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Anyone who has ever woken up with bed head knows that it’s a dreadful condition that makes you want to flee from the mirror and scream at the same time. For the rest of the day, you can’t go back to sleep or cover up with a hat. If you wake up every morning with cowlicks, frizzy hair, or knots in your hair, you need to find a cure.

With a little forethought, you can avoid getting bed head in the first place. Men, as well as women, might suffer from this problem. When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to look in the mirror and give yourself something to smile about.

Be Proactive About Bed Head

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that you take care of your hair before you go to bed each night. For those who don’t have the time to take a shower in the morning, this is a great alternative. If you wash your hair at night, you’ll find that it’s easier to style. Taking preventative steps with long hair is easiest when it is completely dry. If you have curly hair, you can either straighten, braid, or put it in a bun.

How To Prevent Bed Head: Works for Both Long Hair and Short Hair? - Terry Cralle

The Best Approach to Take for Short Hair

Short hair can be wrapped up in a bandana for protection. It’s also possible to wet your hair in the morning, style it with a lot of layers, or smother it with pomade to achieve that sleek, tousled effect. Don’t fight your bed head; use it to your advantage by adding spikes or mousse and then letting hair air dry.

Be Thorough About Drying Your Hair

Your hair should be kept dry, according to Slashed Beauty’s advice. In the morning, if it’s still damp, your hair will be standing straight up in all directions. If a bandana isn’t keeping your hair secure enough, try wrapping a cotton shirt around it.

Give Your Hair a Good Brushing

Try brushing your hair before you go to bed. Get rid of any excess product, aid in the hydration, and smooth your hair using a shampoo and conditioner. Be gentle and careful when handling your brush.

What about Bed Beard?

Using a beard brush and oils before going to bed will help maintain your beard a little more manageable in the morning. Using a beard brush not only encourages the hairs to grow closer together, but it also makes them look better and feel better.

For Long Hair

Pin it Down

Use some bobby pins to style your hair. If your hair is long, you can pin it to your head in a methodical fashion. Ensure there aren’t any stray strands after you’re through, and you can brush it out in the morning.

Pull it Up to the Top

The top-knot is a simple solution for long hair. To avoid damaging your hair, use a hair band that is not too tight and pull it straight up. Remove the band and brush your hair when you wake up.

Keep Moisture in the Air in Your Bedroom

Moisture in the air is good for your hair, believe it or not. The use of a humidifier can help keep hair from drying out and causing problems like bed head. You may use a humidifier at any time of the year, even if you’re running the air conditioner when the heat is blazing.

How to prevent bedhead: 9 products to help avoid bedhead

Consider Silk Bedding

Silk sheets are gentle on your skin and hair, making them ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin. With silk, you’ll get a pleasure for your head and keep your hair flat. But your hair will thank you for the extra expense.

Try a Leave-In Product

Bedhead can be banished by using a leave-in conditioner. The Nourish and Condition spray from Aveeno will help to keep your hair hydrated and silky. When you wake up in the morning, your locks will be considerably more cooperative.

Condition the Ends of Your Hair

More conditioning advice can be found in Fit and Fab Living, which suggests that you pay special attention to the ends of your hair. You’ll get better results if you focus on the ends of your hair rather than the roots.

Try Experimenting with Your Hair in the Morning

If all else fails, spend a bit more time in the morning on your hair care routine. Spray some leave-in conditioner on your hair, use a flat iron, or curl it with a curling iron once more. Make the most of your stray strands of hair if you can’t get rid of bed head.

Cut Back on Washing Your Hair

Hair that is washed too frequently loses the natural oils that keep it moisturized and manageable. Try washing every other day instead of every day. After a few weeks, you’ll notice that your hair is more shiny and more cooperative when you face the mirror in the morning.

You Don’t Have to Live with Bed Head

There is a way to beat bed head no matter what your hairstyle is or who you are. Take good care of your hair. Make sure to wash and dry your hair at night, and wrap it to keep those unattractive cowlicks and stray strands in check while you sleep. If you want to keep your hair soft and manageable for the next day, use Aveeno’s Nourish and Condition spray.

7 Ways to Prevent Bed Head

1. Go to Bed with Dry Hair

When your hair is moist, it’s more prone to breakage and splitting when you toss and turn at night. The night before you go to bed, make it a point to blow dry or allow your hair air dry completely. Using a cotton t-shirt, which is less abrasive than a towel to wrap hair and keep it tucked until the next morning is recommended by Russo. Alternatively, you might use a microfiber headband for a more secure fit.

2. Use a Leave-In Treatment

This is the one for you if your hair is dry and in desperate need of some serious hydration! Leave-in conditioning treatments that are applied before going to sleep help moisture to remain in the hair for longer, which results in super-hydrated and smooth locks the next day. For optimal results, leave on your favorite hair mask overnight and rinse in the morning (I’m a fan of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque). It’s possible to achieve the same results by using a small amount of coconut oil. Wearing a shower helmet or scarf over your pillowcases will keep them from getting soiled.

3. Brush It Out Before Bed

As a preventative measure against bedhead, brushing out your hair before going to sleep is essential! Using a natural bristle brush, begin at the roots and work your way down to the ends. This will aid in the distribution of your scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair, providing it with an extra boost of hydration. To avoid product buildup on your hair and scalp, this is especially beneficial if you’ve been using a lot of styling products during the day. When it comes to keeping my hair shiny and uniformly dispersed, the Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer has been a godsend.

How To Prevent Bed Head - A Guide for Your Peaceful Sleep

4. Wrap It Up

If you’ve just spent money on a blowout at the salon, how you sleep with your hair can make or break the style. Russo recommends using bobby pins to keep your ‘do in place.” Begin organizing and flattening your hair at the crown of your head using a brush. Basically, you’re wrapping the hair around the skull in a circular manner to keep it straight.” This method is demonstrated in the following video.

5. Sport a Top Knot

Wearing a top knot before going to sleep can help prevent tangles and flat hair in the morning. To prevent breakage, use hair ties or scrunchies with ribbons. A volumizing product should be applied at the root of the hair while it is still wet, and a texturizing spray should be sprayed throughout the hair when it is nearly dry. Pull your hair into a loose top knot after it’s been dry. To ensure that your hair doesn’t tangle during the early morning wake-up call, Russo recommends that you raise the height of the pillow.

6. Switch On a Humidifier

Both the air conditioner and the heater can dry up your hair, so a humidifier is always a good option. Using a humidifier may keep your hair hydrated, reducing breakage and enhancing shine. Currently, I’m using a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser on my desk.

7. Invest in Silk

Flannel or cotton sheets are more likely to cause damage to hair over time because of the increased friction they provide. Your hair will remain silky and frizz-free if you use a silk pillowcase or Egyptian cotton pillowcase while you are sleeping. If you’re a side sleeper, these fabrics are also thought to be beneficial for your skin.


Using an iron and soothing hair care products will help if you are still having issues with your hair as you sleep.

However, if you take these precautions, I am confident that you will awaken happy and with healthy hair.

However, that is all there is to know about preventing bedhead.

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Happy day, everyone!