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Using a tanning bed carries health concerns, as many people are already aware (more on this below). However, it is also evident that many people have a strong desire to expose their skin to UV rays.

Try to maximize the amount of time you spend in a tanning bed, while also minimizing your exposure to artificial light. Tan faster in a tanning bed by reading this article. Make the most of your tanning bed time!

A Note About the Risks of Tanning in a Tanning Bed

Using ultraviolet radiation in the UVA range, tanning beds resemble a suntan. In contrast to the midday sun, the light can be up to 60 times more strong, causing eye and skin damage. To be clear, using a tanning bed is not safe and increases your chance of developing cancer in later life. Use of these products is severely discouraged by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

But while spray tanning is my preference, I know that many people enjoy and benefit much from real sunlight exposure. We put our lives at danger every day by driving, walking, and eating. A life without danger is a life that does not exist at all.

3 Must-Know Tanning Bed Tips For A Perfect Tan Every Time – Tanning Lotion Warehouse Blog

I’m not going to judge.

It’s important to know the hazards and maximize the benefits of your tanning sessions if you’re going to use a tanning bed.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Tan In A Tanning Bed?

Unfortunately, a single tanning treatment will have little effect on your skin tone. Three to five sunbed sessions are usually enough to achieve an even, healthy-looking foundation tan.

There are, however, a number of strategies to ensure that your tan is as dark as possible while sunbathing.

11 Easy Tips to Get A Darker Tan During Your Tanning Sessions

It’s up to you whether or not you want a tan that lasts longer and darkens more quickly. If this is the case, the following suggestions will help your chances:

# 1 Exfoliate Before Your Sunbed Session

Prior to a tanning session, you must exfoliate your skin in order to eliminate any dead skin cells that may interfere with the penetration of UV rays into the skin.

Melanin is produced as a result of the skin being exposed to UV radiation, hastening the tanning process.

Recipes for DIY Exfoliators

Is producing your own exfoliator on your list? Homemade exfoliators can be manufactured in a variety of ways, two of which are detailed here:

The Sea Salt Scrub

Although this scrub contains a wide range of antibacterial characteristics, it is not recommended for those with severely sensitive skin because the sea salt can be irritating.

Salt is a natural preservative, so it may be stored and used as an exfoliation scrub for a long period of time.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • Sea salt in the amount of half a cup
  • The equivalent of around half a cup of oil
  • Aromatherapy Oils

How To Create It

Stir salt and oil in a bowl until well combined. Adjust salt or oil proportions as necessary until the desired consistency is achieved. Spoon the mixture into a jar after adding a few drops of essential oil.

The Brown Sugar Scrub

If you don’t already have an exfoliating product at home, this scrub is simple to create, inexpensive, and accessible. It’s a great alternative to traditional exfoliation products.

If you’re worried about irritating your skin, try this homemade exfoliating mixture instead.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • Brown sugar in half a cup.
  • Coconut, almond, or grapeseed oil (half a cup each)

How To Create It

Simply combine the sugar and oil in a bowl and stir. You may need to add a little extra sugar or oil to the mixture depending on how thick it is.

How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed - Good Looking Tan

# 2 Make Sure Your Skin And Body Are Hydrated

The Skin

In order to get the best effects during tanning, you need moisturize your skin on a frequent basis.

In order to increase the depth of color of your tan, make sure that your skin is well-hydrated before using a sunbed.

Your Body

Time and time again we are told how good water is for our body. For best results, make sure your skin cells are properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water before tanning.

# 3 Do Your Homework: Choose The Right Tanning Bed

Time and time again we are told how good water is for our body. For best results, make sure your skin cells are properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water before tanning.

  • We’re told over and over again that drinking water is healthy for us. This is especially true if you drink a lot of water prior to tanning in order to properly hydrate your skin cells.
  • To get the best results, you should use a Level 1 tanning bed, which produces more UVB rays than lower levels. If your skin hasn’t become accustomed to using these types of sunbeds, they can cause sunburn.

# 4 Tanning Bulbs Make A Difference

A tanning lamp’s lifespan can reach 5000 hours. Bulbs for tanning beds have a lifespan of up to ten thousand hours.

Tanned skin will appear lighter if the tanning bed’s lamps and bulbs have reached their life expectancy. While they may appear to be in use, they have no effect on the intensity of your tan.

If you have your own tanning bed at home, then the lamps and bulbs should be replaced as soon as they reach the end of their life expectancy.

# 5 Don’t Arrive At The Salon With Make-Up

Because your pores are blocked by make-up, it is considerably more difficult for UV rays to penetrate your skin.

The following are some more reasons why using a tanning bed while wearing make-up is a bad idea:

  • UV rays may cause some cosmetic items to have an unfavorable effect on your skin if they include certain chemicals.
  • On the sunbed, applying makeup can cause white patches and even blotches.

# 6 Put on a Tanning Lotion Or Accelerator Before Tanning

You can achieve a darker tan by using tanning products that hydrate your skin and boost melanin production.

These products, which come in bronzers, creams, and mousse, are designed to help you get a darker hue faster.

# 7 Move Around In The Tanning Bed

You can get an even distribution of UV rays throughout your entire body by rotating your body while using a tanning bed. A tan that is uneven or streaky can be avoided with this method.

# 8 Wait To Shower

At least three hours after utilizing a sunbed with the aid of lotions and bronzers, you should shower. The darker your tan, the more time you should allow it to develop.

# 9 Hold of Waxing or Shaving Too Soon After Your Session

The outer layer of your skin gets exfoliated when you wax or shave. As a result, you’ll be unable to maintain your current level of tan. Exfoliation is beneficial prior to sunbathing, but is contraindicated for a few days following a tanning session.

# 10 Always Apply Moisturizer and an After-Tan Extender

If you want to preserve your tan for a long time, moisturizing is a must. After your tanning sessions, you’ll want to use a moisturizer with an after-tan extender to help you build up your foundation color.

# 11 The Best Foods to Eat For Tanning

Fruits and vegetables are great for your overall health, but they’re also great for your skin! You can achieve a naturally tanned complexion by eating foods that are orange or yellow in color.

The reason for this is because they contain carotene, a substance that aids in the development of skin pigmentation. Carrots, spinach, and tomatoes are just a handful of the many fruits and vegetables high in carotene.

How To Tan Safely In A Tanning Bed - Good Looking Tan

It’s A Wrap!

This is how you use a tanning bed to grow darker presently.

To achieve a deeper tan, follow the advice in the preceding paragraphs.

Even if you follow them exactly, you’ll want to keep in mind a few extra tips in order to get the best outcomes.

For starters, if you tan while naked, you’ll be exposed to more UV rays.

When going to a tanning clinic, avoid wearing makeup; you’ll have to remove it anyway.

Additionally, if you’re short on time or don’t want to be unduly exposed to the sun, self-tanners are an option.