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Some people find adjustable beds more pleasant than regular bed frames because they can be lifted or lowered. Dressing up adjustable beds so that they don’t look sterile or unwelcoming in your home with bed skirts can help to avoid this effect altogether. As an added bonus to the room’s design, a bed skirt conceals the bedframe and any storage space beneath it. Choosing a bed skirt for an adjustable bed might be tricky because the bed can be lifted or lowered. In this post, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

For adjustable beds, bed skirts include commercial wrap-around bed skirts, velcro strips, 3-piece adjustable bed skirts and no-sew bed skirts. These bed skirts may be attached to an adjustable bed in the same way as they can be attached to ordinary platform beds or box springs and metal frames.

Create your own bed skirt from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to match any design style, while also preventing bed insect infestation and dust gathering under your mattress.. You can learn more about non-chemical bed bug management strategies by reading this article from Virginia Tech.

What is a Bed Skirt?

In order to make your bedroom appear more organized, a bed skirt is a piece of beautiful fabric that is placed between your mattress and box spring.

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There are many distinct designs of bed skirts. Elegant bed skirts can be found in a variety of styles, including the classic pleated design, ruffled skirts, and natural linen skirts. A trendy alternative to traditional bed skirts, such as box spring covers, is now available. You can use our guide to bed skirt styles to figure out what kind of bed skirt is best for your room’s design style. Our guide regarding the ideal height and length for a bed skirt may also be of use to you.

In most cases, mattresses for adjustable beds bend to conform to the bed’s contours. Because they would disintegrate faster if the bed foundation didn’t properly support them, they are designed to morph.

Most bed skirts, on the other hand, aren’t meant to be used with adjustable mattresses. Traditional mattresses don’t bend, therefore you can tuck bed skirts under them with this type of mattress. We’ll go into more detail about this in the following sections. On SleepingOcean, you can find out more about adjustable bed mattresses.

Can You Use a Traditional Bed Skirt With an Adjustable Bed?

A standard bed skirt is unable to adapt to the motion of an adjustable bed because it is at risk of being torn or trapped in a hinge or gap between the frame and platform. If you’re willing to put in a little time and effort, you may make your own bed skirt or buy one that’s specifically intended for adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds can cause a regular bed skirt to stretch or become stuck in the gap while raising, descending, or tilting the bed. To avoid this, buy bed skirts that wrap around the mattress, have velcro strips, are adjustable, or have hook and loop closures if you have an adjustable bed.

If you choose a bed skirt with a hook-and-loop closure, you can avoid cutting or tearing the skirt to fit around any support rods. Don’t forget to check out 6 techniques to keep a bed skirt in place and prevent it from slipping as well!

To learn more about the differences between bed skirts and dust ruffles, check out our comparison of the two. You may also be interested in knowing more about the most prevalent bed skirt styles and their advantages.

Types of Bed Skirts That Work With an Adjustable Bed

1. Commercial Wrap-Around Bed Skirts

To get a bed skirt for an adjustable bed, this is the most straightforward option. At addition to being easy to put together, this sort of bed skirt can be bought in most bedding stores. The elastic sides of wrap-around bed skirts allow them to be pulled on the bed without having to lift the mattress. With this 16-inch drop bed skirt from Amazon, you’ll have no problem washing it.

2. Velcro Strips Bed Skirts

In most cases, the best way to install bed skirts is with velcro strips if you have a bed with independently moveable sides. The strips can be fastened to the bed frame in a matter of seconds. The Velcro bed skirt strips must be installed with accuracy and concentration, as you do not want them to be crooked after they are finished. Pre-made bed skirts can be customized for use with an adjustable bed frame by adding Velcro strips, which can be obtained from Amazon.

3. 3-Piece Adjustable Bed Skirts

This style of bed skirt is made up of three separate parts that are sewn or glued to the foundation of the bed. It can be sized to fit the dimensions of a bed, if desired. When attaching the bed skirt to the bed, take care to measure the drop of the bed skirt so that all the sides hang uniformly. With split corners, this Amazon 3-piece bed skirt may be positioned so that it covers the bed frame and can be adjusted to fit an adjustable bed frame.

4. No-Sew Bed Skirts That Are Attached With Bed Skirt Pins

Pins are used to secure the cloth bed skirt to the frame. This is a simple process that won’t take much of your time. Upholstery twist pins, like the ones seen on Amazon, are an easy way to fasten this pleated dust ruffle in place.

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5. Make Your Own Bed Skirt With a Little Bit of DIY

Because you can choose the fabric and color of your choice, you can create a bespoke design that precisely matches your bedroom decor. The classic and classy style of a bedroom may be achieved with this checked woven linen fabric, which can be found on Amazon.

Three distinct panels of cloth are sewn together and then attached to the bed frame or foundation. It would be simple for you to complete this work if you are able to stitch in a single straight line. For a DIY bed skirt, measure the length and height of both sides of the bed, as well as the length and height of the bed’s foot. Then, add around 1.5 inches around for the hem. Learn how to hem and turn a corner by watching this video. If you want to make bespoke bed skirts for your adjustable bed, you’ll need a corner turner like this one from Amazon and a mini-sewing machine like this one from Amazon.

The Essential Starter Kit For Making Your Own Bed Skirts For Adjustable Beds.

Consider checking out our entire guide on bed skirt use tips and tricks for extra inspiration. It’s also possible that our article on the many varieties of bedskirts and their various applications will give you fresh ideas.

How to Fit a Bed Skirt On an Adjustable Bed

Bed skirts were once difficult to put on because of their immovable central portion, which necessitated the entire mattress to be removed or lifted by more than one person to fit a bed skirt. As a result of current design, bed skirts are available in panels that can be wrapped or positioned at the foot and sides of the bed. To give your bedroom a fresh new look, check out our list of simple bed skirt hacks.

Purchase a wrap-around, velcro, or adjustable bed skirt that fits the bed frame before trying to attach a bedskirt to it. Installing bed skirts is a matter of personal preference and the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For the most part, begin by attaching a piece of fabric to a corner of a footboard, then work your way around the bed in portions to finish the job.

Step 1. Buy A Wrap-Around, Velcro, Or Adjustable Bed Skirt

The drop length—the distance from the floor to the top of the bed frame—is first determined by measuring the bed’s width and length. No matter how low you want your bed skirt to be, it’s entirely up to you. If the bed skirt is too short, the stored goods under the bed will not be effectively hidden, and if the bed skirt puddles or settles on the floor, it will rapidly become dirty and could be a hazard. How to measure and put on a bed skirt can be found in our guide to platform bed skirts.

If you’re using velcro strips, you’ll have to buy those and install them individually if you’re buying a commercial wrap around.

Measurements, upholstery pins, Velcro, dress-making pins and sewing needles and thread are all helpful things to have on hand when putting together or installing a DIY bed skirt.

Step 2. Start At One Corner of the Foot Board and Work Around Your Bed

Follow the directions provided by the product’s maker. With adjustable beds, hook and loop bed skirts can be used with the Sleep number smart skin instruction guide. Start by identifying the center of your fabric strip, then place it at the foot of the bed and continue stapling it to its frame as you go until you’ve completely covered it.

Step 3. Attach Your Bed Skirt

Depending on the type of bed skirt you purchased, you may have to sew the pieces together or use pins, velcro, or elastic to attach them.

Velcro strips must be attached directly to the bed frame if you’re using them. The headboard is at the end of the bed. To begin, pull the protective strip from the Velcro adhesive and apply it to the bed frame by pressing firmly. Afterwards, remove the second strip of protecting material and press the Velcro on the frame to the fabric.

Keep in mind that the stitches should be strong enough to keep your DIY skirt from unraveling.

Why Get a Bed Skirt For an Adjustable Bed?

It’s difficult to match the look and feel of a bedroom with an adjustable bed because of its clinical appearance. A bedskirt softens the look of the bed and covers the bed frame, making it an excellent choice for aesthetics.

The sides of the frame and any empty space beneath the bed are concealed by an adjustable bed skirt.

In order to accommodate the movement of an adjustable bed, the bed skirts need to be designed for this type of bed. Check out our linked post on selecting an orthopedic mattress for an adjustable bed for additional details.

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Other Tips to Decorate an Adjustable Bed

In order to make the bedroom feel more pleasant and peaceful, it is important to decorate an adjustable bed.

Decorating an adjustable bed with sheets, cushions, or shelves can also be done with a variety of various fabrics.

Tip 1. Use Sheets with Special Features

You may fasten sheets with specific features to your adjustable bed to keep it neat. Fitted sheets with deep pockets or giant flat sheets can be used with adjustable bases. Use sheet straps or suspenders to keep the sheets in place while you sleep. These extra-deep sheets from Amazon and these bed sheet holder straps are what we propose.

Tip 2. Spread Decorative Pillows Over the Bed

To spruce up the space, place a few attractive pillows or cushions on the bed. Bright and colorful decorative pillows will add a splash of vibrancy to a home with muted tones. The other option is to use neutral colors for pillows if you already have an accent wall in your space. The texture and intrigue these decorative throw pillows give to a bed are perfect for more neutral decor schemes.

Tip 3. Build Shelves

The addition of a few shelves to your bed will give it a more interesting and visually appealing appearance. It is possible to include the shelves into the headboard or footboard of a bed. They double as a place to keep essentials close at hand and a place to rest your head at night. These free-standing shelves can be mounted on or placed above a headboard with ease.

Tip 4. Match Different Fabrics

When it comes to bedding, you don’t have to stick to the same type and color. Create visual interest with a unique texture combination on the headboard and footboard of the bed. Try pairing a leather duvet with soft cotton sheets or a down-filled comforter with simple color silk sheets, for instance. Because of its unique texture and warmth, this Amazon-purchased duvet cover set is a favorite of ours.

If you’re interested in learning more about these dual-purpose bed skirts, be sure to check out how to find the best bed skirt shoe organizer.


Because traditional bed skirts cannot be used with adjustable bases, it is still feasible to create results that are just as excellent through a little bit of DIY work—especially beneficial if you’ve already spent money on normal dust ruffles and an adjustable base. Rather than going through the trouble of customizing a bed skirt to match your adjustable base, you can buy one that is already constructed to match. This will save you time and money. The questions you had about bed skirts and adjustable frames have hopefully been answered, but if you still have any questions (or anything to add), please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section. Also, if you know anyone who is considering or already owns an adjustable unit, please share this post with them.