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Regardless of whether we like the AC or not, we can all agree that the outside of the window air conditioner is a no-brainer. Why? For the simple reason that it damages the aesthetic of your window and wall by being unsightly. Some inventive and practical ways to disguise the AC unit will be discussed in this post.

A few years ago, air conditioners were considered a luxury item. Air conditioners, on the other hand, have become a need due to the current climatic changes and global warming. Summers can be unbearable without a centralized air conditioning system. Aside from saving money, reading this post will teach you how to conceal the outside of your air conditioner in little time at all if that is something on your to-do list.

Why Should You Hide Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside?

Firstly, this machine is responsible for keeping our air conditioner cool. Heat is disbursed from your home to the exterior using this device. However, the design is clumsy and uninteresting. Because of this, many people have come up with creative ways to hide their air conditioning equipment.

How to Hide an Ugly Window Air Conditioner - Tips for Disguising Window AC

However, there is an additional benefit to concealing your air conditioner. Dirt and debris from the outside might build up over time, making the equipment look less appealing and reducing its longevity. So, if you want to keep the unit clean, hiding it would be a good idea.

What to Remember before Hiding the Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside

Keep these points in mind before you hide the AC unit so that you don’t wind up with a mess.

Check the Manual

To be on the safe side is always better than to be on the wrong side of You can’t go wrong by reading the instructions. Before inserting the box into an enclosure, check the manufacturer’s handbook to see if there is a certain distance that must be maintained.


The condenser section of the AC unit is responsible for discharging the hot air that has been drawn from your home. It will not be able to dissipate the heat if the unit cover is too stiff to allow for ventilation. Because of this, your air conditioner will have a shorter lifespan. That’s why a well-ventilated structure is necessary for the outside HVAC unit to operate at its best.

No Close Contact with Living or Other Objects

Your AC unit can be hidden in a variety of ways using plants. The flora, on the other hand, deserve your attention. They, too, are human. As a result, avoid placing the plants too close to the area where heat is emitted.

There is a risk that it will impair the health of the plants. Keep the condenser at least two feet away from the plants. Aside from that, make certain the machine is not affixed to anything else. Even if it’s inside a building, there should be enough room on all sides for it.

Keep Maintenance Options Available

Instead of burying the unsightly box, you’re expected to hide it. At least twice a year, it will need to be serviced. As a result, avoid storing the box in any structure that will be shut for good. The cleaning and maintenance choices should always be available for use.

Choose a Place with Shade

Even if your air conditioner is housed, try to locate it in a shady area. The long-term health of an AC unit is jeopardized when it is exposed to direct sunlight. So, look for a place to hide that has some sort of cover.

Easy ways to hide AC unit outside

The AC unit can be hidden from view using these imaginative and practical methods:

Hide with Plants

It’s impossible to live without plants. They have a wide range of advantages for both humans and the natural world. Plants remove pollutants from the air, give us with clean air to breathe, help bring rain, and also lower the temperature of the environment.

15 Genius Ways to Hide Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside & Indoors

With the help of plants, you can conceal the air conditioner outside. This will also boost the efficiency of your air conditioner, so you’ll be happy to hear. Want to know how?

Well, plants are constantly exchanging air and water with their surroundings. It will humidify the air in the surrounding area. In a humid atmosphere, your air conditioner will be able to easily dissipate the heat it absorbs from your room. When you do this, your air conditioner’s efficiency goes up, and it starts chilling the space faster.

In addition to hiding your outdoor air conditioner, the lush vegetation will enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal.

One very important thing you need to make sure of is that your plant must not have invasive roots. It’s because a plant with invasive roots will penetrate the AC unit causing significant damage to it. So you need to be careful of it.

The second requirement is that the plant be regularly maintained and trimmed. If not, the plant will continue to grow and eventually obstruct the air conditioner’s flow of coolant.

Get an AC Enclosure

Although covering the AC unit with plants is a fantastic idea, not everyone has the time to water and trim their plants on a daily basis. As a result, many people do not want to spend the time and effort of planting plants around the outside of their air conditioning unit.

In this case, an AC enclosure is your best option for a one-time solution to conceal the outdoor air conditioning unit.

AC enclosures can be found in a variety of styles and colors on the market. You may easily pick your favorite color and design based on your personal preferences and the color of your wall. There are simply too many options to choose from, and you can simply buy what you like.

Steel and resin-based enclosures can be purchased for a high price if you have a lot of money to spare. They are able to withstand long periods of exposure to intense and harsh weather conditions.

Hide with Lattice Screen

When it comes to concealing your air conditioner, a lattice screen is a great option.

Using a planter box and a lattice screen, you may hide the exterior air conditioning unit from view.

There are, however, a few points to keep in mind. For starters, make sure that the planter box and lattice screen are placed far enough away from the AC unit to prevent heat from being sucked into them. In order to get the most out of your AC, ensure sure there is ample room for air. It is also important to ensure that the lattice screens have large enough holes and clearances between them in order to keep the heat from being trapped.

It should also be situated in a way that makes it easy for you to maintain the exterior air conditioning equipment.

Hide Using a Picket Fence

Adding a picket fence around the AC unit is another good way to keep it hidden from view. The 2-sided picket fence can even be used for this purpose. Affix it to the sides that will be seen by the most people (preferably the entrance site). As a result, the AC unit on the porch will go unnoticed by anyone that enters your home.

You may also paint the picket fence to match your exterior paint and it will appear much better than before.

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Does my air conditioner need to be defrosted before I can use the picket fence?

Hide with an Ocotillo Fence

Known for its enormous stature, the ocotillo is a desert plant. Its height makes it ideal for concealing your outdoor air conditioner.

A fence of ocotillo plants will form around the outside of the AC unit if you plant them near the unit. It will hide your AC unit from view and give your home a traditional and tasteful appearance.

Use a Pallet Screen

Using a pallet screen to conceal the AC unit outside is yet another inventive and useful approach.

Using attractive paint colors, decorate a pallet screen with stunning patterns. You may even allow your children to decorate it with their own handiwork. Use it to conceal the AC unit after that. There’s little doubt that viewers will be pleased with the pallet screen’s gorgeous designs.

Make sure that the holes in the pallet screen are large enough to allow the outside air to flow freely through the AC unit.

How to Hide Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside

Let’s take a look at some exterior-facing options for concealing your window AC unit. As many as 19 techniques are available to you to hide your air conditioner.

Trash Can and AC Unit in 1

We can all agree that the trash can, as well as the air conditioner unit, is a strange sight outside. In many cases, the most precious items are the ones that don’t draw us in at first glance. So we’ll need to keep them hidden..

Both of these eyesores would be better served if they could be crammed into one container. Place the garbage can and the air conditioner in a closed container made of wood or bamboo.

DIY AC House

DIY champions are known for their ability to transform a dreary object into a work of art. You can join the ranks of those who have done so. It makes sense to build an AC cottage if you can’t put it inside your house.

The attractiveness of your yard will be enhanced indefinitely if you build a little cottage-style structure. Colorful flower plants can be used to accent the cottage if desired.

Using Decorative Metal Panel

Using metal panels has the advantage of allowing more room for airflow, which is important for air conditioning equipment. With metal panels, your backyard will finally have the visual appeal it has always lacked.

Shutter Register Cover

With a direct wall attachment, you can place an AC unit outside of your home. Use a shutter register cover to give the room the appearance of a window. The cover can be painted in any color of your desire and you’re done! The AC unit is concealed by a faux closed window. Quite imaginative, in fact.

Slatted Wood Panel

Slatted wood panels are probably common in current apartments. However, you are not limited to using them indoors. Sliding panels can be used in the same way. Maintaining the air conditioner will be a breeze with this arrangement.

Die-cut Wood and Lace Wall Panel

Wood and lace panels that have been die-cut look like they’ve been around for a long time. This is why this is a fantastic option for concealing your air conditioners. In the midst of a backyard barbecue, no one will be able to tell that your AC unit is hidden behind a stylish wall panel. This game of hide and seek would be both beautiful and convenient.

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Shutter Box

While it may not be as visually beautiful as an actual wood lace panel, it is a lot easier to use. Make a place for your air conditioner using your old, shabby shutters. Allow the heat to escape by opening the doors. Isn’t it wonderful how simple this is?

Wrought Iron Grate

There is no harm in making a small investment outside of your home. Instead, a wrought-iron grate can add a thousand times more beauty to your yard. Your house decor talents will be much appreciated by your visitors. Don’t worry, we won’t let on that your AC unit is hidden.

Wall Mounted Die-Cut Cabinet

Wall-mounted air conditioners save a significant amount of floor space. Alternatively, you might create a cabinet-like structure to hide your air conditioner. Airflow can be ensured by using a die-cut pattern. The design of the cabinet will make it easy to open for cleaning and maintenance.

Bamboo Partition

It’s a terrific technique to keep your AC unit hidden, plus it’s environmentally beneficial. The partition’s height can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Never go out of style: the bamboo partition

Lattice Screen and Planter Box

Another option is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. The simplicity of the lattice screen adds to the attractiveness of any space. Adding a planter box to the structure will give it a more garden-like appearance

Giant Plant

You may cover your AC unit with elephant ears and caladium. Our backyards come to life with anything that comes from the natural world. These exotic plants may add a touch of nature to your yard. In addition, the air conditioning unit is likewise hidden.. Don’t set it too close to a source of heat. It’s possible that it’ll injure the plant in some way.

Decorative Pallet Screen

To keep your AC unit hidden, all you need is a used shipping pallet. This is a low-cost option that can produce a significant volume of airflow. The best part about this is that you can be as creative as you want. It’s as simple as picking up some paint and a brush and getting to work. Make a sound-drawing book for your child and hide your air conditioner in the process.

Ocotillo Fence

To find ocotillo plants, you don’t have to go scouring the whole state. However, you can create a similar product. Just some vine and patience are all that is required. Create a fence-like structure by slicing some sticks into smaller pieces.

Put posts closer together to hide the AC unit. Wait for the system to be completely covered by climbing plants. Flower vines can be added to the structure to make it more elaborate.

DIY Painted Door Screen

Create a Caribbean or café atmosphere in your backyard. Use old storehouse doors and paint them vibrant colors. The AC unit should be hidden behind the door screen.

Lattice Vine Wall

This time, we’re using vine to decorate a lattice wall. Morning glory flowers in vibrant hues can disguise your air conditioning unit and brighten your day. Having a lattice wall will allow the hot air to be easily disbursed.

To avoid damaging the lovely vine flowers, keep the AC unit at least two feet away from any nearby walls.

Creative Pallet Planter

As unassuming as it may appear, a pallet planter can serve as an effective cloak for your air conditioning unit. A pallet planter with a vertical garden is all you need to get started.

Place it in front of the air conditioner and you’re set. A pallet planter can be made from an old cabinet or shelf, if you’re inventive enough. There are literally thousands of options to choose from.

Garden Structure

To be honest, installing AC units right next to an exterior wall is a mold hazard. It is possible to think beyond the box and transform this drab unit into an eye-catching piece of landscape art. Organize your thoughts in a way that is unique to you. Let’s pretend we’re building a vacation getaway.

8 Genius Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit - How to Hide an Ugly AC Unit

Build a room big enough to fit the unit and allow for ventilation. The design is now ready to be placed in your garden. The unusual AC unit in this cottage will not be seen by anyone. Quite imaginative, in fact.

AC Enclosures

Ac units are unappealing to the eye even from the manufacturer’s point of view. Because of this, some manufacturers create AC enclosures that enclose the units, enable airflow, and make maintenance simple. They do this for three main reasons.

The AC unit enclosures can be decorated with your favorite wallpaper. In this way, a drab building is transformed into something vibrant and arresting.

Final Thoughts

Let us know if we can help you hide your AC unit. There are countless options to select from. It’s time to get creative and cover up that ugly box. Get inventive with your hiding location if the mood permits, and if you can change an eye-sore into something pleasant.