yellow Curtains And White Sheers

Colors can be diluted to achieve the desired effect. This room’s use of turquoise and gold is complementary to the one shown above. The curtains in this room are a more muted version of the traditional turquoise and gold color scheme.

Curtains For Light Blue Walls

The current trend toward neutral tones makes lighter shades of blue more likely to be selected than darker blues as wall color. So, what kinds of drapes look best against baby blue walls? Read on for some illustrations.

White Sheers And Patterned Tan Curtains For A Blue Wall

Pattern play is a great way to liven up a space with a colored wall. The blue and white room benefits from the combination of a sheer white curtain and a patterned tan floral curtain. The white porthole mirrors let in light from outside, giving the illusion of more room.

These paisley-printed curtains are the perfect blend of retro and contemporary. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and are printed on a long-lasting poly and linen blend fabric.

Luxurious Gold Metallic Curtains Against Blue And Gold Damask Walls

We can see the influence of the color blue, traditionally associated with nobility and royalty, in this sophisticated pairing of gold. Rich metallic gold satin curtains and the sheerest white sheer look stunning against a gold stenciled damask wallpaper.

Ochre Colored Curtains Against Light Turquoise Walls

A curtain that mimics the white cabinets and natural wood flooring would be a perfect complement to the room’s existing decor. A sunlit galley kitchen, decorated in the warm gold of ochre.

The light and airy linen blend curtains are a great complement to the vibrant turquoise paint on the wall. Taffy describes this shade perfectly. Each panel measures 52 inches in width, and they are available in a variety of lengths. Curtain rods are not included, as they are hung from the grommet tops.

Sunny Yellow Curtains On A Light Blue Wall

Combinations of sand and sea or sun and sky are particularly appealing to us. The pale blue walls and cheery yellow drapes are complete. Bright geometric throw pillow and matching curtains are a great combination.

A bright grin is guaranteed upon seeing these curtains patterned in cheerful yellow and white. Sets of two are a standard 52″ x 84″ size with grommets at the top.

Playful Peach And Blue Patterned Curtains Against A Patterned Light Blue Wall

There’s no reason patterns can’t be used to counter other patterns. That’s exactly what they did in this bedroom, which features a pastel blue floral wallpaper and matching blue and peach patterned curtains. The curtain rods’ glass globed ends complete the style.

Admire the quality of those curtain rods? It’s a style that’s yours for the taking.

What Curtains Go With Blue Walls? [15 Awesome Ideas!]

Soft Gray Blue Curtains Against Soft Gray Blue Walls

The use of a single color palette can be ideal in some situations. Here, the gentle gray-blue of the walls and curtains complements the white molding beautifully. Similar-hued furniture accents, set off by the preponderance of whites and tans, create a unified appearance in this room.

This semi-transparent curtain with a gradient is a common pick. They are offered in widths of 54 inches and lengths of varying sizes in pairs.

Tan Curtains Against Light Blue Walls

An alternative method of drawing attention to the ground with the help of a curtain. This dining room is bright and modern thanks to the combination of white, tan, and blue.

Softest Rose Curtains Against Light Blue Walls

Curtains in the softest shade of rose contrast beautifully with the pale blue walls in this luxuriously feminine bedroom. The room also features a variety of blue tones, from the bedspread to the vibrant upholstered chair. You might not ever want to leave this room.

These velvet curtains in a delicate ballet pink color are not only beautiful, but also great at insulating a room from drafts and blocking out unwanted noise. As they are sold separately, two would have to be purchased to cover a large window.

Simple White Sheers On A Pale Blue Wall

A beautiful, neutral white wall goes wonderfully with a light blue wall, and is perhaps the most conventional option. A minimalist aesthetic allows you to relax and take in your surroundings without mental distractions. The height of the room is emphasized by the curtains’ placement above the window sill.

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Final Thoughts

There is no correct or incorrect choice when it comes to matching curtains and blue walls. There are many wonderful options to select from; however, it is important to consider not only the color but also the material and texture before making a final decision.

Before committing to a complete redesign of a room, it can be helpful to create a moodboard featuring your chosen colors, samples of materials, and images of your furniture and accessories.

Have fun browsing for bargains!