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You may learn how to measure a sofa for a slipcover in two simple steps. We’ll show you how to get exact measurements of your couch so you can design a sofa cover that fits. Alternatively, if you prefer to manufacture the cover yourself, you can check out this tutorial on slipcovering a sofa.

As a result, let’s begin the measurement process!

Slipcover Buying Guide

The sofa you’ve been eyeing has a pattern that isn’t excellent at hiding stains, but you still adore it. A recent move has left you with furnishings that no longer seem right in your new abode. The best solution is to use a covering. You can save a lot of money by repurposing old furniture rather than buying new.

Determining Fit

Before purchasing slipcovers, it’s essential to be sure they’ll fit. However, even hard-to-fit pieces of furniture like sofas with winged cushions can be fitted with these. Just a little additional forethought goes a long way.

How Do I Measure a Sofa for a Slip Cover? : Couches & Living Room Design - YouTube

Slipcovers come in two basic varieties:

  1. In one-piece sets, the slipcover can be washed and reinstalled on the same piece of furniture.
  2. The ability to cover only a single cushion without having to replace the complete set is one of the benefits of modular furniture sets.

Measuring Your Furniture

There is a slipcover set you’ve decided on. The easiest way to ensure a perfect fit is to measure your furniture before you buy a cover for it. A tape measure and a few minutes are all you need.

How to Measure a Sofa for a Slipcover

Since it can be used as an extra bed for unexpected visitors, a gathering spot for movie night, or a place to unwind when you’re feeling under the weather, it’s no surprise that couch (loveseat) slipcovers are among the most popular options. If you’re looking to slipcover your couch, here’s how:

  1. Measure the widest part of your sofa, starting from the outer edge of one arm of the sofa to the outside of the opposite arm. To get an accurate measurement, begin and stop it at the sofa’s arm edges.
  2. Take a measuring tape to your seat cushion and find out how deep it is. In order to get a good idea of how big your sofa is, measure from its front to its back. (Measure each cushion separately if your sofa’s depths aren’t the same.)
  3. Determine the widest possible width of a cushion. Measure from the leftmost cushion’s outermost edge to the rightmost cushion’s outermost edge (s).
  4. Measure the sofa’s body’s maximum width. Measure from the back of the sofa to the front of the opposing sofa arm, starting at the front of one of the arms. (A “u-shape” measurement is what you’re looking for.)
  5. Determine the shape of the sofa. Measure the distance from the back of your sofa’s cushions to the floor, starting at the back of the cushions.

Trying to figure out how to fit a slipcover over a sectional sofa? Each portion should be measured as if it were a standard sofa.

How to Determine Slipcover Size

How to Measure a Recliner for a Cover

You can bet your recliner’s arms get the most wear and tear because they’re constantly rubbing against your hands and arms. Measurement for a slipcover for a recliner is as simple as the recliner is comfortable:

  • It’s important to keep your tape measure in a straight line around your chair back’s thickest section.

How to Measure a Wingback Chair for a Slipcover

Styles come and go swiftly, and your favorite wingback accent chair is no longer in style. A slipcover is an excellent solution if you want to rapidly modify the look of your couch. Wingback chairs, like recliners, can be easily sized.

  1. The chair’s back length should be measured from the bottom of the chair leg to the highest point on the chair’s back. Measure the chair’s back length.
  2. Start at the outside of one side of the cushion and work your way to the other side to get the measurement.

How to Measure Dining Room Chairs for Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a no-brainer when it comes to protecting your dining chairs from stains and spills. You’ll need to take two measurements in order to get the proper slipcover:

  1. From the top of the chair legs to the top of the chair’s back, find out how high it is.
  2. From one side to the other, measure the chair’s back width.

Things To Consider When Measuring

You may need to take additional measurements depending on the type of slipcover you purchase. Measure your sofa or chair from the top of the legs to the floor to get slipcovers with a dust ruffle.

The material of your new slipcover is also vital to consider. Your furniture will fit snugly thanks to the elasticity of knit textiles like cotton and spandex. Choosing a fabric like twill will necessitate careful measurements, as woven textiles do not stretch like knit fabrics.

Ready to Pick Out New Slipcovers?

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How Do You Measure A Sofa For Slipcover?

To accurately measure a sofa, you must know its length, breadth, and height. However, due to the wide variety of shapes and types of sofas, it is necessary to make changes when measuring to obtain accurate results.

Step 1. Take the length and width of the sofa

  • A good way to figure out how long your couch should be is to measure from one end of the arms to the other
  • In order to determine the couch’s overall width, measure the distance from the front of one sofa arm to the backside of the other arm.

Step 2. Take the cushion dimensions and overall sofa height

  • The space below the sofa arms will serve as the basis for determining the cushion’s breadth.
  • To determine the length of the cushion, measure across from one side of the sofa to the other.
  • In order to determine the height of a cushion, you will need to take a reading from its top to the floor (or the other way around).
  • Finally, get the sofa’s entire height from its back to the ground.

Do Slipcovers Fit All Couches?

If the slipcover is made of an elastic material, it will fit any couch. Homeowners can acquire so-called universal sofa covers from furniture manufacturers and simply place them on their couches. There are, of course, some sofas that can’t be covered since they don’t have a simple design.

Your room’s focal point may not look its best with a universal slipcover. Make a slipcover yourself to get the right fit. You can alter it by tucking the material here and there. Even if you don’t have much sewing experience, you can make a sofa slipcover at home.

What Is A Standard Sofa Size?

A standard sofa size does not exist because there are so many different models to choose from. Sofas normally range in length from 70 to 96 inches and in height from 26 to 36 inches, just to give you an idea. A couch’s depth varies from 32 to 40 inches, while the seats themselves are typically 20 to 25 inches deep and 15 to 20 inches high.

How To Use Canvas Drop Cloths as Slip Covers (No Sewing Required!)

How Do I Know What Slipcover Fits?

Before sewing or purchasing a slipcover, measure your sofa to guarantee that it will fit well. If there is excess material, you may have to tuck and modify the material to get the universal cover to fit properly. In addition, see if your sofa can be covered at all.

Sofas that you can slipcover

Covering a couch with detachable cushions should be a cinch for anyone. To gain precise measurements, you can take them apart. If the sofa already has a covering, you can rest assured that you can do the job.

Upholstered sofas are also an option. Even if your sofa is upholstered, you can still preserve it with a cover. Simultaneously symmetrical and plain-looking, simple-to-hide models should be straightforward to find.

Sofas that you can’t slipcover

Slipcovering sofas with intricate details or unusual shapes can be a challenge. To get a snug fit, you’ll need to make precise forms and take additional measurements. Instead of sewing a cover for the sofa, it may be wiser to reupholster it.

The answer to this question is yes. Because it has a moving portion, your recliner can’t be covered either. In order to properly cover the seats, back, and arms, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and effort.

How Much Do Custom Sofa Slipcovers Cost?

According to where you get your slipcovers made and the materials, they can cost up to $800. In addition, each seamstress will charge a different amount for work. However, what if you made your own slipcover?

Creating a personalized slipcover for a sofa isn’t as pricey as some people think. Drop cloths can be used, but you can also repurpose old materials. To make a slipcover for a sofa, all you need are some old bedsheets that you’ve cut to size.

Are Slipcovers Worth It?

Your furniture will be better protected if you invest in slipcovers. It is common for them to be made of materials such as cotton or canvas, which are much easier to clean than the sofa. The couch was also less susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you had children or dogs.


You simply need to do one thing if you want your sofa cover to fit perfectly. Make or buy a slipcover by learning how to properly measure a sofa. In this manner, you will guarantee that the cover is neither excessively loose or tight and efficiently does its purpose.

The length, width, and height of the sofa, as well as the proportions of the couch cushions, will all be taken into account. Afterwards, you can use the measurements to choose a cover or make one yourself.