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Sunbeam makes some of the most reliable and effective electric heating items available today. They sell a variety of sizes of heated electric blankets, throws, pads, and wraps for the neck, back, and shoulders. These can be found in a wide array of materials, dimensions, and hues, and they can be outfitted with a wide selection of functions to accommodate different price points.

When the temperature drops at night during the winter, you can rely on your trusted Sunbeam blanket to keep you toasty and save money on your electricity bill. However, even these normally trustworthy products might experience issues. This winter, I hope this doesn’t happen to you too often. However, even if this occurs, the majority of the problems have simple solutions.

Your Control Does Not Regulate Your Side of the Blanket

If your model has two separate controls, check sure they are both set up to operate the appropriate sides of the blanket. Make sure the blanket’s power cord is plugged in and the blanket is turned “on” before proceeding. Adjusting the settings on your blanket properly can be found in the instructions. Both the primary (service-labeled) control and the remote control are specialized for use on their respective sides of the bed. Typically, the remote control will be labeled with the corresponding side of the bed on which it will function.

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“FF” is Flashing on the Display

A blanket malfunction has occurred when the “FF” symbol flashes on the digital control or the light blinks on the gradient control.

To begin, please unplug your device. To switch on the blanket, plug it back in and make sure the control cord is attached to the module. Sunbeam suggests getting in touch if that doesn’t work.

Your Blanket Is Not Heating Properly or Not At All

First, keep in mind that the way an electric blanket works means that it might not feel particularly hot to the touch at first. The purpose of this blanket is to help you keep warm while you sleep. Sunbeam suggests using a fold test to determine if the heating element is working. Fold the blanket like you’re putting it away. Find the controls without unfolding it, then plug in the power cord and double-check that the control is securely linked to the module. I turned the blanket on and turned up the heat to its highest setting. Check inthe creases of the blanket after waiting five minutes to see if it is warm.

Repeat the preceding instructions if your heated blanket stops working. Sunbeam suggests calling its support line if a reset does not resolve the issue.

Only One Side of the Blanket Is Heating

Try plugging the blanket in straight to the socket if you think just half of it is receiving power. Never connect an extension cable or a power adaptor to a wall outlet. For around 20 minutes, maintain the maximum feasible temperature setting. Then, set it to the temperature you desire.

When using a blanket with two separate controls, it is important to keep in mind which side each switch affects.

If the problem persists after trying these solutions, unplug the device and get in touch with Sunbeam.

What Does It Mean When Your Heated Blanket Is Blinking?

It’s natural to worry if your heated blanket begins intermittently flashing. Incorrect connections, however, are usually remedied by resetting the blanket. Sometimes turning the blanket back on is as simple as plugging the cord back into the module.

Flashing lights could indicate a disconnection or problems with the heating wires within. It’s possible that resetting the blanket won’t accomplish anything, and in most cases, it won’t heat up in the first place. Before attempting to fix your own blanket, check the handbook and contact the manufacturer.

How Do You Troubleshoot An Electric Blanket?

It is recommended to do certain testing on various electric and heated blankets. Sunbeam electric blankets, for instance, pass the fold test since they don’t get too hot to the touch when laid flat. However, if you fold the blanket and touch the fold, you can tell if the weather is warming up or not.

Before you panic and toss out the merchandise, make sure you’ve exhausted all possible solutions to the problem. It is also recommended that you examine the manufacturer’s warranty and get in touch with them about a possible replacement. Never try to patch the blanket yourself; doing so could result in inadvertent circuit damage.

What Causes Electric Blankets To Stop Working?

All the problems we’ve mentioned can be avoided by taking good care of your electric blanket. Maybe you haven’t read the instructions on how to set up the control properly, or maybe you plugged it in correctly. However, if the blanket’s cable and internal mechanisms become worn or moist, the blanket may no longer function properly.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Blinking/Flashing High – Why?

The thermostat settings are likely wrong if the blanket is flashing. If the thermostat settings are correct, the power source should be checked. Blinking might be caused by an issue with the power source.

How to Reset a Sunbeam Electric Blanket | Hunker

Take a gander at the gamepad. How safe is it in the blanket’s control unit? Has it been broken?

Resetting the blanket usually fixes problems with the power supply or the thermostat.

Not so with issues stemming from the blanket’s internal heating wires.

An open circuit can be caused by a damaged wire.

If you wash and dry the blanket incorrectly, you can damage the wires.

Throwing a wool blanket in the washing machine and dryer might destroy the heating fibers.

Blinking and flashing are often unintentional. Resetting the sunbeam electric blanket is all that’s required.

However, if the blanket continues to flash after being reset, you may want to look into other solutions. All the aforementioned issues can prevent the blanket from functioning properly.

That is to say, you can’t afford to dismiss the flashing warning.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Blinking F – Why?

A problem with the power supply or a connection mistake is indicated by a blinking or flashing ‘F’ on the control panel.

Is the banket’s power cord plugged in? How about the plug in the wall?

The control panel will display a flashing “F” if the power cord is not plugged into an electrical outlet.

Warning “F”s will flash if the blanket’s cord is cut.

Have you tried to turn the blanket back on?

A blanket that displays a blinking “F” usually needs to be reset. Simply disconnect the blanket’s power line from the wall outlet.

It’s best to wait twenty minutes before plugging in the blanket. Put off connecting the cord to the wall for a while longer.

When you wash and dry the blanket violently, or if you let the cord become tangled, you run the risk of damaging the wires. In addition, the wires in a tangled line can be damaged while you try to untangle it.

If your blanket has a damaged cord, wiring, or EOC, you should have it checked up. They’ll figure out if the blanket can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting F

Resetting the blanket is the quickest approach to figure out what’s causing the Flashing ‘F.’ You need to unplug the blanket from the wall, insert the control into the module, and then plug the blanket back into the wall. Please turn on the blanket. If it’s functioning, the flashing “F” means the blanket has to be reset.

If that doesn’t work, go see a doctor. They plan to look into the blanket to rule out other possibilities.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Flashing F2 – Why?

  • If your blanket is flashing a “F2” error, it’s because the power cord is loose in the wall outlet or the blanket’s module.
  • This can also occur if the controller and the banket fail to communicate effectively.

When a ‘F2’ error message appears on screen, it merely implies that the product has detected a problem.

Troubleshooting F2

In order to reset the blanket, unplug it from the outlet for a few minutes and then plug it back in. Frequently, this is all that is required to rectify the situation.

Always double-check the blanket’s connections before resetting it. Ensure their safety. The power source is the entire setup, from the wall outlet to the blanket’s end of the cord. If the sunbeam blanket is blinking because it is not receiving enough power, the problem can be resolved by reinforcing the connections.

Alternating between controllers is another possible solution.

Sometimes all that’s needed to fix a blanket is a little tweaking. In some cases, you can repair it, but in most you will need to replace it. A qualified technician can diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action.

In the event that your local technician is stumped, you may always reach out to Sunbeam’s customer service team for assistance. They are the most knowledgeable about their product. They might find a better way to handle it.

Flashing Red Light On Sunbeam Electric Blanket – Why?

  • A lack of power or insufficient power is preventing the blanket from functioning. This can occur if the power cord is either loose or not properly inserted into the wall outlet.
  • Make sure the blanket is plugged in properly. It can prohibit the blanket from functioning if it is loose, as shown by the blinking red light.
  • The flashing red light may be the result of a defective controller.

Troubleshooting Red Light

The flashing light can be stopped by 1) resetting the sunbeam blanket. To do so, simply remove the plug from the wall outlet and reinsert it. It may be necessary to wait a few minutes before re-inserting the plug into the wall.

Tag the blanket cord connection gently. Ensure that there is a safe and sound barrier.

Look for tears or other damage to the blanket in step 3. If you notice any problems, you should get in touch with an expert. You can ask them if the damage can be rectified, and they’ll let you know. You may want to consider purchasing a new blanket if the current one cannot be repaired.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Flashing F1 – Why?

On a sunbeam blanket’s control panel, an F1 error code flashes when there is a poor connection between the power cord and the blanket. In the event that this connection becomes loose, an F1 warning will flash on the control panel.

In order to get further information, you can refer to the guide. All possible error codes and their explanations should be included.

Troubleshooting F1

1). Reset

Resetting the blanket will fix the F1 problem. Simply disconnecting the control from the module and reconnecting it will solve the problem. Take the time to pull the power cord out of the wall and push it back into the socket after use.

The blinking F1 error will stop appearing if you restart the sunbeam blanket.

2). Professional Assistance

Some blankets require repeated resetting before they can be used. Contact Sunbeam’s support team if yours has been reset multiple times but still won’t turn on. In other words, they will direct you in the right direction. It’s possible they’ll offer approaches you haven’t considered.

3). Warranty

If something breaks, there’s a repair and replacement guarantee.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Flashing E – Why?

If the E on your sunbeam electric blanket is flashing, the power cord is probably not plugged in or the connection is loose.

Error code Flashing E is not common in Sunbeam electric blankets. The code usually indicates a faulty heating element, as is the case with the Sealy Electric Blanket.

Troubleshooting E

If you have an issue with your Sunbeam blanket, the first thing the customer service team will instruct you to do is to make sure the power wire is properly connected to the blanket. The connection can be tightened by pressing the cord in if it is slack. Verify that the plug is securely inserted into the wall.

Reset the blanket if you have checked all the connections and it is still flashing E. The purpose of the vast majority of error messages is to alert you to a problem. Most of the time, errors may be cleared by resetting the blanket.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the blanket’s power cord will accomplish this. The problem message should go away after the blanket is activated. If it doesn’t work, try repositioning the blanket again.

Waiting a few minutes before re-connecting the blanket has proven effective in certain circumstances. If you’ve tried everything and your blanket still isn’t working, it’s time to phone the Sunbeam customer service line or a professional blanket technician.

Flashing E2 – Why?

  • It’s too hot under the blanket.
  • The blanket and the control box aren’t properly connected.
  • There is no power source for the control box.

Troubleshooting Flashing E2

One, reset the blanket by unplugging and plugging it back in.

2. Look for pins that are recessed in the plug. Using pliers, you may make the necessary adjustments and secure them.

Third, tighten up any slack.

Check that the polarity of the plug is correct (step 4)

Flashing FF – Why?

A flashing FF indicates gradient controls and warming, per Sunbeam.

Troubleshooting FF

First, repositioning the blanket will get rid of the FF symbol.

Secondly, check that the module is securely attached to the control.

Flashing Timer Off – Why?

Make that the connection between the control and the module is safe. Lights will be turned off if this doesn’t happen. Commonly, the blanket isn’t even wired to a power source.

Troubleshooting Flashing Timer Off

One, plug in the blanket to the wall.

Second, make sure every link is secure. They need to be stable and safe.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Won’t Stop Blinking – Why?

To get rid of a blinking light on a sunbeam electric blanket, you must first reset it and then make sure all the connections are secure. If yours won’t stop flashing, it may be due to a defective controller or frayed internal wiring.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket Blinking Yellow Light – Why?

When you reset the blanket, the light will flash. If turning it off and on again doesn’t work, double ensure that the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet and that the blanket isn’t tangled in the cord. Ideally, they’d be safe.

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Sunbeam Heated Blankets Blinking Orange – Why?

If the controller’s light is flashing rapidly, it likely has a power problem, such as low current or a loose connection at the plug. The connections may be faulty, too.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Controller Blue Light Flashing – Why?

To reset the blanket, a light will flicker or flash. If restarting did not work, checking all connections should be tried. Ensure their safety. In that case, you may want to get in touch with Sunbeam’s customer service department.


Do you have any blinking lights or signals on your Sunbeam blanket? In conclusion, you now know that resetting your Sunbeam electric blanket is the solution to its flashing. This method can be applied to other situations as well, although it’s always a good idea to double-check in the handbook and get in touch with Sunbeam just in case.