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Curved windows can be difficult to dress, so you may be wondering how to make curtains for arched windows.

Arch-shaped windows are a beautiful and easy-to-maintain type of window.

Adding a vintage architectural flair to your home with this sort of window is a safe bet.

Victorian architecture and modern design both benefit from the gracefulness of arched windows.

This timeless elegance and geometric form will undoubtedly improve the look and feel of your house..

It’s because of this lovely silhouette, however, that the majority of homeowners have difficulty dressing or covering their home.

With so many options, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide which one to go with. Remember that you are not alone in experiencing this issue.

We’ll show you how to manage your privacy and light control concerns in a way that doesn’t detract from the window’s Victorian aesthetic.

Contrary to buying custom-made curtains, you don’t have to let your pocketbook suffer for any of these options. Keep scrolling to find out what’s next.

Steps To Make Curtains For Arched Windows

Custom-made curtains for an arched window can be very expensive, but they will add sophistication and interest to any house.

However, if you’re creative, you may create drapes that look great and serve their purpose for this particular style of window.

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So, how do you go about making drapes for a window with an arched opening?

Here are a few measures you can take to get the desired outcome. ”

Step #1. Gathering of measurements

The first step is to estimate the distance from the arch of the window to where you want your curtains to fall.

You can use a tape measure for this purpose.

These measurements are important.

Measure the width of your window from the broadest section in a left to right direction to get the total width of your window.

Then, measure the length of the arch by taking the distance from the arch’s beginning to the window frame’s edge.

Keep in mind that if you want to hang your curtain rod higher than the window frame, you’ll have to increase the pattern’s length.

Step #2. Sketch the arch curve

You’ll need thin paper for this phase, and you’ll tape the papers together to make a longer piece that will cover the arch completely.

Using paper tape, trace the arched window’s circumference.

Step #3. Pattern making

Cut the arch design along the traced line after placing it on a level surface.

The next step is to draw vertical lines parallel to the bottom end of your arch and upwards.

Make sure to leave a 1-inch margin on all sides of the design.

Using the allowance you set aside, trace the pattern for your curtains and cut it out.

Step #4. Prepare your fabric

To get an idea of how much cloth you’ll need, multiply the width of your window by two.

If your window is 30 inches wide, for example, you’ll need 62 inches of cloth to complete the project.

The 30 inches of fabric on each side and a half-inch of fabric on each edge reserved for the hems.

As a result, each side of the window requires 31 inches of cloth width.

Step #5. Sew the fabric

To begin, cut the lining and outer cloth to the measurements you’ve gathered.

Add enough length to make the curtain’s hem completely snug.

The curtain’s hem should be sewn on both the cloth and the lining with care.

Allowance for seams is added throughout the stitching process.

Step #6. Hanging of curtains

Make sure to turn the curtain right side out after carefully sewing the cloth and lining together.

Create a rod pocket by sewing 1 3/8 inches from the top seam of the curtain panel.

Finally, place the curtain rod into the pocket you’ve made by sewing the rod into the fabric. Finally, put up the drapes.

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How To Hang Curtains In Arch-Shaped Windows?

There are more options when it comes to decorating arched windows.

Flexible and bendable curtain rods are a good example of this.

Curtains can be hung from the upper portion of the arch using these types of curtain rods.

Some of us, however, believe that because arch windows are so high, it is not essential to cover the entire opening.

If this is more your style, you can choose to merely cover the bottom half of your window.

Don’t worry; you’ll have the privacy you’ve been looking for.

Arched Window Treatments

Elegant Victorians, ultra-modern lofts, and cookie-cutter tract houses all benefit from the unique look provided by arched windows. When it comes time to cover them, their timeless charm and simple geometry make them a highly sought-after architectural element.

It’s amazing how a simple curve can strike fear in even the most seasoned designers. Fortunately, you aren’t the first person to have this problem in their home. Make the most of the arch’s timeless charm while addressing issues about light and seclusion.

Semi-Custom Curved Curtains

  1. Even the most experienced designers are frightened by a simple curve. For the most part, this is a common occurrence for homeowners. Make the most of the arch’s traditional beauty while resolving issues about light management and privacy with a variety of proven designs.
  2. Measuring from the floor to the highest medallion is a good way to determine the length of your curtain panel.
  3. For curtains that will hang freely or be tied back on either side, the hem should be adjusted to suit the curve.

Standard Curtains

Use ordinary curtain hardware and pre-made window panels if light control and privacy are not a priority.

  1. To visually separate the arch from the lower portion of your arched window, choose a point along the upper one-third of the window and run a curtain rod across the aperture.
  2. The lower portion of the arch can be treated as two independent window openings if you hang your window panels over the lower portion.

Swag Curtains

For arched windows, drapery scarves or sheer fabric can be used as swag valances.

  1. A decorative curtain tieback or medallion should be installed above the arch’s center peak, as well as one on each side of the window where the arch terminates and the vertical drop begins.
  2. Wrap the scarf around the middle post by folding the fabric in half.
  3. Using only the right side of the scarf, you may create a flowing effect by wrapping it around the right tieback.
  4. Double-sided tape or a twist tie can be used to hold it in place.
  5. Make any required adjustments to the left side as well.

You can choose whether or not to have the scarf tails hang symmetrically or asymmetrically. Over the lower windows, put sheer curtain panels if you’re worried about privacy.

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Questions to Ask

  1. The entire arch should be covered with drapes.
  2. As a decorative item, should I get window scarves?
  3. Should I ignore the arch and use only straight curtain panels on either side?
  4. Adding medallions above the arch and hanging curtains from them is an option.
  5. Is a custom arching curtain rod worth the money?

Final Words

Hopefully, I’ve answered all of your questions on how to make curtains for arched windows.

Decorating an arched window is a basic and straightforward task.

It’s easy to avoid overspending if you simply follow the guidelines outlined above.

At the same time, you’ll get the extra flair and seclusion for your home that you’ve been looking for.

Please know how much we appreciate your commitment to finishing the piece.