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Did you know that there are only two simple steps involved in learning how to clean your Miracle bamboo pillow? It’s crucial to remember that the Miracle bamboo cushion, like any other bamboo pillow, will benefit from periodic cleaning. You should learn how to properly clean this cushion before you start washing it.

Miracle bamboo cushion covers are made of a polyester and bamboo viscose blend. This bed is stuffed with a combination of polyester microfiber and shredded memory foam. Care must be taken when washing these fabrics so as not to damage the cushion.

What Is Miracle Bamboo Pillow?

What exactly is the deal with this miraculous bamboo bedding? This product is made by Ontel, however you may buy it from a wide variety of retailers. This pillow gets its “bamboo” name from its cover, which is a blend of polyester and bamboo viscose.

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Polyester microfiber and shredded memory foam make up the Miracle bamboo pillow’s filling. The ability to shape the pillow makes it one of the most comfortable options available. This product works equally well for those who choose to sleep on their stomachs or their backs.

The Miracle bamboo cushion is available in king and queen sizes, but may easily be adjusted to fit your needs. The loft and hardness of the clever may be adjusted by taking stuffing out or putting more in the zippered pocket. In case you were worried about moisture seeping in due to the memory foam construction, you can rest easy knowing that the cover will keep it out.

What makes it special?

Perhaps the pillow’s capacity to mold to the shape of the sleeper’s head and neck sets it apart from other options. It’s perfect for whichever way you like to sleep because to its customizable firmness and loft. Even though it is constructed with polyester microfiber and shredded memory foam, the cover is manufactured from a bamboo-polyester mix, so you can sleep comfortably cool.

Ontel, the manufacturer of the Miracle Bamboo Pillow, has partnered with FedEx to offer shipping to consumers in North America. Products ordered through the company’s customer service should be delivered within 30 business days. As with pricing, shipping and returns policies can vary depending on where you make your purchase.

Due to the fact that the break-in phase is not included in Ontel’s 60-night sleep trial, the device can be returned at any time throughout the 100-night term. When returned within 60 nights of purchase, the manufacturer promises a full refund. Shipping and handling costs must also be considered.

What exactly is a bamboo pillow made of?

The bamboo filling of most pillows is not bamboo itself. Filler materials often include shredded memory foam.

Memory foam needs special care when being washed and dried, thus this is essential.

Can bamboo pillows be washed in the washing machine?

As most bamboo pillows are filled with shredded memory foam, machine washing is not advised.

Foam can deform or crumble owing to the agitation in your washing machine.

Can you put bamboo pillows in the dryer?

Similarly to how a washing machine’s high heat cycle can ruin your bamboo pillow, so can the dryer’s high heat cycle.

A dryer’s vibrations can also damage the shredded memory foam, leading to crumbling and splintering.

How To Wash And Dry Bamboo Pillows

A dryer’s vibrations can also damage the shredded memory foam, leading to crumbling and splintering.

Step 1: Wash The Pillow Cover

Shredded memory foam can be further ruined by the vibrations in a dryer, which can cause it to crumble and splinter.

If you want to keep the pillow cover in good condition for as long as possible, gentle hand washing in cool or warm water with a mild detergent is your best bet (see below).

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Step 2: Wash The Memory Foam Pillow

The most effective method for cleaning a pillow is to use lukewarm water and a gentle detergent without bleach, phosphates, or enzymes.

It is recommended that you use one of the following detergents:

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Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent

It won’t fade, shrink, or stretch, even on wool, silk, cashmere, cotton, satin, or polyester.

You may rest assured that your cushion will retain its shape, size, and color thanks to a specific hypoallergenic solution.

Apply a small amount of detergent to water and manually squeeze and rub the solution into the cushion.

Do this for a few minutes to make sure the cushion is well saturated.

You can wash the pillow in water, but you shouldn’t let it soak in detergent. If not, washing and drying the cushion will be a hassle.

If your pillow really needs it, you can soak it, but keep in mind that drying time will be doubled.

Step 3: Rinse & Squeeze The Pillow Thoroughly

The detergent will remain on the cushion even after washing.

Remove all remaining detergent suds by rinsing thoroughly with warm, clear water as many times as necessary.

To protect the memory foam, wash the cushion thoroughly.

Rinse your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water.

After that, squeeze the cushion gently but firmly to move it out of the way.

As much water as possible should be removed.

Step 4: Air Dry The Pillow & Pillowcase

Allow the pillow and case to dry completely on a drying rack in the sun.

You can dry large goods quickly and efficiently.

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If you don’t dry the pillow completely before using it, mold and mildew can grow in it.

If you have respiratory problems due to asthma, allergies, or anything else, moldy pillows are the last thing you want to sleep on.

The cushion may be dried without being exposed to the sun because you don’t have a drying rack.

Placing the cushion in a cool, dry spot will help it dry evenly on both sides.

What To Do When Using The Miracle Bamboo Pillow For The First Time?

If you have just unboxed a Miracle bamboo cushion, you can go ahead and give it a good fluffing right away. If you aerate a pillow made of memory foam, the gasses it releases will dissipate. You won’t find the Miracle bamboo cushion rolled or compacted, but rather in its natural, fluffy state, after you remove it from the packaging.

New memory foam cushions typically have an unpleasant odor due to the off-gassing process. The good news is that the smell will dissipate in a few days and the cushion can be washed as described above. If you don’t feel like washing the pillow, you can always dry it in the dryer or hang it up in the fresh air to give it a new look.

How To Take Care of Your Bamboo Pillow?

Taking care of your bamboo pillow is not as difficult as you might imagine. Most bamboo pillows can be used without incident if their instructions and labels are followed to the letter.

Washing Your Bamboo Pillow

In the first few days after purchasing a new bamboo cushion, it is normal for there to be a faint off-gassing smell; nevertheless, you should wait until the next day before washing the cushion. There will be less of the bamboo’s natural aroma once it has been exposed to air for a while.

Be very careful when cleaning your bamboo cushion, as it is not machine washable.

Memory foam should be washed in a mild hand washing cycle to prevent it from losing its shape or even crumbling to bits. Despite first impressions, a machine wash may be too rough on your bamboo pillow.

If you want your bamboo cushion to last as long as possible and keep providing the same level of comfort, follow these easy care instructions:

Wash the Cover First

Take the pillow out of its case to start. The best results will be achieved by using a gentle cycle with cold water.

If you are worried about ruining the cover, you can wash it by hand in cold or lukewarm water with a light detergent.

Hand Washing the Bamboo Pillow

Washing your bamboo pillow at home is simple; all you need is a mild detergent and some warm water. If you have a bathtub, fill it with lukewarm water and immerse your pillow in it. Let it sink to the bottom before you try to pull it out.

If you want to clean your bamboo pillow on your own, all you need is a mild detergent and some warm water. To help you fall asleep, soak your pillow in a tub of lukewarm water. Do not take it out of the water until it is completely submerged.

Once you’ve rinsed the pillow to get rid of the soap, give it a good squeeze to get the water out.

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Drying Your Bamboo Pillow

The extreme heat of a dryer, like that of a washing machine, can melt the foam in your bamboo pillow. This can lead to the decomposition of your cushion.

Don’t bother trying to machine dry that bamboo pillow of yours. For optimal results, lay the pillow on a flat surface with a clean white towel underneath and let it dry in the sun. If you choose the second method, make sure the pillow gets completely dry by rotating it at regular intervals while it’s airing out.

Make sure your bamboo cushion is completely dry before using it; any amount of moisture can encourage the spread of mildew.

By reading the reviews left by other users, you can find the best pillow for you.

If you’re in need of a new mattress to go with your bamboo pillow, you may find recommendations in our list of the 10 best mattresses.


If you just purchased the softest pillow on the planet made from bamboo, take good care of it by giving it a thorough cleaning. Therefore, knowing how to wash a Miracle bamboo pillow is essential for maintaining its cleanliness and keeping it in good condition over time. It is convenient because both the pillow case and the inside liner may be cleaned in the washing machine.

When doing laundry in the delicate cycle, it’s best to use a mild detergent and cold water. After a low tumble dryer cycle, the pillows can benefit from some fresh air outside before being used again. The inner liner of the cushion should only be washed with special care to protect the memory foam within.

Bamboo Pillow Care and Washing: FAQs

How Often Should I Wash My Bamboo Pillows?

In order to maintain their cleanliness and freshness, bamboo pillows should be washed twice yearly.

When sleeping on a dirty pillow, though, you run the risk of exacerbating skin problems including sensitive skin and acne.

This means that every three months you should give your bamboo pillow a good cleaning.

How Should I Take Care Of Bamboo Pillows?

Following these additional maintenance guidelines will extend the life of your bamboo pillow.

  • Bamboo pillows are susceptible to accumulating dust and other impurities, so it’s best to keep them covered with a sheet or blanket during the day.
  • Long-term storage requires you to either keep your bamboo pillows in their original packaging or in vacuum-sealed bags.
  • Fluffing a pillow is as easy as shaking or hitting it to redistribute the stuffing.
  • Three tennis balls can be used in place of dryer balls in a dryer with a low or no heat cycle. It will take about 5–10 minutes to finish. With the filler broken down and air pockets formed, the pillow will become more fluffy.
  • Some people recommend adding a few drops of essential oil to the mixture before rolling the balls.

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  • When washing your bamboo pillows, make sure to only use a mild detergent without bleach, phosphates, or enzymes to prevent any discoloration or stretching.

When Should I Get A New Bamboo Pillow?

If your bamboo cushion has lost its fluffiness, it’s time to replace it. Morning pain in the neck or shoulders is another red flag.

If your bamboo pillow is stained or torn beyond repair, don’t bother trying to clean it.

If you notice mildew or experience allergies after sleeping on your bamboo pillow, you should get a new one straight soon.

When it comes time to replace your current pillow, do your research to ensure you obtain the proper bamboo pillow.