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Blue Roses are rare hybrids of roses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Switch. This tutorial includes how to breed blue roses, possibility of getting blue flowers, price and more!!

Basic Rose Colors
Red RoseRed White RoseWhite Yellow RoseYellow
Hybrid Rose Colors
Pink RosePink Orange RoseOrange Purple RosePurple
Black RoseBlack Gold RoseGold Blue RoseBlue

Check out this guide on growing all the many colors of roses!

Blue Rose – Fastest Breeding Method

Breeding Process Chart

※No letter after the color means the flower is default/store-bought.
※ To avoid confusion, flowers with distinct letter suffixes must be handled separately.

1 Buy the following seeds from Nook’s Cranny
赤いバラRed Rose
白いバラWhite Rose
黄色のバラYellow Rose
2 Breed them in the follow combinations in order to get Orange and Purple roses
白いバラWhite × 白いバラWhite = 紫のバラPurple A
赤いバラRed × 黄色のバラYellow = オレンジのバラOrange A
※ Only use flowers grown from seeds bought in the shop!
3 Once you’ve got enough Purple and Orange Roses, re-plant them in the following combinations:
オレンジのバラOrng A × オレンジのバラOrng A = オレンジのバラOrng B
紫のバラPurple A × 黄色のバラYellow = 白いバラWhite A
※ It’s OK to reuse a yellow from step 2!
4 Once you’ve got enough White A Roses, swap them out with the Yellow Roses in the above step!
紫のバラPurp A × 白いバラWhite A = 紫のバラPurp B
5 When you’ve got enough Purple Bs, start breeding them with Orange Bs:
オレンジのバラOrng B × 紫のバラPurp B = オレンジのバラOrng C
6 When you’ve got enough Orange Cs, start running the following 3 operations simultaneously:
紫のバラPurp A × 白いバラWhite A = 紫のバラPurp B
オレンジのバラOrng B × 紫のバラPurp B = オレンジのバラOrng C
オレンジのバラOrng C × オレンジのバラOrng C = 赤いバラRed A
7 When you’ve got a suitable amount of Orange Cs you can start the final step:
オレンジのバラOrng C × オレンジのバラOrng C = 赤いバラRed A
赤いバラRed A × 赤いバラRed A = 青いバラBlue

Some of the information that went into developing this procedure was gleaned through ACNH Flower Research.

Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Grow Blue Roses - Wechoiceblogger

Don’t Ignore Unnecessary Flowers – Weed Them Out

When you’re breeding for Blue Roses, it’s imperative that you don’t neglect to get rid of any unused blossoms. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your breeding, and any renegade flower that spawns could be a big problem. Get rid of any unnecessary roses!

First Prepare Purple And Orange Roses

白いバラWhite × 白いバラWhite = 紫のバラPurple A
赤いバラRed × 黄色のバラYellow = オレンジのバラOrange A
※ Only use flowers grown from seeds bought in the shop!

In order to get started, you’ll need to go to the store and purchase three different colors of roses and set up two separate areas for them.

Make A Lot Of Purples

Oranges can be bred with oranges, but purples cannot be bred with purples. The more white roses you have, the more purples you’ll be able to create!

Making Orange B and White As

オレンジのバラOrange A × オレンジのバラOrange A = オレンジのバラOrange B
紫のバラPurple A × 黄色のバラYellow = 白いバラWhite A
※ It’s OK to reuse a yellow from step 2!

For breeding purposes, you’ll want to combine the orange and purple varieties, and simply replace the reds you already bred with your new purple varieties. This will result in oranges and whites that are identical in color to store-bought oranges and whites, but with completely distinct genetic information.

Don’t Mix In Orange Bs!

Because they are the result of two Orange As, these Orange Bs should not be crossed with another Orange As. In order to prevent this from happening, keep an eye out for oranges that are A or B grades.

Start Producing Purple Bs

オレンジのバラOrange A × オレンジのバラOrange A = オレンジのバラOrange B
紫のバラPurple A × 白いバラWhite A = 紫のバラPurple B

You can finally get rid of your yellows after you have the same number of Purple As and White As as you do. White As can be planted in their stead, allowing you to grow Purple Bs.

Chance Of Purple A Hybrids Spawning Too

Purple A and White A can be bred to produce Purple B and Purple A, respectively. Because it’s impossible to tell these two species apart visually, you’ll need to breed and swap these out in the next steps!

Breed Orange B and Purple B

紫のバラPurple A × 白いバラWhite A = 紫のバラPurple B
オレンジのバラOrange B × 紫のバラPurple B = オレンジのバラOrange C

When you have a sufficient number of Orange Bs, you can begin breeding them with Purple Bs to produce Orange Cs (or Purple As). Because Orange Cs are so uncommonly born from Purple As, it will be simple to identify and delete the pairs that don’t yield Orange Cs.

Things To Note When Planting

There will be no way to tell which pair of flowers it came from if a new flower spawns diagonally near another pair! In order to know exactly from which pair each bloom is descended, we recommend erecting fences or creating specific patterns. You can’t go wrong if you stick to the plan presented above.

Frequently Replace Purples

To Enlarge Click An Orange C has successfully sprouted in this situation when there are flowers with dirt placed under them

Do something to mark the areas where an Orange C is produced by an Orange B and Purple combination. If one pair stops producing Orange Cs after a while, try swapping out the purple in that pair with another purple you’ve been making on the side instead!.

Use Orange Cs To Make Red As

紫のバラPurple A × 白いバラWhite A = 紫のバラPurple B
オレンジのバラOrange B × 紫のバラPurple B = オレンジのバラOrange C
オレンジのバラOrange C×オレンジのバラOrange C=赤いバラRed A

Orange Cs can be bred together to generate Red As (also known as hybrid reds, which are not store-bought). To get to this point, you’re almost certain to receive your blue roses! You must not mix up your Orange Bs and Cs from Step 4 at this time! Make a thorough distinction between the two!

Multiplying Orange Cs Is Possible

Using the self-multiplication method, you can produce one Orange C at a time after you’ve obtained at least one. While it takes a little longer, you’ll be sure to obtain the Orange Cs you need with this approach.

Create Blue Roses With Red Hybrids

オレンジのバラOrange C × オレンジのバラOrange C = 赤いバラRed A
赤いバラRed A × 赤いバラRed A = 青いバラBlue

You can create Red hybrids by mating two Orange Cs. Breeding Blue Roses with these Red hybrids has a substantially greater success rate than with any other method. If you keep trying, you’ll have a better chance of getting Blue Roses out of your two Red As, so keep going!

Orange Cs Can Also Spawn Blue Roses

Even though the chances of two Orange Cs creating a Blue Rose are extremely slim, it is mathematically feasible. The Rose needs to be relocated as soon as it is born!

How To Get Blue Roses – Regular Method

Blue Roses Regular Breeding Procedure

1 Invest in the following items: Nook’s Cranny offers three different kinds of roses.
赤いバラRed Rose
白いバラWhite Rose
黄色のバラYellow Rose
2 White and Red/Yellow Roses should be planted in separate areas.
3 Breed the following roses to produce purple and orange varieties:

白いバラWhite × 白いバラWhite = 紫のバラPurple
赤いバラRed × 黄色のバラYellow = オレンジのバラOrange
※ Use only flowers that you’ve grown from seed you purchased at the store!

4 In order to generate Hybrid Reds, breed the Purple and Orange Roses you grew in [Step 2].
紫のバラPurple × オレンジのバラOrange = 赤いバラRed (Hybrid)
5 Combine the Hybrid Reds from [Step 4] into one breeding pair.

赤いバラRed (Hybrid) × 赤いバラRed (Hybrid) = 青いバラBlue
※ Do not use Reds that have not been bred using the method stated in [Step 3].

6 A Blue Rose will have a very low chance of spawning

1. Roses Must Be Grown From Seeds

Only red (hybrid) roses can be used to create blue flowers! Begin by planting roses in the colors of the rainbow on your island. Nook’s Cranny sells the seeds for these, so go ahead and stock up!

Seeds Change Every Day

Every day, the seed catalog at Nook’s Cranny changes. To get Rose seeds, you can either ask a buddy to bring some or wait till they’re back in stock!

2. Plant Roses In Separate Areas

↑ Left to right: Red and Yellow Roses, White Roses. Don’t get them mixed up!

You’ll need to separate White Rose seeds from Red and Yellow Rose seeds while planting them in your garden. In order to avoid cross-pollination, exercise extreme caution when allowing them to interact. To keep them apart, a fence is an excellent option.

3. Crossbreed To Make Purple & Orange Roses

White Rose x White Rose = Purple Rose

You can only get a Purple Rose by mating two White Roses. Take your time here because you’ll need a lot of purples.

Yellow Rose x Red Rose = Orange Rose

Crossbreeding a Yellow Rose with a Red Rose produces Orange Roses. Like the purples, you’ll need a lot of these!

Relocate New Flowers

Your operation will run more smoothly if you have more Purples and Oranges. As soon as one of these blossoms, get it out of the way and get to work on it right away.

4. Breed Purple & Orange To Get Red (Hybrid)

▲Step 3: Relocate the blooming Roses…

▲Get a Red Hybrid Rose by breeding them!

Move your Orange and Purple Roses to a different region so that they can produce a Red (Hybrid) Rose once they’ve come to maturity. You can only get Blue roses from this variety of Rose!

【Important】Hybrid Reds Are Different From Other Roses

As a result of being a hybrid, these Reds are fundamentally different from those seen in supermarkets. Despite their resemblance to one other, they have a vastly diverse genetic makeup. Make cautious not to confuse these with conventional reds, as these are the only ones capable of producing Blue Roses!

Get Rid Of Non-Reds

Non-red bud spawnings can be safely disposed of at this point. So, be patient, and keep in mind that Reds aren’t guaranteed to spawn every time you play.

5. Plant Hybrid (Red) Together To Get Blue Roses

Plant several Red (Hybrid) Roses together to generate Blue Roses. In addition, keep in mind not to combine Hybrid Reds with other Reds when clearing spawns of non-reds.

6. Blue Rose Spawn Rate Is Very Low

↑ There is a Blue Rose blooming out of the earth!

The likelihood of developing a Blue Rose is now extremely low if Step 5’s Hybrid Reds were successfully mated. Be ready to wait a long period, as this procedure can take many weeks to complete (in-game).


↑ It will bloom into a full-fledged Blue Rose within a day of the bud being born!

How To Get More Blue Roses & Price

Having One Blue Rose Is Good Enough

It is possible for a flower to self-replicate in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (self-replicate). Because of this, one Blue Rose suffices! It will ultimately reproduce if left alone with no other blooms nearby.

Blue Roses Sell For 80 Bells

At Nook’s Cranny, Blue Roses can be purchased for 1,000 Bells. We don’t encourage selling flowers as a means to make Bells, especially given how uncommon they are! ”

The Probability Of Growing A Blue Rose

※ For these tests, we made use of time travel technology developed by our group. However, the usage of this exploit is not encouraged by us.

Required Approx. 1.5 Months To Grow

It took us roughly two weeks to collect all of the Red Roses (hybrids) required for this process in-game. After about a month of consistent watering, we saw our first Blue Rose bloom. If you want to accomplish the same, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort, so be prepared.

The Exact Probability Is Unknown

Because of the lack of a written indicator in-game, it’s unclear how likely it is that Blue Roses will appear right now. When compared to the Golden Rose, which spawns at least once every 2-3 days, we may confidently say that the Blue Rose has a lesser likelihood.


Growing blue roses requires a lot of time and effort. However, I’m sure you’ve gained some inspiration to get started on your greenhouse of blue roses. Share it with your friends if you’d like! Before you begin planting a tree, you should have all the information you need.