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Let me introduce myself: my name is Jenna, and I have home decor commitment difficulties, which is a bad thing because I love curtains.

The time had come. At first I couldn’t believe what was happening. My curtains looked like a good place to start if I wanted to make some adjustments.

The truth is, though, that I have no desire to change any of my curtains. Trying to make my curtains look a little more high-end has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Even though I like the aesthetic of pinch pleated curtains, I’ve always felt they were too difficult to make myself. As a result, I ignored my discomfort.

In my search, I came across pre-made pinch pleated curtains on Amazon that I was seriously considering purchasing. I knew that once I fell in love with them, I would want them all over my house.

To top it all off, I’d have to get a second loan to only decorate my windows.

Again, my IKEA curtains are a big part of my life.

Then, while browsing Amazon, I came across this pleating tape and wondered whether it might be the solution to my curtain dilemma.

How to Make Pinch Pleat Curtains | TIDBITS by Cami

Nevertheless, the thought of using my sewing machine to sew the pleating tape made me sick.

Then, by some miracle, it all came together. My astonishment when I discovered it was in plain sight came when I was moving an IKEA curtain to another room.

It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

It was right in front of me, the pleating tape… already attached to my IKEA curtains with a needle and thread. I couldn’t speak.

Even though I realize there are more important things in life, I was so pleased that it made me want to collapse to the ground.

Why didn’t I think of this before now? For the past five years, I have been purchasing curtains from IKEA. When I’m hanging the curtains, the backs of those things are right in my face.

My apologies for ignoring the pleater tape.

That’s why I posted my musings on Instagram, where I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my ignorance. Over 70% of my followers were completely unaware of my discovery.

Bringing this excellent news to them made me feel like such a trailblazing pioneer.

After that, I received a few messages from people who claimed to have no idea what pinch pleat curtains or pleating tape was.

As a result, this article was born.

I’ll start by answering a few common questions, and then I’ll show you how I made my inexpensive IKEA curtains appear like they cost a fortune.

It’s possible that I now love Ikea even more than before.

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What are pinch pleat curtains

When curtains are hung, the heading is referred to as a pinch pleat. A pleat is nothing more than a bunch of fabric pressed together.

Sewing the pleats together is an option for some. Instead, I made use of the pleat tape that had already been stitched onto my curtains.

How to make pinch pleat curtains

Your curtain can be made with pleats if you’re up for the challenge. Instead of buying pleating tape, you can iron on heat bond or sew the tape to your current curtains. These pleat hooks were also utilized by me. I’ll go into more detail about this later.

How to hang pinch pleat curtains

I used these curtain rings to hang my curtains after inserting my pleater hooks into my pleater tape.

How to make pinch pleat curtains without tape

To make pleated curtains, I’m sure there are guides out there.

In the past, I fashioned curtains out of cloth and hung them using a trick to make them look like they had pleats in them.

To help you out, here is a link to one of the earliest posts I wrote about my faux DIY pinch pleat curtains.

It won’t look exactly like a real pinch pleat, but it was easy to make and looked good enough for me.

Does IKEA have pinch pleat curtains

Yes, without a doubt! To be honest, if you haven’t figured this out by now, you haven’t paid attention to my post. However, the pleat tape is not present on all of IKEA’s curtains. There is no pleat tape or tab heading on any of their grommet curtains.

How to Make Pinch Pleat Curtains with Pleater Tape | OFS Maker's Mill

In contrast, a majority of other models will feature the pleat tape

How to hang IKEA curtains with a pinch pleat

Hang these bad guys up for all to see.

Here’s a side-by-by comparison in case you’re still on the fence about it.

Here is how I generally hang my curtains, and this is how they look after I pleated them.

In the end, it’s your decision whether or not to accept this challenge.

It’s important to note that I use the word “challenging” in the most loving manner possible. For a brief moment, I considered setting fire to my curtains and pinch pleats.

It was a rough start. Despite the fact that some of the videos I viewed on YouTube helped, they didn’t do the trick for me.

I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty and just show you how I came up with the quickest and most efficient approach to accomplish this.

The pleating tape should be visible on the back of your curtains.

Purchase curtain tape on Amazon if you don’t already have this pleating tape. To connect this tape to your curtains, you may either sew or use a heat bond.

Since the weight of the curtains is distributed uniformly, I believe I can presume that the heat bond will hold up rather well. However, I have no way of knowing for sure.

Depending on the thickness of your curtains, you may have to remove the sewn-on rear tabs if you have them. In the case of the IKEA drapes, the back tabs are simply threads sewed over the pleat tape.

I sewed between the curtain’s back tab threads in order to finish the project.

Each portion of the pleating tape includes a total of 16 slots. I started with 4 and inserted a toothpick, then 3 and added another toothpick, and 3 again and put another toothpick.

This is an important step, and you should not skip it or go without toothpicks. You’ll thank the toothpicks for saving your life.

Pleat hooks, purchased from Amazon, were employed. A distinct aesthetic can be achieved by using hooks from IKEA, which I believe are available.

Once I had the toothpicks in place, I began working my pleat hooks up through each slot. Keeping the toothpicks in will help you determine where the hooks’ prongs should be.

It’s time to remove your toothpicks at this point. This is what your pleat should look like.

Prior to employing my toothpick method, the pleating hook prongs did not fit properly into the pleat tape slot. Your pleat will appear battered if this occurs. It’s critical that you insert your hook into the proper position.

You now have the opportunity to work your way down the curtain in this manner. It’s 4-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Repeat the process with a toothpick.

It should look like this after it’s done. I hung a hook at the end of each of the curtains, as well (not pinched)

Finally, the time has come to put up your freshly snipped curtains.

I’m also in the middle of a mini-renovation of our living room, and I’ve opted to use pinch pleats for my curtains.

Look closely and you can see where I’m currently working on my next painting. Ha! #reallife

These drapery clips with eyelets were the ones I used. Also, I like this curtain rod. In my living room, I’ve got the identical curtain in the largest possible length.

Those curtains still need to be tucked in a bit. You can’t go back once you start.)

Pinch pleating your curtains, in my opinion, will elevate their appearance considerably. It does take time, but I believe it is time well spent. Especially considering that I am transforming low-cost drapes into high-end window treatments.

To begin with, let’s have a look at curtains.

I devoted a whole blog post to the topic of where to get cheap curtains. To be honest, I’m a bit of a curtain junkie. You can think of them as the jewels in your home’s crowning glory.

They have the ability to completely transform a room.

IKEA is where I get 96.53% of my curtains. The price is unbeatable, and the curtains are longer. There’s something about 84-inch drapes that irks me. Because all of their drapes are sold as a set of two, the pricing displayed reflects the cost of two panels.

And now that I know that they already include pleat tape, I’ll probably always buy my curtains from them.

A Quick Guide to Drapery Pleat Styles - The Shade Company

It is possible to have your curtains shipped to you even if you don’t live near an IKEA. For smaller things, shipping costs between $5 and $10 and is definitely worth it.

I have the Sanela curtains in my dining room, the Hannalill curtains in my family room, the DYTAG curtains in my bedroom, and the discontinued IKEA curtains in my front room.

The Sanela drapes are made of velvet, and they are quite stunning. They look fantastic in a dining room. Sadly, I’ll have to take them down and put up these curtains instead. However, as you can see, the pleat tape is sewed on even these curtains (which are not from IKEA).

Online curtain purchases should include a part on how to hang the curtains, and 4 prong drapery hooks might be mentioned.