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Interested in building a stand for your window air conditioner? The first step in building an AC stand is to gather all of the necessary tools and then take accurate measurements of your AC unit. To secure your window air conditioner, build a custom-sized box and connect it to the outside of your window.

Window air conditioners are installed on windows because they can only operate in an area that is accessible to both indoor and outdoor air. When you have a window air conditioner, you need a stand to keep it from falling and causing damage.

In addition, because the air conditioner conducts heat from inside to outside, it requires a stand to support its body while it is not in use. Your air conditioner will last longer if you give it a helping hand, as it needs access to the outside to keep your home dry.

Steps To Build An Air Conditioner Stand

To provide people with a cool, crisp air to breathe, a window AC unit needs some kind of support. If you decide to install a window air conditioner, you’ll need to create a stand for it.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your air conditioner has a place to stand. In order to protect your cooling system, it’s important to think about the materials you’re using and how to design the stand.

The AC unit can be supported on a wooden or metal stand as long as it is strong enough. That being said, here are the three tough procedures to building an air conditioner stand..

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Step #1. Air conditioner stand backplate

Air conditioners are supported by the backplate, which is a flat surface. It’ll keep the air conditioner from toppling over because it’ll be held firmly in place. In order to construct a backplate, you must first determine the width of the window in which your air conditioner will be installed.

Then, make sure that the air conditioner’s measurements are compatible with the size of the window frame. Using a saw, cut a plank of wood to fit the window’s aperture to the precise dimensions.

Next, get the dimensions of your air conditioner so that you can make a hole in your backplate, which is the opening of the box, so that you can put your cooling system on it simply. Measure your air conditioner and cut a hole in your wood board to accommodate it.

Your cooling system’s measurements should be matched to the hole’s specifications to ensure a proper fit. Once you’ve drilled the hole, you can test the fit by putting your air conditioner in it.

Step #2. Attaching the locks

To secure the stand to the window, we’ll need to attach some locks. If you don’t secure the air conditioner to the stand, it will fall out. Attach a horizontal strip of wood to the backplate so that the rim of your air conditioner can rest on top of it.

In order to accommodate a window AC unit, you’d place this narrow strip of wood near to the lower edge of the window frame. Using screws, fasten the AC unit to the backplate after cutting the horizontal strip. Create a vertical piece of wood the same way you attached the horizontal strip, then screw it into place. In order to make room between the backplate and the windowsill, cut a piece of wood to size. To finish the job, cut a smaller piece of wood to fill in the bottom of the window.

Use screws to attach the backplate spacer and sash filler to the bottom of the backplate. If you put your air conditioner on it, it will keep the bottom of the box tight.

Step #3. Final touches

Once your cooling system’s AC stand is complete, mount it to your window frame. To ensure a proper fit with your windowsill, the AC stand’s sash filler should be used.

If your window air conditioner is the perfect size, place it within the AC stand. The hole in the air conditioner should match the hole in the box on top. Then, secure the AC unit to the air conditioner pedestal with the screws provided.

Fill in the screw holes with Spackle and smooth it out to give your AC stand a more natural appearance. To keep your home’s cold air from escaping through small cracks, apply a sealant to all of the borders. Finally, apply a waterproof primer to the stand so that it can support your air conditioner for a long period.

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Why would window aircon need support?

You’ll also want to know about aircon support now that you’ve decided to put in air conditioning. We can ensure that humidity levels are reduced by running an air conditioning unit.. An air conditioner removes the heat from a room and expels it into the outside air. This means that air conditioning cannot be installed in the space to the fullest extent possible. It’s like having half of an air conditioner in the room. In essence, assistance is required for this unit.

Despite the fact that the window air conditioner is designed to not fall out, extra care must be taken. If the exterior unit weighs more than 100 pounds, window air conditioner support is a must.

No more AC support would be provided if you properly installed an air conditioner. A support bracket is required and can be purchased separately. They’re available at home improvement stores and online. However, if you don’t want to fork over a few extra dollars for window support, there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself.

How to build window aircon support

Time Spent: 45 mins.

The first thing you would want to do is, find the center of gravity of your Ac unit.

Slowly raise a section at a time. Check the weight on both sides. The weight is evenly distributed if you can feel it on both sides of your body.

Find the sill and mark it.

If the AC weight is balanced, use the center mark. But if the AC weight is not level and one side seems more decadent than the other, mark the sill 3 inches toward the heavier side. (Here we’ll imagine the right side the heavier one.)

Now drill with 5/32” bit and make a 2” deep hole on the area we’ve marked before.

It is best to utilize the middle mark if the AC weight is evenly distributed. The sill should be marked 3 inches toward the heavier end if the AC weight is uneven and one side appears more luxurious. (Let’s pretend that the right side is heavier for the sake of argument.)

Now add around the spacer, then move a block away from stool until the top of the block is even with the seat.

Then, using the hollow block and the round spacer, drill two 2″ deep holes in the sill for each of the holes.

Add height with flat spacer.

Allow a tiny amount of wiggle room while attaching the shelf to the sill.

Position the leg footpad against the exterior wall put leg and support together by aligning the holes on the leg’s top.

With a long bolt, hex nut, washer, and washer, secure the section to the shelf.

You’ve just completed the quick and easy steps necessary to secure your a/c window.

Window climate control system units are common among property owners, and many of them are removed before winter. You may think that only the AC is affected by the temperature, but this is not the case. The curls in the fans of the device can be damaged by the freezing temperatures.

During the upcoming winter months, you’ll be concerned about your open-air air conditioner’s ability to keep you cool. It’s best to say yes to this question.

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Ensure permission for installing AC window

Getting permission from neighbors, homeowners, and society if you’re not living in your own home is the first step in learning how to support window air conditioners. Putting in a window air conditioner may necessitate some drywall work. Even if the majority of homeowners are fine with it, it’s your obligation to ask.

Call missional to clear doubts

Even if the procedure is simple and short, it’s possible that you’ll get lost in the process. You can always try the DIY hecks if you don’t want to pay for ac support. Calling in a professional is preferable if you have no prior expertise working with screws or if you are afraid of working with stiff materials. Take care of your air conditioner rather than save a few bucks.

In other words, taking a few extra measures now will save you time and effort in the future. Please accept my sincere gratitude for reading this essay. In the winter, I’m confident you’ll be safe from the chaos suggested by the roof of your climate control system machine.


There were, however, a few pointers to keep in mind. In addition, because there are numerous proponents of window air-conditioning systems, don’t freak out if the processes don’t go exactly as described. Depending on the specifics of the operation, the change may take on several forms.