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What is the procedure for resetting an air conditioning unit? Resetting your air conditioner is as simple as following these five steps. However, if your air conditioner unit includes a reset button or not, all of the instructions may be different.

The last thing you need in the heat of the day is a malfunctioning air conditioner.

When temperatures soar, you’ll be glad you have a cooling system on hand to keep you cool. Heat exhaustion and even death can result if you don’t have it. When you’re in a precarious financial condition, it’s more likely to occur. Isn’t it an amazing coincidence?

You can try to fix your air conditioner yourself before calling a professional.

Resetting the device is the first step. An easy-to-use solution to restart or reboot your air conditioner is provided by learning how to reset your unit.

Some air conditioners can be fixed with a quick reset, but others don’t have any. Continue reading to learn the processes involved in resetting your air conditioner.

Why Do I Need to Reset My Air Conditioner?

When the AC unit’s protection circuit breaker trips, the most typical reason for a reset is required. After a power loss, this is a safety measure to prevent fires and explosions from occurring.

Even when the thermostat is set to “cool,” a reset can fix an AC that only blows warm air. One of the possible causes of your air conditioner’s warm air output is a faulty thermostat. It’s possible that a hard reset of your air conditioner can help.

Even though resetting an air conditioner is simple, if you are unsure or uncomfortable doing it, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and ask for an appointment with an HVAC specialist. In order to reach your recall button, it may be necessary for you to open your condensing unit plan, which may have an impact on your warranty with some units. Before performing a reset of your air conditioner, please consult your warranty guidelines. Follow these simple steps if you are familiar with your air conditioner and feel confident doing so.

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How to Reset an Air Conditioner

  1. Shut off the air conditioning. Start by turning off the AC’s power at the panel where your circuit breakers are located. The outside power switch for your AC unit should be turned off as well.
  2. Locate the button if you can’t find it. Most air conditioners have a “reset” feature. The majority of the time, these buttons are small and red. If you can’t find it, review your owner’s manual. To make things easier, most are available on the internet for rapid access).
  3. Release the reset button after three to five seconds of holding it down.
  4. Reconnect your air conditioner’s power source. Turn on the power by turning on all of the switches, including the one on the breaker panel.

You’ve just finished a reset and it went perfectly! Next, check your thermostat to see whether it’s set to “cool” or a lower temperature than what’s already in your house. After a little time, your air conditioner should begin to operate.

You may check if chilly air is blowing out of your ducts by placing your palm near the openings.

How to Reset a Window Air Conditioner

To dissipate the charge, disconnect your window air conditioner for a few minutes because most do not have a reset button.

As soon as you reconnect the AC unit, it should restart and function normally again.

Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner Without A Reset Button

You may run into unforeseen issues and malfunctions with your air conditioner from time to time. Either debug it or perform a factory reset is the only option.

Pushing the reset button on your air conditioner, especially if it’s bright red and easy to see, should solve the problem. It is possible to perform a manual reset of an air conditioner that lacks a reset button by following these five simple steps:

Step #1. Turn off the air conditioner

The first thing you need to do is to turn off or switch down your air conditioner unit. Prior to resetting the thermostat, do this.

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Turn off the air conditioner before resetting the thermostat. Check your air conditioner’s owner’s manual for directions and restrictions on where to find the cutoff button.

Make sure the thermostat has been turned off before you turn on the air conditioner. When working on your air conditioner, it is critical to protect your own safety and avoid any potential danger.

Step #2. Identify and determine the location of your circuit breaker box

The location of your circuit breaker box is the following step. Usually, you can find it in the closets, basements, and other places like that. Make sure to turn the circuit breaker off once you locate the box.

Step #3. Patiently wait for 60 seconds

When you’re ready to switch off the air conditioner, give yourself around 60 seconds after turning it off. Turn on the air conditioner after setting a timer on your phone for one minute.

Having everyone in your family know that you’ll be resetting the breakers is a good idea. They might be in danger if you don’t tell them.

Step #4. Power on your air conditioner

Continue to wait for an additional 60 seconds before proceeding. After one minute, the air conditioner will automatically reset. Finally, return to your thermostat and turn the air conditioner on.

Step #5. Check if it is working

Then, check to see if your device is working or not.

Switch the thermostat to the desired temperature and wait a few minutes to see if it works.

Air conditioning will be restored if the item cools and performs as planned.

However, if restarting the device does not resolve the issue, get assistance from cooling services.

DIY AC Troubleshooting via the Reset Button

One of the first things to do when anything goes wrong with a piece of technology is a simple reboot. This isn’t always effective, but it’s worth a shot because it’s so basic that anyone can do it. For AC troubleshooting, the same holds true, however the additional steps required to perform a reset are a little more involved. Removing the AC power plug from the socket is the first step in this AC troubleshooting approach. After around 20 seconds of being unplugged, re-insert the plug into the outlet.

To find the air conditioning unit’s reset switch, go over the unit’s body. To find the button, examine your AC unit’s operating handbook or conduct a quick online search for information on your exact model. In order to prevent accidental activation of the air conditioner’s reset button, certain systems may have a deliberately undersized reset switch. Once you’ve located the button, make sure you press it. You can try pushing it again if nothing happens after the first press. Switching off the circuit breaker is the next step if that doesn’t work.

AC Troubleshooting via the Circuit Breaker

If you’ve recently experienced a storm or a power outage in St. Louis, the next step in AC troubleshooting becomes more important. Make sure your air conditioner is still plugged into the wall socket before moving on to the next step. Afterwards, locate the circuit breaker that controls the power outlet to which your air conditioning unit (AC) is attached. If a circuit breaker trips during a storm, you’ll need to check to see if this is the case.

The location of the circuit breaker box varies from home to home, although most are found in the garage or basement. To make it easy to locate, the circuit breaker for your air conditioner should be marked with an HVAC label. Switch the breaker off if it’s on. Turn it back on after around 10 minutes with it in this position. You can also try turning it off and reactivating after 30 minutes if that doesn’t work. When you’re done, turn it back on and see if anything has changed. You may need to call in an expert if the AC troubleshooting stage fails.

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Learn More About AC Troubleshooting from Our St. Louis HVAC Experts

These easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself AC troubleshooting techniques should prove beneficial to you. The St. Louis heating & air conditioning specialists at Galmiche & Sons are here to help if you have any questions about AC troubleshooting or if you’re still experiencing issues even after following these guidelines.


In the event of a short-term problem with your air conditioner, resetting can help.

Before enlisting the assistance of experts or specialists, this is an excellent alternative.

If your device has a reset button or not, the processes for resetting it are different. As a result, before doing the above instructions, be sure to consult your device’s handbook.

How to Reset an Air Conditioner: That’s all there is to it!

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