Updated at: 09-05-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

Has your butt been aching when you were working on it? Here are several seats that can assist alleviate backbone discomfort and alleviate the ache in your tailbone.

Which Office Chair Choose For Tailbone Pain?

1. Herman Miller Aeron

The chair’s ingenious design has made it a household name. An ergonomic backrest allows you to modify the backrest to fit your body, mimicking the movement of your body while you sit. Although Aaron’s seat is excellent for folks with tailbone concerns, it doesn’t place too much strain on the buttocks (and the coccyx) and still provides adequate support.

2. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series

If you have problems with back pain, this would be an excellent choice for you. Aeron has a similar look and feel to it. What a wonderful and economical replacement for Herman Miller Aeron!

As a result, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 chair has a waterfall edge and is springy and flexible. Proper support is provided without putting undue stress on the base of the spinal column.

3. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Because it’s the only high-quality office chair with rollerblade wheels, this chair commands a high price.

The seat is the most significant component for persons with chronic coccyx pain. Duramont’s chair is also excellent for sitting. The cushion is soft and supportive, making it ideal for long periods of use. It’s made of a sweat-wicking fabric, so your thighs and buttocks won’t get wet.

The armrests, neck support, and lumbar support are just a few of the conveniences that come with this computer chair. To meet your specific requirements, you can make any or all of these adjustments with ease.

Having all of it at a low price is more significant. It’s a bargain for just $300 for this office chair!

It’s tough to find a chair that will accommodate everyone, as I indicated earlier. There is no assurance that these chairs can alleviate your tailbone discomfort, despite the fact that some people have had positive experiences with them.

5 Best Chairs For Tailbone Pain

You may have chairs with lumbar support that don’t put pressure on your back. The following are five of the best seats.

Steelcase leap

You read that right: Steelcase is the world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture. This isn’t unexpected, given that their stairway chair is one of the most well-known ergonomic desk chairs on the market.

The chair’s shape is perfect for relieving tailbone discomfort. The coccyx isn’t stressed in the way you might expect because it’s dangling and not in direct touch. In addition, they have a model for larger friends up to 500 pounds (226 kilograms).

Carmichael The throne

Based on his own firsthand experience with tailbone pain, Carmichael Throne’s founder created this product. Coccyx pain can be alleviated by using this chair. When it comes to the spine, it features an area that divides into two sections.

Gaiam ball chair

You can’t go wrong with this one. Using Gaiam’s ball chair helps posture and spinal alignment.

Hara chair

It has been more than a decade since Harlech began making office chairs in Germany. The goal of the project was to create a chair that could distribute the user’s weight evenly. A model with two seats was also created by the team.

Patented double seats and split backrests ensure comfort for your tailbone as well as your spine with this chair. It’s one of the best fish I’ve ever had!

Zenergy ball chair

SAFCO is the company responsible for this chair’s design and manufacture. All kinds of workplace furnishings are manufactured by this company. An inflatable workout ball encased in mesh makes it unusual.

The chair is excellent for the spine since it encourages people to sit correctly. The coccyx is sure to appreciate it because its design is perfectly suited to the activity. In addition, lying on the ball’s plush surface is soothing.

Steelcase Gesture – Best for Hip and Tailbone Pain

Sitting in unnatural or unpleasant positions is a common cause of hip discomfort. Hip pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back. With a firm seat that supports both hips equally, a bendable seat edge, and an elevated backrest, the Steelcase Gesture is the ideal office chair for anyone with hip problems. Air spaces in the foam of the steelcase gesture cushion help decrease the strain on your body. As you sit, you’ll notice that the seat’s perimeter bends downward, relieving pressure on your hips and lower legs.

It’s crucial to maintain an upright posture because hip pain might be caused by lower back pain. The revolutionary 3D LiveBack technology in the Gesture allows it to mimic and respond to your movements in three dimensions. Adjustable seat depth, seat height, 360 degree-adjustable arms and four reclining settings are just some of the features of this chair.


  • The back’s curved shape corresponds to the curves in your spine.
  • Virtually every movement you make can be captured and replayed using 3D LiveBack technology.
  • Fully supportive armrests that may be turned around 360 degrees
  • Air pockets in the seat cushion help alleviate pressure on your coccyx.
  • The Gesture has a wide range of settings to ensure the best possible fit and support.


  • There is no way to alter the height from the back.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain Under $300

The Duramont office chair is an excellent choice for individuals on a budget, especially if they suffer from tailbone pain. The seat cushion is designed like a W to accommodate the unique form of the buttocks. You will feel less stress on your tailbone as a result of the equally distributed pressure. To keep your seat cool, a permeable fabric is placed over the cushion.

As a result of prolonged sitting, the backs of many workers become sweltering. Air can flow freely via the backrest’s flexible mesh material. The lumbar support in the backrest can be adjusted in height and depth. You may fine-tune the support’s height and depth so that it follows the natural curvature of your spine.


  • Chair for the office at a low cost
  • Air can flow freely through the mesh back, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • The thick cushioned seat of the Duramont eases coccyx pain.
  • Relaxes your lower back and tailbone by reclining up to 120 degrees.
  • The even distribution of weight is made possible by the W-shaped seat cushion.


  • As compared to comparable office chairs, the backrest does not recline as much

HAG Capisco – Most Ergonomic Office Chair for Tailbone Pain

Tailbone discomfort sufferers may benefit from a saddle chair, another sort of ergonomic chair. With HAG Capisco, you may sit in a variety of positions just turning your chair. Depending on their preference, users have the option of sitting up front, sideways, or backwards. The seat’s W-shaped curve in the forward position helps open your hips and enhance your posture. Your weight shifts forward, reducing the overall weight of your seat. The W-shaped curve also conforms to your buttocks’ shape, distributing your weight evenly.

For sit-to-stand desks, saddle chairs are a natural fit. From 22.5 inches to 33 inches, you can change the seat height of the chair. As a result, you may put it to work on a kitchen counter or a standing desk with ease. The seat depth and recline can also be adjusted to meet your specific needs based on your height and build.


  • W-shaped seats raise the tailbone and distribute weight evenly to alleviate discomfort.
  • There are four adjustment points for the seat depth, height, back height, and tilt:
  • It is possible to reduce the stress on your back and the coccyx simply adjusting your sitting position.
  • Upholstered in polyester, vinyl, or genuine leather.
  • Suitable for both seated and standing workstations


  • Somewhat high-priced

Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair – Best for Posture Correction

Balance balls don’t exert a lot of pressure on your tailbone area when you’re sitting on one. In order to alleviate pain in the lumbar region, sit on a fitness ball, which requires active sitting and balancing. Holding yourself upright activates the core muscles to keep yourself in that position. Sitting in one position for an extended period of time might lead to pressure buildup in a specific place. As a result, you experience discomfort in that area of your body.

The back and legs of the Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair may be adjusted to four different settings, allowing you to customize the chair’s height and recline. Traditional chair-like seating is possible thanks to this device. It has four-wheel casters, so you can simply move it about your office.

Fitness ball chairs have the added benefit of being significantly more cheap, and the fitness ball itself may be used for both exercise and yoga. Those who suffer from coccyx pain may find it helpful to use this as a prompt to get up and stretch during their break times.


  • It’s incredibly cheap.
  • The chair can be adjusted in height and in back support in four different ways.
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • The back is designed to sit on your lower back and provide constant support.
  • There are nine different color options to choose from.


  • Sitting on a fitness ball chair may take some getting used to.

Secretlab Titan – Best Gaming Chair for Tailbone Pain

The Secretlab Titan, unlike most gaming seats, has ergonomic characteristics that are comparable to those found in office chairs. The Titan was created with the health and well-being of its users in mind. The Titan’s coccyx pain alleviation is due to its use of a cold cure foam composition that is extremely dense. Additional memory foam cushions for the back and headrest are also included. Memory foam is the best option since it forces you to sit up straight with a straight spine. Additionally, memory foam is designed to fit the contours and motions of your body in order to provide the best support. When using their lumbar support, you can modify its height and depth with a knob.

There’s an additional benefit to the Titan, which is that it reclines more than typical office chairs. Allows users to recline up to a maximum of 165 degrees, which relieves and alleviates pressure from their backs


  • It’s available in NAPA leather, PU leather, and Softweave fabric
  • The sciatic and coccyx joints benefit from the high-density foam used in seat cushions.
  • Both the height and depth of the lumbar back support can be adjusted.
  • To alleviate pressure on the lower back and buttocks, the seat back reclines 165 degrees.
  • Four-dimensionally adjustable armrests


  • Because of this, it does not have a fully mesh-upholstered interior.

Herman Miller Embody – Best Office Chair for Sciatica & Tailbone Pain

Back, hip, and coccyx pain might be alleviated by improving your posture. If your posture is slouched, your tailbone is put under even more strain, making the pain even worse. Using the Embody’s Backfit adjustment feature, the user can encourage and correct incorrect posture. This allows you to align the backrest with the curve of your spine so that you may maintain a balanced and neutral posture when sitting. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a better night’s sleep, and you’ll feel less pressure on your tailbone.

Embody’s backrest has a narrow tapered form, allowing for greater mobility and freedom of movement for users. To further enhance comfort, the chair is outfitted with four layers of individually-adjustable, breathable support that wraps around your entire body. Allows you to move with ease because it flexes and bends to your micro-movements. As a whole, the chair is really smooth and comfy to sit on.


  • The slender back enables for enhanced blood circulation by allowing for more range of movement.
  • Adjusting the backrest to align with your spine is easy using the Backfit feature.
  • Tailbone and lower back pain can be alleviated by using pixelated support, which distributes the weight evenly and adjusts to your body.
  • Like seat depth, armrests and inclination, it has several options for customization.
  • Herman Miller provides a 12-year warranty on all of its products.


  • There’s not a lot of give there.

SIDIZ T50 – Best Option with Forward Tilting Seat

The Sidiz T50 (see our in-depth review here) is one of the few ergonomic chairs with a forward tilting seat mechanism, often likened to the considerably more expensive Herman Miller Aeron. The pressure on your tailbone can be greatly reduced by doing this.

The seat of the Sidiz T50 may be tilted forward and locked into place with a simple push of a lever. There is less strain on your coccyx and more on your sit bones as a result of this. In order to avoid putting all of your weight on your tailbone, rotate between a flat and forward tilting seat pan.

3D armrests, adjustable seat depth, and lumbar support are all included in the Sidiz T50’s ergonomic features. It has a mesh-covered curved backrest and a washable cloth seat cover. Even though it is primarily made of plastic, this eco-friendly chair yet manages to look incredibly high-end.

However, the Sidiz T50 is far from flawless. The plastic lumbar support is invasive, and altering the armrest height is a frustrating exercise because of the “notch” design.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Rearward inclination of the driver’s seat
  • Tilt lockable at five locations and synchronized to a maximum angle of 125 degrees.
  • Height-adjustable seated comfort
  • Lumbar support with height and depth adjustments
  • Arms in three dimensions
  • Seat back sloping
  • Seat cover made of removable, washable fabric

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • Because of a snowboarding injury, my coccyx is quite sensitive. When I sit on this chair, I’m pleased to report that it doesn’t cause any problems.
  • I had to buy additional seat cushions since the padding on the seats was so thin.

Steelcase Leap V2 – Runner Up

People who suffer from coccyx ache will appreciate the Steelcase Leap V2. All of these features work together to alleviate strain on your entire spine, including your tailbone — while you are seated – through the use of 3D Liveback technology.

Let’s begin with the Leap V2’s seat. Both your thighs and tailbone will feel less strain because to the clever contouring. When you sit down in this chair, you’ll notice a sloping front edge and a 1.5-inch stretch at the front of the seat, which helps to improve blood flow beneath your legs.

Tailbone discomfort sufferers will welcome the big cutout between the far end of the seat and the backrest. It is possible to sit on the Leap in a way that totally avoids putting strain on the tailbone thanks to the 3″ adjustable seat depth. Additionally, the seat’s high-quality foam padding that retains its shape helps.

The Leap’s most notable feature is its Liveback-enabled backrest. Backrest instantly adjusts to your body and cradles every vertebra, no matter what position you’re in. Both depth and height may be adjusted without having to get out of your chair, making the lumbar support even more outstanding.

The Leap also has other appealing features. 4D arms and 15 fabric color options are available.

Of course, all of these great features come at a considerable price. The Leap will cost you about $1000 if you decide to invest.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Seat has a curved design that relieves pressure on the thighs and tailbone.
  • Seat depth can be adjusted from 3 inches to 6 inches.
  • Live Rewind is a rewinding technology.
  • Adjustable lumbar support for depth and height
  • Arms that can be retracted in four directions at once
  • There are a total of 15 different shades available.

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • My lower back, hips, and legs have been bothering me for a long time. After a long day at work, this is the only chair I can sit in comfortably without feeling the need for pain medication.
  • Everything they promised has come true. The only bad aspect is the cost….

DRAGONN by VIVO – Best Kneeling Office Chair for Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain sufferers can really benefit from kneeling chairs. Using the DRAGONN by VIVO kneeling chair, your thighs are at a 60 to 70 percent angle to the seat cushion. At 90 degrees, your back and buttocks bear the brunt of your body’s weight.

To alleviate this problem, you can use a kneeling chair, which distributes the weight of your back and buttocks. The DRAGONN kneeling chair shifts your weight forward, reducing the stress on your lower back. In addition to helping to improve your posture, putting weight forward helps engage and strengthen your core.

They claim to have twice as much comfort in their seats and knee cushions as their rivals, according to VIVO. You’ll experience less discomfort in your tailbone as a result of this additional pressure relief. In addition, the seat’s height can be adjusted to ensure that your head is level with your monitor screen as you work.


  • To alleviate pressure on your tailbone, a kneeling chair tilts your weight forward.
  • To fit your height, the chair has an adjustable backrest.
  • Double the quantity of cushioning is used to enhance comfort and reduce stress.
  • Improves posture and abs with this exercise.
  • Hardwood and carpet-friendly casters.


  • Having a backrest is preferred by some people.

Harachair Doctor Chair – Best Overall

Because of its unique back- and coccyx-protecting design, the Harachair Doctor is a hidden gem for tailbone patients.

There are two swivel mechanisms built into the seat. As a result, you can customize the inclination to better fit your butt. The coccyx is relieved by this feature, as well as the channel in the middle. As a result, the likelihood of genitourinary system illnesses including prostatitis and urethritis is reduced, says Harachair.

Harachair Doctor, created in Korea, ensures that your back is carefully taken care of because the tailbone is a part of the spine. In order to support your back’s natural S-shape, each part of the three-piece cushioned backrest may be separately adjusted in angle.

Harachair’s claim that it’s ideal for 8 to 12 hours of sitting is understandable given how supportive it is. Regardless of how encouraging the environment is, it’s important to get up and move around at least once each hour.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • A three-piece backrest that stretches the back of your spine
  • Adjustable tension allows you to tilt the backrest.
  • Two-piece adjustable seat
  • Armrests in two dimensions
  • Base made of chrome steel

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • I noticed a huge difference in my posture after purchasing this chair. This has made me feel more erect and has allowed me to sit for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort in my tailbone.
  • It was a gamble to spend so much money on a chair for my back discomfort. But it’s all worth it in the end.

Serta AIR Health and Wellness – Best Leather Office Chair for Tailbone Pain

When you have coccyx pain, sitting in a stiff chair can be quite unpleasant. The Serta AIR office chair features some of the most padding available. The cushion and backrest are covered in many layers of cushioning. It’s almost like you’re sitting on a mattress with these extra layers. When you sit, your spine and tailbone are subjected to stress and pressure. In most cases, the weight of your body will put pressure on these locations if there isn’t something to cushion the hit. As a result, it is possible to lessen the discomfort by using thick cushioning.

Serta’s dynamic lumbar technology, the AIR, allows the AIR to flex and bend in response to your every motion. Most leather seats lack this degree of pliability since they are inflexible in design. With this, you can get more blood flowing while you’re seated. In addition, mesh accents allow for some airflow to reduce heat accumulation and keep you cool throughout the day.

The cushioning from Serta is likewise perfectly curved. Additionally, the chair’s cushioning in regions such as its lumbar and headrest areas is thicker in order to provide a healthy posture and optimal support.


  • Accented with mesh to offer some ventilation.
  • It will adapt to your body’s movement to provide the best possible support.
  • Reduces lumbar and coccyx pressure with thick layers of padding
  • The bonded leather offers a beautiful finishing touch to any work environment..
  • It is possible to use casters on virtually any surface.


  • It does not have a mesh back in its whole.
  • There are no movable armrests.

FORTEM Chair Cushion – Best Chair Cushion and Lumbar Pillow Combo

Using the Fortem seat cushion, you can fix both your chair’s tailbone-friendly seat and your lumbar support without breaking the budget. Despite having two cushions, it’s still less expensive than the Everlasting cushion on the top.

A coccyx cutout design is included in the Fortem’s seat cushion. By suspending your tailbone, this helps alleviate the pressure on that area while the weight is carried by the more fleshy parts of your lower body.

The Fortem’s lumbar support pillow is attached to the backrest with buckles and elastic straps that may be adjusted. More padding than most office chairs’ built-in lumbar supports, it’s 4″ deep at its thickest point.

Fortem’s coverings can be removed and washed as the prior product we recommended. With the mesh material used, it doesn’t overheat. The Fortem’s downside is that it’s prone to spotting on light-colored upholstery.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Mesh cover that may be washed and reused
  • Constructed entirely from memory foam
  • Designed with the human form in mind
  • Elastic straps that can be adjusted in length
  • A coccyx cutout shaped like a U
  • a handle for easy transportation

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit comfortably due to my previous tailbone fracture and ongoing back pain. You can’t go wrong with this set of pillows.
  • The seats of our car now have blue dotted stains because of the rubber bottom and they won’t come off!

PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair – Best Balance Ball Chair

The seats of our car now have blue dotted stains because of the rubber bottom and they won’t come off!

Because of the rubber bottom, the seats in our car now have blue dots stains that won’t come off!

The PharMeDoc incorporates a tiny backrest to keep back fatigue at bay, unlike conventional stability balls. In addition, two of the four casters can be locked to avoid any unintended movements that could result in injury to users.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Seven hues to pick from
  • Locking casters with a smooth slide
  • Miniature support for the back
  • An air pump is included.

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • My tailbone has become a diva after an accident. I can comfortably sit in this for two hours before switching to my office chair.
  • When I first inflated it, it appeared to be quite little. It turns out that the first time you use it, you must deflate it first before pumping it to its maximum capacity.

Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool – Best Wobble Stool

With the Varier Move, you get the benefits of both a wobbling stool and saddle chair in one. As a result, you have more options for how you want to sit when working, and it encourages micro motions regardless of whether you sit, learn, or stand.

Using the Varier Move’s slightly convex seat, you may tilt it in any direction to provide steady movement while sitting. With a seat height of 10″, the Varier Move may be utilized with both normal desks and standing ones. It is possible to lean, sit, or stand when using the Varier because of these functions.

While standing, your spine and tailbone are relieved of pressure thanks to the Varier Move’s perching position. Because the stool is NEAT-certified, sitting on it can raise your energy expenditure by a whopping 18%.

About two hours into the Varier Move, there are some complaints that it is too uncomfortable to continue. While this may seem like an inconvenience, it’s actually designed to urge you to shift your position more regularly.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Increases the amount of energy used
  • Switching postures frequently throughout the day is encouraged.
  • A wide range of motion is provided by the gently rounded base.
  • a ten-inch seat height
  • Upholstery for the seat

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • Coccyx discomfort has been relieved thanks to this. A big thank you to the company for sending me a replacement seat that’s just suitable for my height.
  • I can only sit on this chair for brief periods of time at a time. I can only sit on it for 45 minutes at the moment, but as my body gets used to it, I intend to increase my distance.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion – Best Coccyx Pillow

Tailbone pain can be alleviated by using an external memory foam pillow with a coccyx cutout like the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion. If you don’t want to buy another chair or have a very restricted budget, this is a viable option.

The Everlasting Comfort’s high-density memory foam conforms to your body heat, cradling you in all the right places. The back of the chair has a U-shaped cutout that prevents your tailbone from contacting it. You don’t have to put all of your weight on one location because of its curved design. Tailbone pain, sciatica, Piriformis syndrome, and other back, hip and leg discomfort can all be alleviated with the use of this cushion.

If you don’t currently have an office chair or don’t have the funds or room to purchase a more back-friendly office chair, it’s worth looking into.

We appreciate the washable cover on this medium-sized cushion, which makes it easy to maintain. But the black bottom half of the cover tends to discolor light colored chairs and acts as a magnet for pet hair.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Constructed entirely from memory foam
  • Form that distributes pressure in an ergonomic way
  • Coccyx amputation
  • Portable
  • It is available in five different hues.
  • Cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • You’ll thank yourself later if you buy this. It has been a huge relief for me to have a protruding tailbone.
  • If you plan to use it on light-colored chairs, be aware that the black underside will leave stains.

Alera Elusion Series – Best Budget Pick

To save money, the Alera Elusion series is a good alternative to more expensive office chairs. Even though it’s under $200, this office chair boasts a good selection of adjustments, including the rare forward seat tilt that can relieve pressure on the coccyx.

Seating with a forward tilt puts more weight on your sit bones, which are thicker and stronger than your tailbone, which is already sensitive.

The Alera Elusion also has a backrest that can be moved up or down so that the lumbar support may better match your back’s unique curves. An costly chair like the Quantum Pro 9000 has this feature, which is generally reserved for more premium models.

You’re getting more than you bargained for when it comes to construction. In this price range, most office chairs are designed to last only one year. Nevertheless, a few Alera Elusion owners have stated that their chair is still going strong after four years. There are certain drawbacks, but it’s comfortable and long-lasting despite the fact that it looks like an office chair.

An Overview of the Features and Specifications:

  • Rearward inclination of the driver’s seat
  • Arms in two dimensions
  • Backrest height can be altered.
  • Backrest made of mesh
  • Seat cushion with a sloping backrest

As Per Other Homeowners:

  • Even after four years, the thick foam still feels like fresh. The ability to sit for extended periods of time without experiencing pain in my lower back is a welcome relief after suffering a back injury.
  • There are no padded armrests. My back would benefit from greater cushioning in the lower back area.

What are the reasons for the pain in the tailbone and how can you alleviate it?

A common cause of tailbone discomfort, known as coccydynia, is an injury or trauma to the coccyx. There are times when things happen on their own, without a specific cause in mind.

Pain and soreness in any part of the body can be excruciating. A sore or injured tailbone, on the other hand, can be quickly healed.

On a doughnut or V-shaped pillow, simply lean forward. Apply heat or ice to the area that needs attention. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are common over-the-counter pain relievers.

Choosing the Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an office chair is lot simpler when you have a set of criteria or goals in mind. These are the most critical aspects to keep in mind, and we’ve outlined them for you here.

Materials and Build Quality

A good office chair is a long-term investment. Some chairs can survive only a few years, while others can last a long time, depending on how well they are maintained. There are many factors to consider, including the quality of the construction and the materials employed. To begin, the chair’s framework should be constructed from steel or aluminum. Chairs made of nylon or plastic are more likely to break. The weight capacity of these materials is also higher.

Another crucial component is the cushion. High-density or high-resilience foam cushions are ideal. Memory foam is also used in some seats. Compared to the conventional foam, these foams retain their shape longer.

Additionally, office chairs should be equipped with casters that have a PU cover for protection or rubber rollerblade wheel casters. Due to the PU coating and the combination of two wheels, dual wheel casters are the most durable.

Sitting Position

Tailbone pain can be excruciating, depending on the degree. To relieve pressure on your tailbone, it’s helpful to lean slightly forward when sitting. In the lower back, the coccyx is found right below the sacrum, which is the spine’s foundation. Even when you’re leaning forward, keep your back on the backrest. Make sure you have the ability to change the depth of your seat to acquire the best possible position for your body.. Also, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor.

You can also use an ice pack or a heating pad on your tailbone to help alleviate the pain, in addition to your sitting position. A C-shaped spine curve will only increase the strain on your tailbone if you bend over.

Seat Comfort

The position of your tailbone is directly influenced by the comfort of your seat. Your posture will be harmed if you sit on a seat that is overly soft, as you will sink into it. A chair that is overly firm, on the other hand, might cause discomfort in the buttocks and place undue strain on the tailbone. The ideal seat cushion is somewhere in the middle.

High-density foam cushions are commonly used in many chairs to distribute the weight of the user equally throughout the seat. The form of the buttocks may be matched by some chairs with a W-shaped design. It’s also possible to get chairs with waterfall seat edges, which are designed to improve circulation in the area between your thighs.

However, mesh seats necessitate a more pliable material. An excellent example of this is the Herman Miller Aeron, which features an elastomeric suspension. It is incredibly comfortable and supportive to sit on this because of its ability to dissipate pressure.


Adjusting your office chair will save you from having to sit in an uncomfortable position while working at your desk. A chair’s seat height, depth, backrest, tilt tension, backrest angle, headrest height and angle, lumbar support, armrests, and lumbar support are the most typical modifications.

Your feet should be securely planted on the floor and at eye level with your display, thanks to the adjustable seat height. In order to achieve the right backrest, no matter how long or short you are, the seat must be deep enough. The purpose of the armrest is to relieve stress on the shoulders and neck. To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, the armrest should be set so that you don’t bend your wrists excessively while typing.

Back Support

Finding an office chair with adequate back support is essential. When sitting for lengthy periods of time, most people give up on good posture. Every chair in a workplace should help to improve your overall posture. For starters, if the backrest is separate from the seat, keep an eye out for models with an adjustable backrest height. As a result, even people who are particularly tall can sit comfortably.

The lumbar support is an important part of the backrest as well. The human spine’s natural curvature must be supported by office chairs. You may modify the depth and height of lumbar support with chairs like the Duramont and the Secretlab Titan. By adjusting the stiffness or depth, you may achieve the ideal level of support for your body type. The Herman Miller Embody, on the other hand, does not allow for lumbar adjustment. Instead, you’ll be able to alter the entire backrest to fit your curvature.

Angle and tilt tension should be able to be adjusted on the backrest recliner. In this position, the pressure on your spine is relieved, which in turn lowers back discomfort. In order to shift postures, a user can modify the tilt tension. To ensure a seamless transition, light and heavy people require various levels of tension to adapt their position.

Weight Capacity

Consider the chair’s weight capability if you weigh more than 250 pounds. Typical chairs can hold up to 250 lbs. Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Aeron are the two chairs that can hold the most weight, with the Leap supporting 400 pounds and Aeron supporting 350 pounds.

Sitting on chairs that can’t support your weight will swiftly wear down the frame, base, and other components.


When it comes to choosing an office chair, keeping an eye on your budget is critical. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of chairs ranging from low-cost to mid-tier to high-end. We propose the Duramont office chair, the DRAGONN kneeling chair, or the Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair if you’re on a tight budget. Minimalist in design, these chairs are packed with functions that help alleviate tailbone pain.

Serta AIR office chair and Secretlab Titan are two of the best mid-tier alternatives. Both provide a generous amount of cushioning to alleviate pressure points and enhance sitting comfort. We recommend Herman Miller or Steelcase office chairs if you’re ready to spend the extra money. As a general rule, these chairs are more durable and will adjust to your body’s shape. The result is a chair that alleviates pain and corrects improper posture, so you’ll be pleased.


Why does my tailbone hurt when I sit in my office chair?

When you sit down, your tailbone may pain because of a variety of reasons. Chronic pain might result from a coccyx fracture or trauma.

There are several frequent reasons of tailbone discomfort.

  • The tailbone is directly hit by a hard impact, such as in contact sports or when a person falls.
  • Repetitive stress on the tailbone, such as from cycling or sitting.
  • Having a baby can put a lot of strain on your tailbone. Tailbone and associated structures can be damaged when the baby’s head comes into contact with the tailbone during delivery.
  • Bone spurs, cysts, tumors, nerve root compression, and local infections are among the other possible reasons.

Sitting or standing might be painful if one of these factors results in a bruise or fracture of the tailbone.

How do you sit with a tailbone injury?

A tailbone injury normally heals on its own within a few weeks or months without the need for medical attention. Leaning forward when you sit can help alleviate some of the discomfort. The weight is shifted forward, relieving pressure on your coccyx. Avoid putting undue stress on your lower back by getting up frequently.

Keep your back supported, as your tailbone is the last section of your spine. To minimize stress on your spine, sit with your back against the backrest. Alternatively, you can rest your coccyx on a wedge (V-shaped) cushion or doughnut-shaped pillow.

Sitting, on the other hand, seems to exacerbate tailbone pain, while walking can alleviate it. As a result, try to get up and move around frequently to avoid sitting down for lengthy periods of time.

Are kneeling chairs good for coccyx pain?

People with coccyx pain benefit greatly from kneeling chairs, which have a seat pan that slopes downward to move weight forward. As a result, your lower back and coccyx are less stressed. With a flat seat, your weight tends to migrate to your tailbone, especially if you’re reclining. To support your body weight on a kneeling chair, you’ll need some core strength, which relieves some of the strain on your tailbone.

The substantial padding cushion on kneeling chairs helps reduce the pressure on your lower back and hips. Some even include memory foam in them, which is made to mold to your body’s shape.

Why does sitting make my tailbone hurt?

  • In the last trimester of pregnancy, the coccyx is naturally more pliable, allowing it to give way during childbirth. The muscles and ligaments that surround the tailbone can become overstretched, resulting in localized discomfort.
  • The coccyx can be injured by a fall or an accidental hit during contact sports, for example. Even if it’s only bruised, the worst-case scenario is that it will be broken or dislocated.
  • Cycling and rowing can cause repetitive strain injuries to the coccyx muscles and ligaments due to the forward lean and stretching of the base of the spine. They can cause irreversible damage, resulting in the loss of support for your tailbone.
  • Unhealthy weight – When you’re overweight, your coccyx is put under a lot of stress. If you’re underweight, it could signify that your coccyx is rubbing on the tissues around it since you don’t have enough buttock fat to do so.
  • Coccyx cartilage deteriorates as we get older, which can lead to pain in the lower back. The coccyx’s little bones can also get fused together if they are stretched too thinly.
  • Coccyx agitation can be caused by improper sitting posture, such as slouching or sitting on a hard surface for long periods of time.

As you can see, Coccydynia, or tailbone pain, can be caused by a variety of things.

How should I sit with a tailbone injury?

Sitting with your weight on your thighs and ischial tuberosities will help you avoid aggravating tailbone pain (sit-bones). Because they are more robust than the tailbone, they can withstand higher pressure:

  • Allow yourself to sit up straight and shift your weight forward to alleviate any pressure on your tailbone.
  • Use a wedge or donut-shaped seat cushion to help alleviate strain on your lower back while you are sitting down.
  • Tailbone discomfort can develop if you sit for long periods of time. At least once every 30 minutes, get up and take a stroll. Set an alarm until you get into the habit of doing it on a regular basis.
  • Elevate your screen so that the upper portion is at eye level and place it at least one arm’s length away from your face. This will keep you from slouching, which puts unnecessary strain on your spine as a whole and should be avoided.
  • Moving your legs is a good idea from time to time. You can either fully extend them or hold them near to your chair so that they only bend partway. Small motions like this can help relieve back discomfort by increasing blood flow to your legs and feet.

What should I look for in an office chair for tailbone pain?

When looking for an office chair that won’t aggravate your tailbone pain, look for the following attributes.

Forward Seat Pan Tilt

This function allows you to periodically lean forward. You’ll notice that the pressure on your coccyx is relieved when you move your weight forward a little and instead place it on two bony points under your hips called the sit-bones.

With a forward seat pan tilt, you don’t have to sit in one position. The strain on your hips and spine can be adjusted by adjusting the angle.

In the Sidiz T50 and Alera Elusion Series, forward seat tilt is available.

Reverse Sitting Support

Tailbone pain can also be alleviated by using office chairs that allow you to sit in reverse. You can rest your chest on the chair’s low backrest and use your arms to bear some of your weight.

Both the HAG Capisco and the mid-back office chairs can be utilized for reverse sitting. ”

Dense Foam Seat

An office chair’s material and firmness are crucial factors for those who suffer from back pain.

The best chairs for the office are those with cold-cured foam of superior quality. Unlike memory foam, this substance retains its shape better, ensuring that your weight is appropriately distributed dependent on the shape of the seat.

Seat with a Channel/ Coccyx Cut-Out

Tailbone discomfort can also be alleviated by office chairs with a coccyx cutout or channel in the seat, which prevents the coccyx and tailbone from rubbing against the seat.

Office chairs like the Harachair Doctor, saddle chairs and external seat cushions all have this type of seating configuration.

What kind of office chairs should I avoid if I have a tailbone injury?

Tailbone discomfort can be reduced by avoiding certain features, just as it can be exacerbated by ignoring certain aspects of your lifestyle.

Avoid chairs with a firm seat in the first place. Your coccyx injury will become excruciating if you lie on a hard surface. This rules out materials like wood and plastic for the seats. If you can’t afford to buy a new chair, you can use a seat cushion on top of it.

We also recommend steering clear of mesh office chairs, as they tend to slump over time due to their soft mesh. When your body sinks into the chair, your weight is no longer uniformly distributed and the majority of the pressure is concentrated on the coccyx.


You’ll be able to select a chair that relieves your back pain if you follow the advice in this article. A hard-working person shouldn’t be in pain.