Updated at: 19-04-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

Do you love the rocking motion of a recliner? The chair’s swivel mechanism is a critical component.

When there are several people seated on it, it’s especially convenient because it’s easy to move around in all directions. A swivel mechanism may be added to your reclining rocker by following this step-by-step tutorial!

How do you install a swivel rocker base?

Measure the distance from the rear of your rocker where you want the swivel to be fitted. A good rule of thumb for how far away would be about 24 inches, but this can vary depending on how wide or narrow your chair is and what kind of movement you are looking for when sitting.

Be sure to first drill a hole in the floor to center that measurement!

Attaching two brackets to either side of the opening, one on either side of the hinge, is the next step.

To allow the chair to swivel, space the brackets about 12 inches apart at their widest point. If possible, raise one bracket slightly higher than the other.

Steps on Adding Swivel Mechanism for Recliner Rocker

Step 1: Determine how far you want the chair to extend for your feet to rest on the ground before beginning construction.

Second, get a swivel mechanism to attach to the base frame of the rocker recliner with two screws and nuts. Home Depot and Lowe’s are both places where you may find these parts.

To remove your chair’s present hardware, unscrew one side of each screw. Do not remove all six (or whatever number) sets of bolt holes, since this could put too much stress on the pieces when they are reattached.

Step 4: Unscrew the metal arms from their original locations.

Tie the swivel mechanism to the side from which you removed a metal arm in step 5. There are two bolt holes on either end, and when they are secured correctly, they will line up with each other, keeping your chair in place with no gaps or wiggle motions.

As a last resort, use new nuts to secure the second set of bolts through both sets of pre-drilled screw holes in the base frame (if needed).

Make sure you don’t overtighten these screws, since this could break any little plastic bits within, resulting in an inconsistent connection between parts.

How do you fix a swivel rocker?

A single recliner that can rock in either direction is known as a swivel rocker. When these chairs fail or cease performing properly, a common problem is figuring out how to fix them. Before attempting to repair your broken chair, you should try to figure out what went wrong. The following are some of the more common contributing factors:

#1. Bushings and/or bearings that are worn out and can be changed online

Broken welds on the chair’s structure necessitate professional repair at a furniture store or home improvement shop.

What are some safety precautions?

First and foremost, safety should always be a top priority! There are a number of things you can do to protect your own safety while undertaking this DIY project:

  • Protective gloves, such as welding gloves or work gloves, should be worn at all times.
  • Make sure you wear goggles to protect your eyes from stray particles of dirt and dust.
  • If the chair is on an uneven surface, such as a concrete floor, you could fall over while trying to adjust the recliner rocker by propping it up.

How do you stop a swivel chair from sinking?

You need not be concerned if your swivel chair sinks or if you are unable to prevent it from sinking. You can do it yourself. Adding washers between the bolts and attachment points on the bottom of your rocker recliner base will keep it in place, no matter how much weight there is on the seat pad (or how many people are sitting in it).

Measure both openings and compare them to determine which size bolt you need for your project. The larger measurement should be used as the guidance for calculating how big a hole has to be cut into either side (i.e., the smaller of the two should always be used as your guide).

How do I keep my chair from spinning?

Remove part of the weight from one side if the chair is whirling. Pulling out a leg of the chair till it’s level with the other three legs is all that is needed to accomplish this. Before reattaching any hardware, ensure certain that all four pins are snugly inserted into their respective holes.

Try moving your recliner rocker one more time if it still doesn’t remain in place.