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In order to support your neck while you sleep, you might place a cervical roll in the pillowcase. You can use the neck roll to assist keep your neck in a good position whether you’re on your back or your side while you sleep.

If you suffer from cervical radiculopathy (pain in the arms that originates in the neck), you know how difficult it can be to perform even the most basic of daily tasks like washing your hair or reading a book.

Neck discomfort can be caused by a variety of things, but it can also come on suddenly and without warning. Even if you had a pleasant night’s sleep, you may wake up in the morning with neck pain.

There are a few things you should do immediately if you notice a sudden start of acute neck pain. Don’t freak out; start doing some easy neck range-of-motion exercises and make sure to sit with good posture.

Neck pain might be alleviated if you maintain a proper posture. While your illness is healing, it is imperative that you maintain optimal posture for your neck and spine, no matter how you choose to rest.

The Anatomy of the Neck

You have 7 vertebrae in your neck or cervical spine, which are placed on top of each other. There is a tiny disc that functions as a stress absorber between each bone.

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Your neck should have a slight forward curvature when viewing your spine from the side. For those with neck pain, maintaining this curvature (known as “lordosis”) is critical. Your spinal discs and joints can benefit from having your cervical lordosis maintained by reducing pressure on those nerves that exit your spinal canal and go down one or more of the arms.

Proper Posture to Maintain Cervical Lordosis

Using a modest lumbar roll to support your low back while sitting in a chair can help you keep the correct posture of your neck. The natural forward curve in your neck is created when your low back is properly aligned and supported by a tiny lumbar pillow.

When you are lying down, you must also maintain your cervical lordosis to keep your neck in the optimum position. This can be accomplished by using a cervical roll.

Where to Obtain a Cervical Roll

Cervical lordosis must be maintained while lying down in order to keep your neck in the best possible position. A cervical roll can be used to achieve this goal.

Using a Cervical Roll During Sleep

It’s simple to keep your neck straight at night using a cervical roll. The cervical roll can be placed in your pillowcase and then moved to one end of your pillow by simply placing it in the pillow. Your pillow should include a full-length roll of fabric.

You should place your pillow on your bed, with the cervical roll within the case. When you place your head on your pillow, the cervical roll should be positioned so that it provides support for your neck when you do.

It is important to feel the cervical roll supporting your neck while you are laying on your stomach. The cervical roll should remain support your neck and fill in the space between your head and shoulder even if you roll to one side or the other.

If you have neck pain, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach.

It is normal to have some discomfort when you initially begin using your cervical roll. There will be no additional discomfort after a few nights of sleeping on the roll.

As soon as you notice that your neck discomfort is not going away, you should seek immediate medical attention to ensure that you receive the best therapy. In order to assist you in dealing with your problems, your doctor may suggest that you see a physical therapist. Your physical therapist (PT) can recommend the best exercises for you, assist you in maintaining good posture, or suggest additional pain-relieving options like cervical traction.

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If you suffer from neck pain, make sure you sleep with your neck properly aligned. Supporting your neck with a cervical roll in your pillowcase is an easy, low-cost, and effective option. As part of your treatment, it can help you get rid of your neck pain swiftly and safely.

DIY Cervical Roll for Neck Support While Sleeping

Pillows with additional support are often required by those who suffer from neck pain. As a result, they can sleep well with their neck in the proper posture. Using a cervical pillow while you sleep might help keep your neck in a comfortable position. Your personal cervical roll can alleviate your neck ache. It’s explained in detail in this article.

Neck pain can be debilitating, making it difficult to do daily activities like working, driving, or sleeping well. If you’re experiencing neck pain, a visit to a physical therapist may be in order. Cervical traction, for example, may be required to relieve strain on your cervical nerves.

If you suffer from neck discomfort, it’s critical that you take control of your health and choose a treatment that works for you. In addition to learning how to sit properly, you should also do neck exercises.

When appropriate posture while sitting is vital, sleeping with your neck in the correct position is just as important. It is possible to fast reduce or eliminate your neck ache and return to your normal activities by using the right cushion with the right support.

Supporting Your Neck While Sleeping

There are seven vertebrae in your neck, and these bones form a lordosis, which is a forward curve. While you’re getting relief from your neck pain, it’s critical that you keep that forward curve in your neck. Spinal discs and nerves can benefit from this.

A cervical roll is an easy technique to keep your neck supported as you sleep. In order to provide neck support while you sleep, you can use a cervical roll, sometimes referred to as a neck roll or a cervical pillow. In order to maintain your neck properly aligned while resting in bed, the cervical roll is an excellent choice.

For a modest price, you may buy cervical rolls online or at your local drugstore. A physical therapist can also help you obtain a cervical roll.

Making Your Own Cervical Roll

In order to keep your neck comfortable while you sleep, use a cervical roll. In this manner:

  1. Grab a towel for the pool or beach.
  2. Half-fold the towel.
  3. Make a pillow-sized roll of your towel by starting on one side and rolling it up.
  4. The lowest edge of the pillowcase is where you should place your folded up towel.
  5. Make sure the roll is tucked all the way inside your pillow so that it doesn’t fall out of your pillow.

The towel wound up around your neck should provide support for your head as you rest it on your pillow. When you are lying on your back, you should feel a tiny pressure on the back of your neck. When you’re lying on your side, your towel roll will help to fill in the space between your head and shoulder, which can alleviate neck pain. To avoid neck pain, it’s best to avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Your treatment for neck discomfort should include exercise and postural correction, and the perfect sleeping position can help you swiftly eradicate your pain.  However, if your neck discomfort is severe or accompanied by other symptoms such as arm weakness or numbness, you should see your doctor to find out what’s causing it.

Going to your local Physical Therapist can also help you get started on the road to recovery for your neck pain.

A Word From Verywell

As a result of neck pain, you may not be able to get to sleep or stay asleep. Using a cervical roll can help you sleep better by keeping your neck in a neutral posture.

You can help support your neck as you sleep by making a cervical roll yourself. Your neck pain can be rapidly and safely managed using this method.

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Types of Neck Pillows

Your sleep position, the reason of your pain, and your personal preferences all play a role in determining which pillow is ideal for you. Among the most common are:

  • Rolls of the neck
  • D-core, which has an indentation for your head in the shape of a D in the center.
  • contour pillows, which are the wavy ones with a long indentation for your head — are the most commonly used type.
  • Horseshoe-shaped

Down, memory foam, cotton, and synthetics that can wick away heat and sweat are some of the materials used to make neck pillows. Only if the pillow is comfy to you does the material matter. According to experts, comfort is more important than anything else, but a material that keeps you cool may aid in a better night’s sleep in the long run.

How You Sleep Matters

Your sleep position is just as important as the type of pillow you use. The best postures for relieving neck discomfort are on your side or back. Lying on your stomach is the worst.

Regardless of how you want to sleep, make careful to select a pillow that helps maintain the natural curvature of your neck.

Those who sleep on their backs. You don’t want to have your neck pushed up, but you also don’t want it to be completely flat. If you’re in this position, consider a contoured model. Use a soft, flat one to support your head and a roll-shaped one for your neck.

People who prefer to sleep on their sides are known as side sleepers. If you want to keep your spine in a straight line, use a cushion that is higher under your neck than under your head to provide the correct neck support. It should be solid enough to keep your head from sinking into it, yet thick enough to keep you from losing your balance. While memory foam pillows might get hot, latex pillows keep you cool. This type of pillow is built for the task.

Neck Roll Pillow

What the Research Shows

When it comes to neck pillows, there isn’t a lot of consensus based on studies. They were found to have insufficient evidence to be recommended for treating neck discomfort in a review of five research published in 2006.

Water-filled pillows, rolls, and conventional pillows were all tested for their impact on sleep quality in a previous study. Research indicated that a water-filled cushion reduced morning pain and provided better rest than a conventional pillow or roll pillow.

Another study indicated that a roll-shaped cushion had a significant impact on the symptoms of persistent neck discomfort.

It’s important to keep in mind that no one, not even the participants in these research, can predict what will work best for you. If you wake up in the morning with stiffness and soreness in your neck, you may want to try a neck pillow.

You can use a cervical roll to control your neck ache, as well as a cervical roll within the case.