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You can use a single rod, a metal bar, or two curtain rod hooks and hang a pair of curtains without a double rod above the window. Any of these choices will work so long as hooks for a curtain rod are installed above the window.

I forgot to purchase a double rod. What are my options?

While most people assume picking out curtains will be a breeze, finding a pair that complements your interior design and blocks out unwanted light can be a real challenge. It’s easy to become confused when you’re out shopping for curtains and end up with a pair that doesn’t work with your rod.

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It is not necessary to return the curtains to the shop for a different set. If you don’t have a double rod, you can still hang two panels of curtains side by side over each window. Not to mention it’s still attractive. You just need a little ingenuity and some effort, at most.

There are a few alternatives to using a double rod when hanging double curtains. Tools that may be of use include:

  • just a rod of metal, basic and simple
  • just one rod for curtains
  • something that is strung together with a cable

Using a rope or cord

You can easily solve this problem with a rope, however it may appear strange connected to your curtain hooks. To pull the rope through the curtain fabric will be the hardest part, as the rope itself will weigh next to nothing. The curtain and rope can be hung from the rod in either of two ways.

One method involves going up the ladder and securing a rope to the top of the curtain rod. The curtains should be slid onto the rope without pulling on the end that is already attached to the hook. Then move the ladder underneath the empty curtain hook and tie on the other end of the rope.

To begin, ascend the ladder and secure one end of the rope to the hook above the curtain. The curtains should be slid onto the rope with no pulling on the end that is already attached to the hook. Afterward, slide the ladder beneath the free curtain hook and secure the opposite end of the rope to it.

If the length of the rope exceeds the width of the window, you will need to shorten it so that it does not hang out of sight. Wait until the rope is safely fastened onto the hook on the curtain rod and the curtains are in the desired position before cutting the excess.

People are likely to view this as a short-term fix because of the rope’s visual impact above their window. However, if the rope serves a decorative purpose or if its presence enhances the mood you’re striving for in the room, by all means leave it where it is.

It’s important to periodically (maybe once every six months) verify the rope’s strength and safety. The rope’s durability will be gradually reduced if the curtain is thick and heavy. You wouldn’t want to be showing off your home to guests and have the rope giving way and the curtains crashing to the floor in the middle of the party, would you?

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Using a metal bar

A simple metal curtain rod can be hiding at the back of your garage or in the back of your storage room. There is no way to prevent the drapes from sliding off a plain metal rod if the rod is even slightly slanted, which is why a curtain rod is used. This problem can be tackled in two ways:

  • hang the curtains from the rod and make your own rod-end attachments to keep them in place.
  • You either need perfect balance and a steady hand to reach up and hook the metal rod over the curtain rod hooks, or a ladder.

The lack of curtain-end fittings makes it simple for the curtains to come off the rod.

Using a single rod

One curtain rod will do the work; to install the curtains, simply remove the end cap, slip the curtains onto the rod, and replace the cap. If you struggle with your balance, try using just one rod. You can safely ascend the ladder without worrying about the rod coming apart. A single rod also requires less effort to carry than two rods would.

As it does not consist of two separate pieces, the rod cannot be extended because it is not a double rod. Make sure the curtain will reach both curtain hooks on either side of the window before installing the rod.

Why not just go back to the store and buy a double rod?

Even while going back to the shop to pick up a second rod appears to be the simplest solution, you shouldn’t count on it. Double rods are substantially heavier than the aforementioned alternatives, making their installation a challenge for those with weak arms or a lack of strength.

The combination of climbing a ladder and hauling a heavy double rod with which to hang some lovely double curtains could prove to be too much for some people. Even if you have someone holding the ladder for you, you still run the risk of suffering serious injury.

Is It Necessary To Learn These Things?

When you’re on your own or raising a family, you can’t rely on others to teach you everything.

You have to make sure that you can still do something about it if one goes wrong, and you will not just give up.

If something does go wrong, you must be prepared to take action and not give up.

Make sure you read carefully and take notes on what you think are the most important points.

Blogs and websites often have articles like this one to assist readers. Making sure of things before dealing with them is always a good idea.

That’s how to hang two sets of curtains on a single pole.

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Do you now appreciate how simple that was? You needn’t waste time and energy driving back to the store, hunting for parking, waiting in line at customer service, and returning those lovely curtains you spent so much time finding. Anyone can hang their curtains without a double rod if they only use their imagination. The proposed alternatives, especially the rope, may seem strange at first, but you’ll quickly adjust to them.

The primary motivation for employing these alternate strategies is avoiding yet another shopping excursion. What’s more, you won’t have to go out and buy new curtains or a new rod. The quickest and easiest method is usually the best when it comes to housekeeping and completing jobs.