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Summer’s worst feature, in our opinion, is the oppressive heat. Every summer, at least a few weeks are spent in oppressive heat and humidity in most regions of the world. For the most part, this is a common occurrence. Even if you enjoy the heat, air conditioning is a necessity during this particularly hot time of year. However, what if you don’t have access to air conditioning, or if your AC has just given out on you at the most inconvenient of times? So, you won’t have to put up with that anymore. If you have a basic box fan, you may easily make your own air conditioning. See for yourself in the video below how you may generate AC for next to nothing.

You’re probably thinking that this is a scam. It’s impossible to find air conditioning that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The central air conditioning you are accustomed to may not be what you are used to, but it is an economical and functional solution to cool your home without breaking the bank!

The copper coil, the ice water, and the basic box fan all work together to make the system operate. Sucked into the copper coil are pieces of ice that have been frozen solid, making it extremely chilly. The frozen water in the coil is blown out of the coil by the box fan, which is connected to the coil.

A mess-free cooling system can be built for a few dollars if done right! To maintain your DIY air conditioning, simply replace the ice as it begins to melt. It was definitely worth the money saved.

Starting out, you’ll need the following items.


  • Boxing enthusiast
  • Two copper coils.
  • knots with a zip
  • A 1/4-inch compression cylinder
  • Wrench
  • Clippers/Scissors
  • tube made of polyethylene
  • Bucket
  • Ice

Start by slowly unraveling the top copper coil of your box fan.

Step 3: Connect the two copper coils using the compression unit.

Make sure that the copper coil has a plastic tube attached to its end.

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Steps To Make A Fan Into An Air Conditioner

The basic fan, ice water, and copper coil are the three primary components of this system. To begin, the coil will draw in the ice water and cool it. A second feature of this coil is that it is attached to the basic fan, which is responsible for removing the frozen air from the coil.

If you do it correctly, you can even construct a cooling system that is devoid of mess. When the ice in your DIY air conditioner starts to thaw, you’ll need to replace it.

So, how do you turn a fan into an air conditioning unit? ” In order to turn your fan into an air conditioner, follow these procedures.

Step #1. Prepare the things needed

Gather all the supplies you’ll need before you begin.

A box fan, two copper coils, a wrench, drink ties, a compression unit, ice, plastic tubing, clippers, and a bucket are all included in this package..

Step #2. Unravel the coils

To begin, put the box fan flat on a work surface and slowly unwind the copper coils. The first one must be at the top, and the second one must be at the bottom.

Step #3. Connecting the coils

Use the compression unit to connect the copper coils. Then, use your nose to remove any remaining ties.

Step #4. Attaching the plastic tubing

The tubing must be attached to the end of each copper coil in this stage.

Step #5. Completing the project

Place ice in a bucket, then insert the plastic tube end into the ice-filled bucket. Let the cool air in by doing so Finally, you’ve finished your task.

How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks - YouTube

If your car has modest modifications, you can still use this method. You can stay cool in your automobile even if the a/c is broken because to its small size.

Alternative #4. Using a cool box

Outlet piping will be secure with this option. The box’s lid will be divided into two rings by the cuts you make.

In order for the fan to fit, you’ll need a large enough opening for the outlet pipe.

Drinks and food are typically kept cold in a cool box. In this case, however, you’ll be filling it with ice cubes.

Ice cubes will be cooled down as soon as the fan is turned on. As a result, the space will be filled with a colder temperature.

11 DIY Air Conditioners for Staying Cool This Summer

1. Homemade Air Conditioner With a Fan and Ice

There’s not much DIY in this project, but a fan and some ice are the starting point for most. The fan does not circulate air, but rather cools it.

In this case, the ice cubes come from your freezer and are on a tray. When the air flows over the ice, it’s cooled by the fan’s downward angle. However, how effective is this method?

After trying it out, I can say that it has certain problems. When compared to a larger ice block, ice cubes melt far more quickly than the latter. Faster fans, on the other hand, produce better outcomes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a novice. However, there is a lot of room for growth.

2. Easy Plastic Soda Bottle DIY Aircon

Alternatively, here’s a little better option. Cable ties are used to attach miniature drink bottles to the back of a fan in this video.

The ice is contained within the bottles, which have been pierced with a soldering iron. The fan pulls air through the bottles, which is then chilled by the ice.

If you’re looking for a low-cost air conditioning solution, go no further than this! If you don’t already have a soldering iron, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones for beginners.

Using cool box ice blocks instead of ice cube trays if you don’t have any ice cube trays Attach the plastic net bag to the fan’s back using cable ties and store the items within. Be sure you have a catchment area underneath in case any condensation drops out.

3. Portable Air Cooler Milk Carton

When it comes to keeping cool, this milk carton is the perfect solution.

For this project, you’ll need a hot glue gun and a soldering iron in order to complete it. Fans pull in air, push it over the ice cubes, and then expel it through the carton’s hole. Because milk cartons are made to keep the product cool for as long as possible, this design is particularly clever.

It’s possible to utilize an external power source like a USB fan, or a portable power bank, instead of a 12V battery on a desktop computer. You may use the AC in your automobile in the same way. A USB fan may be readily plugged into a USB car charger if you decide to build it.

4. Cool Box Air Conditioner

When it comes to making an air conditioner at home, there are few things that are more basic than a fan, ice, and a container.

The lid of the cool box is sliced into two rings. One of them can accommodate the fan, which is inserted face-down inside the box. In addition, there is an exit pipe. Finally, a large block of ice is placed inside the cool box, which is generally used to keep food and beverages cool.

When the fan is turned on, cold air is pulled in and pushed out of your room by the ice.

5. Ice Chest Air Conditioner

You may find a number of different takes on the prior project on YouTube if you do a search. This slightly more appealing alternative, on the other hand, merits attention.

A Styrofoam ice chest, a small fan, and two angled PVC pipe connections are used to create this contraption. In the event of a heat wave, this DIY air cooler will keep your space cool by holding large chunks of ice.

Just make sure you have a pail nearby to empty it. To avoid leaks, it’s recommended not to elevate the ice chest, which could cause structural problems that could lead to breaking.

6. Portable Ice Bucket Air Conditioner

This DIY air conditioner build is a hybrid of the ice chest and cool box designs discussed above.

Two short lengths of pipe and a small fan are put together in the lid of a bucket. Hot glue, expanding foam, or even bathroom sealant can be used to secure the pipes.

To begin, air is sucked into the bucket, pushed across the ice, and expelled via the pipes like you’ve seen countless times.

Of course, this time around, the DIY air cooler may be taken with you wherever you go. To move the bucket, simply lift the handle. Make sure it has access to a power source or convert it to work on batteries so you can take it wherever.

7. Convert Your Standing Fan Into an Air Conditioner

Just ice and a fan have been the focus of our research to date. It’s possible to make your fan work like an air conditioner by adding some 1/4-inch copper tubing to it.

A fountain pump is used to circulate cold water through tubing attached to the front of the fan cage. After passing through vinyl tubing, it returns to the pump via copper tubing. Ice bags are put against the vinyl tubes to keep the water chilly before it reaches the copper.

Although it’s a bit more involved than the other projects on this page, the results appear to be good and the design is also quite appealing.

8. Homemade Portable Air Conditioner Fan Cannon

This homemade air conditioner features a cannon-shaped fan and copper coils.

The copper coil is wrapped around a PVC pipe and then linked to a plastic tubing that is insulated. In order to keep the system cool, copper pipes are connected to a pump in a cooler box and a fan blows over them to circulate cool air.

Water, ice cubes, and the water pump are all that’s in the cooler. This cooler’s fan is on the outside, so you can move it around to direct the airflow exactly where you want it.

Having a shed full of tools and a few inexpensive parts is all you need to complete the build in about an hour. This design is much preferable if you live in a humid area. There will be no additional humidity in your room because the fan does not blow over ice or water like in the previous projects.

9. Pond Pump-Powered Swamp Cooler

Pond pump and Evaporative cooler pad are all that is needed in this design to keep things cold. The project’s creator claims that it can lower the temperature inside by more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit by pinning a wooden frame around it.

Cooling is achieved through liquid evaporation in evaporative cooling. It’s just like sweating, which removes heat from the skin’s surface. This DIY evaporative cooling project should cost less than $100, despite the fact that the approach is employed in industrial cooling systems.

As the most difficult project on our list, it necessitates the use of a relatively chilly water supply.

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10. Mini Evaporative Air Conditioner

This little 34-ounce bottle is transformed into a home-made air conditioner that’s appropriate for a small apartment using the same evaporative cooling mechanism as the previous project, but simplified significantly.

Use a soldering iron to create a panel of ventilation holes on the side of a plastic container after cutting a hole to suit a computer cooling fan. Stack three moist sponges on top of each other and connect your fan to a battery of 12V.

Evaporative air conditioners are easy to use, affordable, and compact enough to fit in the smallest of rooms or apartments. A dry region will benefit greatly from evaporative cooling since it returns humidity to the air.

11. DIY Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Fan

Here’s something new: a home-built air conditioner without ice or a cooler box! This fantastic idea is perfect if you’d like to put your computer parts to good use.

The Peltier-12706 thermoelectric cooler, a tiny, thin, electrical device generally used to cool down computer CPUs, is employed in this small and portable AC system. An aluminum heat sink is required to keep the semiconductor material sandwiched between the ceramic layers from burning.

A 12V 5A power supply linked to a DC jack, together with a CPU fan and a second cooling fan, completes the build. The next step is to use a hot glue gun to bond everything together, and then drill a few holes for air vents. You can chill your room with the same technique used to cool a computer!

Other Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

In the sweltering heat, the only thing you can do is watch TV, read, or tan yourself. (Use plenty of sunscreen and limit your time in the sun to brief intervals.)

You should be able to keep cool with a simple DIY air conditioner project. In the event that your air conditioner breaks down, this is a good temporary alternative. In locations where heat waves are unusual, a home-built air conditioner can save you a lot of money on cooling costs.

You should also try these other methods of cooling down:

  • Taking a cold shower or bath is an excellent choice when things grow uncomfortable.
  • When it’s hot outside, keep your windows closed, but leave them open at night so you can breathe fresh air. Cool air should remain trapped for several hours after you close them in the morning.
  • TVs, laundry dryers, and even PCs should be turned off while not in use. In the sweltering temperature, they all contribute to the quantity of heat in your home.

You may also want to check out our piece on common air conditioner mistakes to avoid if you’re reading this page because your AC isn’t cooling well enough.

It’s A Wrap!

You’ll find instructions for converting a fan into an air conditioner, as well as suggestions for alternate approaches.

During the summer, you can use this to keep cool.