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There are certain wedge pillows that don’t come with covers when you buy them, so if you want to keep yours clean, here’s how to construct a cover for a bed wedge cushion.

What is a Bed Wedge Pillow?

Poor sleep quality can be caused by a number of factors, including sleep apnea, sinus pressure, and acid reflux. An ideal answer is a bed wedge pillow, which may be used to prop up either your upper or lower body. Snoring can be reduced, blood pressure lowered, pain alleviated, and comfort increased by these measures.

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Memory foam and polyfoam are common materials for wedge pillows used in bed. It’s triangular form and superior construction make high-quality bed wedge pillows last longer and retain their shape more effectively than regular pillows. Your pillow’s angle should be adjusted based on your height and the symptoms you’re trying to alleviate. Pregnant women frequently utilize wedge pillows to alleviate the aches and pains they experience. It’s also a great place to sit while watching TV in bed or reading a book.

How to Make a Cover for a Bed Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are distinct from other cushions because of their triangular shape. They are available in a range of sizes and are angled to support the upper body while sitting.

Pillows of this unusual shape are hard to find pillowcases for. As they are also considerably larger, standard coverings won’t do the trick for them. It’s best to make your own pillowcase if you desire one.

Step 1: Get the dimensions of your wedge pillow

Size variation is intended for wedge pillows. That’s because it improves people’s health in various ways, including restfulness during the night. As a result, they are often made to order, and the sizes they come in vary according on the wearer.

Individuals of different heights and weights can select the appropriate size. Its angle of recline can be modified to address a variety of medical issues, including aches and pains, sinus issues, and heartburn.

Sizes between 20 and 25 inches in length and breadth are also common. The amount of fabric needed for this do-it-yourself pillowcase project can be roughly estimated if you know the size of your pillow beforehand.

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Step 2: Prepare the required equipment and materials

There is a wide variety of cover materials to select from. Choose synthetics over naturals like cotton because of the latter’s propensity to soak up oil and perspiration. However, those that contain some synthetic fibers are OK.

The activity calls for the use of Kraft paper; ideally, the wider sheets available in rolls. Get a zipper that’s at least as long as the base of your wedge pillow ready, too.

It is recommended, but not required, to use a sewing machine for this task. You can sew a pillowcase by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine, but it will take longer. If you decide to go that route, get out your needle and thread.

Of course, you’ll also need something to make marks with, like a pencil or marker, and something to make cuts with, like scissors or a cutter. Alignment also necessitates the use of a ruler or other measuring device and some straight pins.

Step 3: How to make a cover for a bed wedge pillow

Get some kraft paper and a pencil and trace the dimensions and form of your finished wedge pillow before cutting into the cloth. Take in the triangle base’s flatness before examining the sides. Around half an inch should be left on all sides for seam allowances.

You need to draw the front, rear, and the three sides that establish the wedge pillow’s depth. When you’re done drawing, trace it onto kraft paper, and cut it out.

To reduce the possibility of mistakes, lay out the patterns on the fabric and use straight pins to temporarily secure them in place. The next step is to cut the fabric to the exact dimensions of the pattern once the paper and fabric are lined up.

If the design is already printed on the cloth, you can save time by simply pinning the several layers together before sewing them together. However, before you do that, you need to flip the cover inside out.

Do not forget to cut a slit for the zipper on the bottom edge of the wedge’s reverse side. Sew everything together, except the sides of the open section.

Do not fasten the zipper to the opening while the cover is still inside out. In addition, you should make sure it is closed before sewing it to the fabric. Simply unzip the cover, turn it inside out, and place your wedge pillow shape inside.

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Final Thoughts on How to Make a Cover for Bed Wedge Pillow

If you own a bed wedge pillow, you should know how to construct a cover for it. The cushion’s life can be extended thanks to the case, which protects it from dirt and spills. The cover of your wedge cushion may be removed and washed separately if it gets dirty.